Author's Note- I don't own Dragon Ball Super. The show and manga was created by Toei Animation and Akira T. Here's episode Thirteen of the story. Follow, if you're interested!

The Misadventures of Caulifla and Kale: Episode Thirteen "Old and New Feelings"

Planet Goliath, Orphanage Home

In the orphanage home, everyone was still asleep. Berserker was in Smasher's room, dreaming of a weird image. It wasn't the same one that she described to Caulifla. This was different. She was seeing a little girl, crying in front of a pile of rumble and debris. She was also looking at a pair of bodies underneath the debris, only their hands sticking out. They seem to be dead from the destruction of some kind of city. Berserker couldn't figure out why she was dreaming of this scene. Then another scene came, showing the same little girl with another girl wearing a pink t-shirt and purple pants. She also has wild, black hair. Berserker know the hair style from somewhere. She continues to watch the scene play out.

*Berserker's Dream

?: H-Hi t-there! (Waving her hand)

Caulifla: Hi! You must be the only survivor from that invasion. Right?

?: (Nods) I-I-I lost my parents. (Crying softly) They saved me from a falling building. I-I didn't mean to be in the w-way. (Sitting on the floor, still crying) I-I-I'M A FAILURE!

Caulifla: You're not a failure! Your parents save your life for a reason. (Sitting on the floor with the little girl) They loved you so much that they had to take their lives to save yours.

?: (Wiping her tears, while facing Caulifla) Y-You really think that they did that for me?

Caulifla: Of course I do! (Patting on the little girl's back) I have parents that would definitely do that for me!

?: (looking away) …

Caulifla: You don't need to be so sad about it. You have a new family. You can treat me like a sister and my brother as your brother.

?: You are right. He did found me in the rumble. (facing Caulifla) Your name is Caulifla, right?

Caulifla: Yes! I didn't get your name though. What is your name?

?: Kale. My name is Kale.

Caulifla: Alright, Kale! From now on, you can call me your sister!

Kale: Right! (smiles at Caulifla)

*Dream ends

Berserker wakes up from the dream, thinking that the little girl was in deed her. She couldn't believe it, but she had to. Caulifla was there, yet she looked a lot younger. Berserker also thinks that she was there, but looked different. Instead of having muscles and green hair, she had black, long hair and had a normal body figure. After that thought, she goes to the bathroom. Thirty minutes has passed and the children were playing in the living room. Berserker was watching Sally' group playing jump rope, Smasher was playing cards with Andy's group, and Christine and Caulifla was teaching the group how to share. Caulifla was confused of why she said yes to Christine's offer. Sissy, on the other hand, was reading her book, while Ally's group was quietly playing "Pass The Ball". Ally felt bad for Sissy not being able to play with the group. She tries to think of a way to help Sissy play with them, but got nothing. One of the children asked Ally of what she's thinking about and she responded by pointing at Sissy.

Child #3: (Shaking in fear after seeing Sissy) W-What!?

Ally: Shhh! Do you want her to get mad at us?

Child #3: I-I'm sorry. I was surprised that you could be thinking about her of all people.

Ally: After the birthday party, she's been acting more good towards us. She said to us that we can play whatever game we want to, but it wouldn't cause any noise to disrupt her reading time.

Child #3: You're right. She did say that to us without yelling. So what are you thinking?

Ally: Trying to figure out a plan to get her playing with us.

Child #3: (Gulps) What? That's a bad idea. Do you know what will happen if she got into the act?

Ally: I don't care. I just want her to have some fun for once.

Child #3: (giving a worried expression) O-Okay. What's the plan?

Ally: I don't know. Sissy is only active if one of us does something annoying to he- (Looking at Sissy with a smile on her face) I got an idea!

Ally figured out a plan to get Sissy the fun that she wanted. She whispered to the rest of the children in the group about the plan. It was going to work out well and prove that Sissy has some good in her. After describing the plan to the group, Ally splits the group into two. Since there are four children in the group, two children will go to outside and wait for Ally and the other child to come out with Sissy. The two children walk outside without no one noticing them. Meanwhile, Ally and a girl by the name of Ruby, go through part one of the plan. Sissy was reading her book as usual. She was reading a fantasy book about a girl that had a bad past and tries to find a better one. The reason that she reads this book, is that it perfectly describes her past. While reading the book, Sissy thought of her past with her family.

*Flashback (8 years ago- Planet Cyrax, Sissy's Home)

Sissy: Dad? (looking at her dad with a sad expression)

Calvin: What is it!? (looking at Sissy with an angry expression)

Sissy: What's going to happen to us without mom? (Starting to cry)

Calvin: I don't know! All I know is that you have to take care of yourself. (Pointing at Sissy)

Sissy: Dad! I'm only 12 years old! I can barely cook, I can clean just my room, and I don't know how to take care of other people.

Calvin: Oh! Cut the bull-(bleep)! Twelve years olds are good enough to take care of others and themselves. (Getting closer to Sissy's face) I'm going to force you to do whatever I tell you to do!

Sissy: (crying) I-I-I can't do it! Mom would say that I should wait, until I'm an adult! (Getting slapped by Calvin) Ow!

Calvin: Forget of what your mother said to you! From now on, you'll listen to what I have to say. My first rule is that you stop being a little bitch! (pointing at Sissy angrily) Got it!

Sissy: (Stops crying, but whimpers) O-O-Okay!

*Flashback ends

Sissy: (Closing her eyes) Mom… If you were still around, you would had taken care of Dad's ass. You should had… (Making a sad expression, while closing her eyes) taken care of me to be a good person. (feeling a beach ball hit her head) Ugh! What the hell!?

Sissy puts her book to the side and looks for the one that threw the ball to her head.

Sissy: I swear to god I'll find the person that threw that damn ball! (Looking at the possible subjects) (No one saw what just happened to me!) (Looking at Berserker) (That bitch is busy with the other brats) (Looking at Caulifla and Christine) (They're busy as well) Ugh! Who threw that ball?!

Ally: Right here! (Waving her hands)

Sissy: (growls, while staring at Ally) You…

Ally: (gulps and then shakes in fear) M-Maybe this was a bad idea!


Ally: Uh oh! (Running out of the house)

Sissy: (Growls while running out of the house)

Christine: (Sighs) Here we go again! (Looking at Berserker) Berserker!

Berserker: Uh? (Looking at Christine) What is it?

Christine: Sissy is trying to "kill" her group again. (pointing at the door) Can you stop her from doing that?

Berserker: (Sighs) Okay! (Getting up of the floor and walking out of the house)

Planet Jello, Phatcilia's and Jacqui's Home

Jacqui wakes up from her unconsciousness and sees Wilson standing in front of her. She quickly got out of her bed and wakes Wilson up. She asked her why he and Will were doing at her house. Wilson responded her question by reminding her that she called Will to come to her house for something. Jacqui remembered saying that to Will before coming out of the SBE Building. Speaking of the SBE building, Jacqui looks around the room, to see if Phatcilia was okay. She see her on her own bed, still fine. She took some deep breath before looking at a figure on the floor with a blanket covering his body. She asked Wilson about the figure and he said that the figure saved their lives. Wilson continued by recounting last night's event. He and Will were about to leave the house, after thinking that Jacqui called them as a joke, but a short, skinny figure was carrying her and Phatcilia on it's shoulders. They both grabbed them and the figure dropped to the ground. While carrying the two girls, they saw a boy in some damaged suit of armor and blue spandex. Wilson finishes the story and points at the figure on the floor. Jacqui removed the blanket, to better see the figure. She was shocked so much, that she stumbled a couple of feet back. She remembered what happened at the SBE Building and who saved them.

Jacqui: C-C-Cabba! (pointing at Cabba)

Wilson: Cabba? Who is he?

Jacqui: He's a Sadala Defense Force Elite member and he wanted to know who the killer was from the hardware store incident on the weaponry planet. We went to the SBE building to talk to Janet about a searching machine that might help both of us. (Pulling out a diamond shard) The machine is in here! (Giving it to Wilson) Can you hold it for a few seconds?

Wilson: Okay? (looking at the diamond shard) (Why did that scientist give her this shard?)

Jacqui quickly goes to her dresser and finds a green bottle. She walks to Cabba's unconscious body and splashes an indigo liquid on him. His body began to glow indigo and the bruises were fading. After the bruises were gone, Cabba slowly regained consciousness. He got up really fast and went into his fighting position. He looked at Jacqui and a large, blue blobian with her. Cabba calmed down and sat on Jacqui's bed to relax.

Cabba: W-What happened? Last time I remember I was carrying you and your sister away from the building.

Jacqui: Yes! That what happened! (Pointing at Cabba) You were carrying us after the third floor of the building exploded.

Cabba: Oh! I do remember that! (Looking at Phatcilia) I guess that she's fine. Right?

Jacqui: She's alright. (taking the diamond shard from Wilson and showing it to Cabba) Now we have to use the machine to see who's behind the attack.

Cabba: The searching machine! (Looking at Jacqui with a serious expression and nodding)

Jacqui breaks the shard by throwing in to the floor. The shard spills out some smoke and white light. The light was so bright, that both Phatcilia and Will woke up from it. After the smoke and lights stop, a machine came out. The machine has a DNA scanner, a computer monitor, and a printer. Cabba pulls out a black leather piece from the incident and places it on the DNA scanner. The machine begins to analyze the cloth piece, while the computer monitor shows various pictures of possible people. Once the DNA scanner is done analyzing, the computer monitor stops at a picture of a dark-skinned woman with black, curly hair, and make-up on her face. The name of the individual came from below the picture. Cabba and Jacqui were beyond shocked by who the killer is.

Planet Goliath, Outside of Orphanage Home

Ally was running as fast as she can, to avoid having Sissy crush her. Sissy was also running as fast as she can, to get Ally for throwing that ball at her. Berserker was behind Sissy, stopping her from hurting the children. Ally, Sissy, and Berserker go to the back yard of the home and it was filled with grass and weed, growing non-stop. The children were hiding behind of a large tree, waiting for Ally to give the signal. Ally sees the tree and starts waving her hands in the air. The children see her and quickly split away from the tree. Ally stops at the tree and looks at Sissy, who's gives a death stare.

Sissy: (Growls even louder) You are going to pay!

Ally: W-Wait! (holding out her hand) I need to say something!

Sissy: Enough talk! (Clenching her fist in the air) You're dead! (getting hit by a water balloon)

Child #4: Take that!

Sissy: (Turning around to see the child that threw that water balloon) What… the… (Bleep)-ing… HELL!?

Child #4: (Gulps) (I totally regret following this plan!) (Shaking in fear)

Sissy: Great! I just did this HAIR! (stomping towards the child)

Ally: (Part one is done! Part two begins) (Running behind the large tree)

Sissy: (Puts her foot above the child) I'm going to stomp you to your grave! (getting hit by another water balloon) Ugh! Another one!

Ruby: Try that for size!

Sissy: How many children do I have to beat up for throwing water balloons at me?!

Berserker: (Stopping to see the children throwing the water balloons at Sissy) What are the children trying to do?

Sissy: (Keeps getting hit by water balloons) UGH! Would you please… (Getting a water balloon in her chest) stop… (Pulling out the water balloon, while getting hit by another one on the butt) throwing… (getting a water balloon to the stomach) those damn… (getting a water balloon to the face) WATER BALLOONS!?

Ally: The plan is not going well. (Making a worried expression) I think I should had told one of the members to take care of this. (looking at Berserker) Giant Lady! (smiling)

Ally runs towards Berserker. She thought of a back up plan that might just work. She gets to Berserker and tell her of what she's been doing. Berserker was confused of what the plan was in the beginning, but is willing to help. Ally give Berserker some water balloons and goes back to the tree. Berserker throws a couple to Sissy to get her attention. Sissy does get Berserker's attention, as she turns around to look at her with an angry expression.

Sissy: (Growls even more louder)

Berserker: (Laughing hard) You look like someone poured a bucket of water on you! (pointing at Sissy while lauging) Your dress is so wet, I can see your bra!

Sissy: Uh? (looking at her wet dress before blushing) Ugh! Don't you dare tell anyone about this!

Berserker: Fine! I won't, but only if you beat me in a water balloon battle.

Sissy: (confused) What!?

Berserker: I won't tell anyone about your wet dress, if you beat me in a team water balloon battle! (pointing at Sissy)

Sissy: F-Fine! I'll play your stupid game! If I win, you don't tell anyone about this! Got it?

Berserker: (Making a smirk expression) Okay! But if I win, you have to do the chicken dance for the rest of the children after the battle is done.

Sissy: (Blushing) The C-Chicken D-Dance!?

Berserker: (Nods while still showing the smirk expression)

Sissy: (Grunts) Fine! Deal!

Berserker: Okay! Ally, Ruby, and you can be a group, while me, Charlie, and Allison will be a team.

Sissy: Good! (Once this "battle" is done, I'm going to strangle the one that threw that ball at me and stage this pathetic game!)

The end.

Notes: Planet Cyrax is named by the Mortal Kombat character from the video game franchise. (I don't own Mortal Kombat) Episode Fourteen will come out later this month! Hope you enjoyed the episode!