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The Misadventures of Caulifla and Kale

Episode One: The Journey Begins

The Tournament of Power was an event that took place outside of the twelve universes. Eight universes were picked to choose ten fighters in competing for the prize of the Super Dragon Balls. All universe, except for one, were erased by the Ommi Kings. One universe (Universe Seven) won the competition and wished for all of the erased universes to be brought back. Two months had passed and everyone went back to their normal lives.

Planet Sadala, Headquarters

In universe six, two female saiyans, Caulifla and Kale, were training on their home planet. Their goal is to achieve Super Saiyan Three on their own. After Kale went back to the headquarters to take a shower, Caulifla was busy thinking of other training techniques to use for their next routine. She continued thinking, until a sound occurred in the forest that cause her to lose concentration.

Caulifla: What was that just now? Maybe it was an animal? (Squinting her eyes at the forest) Nah! Now, back to thinking.

She went back to her thinking when a figure came out of nowhere and kicked her in the head. She got up and felt her forehead from the figure's powerful kick. The figure was wearing a gray hoodie, black leather boots, and black vinyal gloves.

Caulifla: What the hell was that for? (Looking at the figure) Who are you?

Figure: …

She rushed towards the figure and punched her in the stomach. Afterwards, she ran into the forest to the headquarters. She went as fast as she could. Caulifla needs to warn Kale of the figure and fast. She got to the building in time before the figure got to her first. Once in the headquarters, she yelled out Kale's name, but didn't hear a response. While Caulifla was outside, Kale walked to the headquarters to take a shower. She got out of the shower, yet didn't hear what Caulifla was saying to her. The figure broke through the headquarter's doors and attacked Caulifla with a hand chop. Caulifla managed to dodge the attack and charged her ki blast to the figure's face. The figure has no marks on her face after the blast hit. She pulled out her weapon as her offensive method on Caulifla. The two ran into each other and started throwing punches, kicks and laser bullets. Meanwhile, Kale was done changing her clothes and doing her hair. She goes downstairs only to find Caulifla fighting against a mysterious figure in black. She ran to them, only to stop. Caulifla was punched in the stomach and send flying backwards to the wall. There was a dent in the wall with her in it. She fell to the ground with her body becoming lifeless. Kale goes to Caulifla's body to check if she was okay. The figure walks close to the two saiyans and prepared herself for her next attack. She quickly hand chopped Kale's neck and knocks her unconscious. She dragged Kale's body outside to her spaceship, opened the trunk, and put her in there. The figure went back to the headquarters and tied Caulifla in a chair with chains around her. One hour later, the figure was back from sending Kale's unconscious body somewhere else. She went into the building, turned on the lights, and woke Caulifla with some icy water.

Caulifla: W-W-What happened? (looking around the room) Kale? Where are you!?

Figure: She's not here anymore. I sent her to another planet. (walking up to Caulifla) Before you say anything, I want you to answer a couple of my questions.

Caulifla: W-Why should I ask answers to you? You attacked us, tied me up in a chair, and sent Kale to some planet else where!

Figure: Because, I know where your friend is. If you don't answer my questions,(placing a laser gun to Caulifla's forehead) then I'll put a laser bullet in your solid head.

Caulifla: (she sounds serious. Maybe I should answer her questions for Kale's safety) Okay. I'll answer your questions.

Figure: Okay. First, I'll introduce myself to you. (taking off her hoodie)

The figure is seen as a dark-skinned girl with all black clothing. She has some make up on her face. She also has big, black, curly hair that wouldn't fit under the hoodie that she was wearing moment ago.

Figure: My name is Kenya. My first question for you is do you know any recent information about the Galactic Patrol two months ago?

Caulifla: No I haven't.

Kenya: Good. My second question is where were you in between the times of 5 pm and 6 pm?

Caulifla: … I was in my family's house. (I can't tell her about the tournament or else that fat ass god will kill me for sure)

Kenya: Okay. (Untying Caulifla out of the chair) Well you're free to go, but you have to do me one more favor.

Caulifla: (Grunts) What it is that you want? I'd gave you the answers!

Kenya: I want you to join me on my mission. I want to fix a wrong that happened in the last two months. I was accused of killing my father in first degree murder. I was innocent, since I didn't do anything to hurt him. My younger sister is in Space Asylum, a place where the craziest criminals and psychopaths are sent to. She's the killer, not me. I need some supplies, so that I can use them to prove my innocence. Not to mention, a powerful ability that no universe has ever seen.

Kenya holds out her hand and creates a black flame. The black flame was small, but it's extreme power flows so strong. No wonder Caulifla was having a hard time with Kenya in their fight.

Kenya: This is black aura. Only me and my younger sister have this unknown ability. I fear that my sister will use this power to destroy the universe. (turning off the black flame in her hand) So, will you help me in my mission?

Caulifla: Okay. I'll help you, but after we're done with the "mission", you take me to where Kale is. (Reaching her hand out for a handshake)

Kenya: Okay. (Reaching her hand out to shake Caulifla's hand) You have a deal. (Caulifla's and Kenya's hands shake)

Planet Jello, Unknown Location

Kale was lying on a strange green looking ground. She moved a bit, but was still alive. She woke up on her own and stood up. Kale looked around in the area. It was blurry from her perspective, but she can see some abstract shapes in the background.

Kale: W-What happened? Last time I was awake, I was looking at Caulifla. She was knocked out cold. Everything else went dark. (Looking around the area) W-Where am I? (Looking up) Maybe I have more sight when I'm in the air. (Starts flying up)

She began to fly slowly off the ground and took better sight of the area. She was surprised of the landscape that she was on. The first thing that she saw was a giant mirror reflecting on her tiny body. She later saw huge perfume bottles, hair products, and other weird objects on a giant dresser. Kale looked down to see a giant bed with a green bed covering on top. The same one that she was one just now. She turned her head to another dresser with big picture frames. The frames have two figures that were unidentified from Kale's point of view. She soon caught her sights on a giant chocolate cake slice. The cake was massive with lots of chocolate frosting. Kale's stomach started to growl from the look of the cake. She was having second thoughts of what to do for food, but she had to follow her growling stomach. She flew towards the cake, making a landing on the dresser. She was about to take a bite of the cake, when an earthquake occurred. The earthquake then started to make giant footsteps. Kale notices the earthquake-like footsteps and quickly ran to the near big picture frame. The door opened, revealing a huge, pink, round creature. It was wearing a white t-shirt, purple pants, and a living antenna on her head. It walked to the bed, where Kale was. The creature sat down and grabbed the chocolate cake with it's hands. The creature was eating the cake like it was an animal. After eating the cake, the creature took a remote, pressed a button, and the dresser was doing something odd. It created a hole and the smell of vanilla spread out of the hole. The dresser pulled out a giant vanilla cake with vanilla frosting. The creature laid on it's back and fell to sleep after the vanilla cake was out. Kale came out of her hiding place. She was thought of how the creature would live in a place that's looks normal. She later walked to the cake and took a few bites. The giant, round, pink creature was still asleep, but was moving it's hand to the vanilla cake. The creature's hand was on the cake, not noticing that Kale was on the cake as well. Kale tried to get herself out of the cake, but to no avail. The creature lifted the cake over it's mouth as it opens. The cake was getting closer to the creature's mouth. Kale closed her eyes, knowing that she was going to be eaten alive. Things seem to be over, until…

?: Phatcilia!

A voice told the creature's name and it stopped the cake from getting closer to it's mouth. The creature woke up and saw the disappointed blue creature.

?: What did I told you about eating while sleeping?

Phatcilia: It's bad for your sleep and health. I-I'm sorry.

?: You have to learn not to eat while sleeping, because your disorder is... Hmm?

The tall, skinny, blue creature with dark blue pants and white t-shirt saw Kale's tiny body on the vanilla cake. It has the same living antenna as Phatcilia has on her head. It grabbed the tweezers and carefully got her. It got to the dresser and took a green bottle. The blue creature poured the bottle in a pastry dish, showing a yellow-green substance. It moved Kale to the substance and dunked her in. the giant creature waited one minute before pulling Kale out of the substance and placing her on a bed with blue bed covering. It let go of Kale, so that the substance can start working. Nothing happened for the last two minutes. Kale wasn't feeling anything, until she began to glow a yellow-green color around her body. In mere seconds, she started to grow bigger and bigger, before stopping at a certain height, After that was done, Kale looked at the normal sized blue creature and the very large pink creature.

Kale: W-What was that? (Looking at Jacqui) W-Who are you?

Jacqui: Oh. I'm sorry. My name is Jacqueline, but you can call me Jacqui for short. The round, pink girl behind me is named Phatcilia. She's my younger sister.

Phatcilia: Hi. Sorry for almost eating you.

Kale: Oh. No need to apologize. I just need to know where I am.

Jacqui: You're in our home on Planet Jello.

Kale: P-P-Planet J-Jello?

Jacqui: Never heard of the planet? That's okay. Almost everyone doesn't know of this planet at all.

Kale: Do you know where Caulifla is? She's my friend.

Jacqui:(Thinking) I don't know anyone with that name anywhere.

Phatcilia: No. I never heard of that name either. (Burps really loud)

Jacqui: Phatcilia!

Phatcilia: Sorry... Excuse me!

Kale: You don't know. Well... Last time I remembered, Caulifla was fighting this mysterious figure and... I was...

Kale thought of how completely forgettable she was, while she was mostly focused on Caulifla. She didn't see the figure come to her and knock her out cold. She began to cry softly and moved her head down, looking at the floor.

Kale (Crying): I-I can't believe that I was so careless to notice the figure that was fighting Caulifla. I-I'm a failure.

Phatcilia: It's going to be okay. You can still live with us for a while.

Kale (Crying): I don't want to live with you! I want my Caulifla back with me. (Reaching her hand out) Now stay away from me.

Jacqui: It's okay. We can help you. (Placing her hand on Kale's back) Just calm down.

Kale (Crying): Stay. Away. From. MEEE!

Kale released a energy wave that blew away Jacqui, but not Phatcilia. All she got was stomach ripples from the waves.

Phatcilia: You don't need to yell at us. (Reaching her arms out for a hug) You just need a big hug.

Phatcilia tries to hug Kale, but she only got a slap on her hand. The mark was glowing red and throbbing. Phatcilia was hurt from Kale's hard slap. She gradually began to cry tears. Her tears came out as big tear drops.

Phatcilia (Crying): W-Why would you so that? What did I ever do to you!? (whimpering)

Jacqui: Calm down, Phatcilia. (Placing her hands out) It just a hand slap.

Phatcilia: WAHHHHH! (Running to the bathroom)

Phatcilia ran to the bathroom to cry some more. Her big footsteps caused Kale to stop crying and regain focus.

Kale: What's wrong with her? Did I do something wrong? (Looking at the bathroom)

Jacqui: Phatcilia is one of the few blobians to have Expandism. It's a type of disorder that causes their body parts to be larger than average blobians. She's the rare occurrence of Expandism in body fat. The disorder does leave some sensitive mental problems, such as insults being able to emotionally hurt her.

Kale: Oh… I didn't mean to hurt her feelings. I was sad that I was far away from my friend.

Jacqui: Well, I guess that you should say you're sorry to her before she floods the bathroom with her tears.

Kale goes to the bathroom door and opens it. As she got into the bathroom, she saw Phatcilia crying in the bath tub. She was surprised of how big Phatcilia was to her. She got close to her and began to say her apology.

Kale: Phatcilia?


Kale: I'm sorry that I slapped our hand. I was worked up about being away from my friend. I know that you were just helping me calm down. You don't need to worry about me. You should worry about yourself.

Phatcilia: (sniffling) ... I think that you're right. (Hugs Kale tightly) Thank you.

Kale: You're welcome. (Trying to breath, but can't) C-Can you let go of me?!

Phatcilia: (Letting go of Kale) Sorry! I'm just happy that I have a friend!

Jacqui came into the bathroom to check both Kale and Phatcilia.

Jacqui: It seems that you two are comfortable now. Aren't you?

Kale: We're okay.

Phatcilia: We're okay, Jacqui

Jacqui: I was thinking... I'll make a machine that can help you look for your friend. For now, you can stay with us until the machine is done. Okay?

Kale: That sounds good to me.

Jacqui: Oh. I almost forgot about your name. What' your name?

Kale: My name is Kale.

After getting out of the bathroom, eating dinner, and changing clothes, Kale went to bed on Phatcilia's stomach, since her belly is large enough to be a bed of it's own. She looked up into the ceiling and thought about Caulilfa.

Kale (Whispering): Don't worry Caulifla. I'll be fine. I'll come back to you as soon as possible

The End

That was Episode One: "The Journey Begins" If you like this episode, then follow this story. Episode Two: "A Weird Start" is come up soon.

Just to know more of the characters: Phatcilia's name is a mixture of "Phat"=Fat and Cilla= Hair like strands on bacteria; Jacqueline is a random name that I thought about; Kenya was also a random name that I thought about. I'll be making up planets as I go, so understand that for the rest of the story.