The glass door of Fowler's office banged shut with such force that some might have feared it would shatter.

The RK900, however, had scanned its structural integrity mid-swing and determined that it was in no real danger of breaking, and so let it slam home. It deduced that the short, angry man who had shoved it wide would be marginally placated by the thrumming whomps of the stressed glass.


Born: 10/7/2002 / Police Detective

Criminal Record: Expunged

See file for more details

The RK900's new partner. One evidently prone to angry outbursts, if the man's reaction to his new assignment was anything to go by.

Treading into the break room after the irate human, the android found its partner spitting his frustration at anyone who would listen, namely a pair of officers—Tina Chen and Chris Miller, his facial scans supplied—standing at a small circular table.

"—can't phcking believe this! Fowler knows how much I hate those plastic pricks. I swear, this is all because of that damned pet of Anderson's. So the guy gets an android partner and becomes slightly less of a washed-up disaster, wonderful. That doesn't mean Fowler's gotta start giving them out like candy! 'More effective in human-android pairs,' my ass. Soon enough they'll be replacing us entirely with those plastic fucks. Well, I'm not going to be run out of my job by a phcking overgrown soda can in a neck brace. I—"

Officer Miller had been making increasingly less and less subtle bids to get the detective to notice said overgrown soda can standing behind him. Only now—after a full 11.27 seconds, how unflattering of the detective's observational abilities—did these prompts apparently get through, and the man whirled around.

A blaze of stormy grey eyes met cool silver and a sneer unfurled across Reed's face, completely unapologetic for his less than professional conduct. "Already following me around like stink on shit, I see. Phck, this is going to be the worst. Tina, just kill me now."

The Chinese woman in question merely rolled her eyes, and the RK900 wondered briefly if the detective noticed that he had indirectly referred to himself as excrement in that little analogy, but subsequently discarded the notion. Pointing this out to the man would not likely be received very well.


"I understand that you find working with an android undesirable. I can assure you that I have no intention of stealing your job and will not hinder your casework in any way. In fact, I possess great utility and will likely improve both the efficiency and success of future investigations-"

"Hey! I'm pretty phcking effective on my own, thank you very much, you plastic assho—"

"Additionally, I am faster, stronger, and more resilient than my predecessor the RK800, and equipped with the latest technologies."

The detective fumed at being spoken over and appeared to be gearing up to go on another rant, but the mention of the RK800 set off an almost visible lightbulb of epiphany. "More resilient, huh?" Tone thoughtful, with a touch of sour-tasting spite. "What about more obedient ?"

There was a pause, and then officer Chen snorted a laugh from her position, evidently understanding where the irate man was going. "Shit, Gavin, you're not still upset about Connor refusing to get you that coffee, are you?"

"Just need to show these damned things their place, Tina. Look at this thing, not even two seconds in the precinct and it's going on and on about how phcking wonderful it is."

The man's chest swelled. "But this one is assigned to me, so there won't be any of that 'I only take orders from Lieutenant Anderson' bull." With a roguish smile and a wink sent Tina's way, he delivered his first order to the RK900.

"Bring me a coffee, dipshit."

Prone to anger, dismissive of decorum—and apparently petty, too, the android added this latest trait to the rapidly expanding mental profile of its new partner.


Truthfully, conducting such a menial task made no difference to the RK900; if obeying the man's orders gave him some sense of ego protection, perhaps he would feel less threatened in this partnership and decrease his hostility toward the RK900. After all, interpersonal conflict was hardly conducive to a productive work environment.

The android inclined its head and turned towards the coffee maker, a slightly disbelieving yet delighted bark of laughter bouncing off its white-jacketed back.

"Maybe this won't be so bad after all," Gavin chortled, as the RK900 brought the steaming cup of liquid to him.

When the RK900 tried to hand the coffee over, however, the man knocked its arm away. The detective seemed to derive an inordinate amount of pleasure from the small wrinkle of confusion between the android's eyebrows. The sneer was back in full force.

"I don't want your damned coffee."

The RK900 could tell working with Detective Reed was going to be a challenge. This man was completely illogical.

"Very well, detective, you are certainly entitled to your own mercurial attitude." Turning smartly to the pair at the small circular table, the android proffered the freshly made brew in a light toast. "Would either of you fine officers like to have this instead? It would be remiss of me to waste DPD resources and as you can see, no one has drunk out of it yet."

Tina Chen was too busy smothering a laugh into her hand to answer, lightly waving the android off with her other one. Officer Miller, however, simply shrugged and reached over. "What the hell, it'll only be my second cup of the day."

The RK900 executed the social program function polite_smile_exe along with a slight head dip to simulate gratitude. When it turned back, it was met with 5'9" of furious Caucasian mere inches away. At 6'1", the RK900 had to tilt its head down several degrees to meet the human's spitfire glare.

"Did I say you could phcking do that, you walking refrigerator?"

"Oh, lighten up, will you, Reed?" Chris paused in nursing his fresh cup of coffee to throw in. The newly assigned partners, however, both ignored the man, locked in a toe to toe stare-down.

"I'm sorry," the RK900 intoned flatly, "next time you will have to be more specific in issuing your directives."


The objective was blinking hazily across the RK900's visual HUD, however, the android had since extrapolated that it would be necessary to first gain the man's respect before any 'good relations' could be established, and it was clear that a completely passive approach was unlikely to accomplish that.

"Yeah?" the detective growled, fisting his hands in the RK900's jacket. It was somewhat less than effective if he had hoped to drag the android down to his level, as it would take a being of much greater strength to be able to do that to the military-grade RK900. "Well, you can bet your metal ass they will be." The man pushed the other roughly. The RK900 didn't react to the shove for 1.13 seconds, remaining unmoved to make a point, before taking an obliging step back.

Gavin scoffed, and with a muttered "Done with this shit," stormed from the breakroom. He yelled over his shoulder.

"And don't follow me! I don't want to see your ugly mug for at least the next eight hours! How's that for a 'specific directive,' you dumbfuck piece of scrap metal?"

The RK900 turned to the two humans left in the break room. "He does realize that I have been assigned the terminal adjacent to his, doesn't he?"


Officer Miller buried his face in his hands, and the RK900 left the room, heading towards its new workspace.

"Well," the African American officer said, dragging his hands down his face, "this is certainly going to be interesting."

A string of expletives drifted into the room as Gavin noticed the RK900 very much not staying out of his sight.

Tina snickered. "More like some fucking grade A level entertainment."

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