Summary: What if Usagi was in the place of Harry Potter? What would it be like? I'm not cutting out Harry of course. That would ruin the whole story!

I'm not going to hold you back now, here's Chapter 1: The baby girl!


The Potter's had a baby boy, Harry, July 31st. Then, on October 31st, they had a baby girl named Usagi. They don't know why they named her Usagi. It had fit. Usagi means Rabbit, and Usagi was their little Rabbit. When Usagi was 1, and Harry was 1 and 3 months old.

"I'm going to get you!" Usagi says.

"No you're not!" Harry says.

"They look so cute together." Lily says.

Usagi and Harry were crawling. Lily and James were watching.3

"They're just babies. What do you expect them to do?" James asks his wife as they laugh together.

"Nothing, really hon." Lily replies simply.

Usagi then crawls to the window. She and Harry didn't know about the prophecy containing the two of them. She got up on her legs, balancing by the windowsill, and crawls up onto it to stare out the window. She sees a man walking up to the house and immediately shouts.
"MAMA! DADA! DERE'S A CREEPY MAN!" Usagi shouts.


Rats. Thanks to the girl, he was going to be spotted any moment.

Inside the home

"Lily! It's You-Know-Who!" James shouts.

"I don't know who?" Harry and Usagi ask.

"We don't speak his name." Lily replies as she grabs Harry and Usagi.

Lily, Harry, and Usagi rush upstairs and Lily puts them in their crib.

"Stay there kids. I'll protect you!" Lily shouts. She hears her husband's screams and freezes in horror.

"James!" Lily says shocked. Then, Voldemort bursts into the room.

"Move aside." The cloaked man says lazily.

"NO! Not my children please!" Lily pleads. She continues until the man flicks his wand and kills their mother. Usagi climbs out of the crib. She shakes her mom and then looks at the man with anger.

"What did you do to my mom?" The girl demands.

"So you must be the little girl who is supposed to stop me." The man says. Usagi continues glaring at him.
"I prefer to be called Usagi if you don't mind!" The girl says. "Or, if you're a teacher for my wizarding school Hogwarts, why did you knock her out?"

"I am neither, Usagi Potter." The cloaked man says to the girl.

"Now this is just creepy." Usagi says. She climbs back into the crib with Harry. Voldemort aims his wand at the two and then dies. When Usagi looks at the side of the house, she sees it blown apart. She then gasps and looks at Harry, who is only unconscious. Little did they know, that their world would change, all because of being seperated, a school, and a scar on their foreheads shaped like lightning-bolts.