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-place/time and time-skips-

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-Place unknown time unknown-

-no one's pov-

Death watches from the shadows mostly unsensed by the man sleeping in the throne in a large dark candle lit yet comfortable throneroom.

The boy who lived, the man who conquered, and the man who outran death are all just titles, not a single one of them matters to Death.

He has been beside the sleeping man since his birth into his world, watched over him from infancy to child to teen to man and never once in his lifetime less then a step behind the man always waiting patiently...

No the titles that are important to Death regarding the man are simple enough, the one who survived, he who played hard to get, and finally the master of death.

Oh yes how he truly does care deeply about his beloved master, their first millennium together was nothing sort of breathtaking, heart stopping and enjoyed, Death recalls those years fondly as he does the years before during his master's lifetime.

But their halfway through their second millennium, his master has done just about everything and has seen even more then that, so forgive Death if he is worried or concerned about his master..., however that's why he is doing something extremely important even though his master is going to be pissed whenever he wakes up.

Mind made up Death enters his master's personal space leaving a feather light kiss on his forehead right on the lightning scar, while his magic does it's work quickly, and silently watches his master begin vanishing into nothingness.

Soon only Death is in the throneroom, only icy cold and silence are there beside him once again reminding him of the many upon many millenniums without his beloved master, when the empty feeling of loneliness becomes to heavy for him to bare Death also leaves to watch over his master during his newest journey.

Never once knowing or sensing the presence of Fate as she watches the whole thing play out before her like a trailer for a movie or something, with a gleeful cackle she hurry's to exactly where Death sent his precious little master.

She hasn't gotten her way with her favorite toy in a millennium and a half, it's time to remind Death and his master who is actually more powerful then then both combined, and remind Harry James Potter who he truly belongs to.

Looking over her endless tapestry of threads with a sharp eye, she grins upon finding exactly what she was looking for oh yes this timeline is perfect even more so then the one Death picked.

Fate has to hurry up if she is going to beat Death in a foot race for her toy and with a single tug of the thread she disappears from the throneroom of Death's master leaving only the chilling cold behind.

-line break-

It is almost midnight she is fixing to head to bed however out of both love and habit she checks on her five year old son.

Leaving her potions book behind in the library and silently slipping into her son's room skillfully avoiding tripping over the books and small amount of toys on the floor making her way towards the bed where her son sleeps.

Only for a deep cold panic to claw at her insides when her son isn't asleep or even in his bed reading like some nights, thoughts are racing though her mind a mile a minute when the cool September wind brushes against her face.

Wild eyes are drawn to the open window and even more panic floods her system because of the cold hard fact that her son's room is located on the second floor of the house, she starts sprinting's down the stairs though the house to back door.

Throwing herself outside into the backyard not even bothering with shoes or a coat, wand in hand and ready for action to save her son only... there is nothing, no son, no blood, no body he just isn't there.

Bring me a bouquet of deadly nightshade, wolfbane, hemlock and lily of the valley I'll never stay...

Leave fresh opium poppy, forget me nots, nerium and deadly nightshade at my grave...

For your birthday I'll come barring thorny roses, thorn apple, nerium and deadly nightshade...

So won't you come away with me tonight we'll walk underneath the moons pale light...

I'll make you a crown of deadly nightshade but only if you make me a ring of wolfsbane...

Let's leave a bouquet of lily of the valley for the next time we meet...

The rooftop the singing is coming from the rooftop..., she quickly goes to get one of her husband's brooms and very carefully fly's to the rooftop where she almost falls off at the site of her five year old son laying down on the rooftop.

Calmly laying down looking at the night sky as if he isn't actually on top of their rooftop, she carefully lands the broom making her way to her son.

And something strange happens when he turns his head to gaze at her, his emerald eyes take on a haunting eerie killing curse color and give off a low glowing light, his gaze is otherworldly so much that he looks like a completely different person and not her innocent little boy.

Her voice shakes slightly "H-Harry? How did you get up here sweetie?" he just continues to look at her in the same manner as if he is trying to place who she is or rather if she is actually there with him.

And those thoughts terrify her more then his song ever could, hesitate for a second before she joins Harry carefully laying beside him on the rooftop.

They look at the stars in silence for awhile, she almost forgets that their on the rooftop until her son's lost voice breaks her line of thoughts "I went to sleep in my chair and when I woke up I was somewhere else then I disappeared and ended up all the way up here...".

Accidental magic..., at least Harry is safe and sound and not dead from falling out his bedroom window like she had feared at first.

Petting his hair soothingly "are you ready to go back inside the house?" he nods slightly his eyes stop glowing and he acts like the shy sweetheart she loves, grabbing onto her shirt lightly "...can I sleep with you?".

Smiling lovingly at her son she carries him to the broom and they are carefully lowered to the ground "of course you can" he smiles softly and she pushes his song and his otherworldly eyes to the back of her mind.

After all it may have just been the September moonlight playing tricks on her.

-line break-

Okay somehow he ended up being sent to the past to another timeline where Voldemort hasn't attacked his family yet, and he is five years old with both his parents and godfathers alive and healthy plus he has a sibling on the way due around Halloween.

He knows that he fell asleep in the throneroom in his chair, Death was nearby watching over him while he slept like he always has, so how in the hell did he end up here as a child in a timeline alternate to his original one?.

One name along with the numberless amount of fucks he gives anymore regarding his destiny as Fate's play toy, he hasn't seen Fate since he finally agreed to stop playing hard to get as Death loves to call it.

Despite the fact Harry wasn't actually playing hard to get, no Harry Vuk Black wasn't playing at all in fact he was running away from Death and being the master of Death even going as far as to wear the invisibility cloak twenty four seven.

So what if he literally lived and slept underneath that cloak for two years after killing Voldemort...!, that is until the day Ginny decided she had, had enough of his so called boundless paranoia, all of which held no true reason for being so she said.

For Harry their relationship ended the very second Ginny burned his cloak, Molly was almost immediately called by her daughter when he had broke up with her ten seconds after her burning his cloak.

Needless to say Harry couldn't give a single flying fuck about what ether of the women wanting anything from him for his life!, oh no... because Death had already made his claim known only to Harry himself refused to let his beloved master out of his arms for even half a second, for three long days of Very clingy Death cuddling hell...!

So no Harry doesn't feel bad about utterly destroying Ginny's dream of being his wife because she made him immortal by burning his cloak god dammit!, although after almost two millenniums together beside one another the person that Harry doesn't blame is Death, even though he actually did die from the three day long of Death's cuddle hell.

Because Harry knows what it is like to be utterly and cruelly alone for most of your life, even when people or other beings are standing behind you, none of them are standing shoulder to shoulder and none of them ever truly try to understand the pain of another.

It's part of way Harry won't ever truly leave Death alone for more then a year at a time, he knows what loneliness does to the mind and spirit when left utterly alone the cold and silence are worse then deafening noise from a massive crowd...!?.

...!...?...! a wet warm tongue moves across his face a few times in what can only be called a canine kissing manner, and he blinks a few times to hide the fact his eyes were glowing a eerie killing curse green, because after a month in this timeline he has accidentally freaked out both his parents, Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape with his naturally glowing eyes, tends to come with being truly immortal it seems...

A large black church grim is standing before him, gray eyes shining brightly with intelligence and pure love, small frail shaky arms wrap around the raggedy grim as tears wet his far darkening black far even darker, because Harry can't help himself Sirius was the first adult to actually truly care about him and his well being for no other reason then the fact he was his son in all but blood.

So he truly cannot help himself as he sobs into the warm far of the his godfather's grim animagus form, tone sounding less like the five year old his body currently is and more like his broken younger self and tired current self.

"Padfoot..., please don't leave me alone again... I can't l.." he instinctively beats back his words knowing that a five year old shouldn't ever say the words that are burning the tip of his tongue currently, so he settles for hugging his father in all but blood tighter.

Hell Harry doesn't even care that his actual blood father just walked into the living room with a tray of lunch, because James may be his sire but he died before ever really becoming his father, Sirius is the only holder of the title Father although Severus is a very close second.

considering every other adult in his original life weren't actively looking out for his well being, they only wanted him to kill Voldemort so they didn't have to.

Remus had been more of a kind uncle then a father figure, so no he doesn't feel bad about ignoring James at the moment, the feeling of Sirius transforming back into a human beings him out of his deep thoughts as the man holds him like well a five year old in his arms, making sure to keep his small arms wrapped around Sirius's neck least he fall out of the older man's hold.

Emerald clash with gray as they lock eyes for a few seconds and he can feel Death not a block away watching him interact with his father, Harry mentally sighs knowing that Death had something of not all to do with his trip to this timeline.

But he won't call the other male out on the matter because Harry knows he probably would've done the same to Death had the other been as tired of life and such as he is.

He has seen and lived more lives then he cares to remember, don't get him wrong Harry still recalls a hand full of lifetimes fondly.

The second where he was Orihime and later married ulquiorra they had three children together, the third where he was tanya and defeated being X eventually before her death, the fourth where he was Law captain of the Heart pirates helped Luffy become the pirate king, or the last one where he was JackFrost it had been fun messing with the guardians and playing pranks on pitch.

Oh yes those five lifetimes are most likely his favorites, he didn't mind his original lifetime but he didn't love it ether and now it's like he is trapped in a endless loop just the ouroboros forced to eat his own tail in a attempt to escape Fate's design.

Fuck that bitch Fate she isn't going to rule his eternity forever and he'll never submit to being her play toy ever again.

The sound of Sirius's concerned voice brings him from his mind back to his new present life "Bambi? what do you mean?" Harry fights back a slight flinch, as he buries his nose into Sirius's shoulder enjoying the long missed scent "nightmares..., I no deer I'm a puppy".

It's actually kinda hard to get the five year old act to work with his mental state, both adults are surprised by the words and James speaks for the first time since entering his living room and seeing his best friend holding his son, who seems to be distressed by something.

"Harry how can you be a puppy both your mama and I are deer animagus" a glimmer of chaos enters his emerald eyes as he wiggles around until Sirius gets the hint and puts him onto his feet.

Lily walks into the room just in time to watch Harry turn into a small wolf pup with golden wolves eyes, black fur and white underbelly.

Lily soon joins the boys in their shock at the transformation when Harry's little voice comes out of the puppy's moving mouth "not a deer" Sirius and James are both out cold laying ungratefully on the hard wood floor while Lily stares wide eyed at her talking pup of a son, and her plate of pickle, chili pepper, peanut butter sandwiches on the floor.

Harry mentally snickers at the reactions of his family due to the fact he can talk in his animagus form.

This round of life hopefully will be better then his first one.

-line break-

Three weeks later and a week away from Halloween, finds James taking Lily by Floo to because her water broke a week earlier then expected.

Peter Pettigrew is watching him..., fucking wormtail is watching him!, what the hell?, sure Sirius was doing Auror staff like catch death Eaters and Severus is busy brewing potions for poppy.

But why did his parents chose wormtail over Remus?, it doesn't matter to him that's the full moon is right now, hell moony loves him wouldn't stop mothering his animagus form, when Harry snuck out of the house during the last full moon to hang out with moony and cover post moon Remus with a blanket.

Honestly don't his parents know a werewolf is the best kind of babysitter there is?, Moony would've massacred Voldemort and let him use the remains as a chew toy afterwards, good for puppy fangs after all.

Wormtail on the other has been gone for four minutes and now just like Harry knew was going to happen, when he senses more then one living adult enters the house, with more twelve hanging in the backyard.

Death is also lingering close enough for him to hear his masters emotionless savage order even as the five year old goes to his siblings room where no one would think of looking "Death this is an order" transforming into his animagus form and crawling underneath the empty crib.

Glowing avada kedavra emerald instead gold eyes glare out from the darkness of the underbelly of the innocent looking crib "after it's over I want you to kill Peter Pettigrew, leave nothing else remaining besides for his left arm and wormtail's tail".

Only he and maybe Tom can hear Deaths cackling and as Voldemort walks past the room Harry is currently inside with the rat following close behind Death to draws closer.

Yet his tone is child in its curiosity "why do this master?" Harry gives a wolfish smile eyes sharp searching for his enemy to walk though the door.

"Because Hermione was right about the fact I have a obsession with saving people and creatures weaker sometimes stronger then myself especially children, so I am doing this to save the two little ones that Lily is having tonight, so that they won't become the children who lived an grow into false glory or worse one maybe both of them growing up with the Dursley's, no child should ever live life like I was forced to ever".

Death says nothing else about the matter of why his master is planning to become the boy who lived yet again, he was there beside his master during the whole of his childhood right up until he was playing hard to get for two years, and hasn't been far out of reach since, so he won't say anything else.

Voldemort walks or rather stamps into the nursery like a child who cannot find his favorite toy or something and begins destroying the room with his magic with wormtail watching nervously from the doorway.

After five minutes of the dark lords temper tantrum the crib is finally thrown out of the window, thus revealing a wolf pup with blazing emerald eyes that reflect the killing curse perfectly.

These eyes stare up at the dark lord like they see though the monster to the man hidden behind the madness, these eyes see Tom and yet hold no malice, hatred or love.

They just are watching him filled with curiosity and utter knowledge and Voldemort knows that this is the one who is going to grow up to kill him one day, and had the prophecy not been so dammed clear about the fact one of them has to die or nether of them gets to live, had there been no prophecy then Tom would've taken this child as his own to raise as his heir.

But Fate is a utter bitch and this child seems to know this fact far to well for his age, so Voldemort does the only thing that he can do now that the two of them have finally crossed paths in this lifetime.

"Maybe in our next lives we won't be enemy's due a prophecy or Fate's boredom" his red eyes widen when the child still in wolf form speaks calmly clearly interested in the offer "maybe we could be friends even, goodbye Tom".

The child even knows his name not the one that he uses for his plans, so it's with a slightly regretful heart that he aims his wand and speaks the words that'll end this all, " avada kedavra!".

The instant the spell reaches the pup it's target ends up hitting home right into his right eye, before the curse is reflected back at Tom who turns into a pile of dust, Death is standing behind Peter as they watch Harry disappears into emerald flames leaving not even ash behind.

Pure unadulterated rage is the fact emotion that Death feels when he cannot feel his master at all, but he doesn't break his word the only things remaining of Peter shall be his left arm and rat tail by the time he is finished.

Peter is walking out of the nursery only to hit an invisible wall or something, he try's to break his way though only for pure horror to flood his system, when that wall isn't actually a wall at all.

But rather a tall figure in a hooded cloak with a scythe and glowing flaming white eyes, the being is backing Peter into the nursery a raspy rage filled tone rips from his throat "Peter Pettigrew for aiding in the destruction of my master you'll wish that you'd never been born!".

The torture starts almost immediately as memories of what Harry's childhood without ether of his parents turns into, the rat is far trapped in the darkness that he doesn't even realize he is missing his left arm.

Or that he is in his animagus form without his tail, he doesn't even know he burns to death until the ever last moment of his life where his blood chilling screams fill the nights air for miles around waking up the whole area.

And Death... well he is glaring at the remaining parts of wormtail, scythe held in a iron grip of rage, as he begins to sense Fate nearby his location watching the whole thing play out, it was her fault then...

With a hiss he disappears from the timeline focusing only on his connection to his master in any hope of finding out where she sent him.

But one thing is very clear to Death and that's the fact that Fate has over lived her welcome in their lives.

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