After a few days, it had almost seemed like Twister had never left. The gang was back doing all of their usual activities again but it felt like it was right again since it was back to the four of them. They had spent the morning skating at Madtown. A few hours into it, Reggie had noticed Trish and Sherrie walking by and took a break to catch up with them. However, after sitting and talking to them for a while, Reggie was starting to get distracted. She found herself missing what they were saying as she noticed how much better Twister had gotten over the summer. He had just landed a move that even Otto had only learned a few months ago when she heard her name.

"-and clearly Reggie thinks so."

She snapped back into the conversation, only having processed a little of what Sherrie had said. "Huh?"

"Yeah, she's got it bad," Trish remarked.

"What are you guys talking about?" Reggie asked.

"Uh, I don't know, maybe just that redhead you've been ogling at," Sherrie giggled.

"Twister? No, I haven't- I just zoned out for a sec," she defended.

"Mhmm, I'm sure that's the only reason you've been staring over at him," Sherrie exclaimed, nudging Reggie.

"That's not- I just," Reggie started. "Something just seems different about him now, don't you think?"

"Apart from the height difference, same old Twister," Trish said.

"You don't think he looks any different though?"

Sherrie laughed. "Reggie, he's always been cute! You just never seemed to notice before! If this is the first time you're noticing, well, it's no wonder you can't take your eyes off of him."

Reggie groaned loudly. "Puh-lease! Twister's like family! I don't think of him like that," she lied. She felt uneasy knowing that since he had gotten back, she had started having some new feelings for him and she definitely didn't want other people to know about it, especially not Sherrie. She loved Sherrie, but she also knew she was a notorious gossip. She couldn't bear to think of how mortified she would be if this all got back to Twister.

"Family, uh-huh," Sherrie laughed. "I would be concerned if I saw you looking at Otto like that."

"Although, I'd be happy to look at Otto like that," said Trish, glancing over at Otto.

"Ew, Trish! That's my brother!"

"And probably the best skateboarder in Ocean Shores," she said watching him do a flip and skate back down the half-pipe. "Not to mention, easy on the eyes."

"I cannot believe I'm having this conversation right now," Reggie grunted, her eyes drifting back to Twister, who also happened to be looking at her. He smiled at her and she returned the smile, blushing and looking down. Trish and Sherrie gave each other a look. Reggie noticed and glanced at them, becoming annoyed again. "Will you two stop?"

"All I'm saying is you'd better make a move quick because when school starts up again, the girls are going to be all over him," Sherrie said.

"Not like it would matter," Trish pointed out.

"True," Sherrie agreed.

Reggie sighed. "Do I even want to know?"

"Open your eyes, Reg!" Sherrie nudged her. "Twister's only had a crush on you for like ever!"

Trish nodded in agreement and Reggie opened her mouth in astonishment. "Twister does not like me," she said flatly.

"Come on, Twister's a total catch!" Sherrie pushed.

"I'm not saying he's not, I just," Reggie fumbled for words before being interrupted by the sight of the guys skating towards them. "Not a word," she said in a low tone.

"Hey, you guys ready to hit the Shack?" Otto asked.

Sherry started giggling as she watched Twister skate up right next to Reggie. "What's her problem?" Twister asked as he noticed her looking at him.

"Ignore her," Reggie said, shooting Sherrie a look. "Let's go."


It was Rocket family movie night and Raymundo was psyched. They hadn't been able to do one in a while because of conflicts with his schedule as well as Reggie and Otto's. He invited Twister and Sam to join as well but Sam had said he was planning on going over to Oliver's that night to see some scientific discovery he had supposedly made. Raymundo was in the kitchen making the popcorn when Twister came in, bearing Sour Gummy Worms. He took a seat on the couch next to Reggie, inches away from her, while Otto spread out and took up the majority of the couch.

"Hey Twister, just in time!" Raymundo said, putting the bowl of popcorn next to the other food that was spread across the surfboard table. Twister and Reggie scooted closer together on the couch to make room for Raymundo, but he sat down in his own chair.

"What are we watching?" he asked.

A sinister smile crept across Raymundo's face as he held up the movie and announced, "Attack of the Zombies IV."

"Why aren't we just watching the first one?" Otto asked blankly.

"Because," Raymundo said, getting back up to put the movie in. "The fourth one is by far the best of these. And there are no werewolf appearances up until this movie."

Halfway through the movie, Raymundo was hiding behind his chair and Otto was asleep. Reggie and Twister both had their feet propped up on the table and their bodies were angled so their arms were leaning up against one another's. Reggie hadn't noticed for a while, just feeling comfortable as they watched, but then she started to remember what Trish and Sherrie had said. She had told them that there was nothing up between her and Twister, so why were they leaning against each other on the couch. Her head was resting against his part of his arm. Was that significant? She couldn't tell anymore as the friendship line seemed to blur. When Trish and Sherrie had started to get in her head, it was hard for her to pay attention to the movie. The rest of the time, she seemed only to be aware of the physical interaction between herself and Twister.