Best Friends Forever

AN: I deleted the series. I'm now rewriting everything.

Season 1

Episode 1: "Introducing The Martins"

Saturday, September 28th, 2030, Cody and Bailey's home, Boston Massachusetts

Kayleigh Marie Martin is Cody and Bailey's oldest daughter and the oldest of their children. Kayleigh also has a twin sister named Karina Allison who was adopted at birth. They were born on September 26th, 2015. They are currently 15 years old. They have never met before. Kayleigh has brunette hair with slight red in her hair. They both have brown eyes. Cody and Bailey got married on September 9th, 2015.

A year and seven months after Kayleigh and Karina's birth, Bailey gave birth to their third daughter, Natalie Samantha Martin on March 17th, 2016. She's now 14 years old. She also has light brown hair and brown eyes. Natalie is currently dating Noah Sanchez, who is 19 years old with his twin brother, Jake. They were born March 31st 2011. They are the oldest sons to Jackie and John Sanchez. They have a sister, Ayliana Sanchez, who is 17 now. She was born December 17th, 2013.

Bailey gave birth to Carolyn Rose Martin, their fourth daughter on December 17, 2019. She is now 11 years old. She will be 12 in three months. She has blonde hair and blue eyes.

Two years after Carly's birth, Bailey gave birth to James Mathew Martin on January 4, 2021. He has dark blonde hair and brown eyes. He is now 10 years old.

Less than a year later, Bailey found out she's pregnant with twins. She gave birth to Genievieve Victoria and Danielle Veronica on March 25, 2022. Evie and Dani have dark blonde hair and brown eyes. They are now 8 years old.

Cody and Bailey welcomed their current youngest daughter, Sabrina Aubrey into the world on July 25, 2023. She is now 7 years old. She has blonde curly hair with blue eyes.

Cody's brother, Zack and sister in law, Maya have six children, but their oldest daughter, Aliannah Miayah was adopted at birth. Her twin sister, Aleeah Mackenzie went home with Zack and Maya. They have five children with them. Ali and Aleeah were born October 22nd, 2015. They are 14, but turning 15 next month. They have brown hair and brown eyes.

Maya had their third daughter, Hailey Nicole Martin on December 21st, 2016. She's currently 13 right now until December. She has brown hair and brown eyes.

Maya gave birth to their only son, Thomas Zachary Martin on May 20, 2018. He's 12 years old. He has blonde hair and blue eyes.

Maya gave birth to Chrissie Bailee a year later on July 4, 2019. She's 12 years old. She has blonde hair and blue eyes.

Faith Elizabeth arrived on October 15, 2021. She's 10 years old. She has brown hair and blue eyes.

Kayleigh was in her bedroom when her sister, Natalie walked into her sister's bedroom and smiled. "Hey Kay. Taylor is here."

Kayleigh smiled. "Sweet. We are going to the mall. Do you want to come, Nat?"

Natalie nodded her head. "Sure."

Kayleigh was wearing blue blight jeans and a pink sweater and black boots. Natalie was wearing black jeans and a blue sweater with black shoes. After Taylor arrived, they got an uber and headed to the mall together. They meet up with Alleeah and Hailey. The oldest girls were having a good time when Sharlene came up to them.

"Hey ladies. So, you girls can afford all of this, huh?"

Kayleigh nodded her head. "Um, yeah, we can. Our dads are loaded, but that's not your fucking business…"

Sharlene laughed. "Oh, really?"

Kayleigh nodded. "Yeah. We have money. Again, none of your fucking business, Sharlene…"

Aleeah rolled her eyes. "Sharlene, please leave. We don't need you to ruin our time…"

Taylor looked at Sharlene. "Can we do our homework without you being here bothering us?"

Sharlene smirked. "Oh, come on. It's fun to mess with you girls."

Kayleigh rolled her eyes. "Can you just leave us alone so we can do our homework?"

Sharlene smirked. "Kayleigh, do you think Connor is still yours?"

Kayleigh nodded her head. "Yeah, he is my boyfriend…"

Sharlene shook her head, laughing softly as she walked away.

Kayleigh looked at her cousins and sister. "What the hell was that all about?"

Aleeah shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know. I really don't know…"

Natalie smiled. "Kay, you'll figure it out. I promise. I don't know why she is a total bitch…"

Kayleigh smiled. "She is a total bitcch for real…"

Taylor sighed. "Girl, let's just go home…"

Kayleigh nodded. "I'm gonna figure this shit out at some point…"

Taylor nodded her head. "We will get to the bottom of that shit…"

Natalie frowned. "Damn that bitch has so much drama for us…"

Aleeah nodded her head. "She's got problems...Like for real, girl."

Later that night, Cody and Bailey's home

Cody, Kayleigh's father, saw his daughters walking into the house for dinner. "How was the mall? Did you girls get any homework done?"

Natalie smiled as she sat down in her chair. "We did. Sharlene was a real bitch…"

Bailey, their mother and Cody's wife placed the food on the table. "Again? Really?"

Kayleigh nodded her head. "Yep. Jesus, it's fucked up…"

Bailey's eyes went wide. "Kayleigh Marie! Language!" She gave her daughter a look. "Nat, can you call the others, place?"

Natalie nodded as she got Carly, James, Evie, Dani and Sabrina. They all sat down and began eating dinner as a family.

Zack and Maya's home

Aleeah Mackenzie Martin, Zack and Maya's second oldest daughter, 14, walked into the kitchen. "Is dinner ready, Mom?"

Maya nodded her head. "In 5 minutes, Aleeah. Can you get Hailey, Tommy, Chrissie and Faith please?"

Aleeah nodded her head. "Okay, Mom."

Zachary Martin, Maya's husband walked into the kitchen from the home office. "Hey babe. Dinner ready?"

Maya nodded her head. "Yeah. I made pasta, meatballs, garlic bread and salad. Come on, let's eat…"

Zack sat down next to his wife. "How was everyone's day today?"

Aleeah sighed. "I was at the mall with Kayleigh, Taylor, Hailey and Natalie. Sharlene was being a bitch with us…"

Maya gave her daughter a look. "Aleeah…"

Aleeah sighed. "Sorry, Mom. But, it's true…"

Maya shook her head. "Aleeah, be nice, please…"

Aleeah rolled her eyes. "Mom, you don't understand…"

Maya gave her daughter a look. "Let's just eat dinner. We'll talk later about your actions, Aleeah…"

Aleeah groaned. "Fine…"

Later that night, Cody and Bailey's, Kayleigh's bedroom

Kayleigh got a text from Taylor, she opened her phone and started texting back.

Taylor's text message: "We need to talk tomorrow at the football game. I found out something."

Kayleigh's text message: "Okay."

Kayleigh wasn't so sure what Taylor meant, but without really thinking about it, she went to bed.

To be continued…

AN: This is a rewrite of the Best Friends Forever series. I had to redo everything. I decided, what the hell, redo it. It was stressful as hell to be honest. I still have the chapters on my doc so the future chapters are still going to happen. :) I had to do a timeline and all that. Season 1 & halfway through Season 2 plan. This time will be better and bigger.