Screen Title: #MelanieGetsFramed

Miss Briggs and Mr. Howard are using a robot that looks like Sam

Miss Briggs: Alright Mr. Howard what's the plan again?

Mr. Howard: We use this robot that looks like Sam and have it shoplift from that store over there. Which causes her to get framed and get arrested.

Miss Briggs: Excellent. That blonde bitch is going to get what she deserves.

Mr. Howard: Alright let's begin.

Mr. Howard pushes a button and the robot is in the store stealing money

Store Clerk: Hey come back here! I'm calling the cops!

Miss Briggs: Alright it worked.

Mr. Howard: Now she's going to get arrested.

We cut to Sam and Cat

Cat: Hey Sam what was it like at your old school?

Sam: Eh it was boring. There were two mean teachers.

Cat: Mean teachers?

Dice: Who were they?

Sam: Miss Briggs and Mr. Howard. They always liked to torture Carly, me, Freddie, and Gibby.

Cat: That's terrible.

Dice: That's awful.

Sam: Yeah. I bet they're glad I left.

Dice: Alright I'm a head out. See you two tomorrow.

Cat: Bye Dice.

Sam: See ya kid.

Dice leaves

Cat: Sam I feel bad your old school had rude teachers.

Sam: It's fine Cat. I kind of want to know what they've been up to, but I don't care.

The next day, Melanie is walking to her boarding school but the cops stop her

Melanie: Can I help you officers?

Cop #1: Samantha Puckett you're under arrest.

Melanie: Arrest?

Cop #2: Don't act dumb.

Melanie: This is a misunderstanding. I'm not Sam. I'm her twin sister Melanie.

Cop #1: Don't lie.

Cop #2: Lying will make things worse.

Melanie: But I'm innocent.

The cops arrest Melanie and puts her in the car as Miss Briggs and Mr. Howard are watching

Miss Briggs: Why does Sam have a pony tail?

Mr. Howard: Who gives a fuck. She's going to jail.

The cops drive away as we transition to Melanie being put in a jail cell

Cop #3: This is your sell.

Cop #1: You're staying in there for 6 years.

Melanie: But I'm innocent. I swear.

Cop #2: Shut up!

The cops walk away

Melanie: Oh Sam what did you do?

Back with Sam & Cat

Cat: I'm home from school

Sam: How'd it go?

Cat: Fun.

Sam's phone begins to ring

Sam: Hello?

Melanie: Sam.

Sam: Melanie what's going on?

Melanie: Bad. I'm in jail.

Cat: Jail?

Sam: What do you mean you're in jail.

Melanie: The cops arrested me because they thought you robbed a store.

Sam: But I didn't steal from a store. When did it happen.

Melanie: Last night.

Cat: But you were here last night.

Sam: I know.

Melanie: You got to help me clear my name.

Sam: Okay I'll see you soon.

Melanie: Okay bye.

Sam: Bye.

Cat: Who could have framed your sister.

Sam: I don't know.

Cat: How can we clear her name?

Sam: With the help from Freddie Benson.

Cat: You think Freddie can help us?

Sam: Yeah he helped us when we got those 14 negative reviews.

Cat: Are we going to drive to Seattle?

Sam: Yes. But I don't wanna use my bike so let's use your car.

Cat: Kay Kay.

We cut back to Melanie

Melanie: I don't get how mom and Sam get arrested a lot. This place is gross.

Jail mate #1: You tell me.

Jail mate #2: Shut up in there.

Melanie: I hope Sam gets me out of here soon.

Sam and Cat have arrived at Bushwell Plaza

Sam: Alright Cat we're here.

Cat: Neat.

Sam: We got to get up to the 8th floor. I hope Lewbert isn't here.

They walk in and Lewbert isn't there

Sam: Good he's not here.

Cat: He's gross.


Sam: We need to get to 8-D.


Sam: Let's go Cat.

Cat: Kay Kay.

They walk up to 8-D

Sam: This is his apartment.

Sam rings the bell and Mrs. Benson opens it

Mrs. Benson: Oh Samantha what a pleasant surprise.

Sam: Hey Mrs. B. Cat and I need to talk to Freddie.

Mrs. Benson: He's in his room

Sam: Okay.

Cat: Nice place you got here.

Mrs. Benson: Thanks. Freddie you have a visitor.

Sam and Cat walk into Freddie's room

Freddie: Sam? Cat? What are you doing here?

Sam: We need to talk to you?

Freddie: What's wrong?

Cat: Her sister got arrested.

Freddie: But she's the good child.

Sam: We know. She said that I robbed a store last night but I was with Cat. I think someone is out to get us.

Freddie: Do you want me to use my tech skills to find who framed her?

Sam: Yes.

Freddie: Okay I'll get on it right away.

Cat: This is a nice room you got Freddie.

Freddie: Thanks Cat.

Freddie gets on his PearBook and hacks into the security camera to see who framed Sam

Sam: Have you found info?

Freddie: I got into the cameras they have. Now I'm going to see what all happened.

Freddie watches the video

Freddie: Wait a minute.

Cat: What?

Freddie slows the video and zooms in on Miss Briggs and Mr. Howard

Freddie: Oh my god!

Sam: What?

Freddie: Miss Briggs and Mr. Howard used a Sam clone to rob the store.


Cat: Since you and Melanie are twins, they arrested her.

Sam: I am going to kill those bastards!

Freddie: Why do they keep ruining our life?

Sam: We got to go bail her out!

Cat: Let's go.

Freddie: Are you going to stop at Briggs and Howard first?

Sam: Uh yeah.

We cut back to Miss Briggs and Mr. Howard

Miss Briggs: A toast to getting Puckett arrested.

Mr. Howard: Here here.

The doors burst open and standing were Sam, Freddie, and Cat

Sam: Sup Briggs and Howard!

Mr. Howard: Oh great she's out of jail.

Cat: That wasn't her.

Freddie: You got her twin sister arrested.

Miss Briggs: Sam has a twin?

Mr. Howard: Oh god.

Sam: You hoes are going to pay for getting her arrested.

Mr. Howard: You dare call your teacher a hoe?

Freddie: We graduated so we can call you hoes all we want.

Cat: I don't even go to our school.

Miss Briggs: Zip it grunch.


Mr. Howard: Whatcha going to do about it you blonde ass bitch?

Sam throws Miss Briggs and Mr. Howard through the glass windows

Freddie: That's what shes' going to do!

Sam: Fells so good to finally do that.

Back at the jail

Melanie: Ugh I can't take being in here.

Sam, Freddie, and Cat walk in

Sam: Melanie.

Melanie: Sam? Freddie? Cat?

Cat: We're here to free you.

Freddie: We found out who framed you.

Melanie: Who was it?" Melanie asked.

Sam: Them.

Sam points to Miss Briggs and Mr. Howard

Melanie: It was you?

Miss Briggs: Are you deaf?

Mr. Howard: Yes it was us you dumb bitch!

Cop #1: You two are under arrest!

The cops throw Briggs and Howard into the jail and Melanie is now out

Cop #2: We're so sorry we didn't believe you.

Melanie: It's cool.

Sam: Do you mind if I have five minutes with them? I want to give them a taste of their own medicine.

Cop #1: Go right ahead.

Sam goes in the cell

Sam: I've been waiting 13 years to do this!

Sam beats the shit out of Miss Briggs and Mr. Howard

Cat: She's very strong.

Freddie: Let me help Sam. I've been wanting to do this too.

Sam and Freddie are both beating Briggs and Howard up

Cop #2: Alright that's enough.

They walk out

Melanie: Thanks for bailing me out.

Freddie: You're welcome.

Sam: Those hobnockers got what they deserve.

Melanie: What is a hobnocker?

Freddie whispers it into Melanie's ear

Melanie: That's gross.

Sam: And illegal.

Melanie: Well I'm heading back to my dorm. I'll catch you later.

Melanie leaves

Sam: Thanks for the help Freddie.

Cat: Yeah thanks.

Freddie: I'm always here to help you guys? It's what friends do?

Sam: I hope they die in there.

Cat: Was it really awful at your school?

Freddie: Oh yeah Cat. They always screamed at me, Sam, Carly, and Gibby.

Sam: She even hates Spencer.

Cat: Well we got your sister out of jail and your mean teachers got arrested.

Sam: I hope they die in there.

Freddie: Me too.

Sam: Thanks again for helping us Freddie.

Freddie: No problema.

Sam and Freddie kiss as the story ends