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-Chapter 1 A Ninken's Life For Me-

-Place unknown time unknown-

-no one's pov-

A fearful whimper leaves her because now she knows why her grandpa always told her stay away from this forest only.

But she got curious about what all the big deal was about and now she is trapped inside a small den underneath a tree, with a huge tiger trying very hard to claw his way to her.

A hiss of pain from the giant cat brings her out the thoughts of never seeing her pack again, and she notices the tiger is moving away from the den sounding very unhappy with whatever happened.

It isn't her curiosity that forces her out of the safe place but rather a sound a canine yelping in pain and the tiger hissing Angered, what she finds waiting for her it makes braver for some reason.

A wolf pup about her age facing off against the giant tiger, black fur with white underbelly his left eye is gold while his right eye is closed, and he is missing the whole of his left ear blood rapidly flowing from a injury clearly from the claws of the tiger.

Holding tighter onto the kunai in her hand, she does something that her grandpa is definitely going to yell at her for, she leaves the den, jumps onto the tiger only to use him as a springboard to land in front of the pup who saved her life, kunai at the ready.

A gold eye flashes emerald at the animalistic five year old girl who isn't hiding anymore now standing in front of him, wild untamed brown hair, animalistic slitted vertical pupils, fangs, claws and red fang markings on both cheeks, she is wearing shorts and a purple T-shirt no shoes though..., and a kunai held in hand ready for battle.

Snorting back a laugh of amusement, he crouch's down ready to aim for tigers eyes, then to his surprise and clearly the girls own surprise, they spring for the tiger at the same both of them taking out one of his eyes.

Soon the tiger now blinded by the brats leaves before he gets killed, so much for an easy meal..., last time he ever listens to the snakes about food.

They stare the other down for a few seconds before she speaks voice cheeky and lively "name's Tsume" he considers the name to give to Tsume but decides against giving any of his names to her, a new world a new name "don't want my old name, nice to meet ya though".

Tsume seems slightly surprised by his words and he wonders why but doesn't bother asking, turning and beginning to walk away from the girl he just fought beside, only for her voice to stop him in his tracks "w-wait why are you going?, homes that way".

Now his curiosity is winning out turning to look over his shoulder at the worried and unsure face of Tsume he speaks tone soft yet confused "what home?, I have no home here"

Anger the anger and defiance at his words amuse him greatly, but the regretless conviction in her voice is what does him in the end "Kuromaru you idiot!, I meant our home you saved me so that makes us pack!, now stop being stupid and come on we need to see grandpa about your injuries".

Ignoring the name for now, at the site of Tsume with her arms are crossed, eyes glaring death and a fanged snarl pulling at her lips, he thinks that she couldn't look anymore like his Hermione then she does in this instance.

However even at this young age there is a feral wildness that is all Tsume that he finds he cannot get enough of already, and that quite frankly freaks him out very much because she is mortal and he isn't.

He is going to out live her anyways so why get that attached to her intoxicating fire, why not just leave before he gets hurt again like he did with Hermione like he does with all his beloved's.

Age doesn't matter to someone who has lived so long and so many lifetimes, only time matters and time always returns to take away from him those he loves, so why give into what he knows shall happen one day, why not avoid the pain?.

A iron tight grip on his scruff snaps him out of his thoughts and he finds himself face to muzzle with Tsume who looks pissed, hurt and sad "fine if you won't follow me then I'll just have to treat you like a baby and carry you home!" baring his fangs very willing to snap at her, regardless to the bravery of her naive actions.

But the fire in those eyes stops him from harming Tsume something deep inside his being warms at the site of the worry, pain, anger and conviction of her eyes, she is determined to be his own and he to be her own, each other's support so a pack indeed...

Wiggling in her hold and twisting until she is forced to let him go, he lands onto his paws easily and heads the way she wanted him to go all along.

When she doesn't follow him, he looks over his shoulder again "are you coming or what? I don't know the way home yet".

It is breathtaking the pure joy, the happiness and a bright fanged smile, those are his rewards for his sacrifice, she springs to his side and they begin heading towards the place he has chosen to live this life.

But isn't that all he really wants? a pack?, a home? Warmth? and love?, it's been five hundred years since his last moment of happiness maybe just this once, he'll see how long he can keep it this time, even if he has to break his own rules to do it.

-line break-

Gold and silver clash with sparks even as Tsume introduces the two of them, "grandpa this my partner Kuromaru!, Kuromaru this is my grandpa Kenshin, he'll help you with your injuries".

Kenshin raises a single crimson eyebrow in mocking his tone flat "and what other decisions are you gonna make for me young lady?" and he looks at Tsume emotionlessly "who said I was gonna use that name hmm?" Tsume turns red from embarrassment realizing that she got ahead of herself with both of the males, she forgot to ask first...

So soon she leaves the vet clinic leaving both her partner and grandpa alone, mostly in a attempt to escape from her embarrassment.

Both of them chuckle at Tsume's reaction to their teasing of her, once again gold and silver clash as they size the other male up missing nothing from their searching.

A 50 somewhat aging man, with silver eyes, long crimson hair in a high tail and a crimson standard goatee beard, the same fang markings as Tsume only in black, fangs, claws, and wearing blue sleeveless kimono with gray hakama and metal platted hand guards that reach to his elbows.

Once they are done sizing the other up for weakness, Kenshin grabs his granddaughter's partner by the scruff, who teased Tsume about the name yet didn't deny being her ninken partner.

He soon places the pup onto the high medical table he uses for examinations and surgeries.

Staring blankly at the pup until he buckles underneath the intense gaze, Kenshin isn't surprised or shocked when he is soon being glared at by a child and not a pup.

"How did you know?" the Inuzuka smirks softly pulling familiar looking symbol on the chain he keeps under his kimono, a single emerald eye widens in reconciliation at the symbol of the deathly hallows "wizard..." Kenshin grins returning the necklace to its hiding place.

"Formerly I left that life behind when I met my late mate, but yes I could tell you were an animagus from the second you entered this compound, although I'm surprised by your young age normally only adults become animagus due to the dangerous side effects of becoming one...".

Kenshin waves his hand over the child and begins reading the magical scan that tells him who the child is, the only name that appears is the one Tsume gave him Kuromaru, this is actually confusing and worrisome to the retired wizard.

And he has no issues voicing his thoughts "Kuromaru hmm..., that's the only name that appears on the scan, no parents or another name for you, care to explain why pup?" Kuromaru thinks about the answer for awhile before answering his tone honest.

"Honestly I can only guess that Fate is fucking up my life again, so I guess Tsume gets her way and I am now her partner Kuromaru, hey your a doctor right? so do you think you could take a look at my eye?".

Kenshin is curious about the request but soon begins to regret allowing it, when emerald flames are all that seems to remain inside his right eye socket instead of an actual eyeball, hell even in his animagus form it's still emerald flames instead of a golden eyeball.

"H-how did this happen to you pup?" Kuromaru twitch's slightly remaining left ear pinned against his skull "killing curse to the eye" this gets Kenshin's attention more then any ninjutsu ever could.

And the man has to actually sit down from shock "how are you still alive and better yet who the hell shot a killing curse at you?, your like five years old for kami's sake!" Kuromaru wants to laugh he really does but for the peace of mind for Kenshin he reframes from laughing.

"The dark lord, and somehow instead of dying, by Voldemort's spell I ended up here wherever here actually is, where am I?" Kenshin face palms in pure disbelief that the child only thought of that question now.

Sighing tiredly giving the very unlucky pup a flat look "you seem very advanced in magic for the age of five, so does that mean you know at least a little bit about legilimency and occlumency?, we shall need them to help me explain in a small amount of time, Tsume is sure to back soon to make sure I haven't gotten any ideas for how to make you disappear".

Kuromaru doesn't seem worried about the threat of his demise due to Kenshin getting rid of him, the retired wizard watches the pup nod his head slowly very slowly as if he doesn't want to say anything about his skills regarding the mind arts.

A small smile appears on his lips as he speaks softly "alright then, I'm certain that I don't need to tell that you'll need to use your occlumency to sort all the information and to keep my memories separate from your own, or do I?".

A quick curt shake of the head is his only response, so Kenshin begins to push his memories from his time as a wizard up until today to the forefront of his mind to provide better access to the young magical doing the info gathering.

About ten or so minutes later finds the man alone as he smiles sadly at the unconscious form of Kuromaru, who is deep within the massive darkness of memories that he gained.

So to help out the both of them, Kenshin begins healing the injury that shall leave Kuromaru with scars in his human form, the fur of his wolf form well hide the scars by growing back over them.

However he is still going to be missing his left ear in both forms, as well to being Completely deaf on his left side due to the scar tissue and no amount of healing is going to fix that.

Life as a ninken for Kuromaru is going to be a life long battle with only half his natural hearing, a war that is only made that much more difficult for the pup who has one eye now thus half his eyesight, due to him needing to wear an eyepatch over his right eye to hide the flames of death.

As Kenshin has secretly taken to calling the fucked up state of Kuromaru's former eyeball filled eyesocket, cause what else would they call emerald flames from surviving the killing curse?, the former wizard briefly wonders if they can be used to instant kill anything just like the original can, but reframes from acting upon his curiosity as this is a pup and not an adult yet...

Plus Tsume returns just in time to watch him finish the healing process, and thus unknowingly saves her ninken from his future plans of using Kuromaru to murder the bastards and elders of the Konoha council.

The five year old girl takes one look at her ninken partner's unmoving state then glares at the older Inuzuka tears beginning to form in her eyes "stupid grandpa! y-you killed Kuromaru!" silver eyes widen slightly in alarm and he quickly grabs his granddaughter by the arm before she can run out of the clinic due to a very big misunderstanding.

And oh boy does the little she pup fight dirty, twisting her arm around in his hold and round house kicking him right in the nose!, before quickly following up the sneak attack by twisting the opposing way to aim a well thought out kick to his family jewels, to which Kenshin is forever grateful he managed to dodge or else he wouldn't have any balls left...

Finally he has enough of Tsume fighting him, so he pins her to the floor by the throat and squeezes holding her down, even while she thrash's around for freedom and it's only his foresight that makes certain that she doesn't accidentally hurt herself in an attempt to escape.

Baring his fangs at the still thrashing pup his tone is commanding, sharp and not to be broken "for the first and only time pup!, Kuromaru Isn't dead I didn't kill him!, your ninken is unconscious due to blood loss, now stop or you'll join him".

It isn't a false statement ether, he once knocked out Tsume's mother Mana when his wild pup decided to go on a hunting trip with her ninken Gin, only instead of hunting deer or other animals they went to hunt for Hyuuga, thus being the good father he is Kenshin knocked both unconscious before they could start the first Konoha civil war.

The feeling of no movement brings him out of the old memory, to see his granddaughter laying down completely still with her head tilted up baring her throat to him in submission, he allows Tsume to go free and watches as she sprints to her ninken's side not half a second afterwards.

Kenshin stays where he is keeping an eye on the pups while he resets his broken nose before healing with chakra, cause if he heals it before resetting it then his nose won't heal right.

Plus it is the same thing with all bones and important medical treatments, healing chakra only does so much for bones and not settling them back into place before hand, lands to rebreaking them to reset for proper healing.

So he does his medical treatments right the first time around to avoid more work, Tsume takes Kuromaru with her as she leaves the clinic.

Kenshin doesn't make any moves to go after them, instead he walks into the small office attached to the vet clinic, sitting down in his chair eyes drawn towards the photo of his late mate and him on the day Mana was born "Kiba our grandpup has a ninken who is sure to make her life very interesting indeed, wish you were here to watch the chaos with me".

Soon his eyes are drawn towards the large white bandanna branded with ANBU symbol, a knock on the doorframe draws his gaze towards his daughter Mana who looks like Tsume only with his silver eyes and longer untamed hair, her German Shepard ninken Gin standing tall beside her.

She must have noticed that he was looking at the bandanna because she doesn't miss a beat "I came here to talk to you about Tsume and Kuromaru, but I can see that your being sensitive about mom's death again so I can came back later, although maybe you should try talking to her ninken Kenshin, I still think it's weird that you and mom's ninken share the same name Dad".

Shaking his head slowly his silver eyes soft "no there's nothing I can do about it, Kiba is gone and I am still here, so what do you want to talk about regarding the pups?" Gin greets him with a lick on the face to which he smiles wishing he was in his ninken form to return the greeting, but reframes from transforming in front of his daughter who doesn't seem to know the whole truth, who doesn't actually know who her mothers ninken truly is.

Mana sits in one of the chairs in front of his desk and cuts to the chase quickly "about the fact they met in the forest of death, when we both told Tsume a hundred times over not to go into that forest, she thinks that by not telling you anything she won't be punished for disobeying, so what should Tsume's punishment be?...".

He cannot help it he really can't, because Mana seems to have forgotten something very important about raising pups, so he is happy to remind her "i seem to remember back in the old days when two certain pups, went into the forest and brought all their classmates with them, before leaving those poor kids alone to figure out which way leads them home, how is Tsume exploring any worse?".

Mana growls at him in irritation her tone mirroring her growl perfectly "those are two different things Dad!, she didn't have a ninken with her to help protect her and she almost immediately got eaten by a tiger because of that!".

Shaking his head slowly very slowly in disbelief that his daughter could be so dense his tone is cutting, sharp and firm "your wrong Mana, because Tsume did have her a ninken with her inside that forest today, and it is only thanks to Kuromaru that she returned to us at all, he has sacrificed for his partner more then just scars".

His gaze pins down his pup firmly eyes almost glowing with his magic "Kuromaru won't ever be able to hear on his left side and his previous injury means he only has his right eye remaining, that ninken could be completely deaf and blind but he wouldn't have let Tsume fight that tiger alone, the will of fire burns brightly with both of them, I look forward to seeing how far they fly together".

His words and there meanings seem to make Mana loss her fight and anger at Tsume's actions, and now she looks ashamed of herself for being so cruel to the pups.

"I'm sorry... I was so afraid of losing her, we just lost mom last month..., and all I could think about when Tsume told me how Kuromaru saved her wasn't happiness for my pup finding her partner, no all I could think of was what if he hadn't been there? what if Tsume hadn't come home? and what if I had to bury my own pup tomorrow?, I was so terrified of what could've happened in that forest I forgot to tell her that I was proud of Tsume for surviving, I... I need to tell her don't I Dad?...".

Kenshin smiles warmly at his pup knowing that she takes after him more then her mother, Mana ended up with his worrisome wandering mind, he made many mistakes in the past due to the trait and he would hate to see her do the same, so he doesn't bother sugar coating the truth "yes you do best get to it pup" both Mana and Gin leave the office to no doubt find the pups.

So he leans back in his chair staring at the ceiling blankly, mind wandering around all over the place, from that life to this life, from veteran wizard to veteran ninken and finally to proud mate.

He misses Kiba horribly, she was much more then just his mate, he was her second ninken partner after the death of her previous ninken Ringo, who had died in the war against grindelwald a war that Kiba and her team plus a few others had come to aid the Wizarding world in fighting.

He'll never change the day he met Kiba on the battlefield, he never change the way Ken Quincy died that day, and he won't change his vow to her that day.

-line break-

The memories swirling around in his mind are like a tornado in a bottle, but he calms the desire to throw up as he opens his eye to see Tsume being embraced by an adult woman who is probably her mother, while a silver German Shepard lays beside him on the futon.

The two females share a few words between themselves while the German Shepard nudges his side sharply "come on pup" he follows the older out of the bedroom though the living room into the back courtyard, where Kuromaru finds himself surrounded by other dogs of different breeds, sizes, and ages, a massive crimson caucasian shepherd with silver eyes laying among them.

The sea of canines parts for Kuromaru as the silver Shepard nudges him towards the caucasian, who looks at his slowly moving form with the shine of recognition, the same glittering silver that Kenshin and his daughter both hold.

And... Kuromaru is so Damn tiny compared to the other canine animagus, that he doesn't even reach to Kenshin's ankles! and for some reason he can't help himself but to stare up at the dog in awe of his size "h-how'd you get so big?".

Many of the dogs laugh, some growl about naive pups and others coo at his cuteness, but Kenshin simply smirks down at him eyes glowing with amusement "I ate bears as a pup, back when my family hunted together who also shared our little gift, mom was a cougar and Dad was falcon, maybe I'll take you bear hunting when your tall enough to reach my ankles".

Okay fuck playing nice, no one calls him small so what if he is the size of an ant, growling at the one who dared to call him tiny Kuromaru doesn't hesitate for a second to aim for the throat.

Only to bite air when Kenshin dodges the attack easily, and soon he ends up being pinned down by a single massive paw the older ninken's tone mocking.

"good first attempt, you may have the knowledge the know how, my memories, but you lack the training, the time, blood and tears that goes into honing those kill tactics and clan techniques, we are ninken pup not powerless humans we fight with our whole beings our chakra and our determination for the sakes of our partners our pack".

Kenshin lets Kuromaru off the ground only to pin the pup down with his eerie glowing gaze his tone serious, sharp and final "now stop thinking like a human and start thinking like one of us, or else you won't survive my training long enough for Tsume to fight beside her partner in battle".

Growls and howls begin sounding from multiple dogs as he continues to speak "our vow as ninken is to never betray our partners and always put their lives and the packs lives before our own, now stray Kuromaru do you accept your vow as a ninken or deny your partners life do you deny this pack".

It wasn't even a moment of hesitation that makes him stay silent for a few seconds, it is a old memory the ghost of a similar vow that makes him stay silent, before he takes a single step towards Kenshin head held high eye filled with determination "I vow upon the destruction of my tombstone, to protect my partner, this pack and never once think of betrayal".

The gathering of canines starts howling as Kenshin speaks the final lines of the pack ceremony "as the Alpha of the pack, I Kenshin Inuzuka welcome you Kuromaru Inuzuka into our pack, may the will of fire protect your partner and you always, welcome to the Inuzuka pack".

For some reason he can't seem to recall the reason why, but the way that welcome is worded fills him with hope, he decides not to think to much of why as Kenshin grabs the scruff of his neck and begins carrying him away from the pack like well a pup.

As he allows himself to be carried away into the deepest part of the forest, he begins to think about the next thing he wants to ask the older male and as the air changes on a almost unnoticeable level he knows what question he has to ask.

Kenshin almost cackles as he throws the pup into the river just to prove a point then a attempt at using chakra to walk on water from the pup, leads to Kenshin cackling while he watches a soaking wet waterlogged pup stumbling slowly towards him looking adorable with his tiny death glare.

"See you know what to do you just don't have the skills yet, even with my lifetime of knowledge your like any other pup who reads a ninjitsu scroll or listens to a school lesson, you lack practice".

Kuromaru shakes off the water in true canine fashion thus getting his tormentor slightly wet as a result, to which he ignores completely as he smirks mockingly "tell me what is different about this area from everywhere else you've been to since arriving here, get the answer right and I'll begin your training today instead of tomorrow".

Kuromaru doesn't bother moving from where he currently is beside Kenshin, instead he closes his eye focused on the air around them, focusing on the life around them and fixated on the lack of humans, his gold flash's emerald quickly as he smiles softly at the other ninken "you've placed a magical barrier around the whole of the ten mile area we are in, so no humans only animals, life and death, it's a training ground right?".

Kenshin gives a bark of a laugh at the very good answer and without saying anything or giving a hint of warning begins to attack the cunning pup, who's reactions to the attacks are spot on never missing to much of a beat, sure he gets smacks around here and there but Kuromaru is certainly very good at avoiding attacks even at this young age.

Silently, ideally he wonders if tsume or the other ninken pups could pull off such a feet, but decides against testing that little question, last thing he needs is to accidently kill one of them during training.

Two hours later find Kuromaru panting heavily on the ground due to the training from the older male, who looks far to happy about beating the shit outta him to be completely sane, not that he is one to talk after all he isn't actually sane, being almost two millenniums old tends to eat your sanity...

Seeing that his student is exhausted Kenshin decides to take pity on Kuromaru and carries him back towards the main house, Tsume and mana are there waiting for them.

And his granddaughter doesn't look amused by her ninkens two hour absence, dropping the pup at her feet Tsume growls at him annoyed "Kenshin! you should've told us you were training Kuromaru, I was worred he decided to leave and not be my ninken after all..." she trails off gathering her partner into her small arms.

And Kenshin... he ignores the remark of mind your elders, leaving it to burn his tongue only for a single reason, that being only Kiba and the other ninken know that the two Kenshin's are actually one and the same being,

So no one else in the clan or the village knows the truth not even the hokage does, so the older Inuzuka stays silent leaving Kuromaru in the care of his granddaughter.

-line break-

It's a good while past midnight Tsume is fast asleep in her futon safe and he is on the roof watching the moon, when finally the presence that has been missing for a whole day since arriving in this world, returns to his lonely side melting the icy coldness that follows both of them like shadows.

Not a minute later frail yet strong arms wrap around his tiny canine form pulling him into a lap, holding him close to a warm chest with a slowly beating heart, craning his head around to stare at the being embracing him lovingly.

A ageless really tall being whos sex is male, moonlight pale skin, flowing waist length wavy white hair, white flames for eyes, wearing a heavy winter hooded black cloak with the hood down for now, dress pants, no shoes revealing boney raptor feet, a scythe attached to his back somehow..., boney clawed hands holding onto him firmly.

Kuromaru smiles lovingly at the being "you've been cold all day haven't you Death" Death cuddles farther with his master's small puppy form "yes Master, its been a long lonely day without you near, what have you been up too?".

Kuromaru laughs lightly at the words and question "saving the girl who has claimed my new future, and getting the shit beat outta me by her former wizard of a grandfather for training in this worlds arts".

Death cackles honestly at his masters day, then soon sighs heavily before retelling his own day it is only fair after all "lucky master..., I had to deal with this worlds version of me instead of joining you sooner, Shinigami wasn't happy with our entrapment in his world, blames us as much as he does Fate...".

Death trails off for a few second tightening his hold on his master his tone emotionless "He wants to have a official meeting with you, so please don't put it off for to long Master, I don't want to add the Shinigami of this world to my growing kill count of my alternate selves, Mors, Mania, Libitina and Nephthys..., all reminders of why I don't let you leave without me beside you often, others always try to take away what is mine my master...".

The being trails off again only this time instead of hesitation, it is from falling asleep while still holding onto Kuromaru, who doesn't mind staying in the others arms all night not at all, it is to be expected it has been a long 24 hours for both of them and Death has it harder then he does, the longer they stay apart the weaker, the colder, the lonelier that Death becomes. it is always why he makes fuckin sure to never be gone from Deaths side for more then a year at a time.

And even then he always has to spend a good number of years without leaving again, growling inside the silence of his mind as to not wake up Death, he still doesn't forgive himself even after more then almost two millennium has passed since it happened, it had been their first hundred years together and Death didn't tell him about what would happen so he left for a his very first lifetime and didn't let Death come with him.

Oh how he regrets so many things while living his first lifetime as Skull De Mort, it had been during his first three hundred years where he blamed everyone and everything for his immortality not solely Ginny for his destroying cloak, he blamed Death for three hundred years and his first life as Skull wasn't his finest hour nor his kindest towards the lonely cold crippled being.

Skull was as immortal as everyone of his future lives and then some, only he refused to allow Death anywhere near him, and thus by the moment it had been time for him to return to his throneroom Death could barely move, Death hadn't said anything about what would happen to himself if his master was gone for to long, he only saw him off with a loving smile even after being ordered to stay at the throneroom.

And of course he had been mortified by the site of the older immortal laying motionless on the floor next to his chair, hell he doesn't remember a time where he had sprinted faster, Death didn't tell him of the payment that was always to be payed , and Harry didn't know at the time anything about the payment to begin with nor whom Death owned the payment too in the first place, no... that kind of trust took many hundreds of years to gain for Death to finally admit his original sin to him.

Of course he had been so worried at the time he didn't even question why Death had committed his original sin in the first place, it wasn't until the clock struck their first millennium that he had even remembered to ask about it, after all he done it was only just to forgive his consort for his sin and he hasn't brought it up since then out of respect for Death.

His eye is heavy with sleep as his final warmth filled thought is of what else has Death sacrificed just to hold him in his arms without burning to nothingness, once more before he loses consciousness he hears the ghostly whispers of a beloved vow once more, Death holds him closer if even possible and Kuromaru cant keep from smiling in his sleep.

-Movie Theater Of Death And Kenshin Number 1-

A woman is siting at her pc typing away quickly at her keyboard, a glass of whiskey coke and a cream cheese donut on the desk near her keyboard, the window opens and not the door... but she doesn't bother turning away from the screen to focused on writing to look away.

Two different pairs of arms wrap around her larger then normal waist and together they heft the nearly tow hundred pound woman out of her chair thus stopping the story from continuing forward.

Irritated icy almost white blue eyes glare at two very familiar man "Death, Kenshin what the fuck" they smile winningly at her to which she isn't affected at all as Death states cutely "but Loony we missed you!" she continues to glare at them even colder then before tone just as icy "no.. no you didn't you just want me to play the movie for your god dammed theater, and while I don't mind I only wish you had asked first before kidnapping me away from the main story!".

Kenshin grins good naturedly rubbing his head sheepishly "sorry Loony we just wanted to show the readers our stories" sighing in a tired manner she takes a long drink from her whiskey an coke before speaking again.

"No... no its fuckin fine.. I just wish you had asked before hand, instead of fuckin up my work plan" both men at least have the guts to look at least a little bit sorry.

So they decide to do some much needed TLC on their favorite little author, Death grabs Kenshin's hair tie thus making crimson locks free and wild instead of being in their normal high tail.

Then he begins combing though her mid back long dark brown with his boney fingers, then braiding Loony's hair Viking style, keeping it out of her face.

While Kenshin grabs her glasses and begins cleaning them before returning the frail glasses to her for Loony to put back on.

The author wonders why their trying to butter her up with being so nice after all she has already stated she would give them what their actually here for.

However pushes it aside as she smiles slightly "enough TLC you two, we've got work to do, Death your the world traveler so you explain MAU to the readers, Kenshin flip a coin to see which one of you gets to go first, I'll make popcorn".

She heads to the kitchen to make the snack, Kenshin pouts when the coin lands on heads meaning Death gets to go first, and Death smiles warmly at the readers as he speaks carefully hoping he doesn't confuse anyone.

"MAU is Loony's short version of Multiple Alternate Universe, she said at our last meeting that it's important for later on down the line, something about traveling back home...?".

Death trails off looking very confused with the authors hint regarding their future plans, but soon enough the scent of popcorn fills the room, thus both men all but teleport to the their seats as the room begins to transform into basically the cinamark complete with the massive theater screen.

Death happily starts waving his arm to get the authors attention "Loony sit over here with us, we saved the best seat for you" Kenshin barks out laughing at the pureness of the man who is the embodiment of well death.

The woman on other hand looks amused by the fact that the best seat is actually the one in between them both, shaking her head slowly her reflects her amusement "honestly there's no one else in here why save my seat?, the readers have their own seats hopefully with snacks included".

They just grin down at the short woman, who sits down holding the popcorn for all three of them to share, and watches the screen as the first movie begins to play.

-Death story number 1-

None of the other children want to play with him, and he doesn't know why their parents shoo him away from the playground all the time.

Papa doesn't have any answers and mama is dead with all the answers, he doesn't like the way the other people hiss, growl or ground out his name filled with hatred and malice.

Papa doesn't hold hatred or malice when speaking his name only a grim sadness, it doesn't hurt as much but it still stings sometimes. because Papa never holds him or says that he loves him.

Mama is dead but she held him close even said she loved him once, then she died because he killed her, is it because of his name? or something else about him?, maybe mama was... was she sickly?.

Papa won't tell him anything about it and the other adults speak poisonous malice.

The children who never play with him call him creepy, boneboy, or murderer never by his name, but why? what's wrong with his name his mama gave it to him why not use it kindly?.

Does everyone hate his mama? did she do something bad? did he?, is he bad?.

The stars are the only lights without the moonlight, and he lays down in his tree looking at pretty lights though the leaves, the will o wisps gather round his branch whispering words he cannot hear.

They whisper in his ears again and like always he begins to get sleepy, so seeing that his bedtime has arrived he cuddles down farther into his tree, the will o wisps gathering closer to him.

The running stars make their first race of the night and like always he makes only three wishes, he wishes he was also a will o wisp so he could understand his only friends, he wishes the shadow like cold would leave him alone.

And his final waking thought is of his truest wish, even if it's only once he wants to hear someone say to him honesty purely the only words he has ever wanted to hear.

He only wants for anyone to say warmly I love you Death...

-special theater-

Death blushes bright cherry red as he finds himself being sandwiched between Loony and Kenshin as they embrace him tightly.

Their voices are honest and truthful "we love you Death" he can't stop the lone tear that falls so instead he returns the embrace of his friends.

Who both smile warmly at his next words "thank you" a few more minutes of hugging and the trio return to their seats as the final movie of the night begins playing.

-Kenshin's story number 1-

He ignores the pain in his side as he continues to walk though the corpse littered battlefield, both allie and enemy alike laying dead.

His paws are being stained farther by the blood but he doesn't even care anymore, as he continues his course the sound of a female crying draws his attention and curiosity.

So he changes course and begins heading towards the mournful sound, the site that greets him makes his heart skip a few beats.

A animalistic girl about three years younger then him, so about 15 or so, she has ankle length braided brown hair, animalistic slitted vertical pupils, fangs, claws and red fang markings on both cheeks, she is wearing the jounin uniform just like a good number of the other shinobi, the konohagakure hitai ate is around her neck.

She is hunched over the corpse of a dead female gray hound clearly mourning for the lose.

He thinks that she is going to be very much dead due to not paying attention on the battlefield, for some unknown reason he hates the idea of seeing this female shinobi dead.

And soon enough it looks like the universe agrees with his train of thought, as one of the enemy fires off the killing curse towards the unsuspecting shinobi female.

So against his better instincts and judgment he closes the distance between them and grabs her not actually caring about his fangs harming her instincts focused on saving her life.

When she begins to drag him down due to her mournful state, while he continues to dodge spell after spell, he really has no choice now does he?.

He drops her ass like a rock and keeps dodging the spells for a full minute until he works his way back towards the dead weight his heart seems to like for some reason.

Instead of grabbing her in his jaws again he changes tactics and manages to get her onto his back and gives a small sigh when she finally grabs onto his fur least she fall off while he gets them both the fuck outta dodge.

Then just when their almost Scott free he gets hit in his injured side by a cutting curse, tumbling hard into the ground he can't get back up, she is laying motionless nearby watching him with dull eyes.

And his traitorous heart keeps skipping beats whenever he looks at her!, this female is nothing but trouble and now their both gonna die because he can't move and she won't.

The lackeys gather round him wands Aimee at him, they seem to ignore the female most likely due to the fact she already looks dead.

The spells are changed ready to fire, he doesn't close his eyes he has always looked death in the face, so he doesn't miss it when it happens.

Blood spills flying though the air and the lackeys drop like flies dead, the wind picks up as his savior kneels down in front of him.

Not only does his heart skip multiple times in a row but he can't seem to look away from the dead weight he almost died for, her long hair is free from its braid free to dance with wind and her eyes are filled with life again, simply Beautiful...

In that instant he knows that Ken Quincy is dead he died on this battlefield, she smiles at him softly tone teasing "well are you gonna stare at me all day, or are you gonna tell me your name?".

Blinking a few times he hadn't even realized he was staring at her, so seeing that his former life is dead and gone he answers honestly "I don't know my name anymore".

She seems surprised that he doesn't know, but as her hands begin glowing with emerald light which she then presses into his injury her tone is calm "that won't do at all, a ninken needs a good name...".

She trails off clearly thinking of a name while his injury heals up quickly due to her shinobi healing magic, then lightning strikes his heart when she grins widely at him "names Kiba and I thank you for saving me Kenshin".

Kiba... fang... he thinks the name suits her very well, he stands up eyes searching for anymore threats and they begin to walk side by side.

Nether of them speaks for a little while until he breaks the silence "so what now?" Kiba grins happily "now we live Kenshin" he still isn't to sure about her choice of name for him but he decides to roll with it for now.

His silver eyes shining with magic as he speaks his oath to her "I'll be beside you until the very end" Kiba laughs lightly not knowing that he is actually serious "I guess that means your my second ninken partner then, just promise me something first".

He watches her waiting patiently for her to speak, and almost immediately Kenshin knows he'll regret it when she smiles warmly at him "just don't die before I do Kenshin".

Yep he completely regrets hearing her out, his magic seems to think she swore an oath to match his own, so now he can't sacrifice his life for her life again.

As they met up with the remaining forces at the camp, he wonders if he should tell Kiba he isn't just a dog, but decides to put off that talk for now maybe after the war he'll be brave enough to tell her the truth.

But for today he'll be a good dog and stay beside her until she doesn't need just a dog to stand beside her anymore.

-special theater-

The blank stares from both Death and Loony make him blush slightly knowing full well why their not saying anything about what happened.

And after a few minutes of their staring it gets on his nerves and he growls irritated at them "dammit stop it!, I know that I was an asshole at first, but you try to stay alive when your protecting dead weight!".

They don't stop staring at him and he only finds out why when the author says flatly "Kenshin that was love at first site you idiot" it feels like he was shot, it really fuckin does.

Death's next words only make it worse for the Inuzuka "please tell me that you didn't wait ten years to tell Kiba the truth" Kenshin decides that the fun is over for tonight and heads home without a word.

Loony looks at Death calmly "time for you to get back to your master" upon realizing that it has been four hours Death quickly leaves to return to where he belongs.

And the author sighs tiredly "I thought they'd never leave, guess I'll get back to work tomorrow" Loony turns off the theater lights and goes to bed after saving the work she had gotten done already.

Honestly they could have called first before ruining all her work plans.

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