Our little family

Marinette had woken up rather early it was a working day but that didn't mean she wanted to wake up at 7 she frowned knowing she can't sleep after she wakes up huffing she got up from her bed and kissed her husband's forehead she took a nice long bath and dried herself she couldn't remember the last time she relaxed like that ever since she had Emma Emmy Louis and Hugo things have been a bit hectic she put on her clothes and went down to the kitchen to prep Louis Emmy Hugo and Emma's lunch and breakfast she started to chop the fruits when she heard someone come down the stairs she looked up to see Adrien still in his robes he looked like a zombie he certainly looked like he hadn't slept much last night

"Good Morning honey," he said softly as he kissed her cheek

"Good Morning kitty how did you sleep?" He gave her an annoyed look which LB would be proud of

"what do you think," he said as he pointed to himself Marinette chuckled a bit and smiled

"not much eh?''

he went to the fridge behind her and grabbed the eggs while he said "nope"

"Hey what time is it?" She said as she put the chopped fruits in a bowl

He looked at his phone and said " 7:20 we still have time "

"okay thanks," she said as she started to make sandwiches for her kids

"Anything for you m'lady," he said with his signature chat wink

she rolled her eyes at her husband and said "you never change do you chaton''

"aww but I thought you loved me just the way I am bugaboo," he said while he gave her a pout

She giggled a bit as she put in the last sandwiches into the lunchboxes "I do kitty you're purrfect"

She said softly as they leaned into a kiss

"Ewww mummy and daddy are kissing," said Hugo and Louis as they groaned in disgust

"come on you two you need to get ready for school," said Emma as she took her younger brothers to their rooms to get ready

Emma came back in her normal school clothes she let her blue hair loose wore a dark green and light green striped shirt a light yellow hoodie some light blue jeans

"morning maman morning papa," she said softly then she gently kissed her parents cheek

"morning moonbeam," said her mother as she whisked the pancake batter "morning little princess," said her father smiling

"do you need any more help," she said as she started to butter the toast

"yes please once you're done could you wake Emmy up," said her mother while she started to flip the pancakes

"Sure I'd be glad to," said Emma as she buttered the last piece of toast and gave her mother a smile

"Thanks, moonbeam," said her mom as she flipped the last batch of pancakes

"I'll go get the boys, "said Adrien while he left the kitchen wishing that someone would back him up

Emma went up the stairs and wished her father luck the "boys" were the biggest pranksters in the history of the Agreste and Dupain cheng family with luck you wouldn't look like a glob of human ooze she walked into Emmy's room and took a moment to look at it in awe her sister's room was filled with flowers gentle colors musical instruments and books she had a white hanging chair with colorful cushions it was sort of a sanctuary she snapped out of it and woke her sister up

"Emmy wake up"

Emmy groaned and said "5 more minutes"

"Jason is here," she said in a teasing voice Jason was Emmy's crush sort of like Mari and Adrien believe me the girl was a mess around him

"WHAT" shouted her sister as she raced around the room trying to fix her hair

"calm down Emmy I was just joking," Emma said trying not to laugh

Emmy gave her a death glare she'd never forget " . . ." Said Emmy in a menacing voice Emma nodded and gulped her sister wasn't known to be gentle whith her warnings nor her punishments and left the room so her sister could get ready

Meanwhile at Adrien's end...

He slowly walked into the chat noir themed room and to his surprise, Louis and Hugo were just reading comics Louis was wearing a red shirt and black jeans with a blue hoodie he had blue eyes and blonde hair while his older brother dark blue hair and green eyes he was wearing a striped black and green shirt blue jeans and his black-rimmed glasses

"morning kittens your mom made you breakfast," he said as he eyed the room suspiciously you can never be too careful around Louis and Hugo

"morning dad we'll be down in a couple of minutes," said Louis he grinned mischievously at his father

Adrien knew that look too well it was the sort of one Louis would give him before putting baby powder in the hand drier or the sort of one he'd give when he put slime on top of the door that his dad was going to pass through anyway it was a bad look so he'd have to prepare for the worse "blue cheese dressing bomb" it was terrible the horror was endless it was one of Louis's worst pranks it took weeks of bathing before the smell would wear off days for the stains to start fading and weeks before it would get out of your hair, either way, it was the most dreaded prank in the history of the world or so in his opinion but he wasn't going to wait to find out

"I'm going to go get ready for work," he said as he eyed his surroundings it seemed safe so he slowly walked outside that wasn't as terrible as he thought it would be but he wasn't letting his guard down once he entered the kitchen he found Emma and Emmy's sitting eating breakfast while Mari made smoothies he sat down in the table and took his coffee and some pancakes he thanked her and said

"so Emmy your mother told me you have a crush so who is this boy?" He said as he looked at his daughter who turned multiple shades of red and said "well his name is Jason and he's in my class "she tried not to look like a tomato but failed miserably

"I'm gonna need more than that little lady," he said as he eyed her suspiciously

Mari looked up at him and said "Adrien you know she's old enough to take care of herself now eat your breakfast we only have 20 minutes before we got to go"

"Alright bugaboo," he said as he started to poke pancakes in his mouth

She smiled and said "now where are the boys" "Louis Hugo come down and eat your breakfast "

Louis and Hugo came down the stairs and sat down next to their sisters

…...once breakfast was over

The car ride was a bit quiet they had reached Emma and Emmy's high school Emma and Emmy got out of the car and said "bye maman bye papa"

"wait up little ladies didn't you forget something," he said smiling

They giggled and kissed there mother and father on their cheek "bye!" They said waving