"What is wrong with you?" Rachel screamed. "Four children you've given my half-sister, and me, nothing! What do you want from me, blood?"

"What do you propose I do about it?" Jacob snapped back. "You think it's my idea? Do I look like God?"

Leah, overhearing them, couldn't suppress a smile. For so long, she had been despised for taking after her Ethiopian mother; it was delightful, now, to see the God of Abraham so exerting Himself to vindicate Laban of Haran's poor colored daughter.

"Now will I praise the Lord," she whispered, and pressed little Judah to her breast.

Disclaimer: I hear the voice of the yellow bird / Singing in the tree, "[The supposition that Qoheleth has any proprietary interest in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat] is quite absurd."