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"Great she's not gunna be home again what a terrific time for me!" Yusuke was a bit mad b/c he didn't have anybody to bug or spar w/ when his sister was going around playing princess.

His best friend Kuwabara moved to Japan and the only other person he really ever spends time w/ besides Ritz is Keiko. "Man I need someone else to talk to when no one else is around. Dammit I need something to do!"

Yusuke hit a wall aggravated at being alone with nothing to do. The wall cracked under the pressure of his fist, which only enraged him further knowing he would be punished for destroying their property.

Sure it was his and Ritz home but she would have a cow at the fact that he cracked the wall majorly. A/N remember peeps he knows he's a demon I mean even if he didn't know he would still be strong its Yusuke" ok I guess I'll go down to the city for awhile at least I'll find something to do there, but maybe I should fix this wall first?" Yusuke weighed his options in the end he decided to fix the wall in case Ritz came home first before him.

Yukina looked around the hallway outside her room making sure no one would be around to see her sneaking out. " Good no one is around it'll make for a clean getaway to the city. Crap I'm late I have to hurry!"

She slips out of the palace un-noticed she's still acting careful because she doesn't want to be recognized by anyone and there are still guards around the palace not just in front of it. Finally she makes it to the city after a few more minutes of stealth mode

A/N sound familiar Becky? as she like to call it. "Kazuma are you here?" asked Yukina as she entered the little shop where Kuwabara works part time. She heard him faintly saying he would be out in a minute love she giggled "Kazuma he so funny I wonder what he's doing in the back though. Maybe I should go back and.../"

"Yukina you finally came eh I was starting to worry u wouldn't come or that some trash has kidnapped u and held u for ransom"

Yukina never finished her thought b/c Kuwabara had interrupted her she quickly dismissed any thought doubting him.

"Well my shift is almost over can u wait a few minutes and then we can go out and be together" Kuwabara stilled blushed whenever he said something like that about them being alone together.

"Hey little brother your time isn't over yet you can talk about your feelings after your time is up k?" stated Shizuru while she walked to the front of the little shop carrying a package of some sort. "Hey sis what's in the package?" Shizuru looked over the package then back to Kuwabara " you really wanna know?" was all she said. Well Kuwabara being who he is answered with more than enough force than needed that he wanted to see what was in the package. "Ok I'll tell what's in it baby bro it's..."

Back in London Hiei was having the time of his life with princess Elizabeth. A/N I don't remember what name I had for her or if I ever had a name for her but this name was common enough

Everyone just imagine Hiei and Elizabeth running through a field of flowers toward each other. Hiei is tall, dark, and handsome with rippling muscles and his Bride to be is as always as beautiful as can be.

The Princess awoke from her daydream about her new suitor "Back to reality" she sighed. " Oh I can't wait to meet him! He'll be tall and mysterious, loving gentle, romantic, but strong and brave for me. Always ready to sweep me off my feet ooh I cant wait to meet him!"

The princess was standing behind the grand door that lead to the ballroom where her new knight in shinning armor stood waiting to gaze at her beauty."

The princess gave herself a quick one over in the mirror, she had ordered a maid to bring one before she went in, and as usual she looked splendid.

Princess Elizabeth wasn't an ugly princess at no but she wasn't the prettiest girl either in fact compared to her sister she was quite plain not only that but very very vain A/N I know rhyming lol oh well darn I did it againshe had light brown hair always done in the latest fashion, wasn't the skinniest of girls.

She did have a large bust unlike her sister who was small she still had all if her teeth, in her appearance she would always over due herself always the finest and latest makeup and clothing the world had to offer.

She had on a medium light blue corset dress that showed a perfect amount of cleavage the dress dragged on the floor but it wasn't enough to trip her, she had a shawl but it was designed to look like a net with four main pieces of cloth connected to each other kinda like webbing in between. She wore blue colored heels that were about an inch to an inch and a half tall.

"How do I look?" She asked the servant who was holding the mirror while she spun around, slowly so she didn't get dizzy, to get a good look at herself in the mirror.

Barely looking up the servant said "You look wonderful your highness." "Oh! I do look great don't I! Ahhh I could just look at myself all day. Couldn't you?" The servant only nodded her head and said yes miss I could only hope for such an honor.

" Ah! Bloody 'ell I hate working for this stuck up brat if my family weren't starving I'd have quit a long time ago. I hate to see her on the throne her parents aren't my favorite either oh I miss me grand mum telling me about all the good kings who loved their people" the servant gave a small sigh but the princess didn't notice or just didn't care.

Hiei was in the ballroom pacing back and forth waiting to meet the princess and his patience was running thin.

Kurama was leaning against the wall with his eyes closed thinking. " All this waiting isn't good Hiei will surely do something if she doesn't show up soon. I fear the worst. I didn't know being Hiei's personal assistant would be so much fun."

Kurama was obviously bored so he was just thinking random thoughts about his life. "Kurama I'm bored. I don't care if she shows up or not I wont be here and neither will you. We're going to do something more useful with our time then waiting for a brat to show up training room now!" Hiei turned and started to leave pissed and annoyed.

"Wait! Don't leave she'll be here in just a few minutes. I'm sure of it." The king practically begged him to stay well practically. "Listen you old fool I will not wait any longer your daughter has tried my patience long enough!"

With that Hiei Kurama and Botan all turned to leave "Botan!" Botan stopped in her tracks and waited to hear what Hiei had to tell her. "I want u to stay here and wait for the princess to show up." "But sir I..." She began to argue "That was an order!" with that Hiei and Kurama left slamming the door behind them.

Botan hung the upper half of her body in defeat "Oh why do I get stuck with all the boring stuff I can't even watch them fight oh!" She wasn't excited at all about staying behind grumbles" I cant believe it I have to stay behind and be some snotty little brats babysitter just because he got tired of waiting. ARGH! I don't wanna wait for another spoiled rich kid ahhh! Stupid boring council meetings Damn research on this stupid continent staying up all night no fucking love life because I'm to busy working all these damn jobs ooh one day I'd like to show all of them who's boss ok well they r but ARGH!" Botan paced angrily around the ball room when the doors burst open and guess who walks in that's right princess Elizabeth.

She walks in all haughty with her eyes closed and stands there fans herself and starts talking.

"I'm sorry I kept everyone waiting but a princess has to look her best you know..." Botan was annoyed and just wanted to choke the princess but refrained herself "

Gods she should just open her eyes instead of making a fool of herself (snickers in her mind) idiot"

"Uh hunny" the king tried to interrupt

"Yes your highness" she was only like this when there was company around not always though.

"He's not here" was all he said. "WHAT you mean I was all nice and polite for nothing why didn't u tell me sooner that he wasn't here?"

she glared at her father and stomped out. Botan snorted and just walked out. " Oh boy Hiei's gunna have fun with this one"

" I swear she never listens to me. Its gunna get her into a lot of trouble one of these days. She gets me so mad if it weren't her brother I don't think I would be able to stand her. I don't really mean that she is a good friend she's just a little rambunctious at times. Well her brother isn't that well behaved either."

Keiko walked on to the port where Ritz was waiting for her new suitor she was so lost in her own thoughts she didn't look where she was going and bumped right into someone.

"Oof! Ouch! Oh excuse sorry I didn't see u there." The person she bumped into held his hand out to help Keiko up.

"Oh that's alright Keiko. Oh yeah by the way nice uniform nice and see through..."

Whack! Was all you heard in the halls the other guards and servants just walked by like nothing happened they were all used to it by now.

"Yusuke you jerk" Keiko shouted. Yusuke was peeling himself of the floor but wasn't doing a very good job because he was laughing to hard and using one hand to rub his cheek.

Keiko was trying to see if he was ok but couldn't look at him she every time she did she turned beet red.

"That's not fair if I can't look at u through your see through uniform how come you get to look up mine!" was all Yusuke got to say before Keiko slapped him again.

Keiko was now walking away pretty irritated mumbling and grumbling to herself. She eventually made it to the docks she wasn't as mad as before but it didn't matter now she had to be on her best behavior. She did her bow before the princess and the pharaoh.

"Keiko where have you been the suitor will be here any minute why are you so late?" asked Ritz.

"Oh no where just running into your brother looking up his uniform and thinking bout his awesome body and what I saw up his uniform other then that I've been in lala land!"

"Oh I just ran into your brother as usual he made me a little slow." Was all she said A/N yeah that's what she said but we all know what she was thinking

"Soon my time will come all I have to is wait for the signal. Yes then king Tidus you will pay for all you have done to me. I will make everyone around u and everyone u love suffer b/c if u. I swear it!" A lone figure in a dark place was silently making plans for the kings' demise and everyone else around him.

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