Summary: What goes on in the making of the sensational television series, Naruto? Who are the real actors and actresses of our favourite characters? How did it all come to be?

All I can say is, there sure is much more drama (and chaos) back there than the show itself. Much, much more.

This is sort of an idea of something new that I decided to try.I might not continue with this story, but let's just go with it for now...

When Kiyoshi Kishimoto was a child, she would often become jealous of her younger twin brothers, Masashi and Seishi Kishomoto from time to time. Yes, she was loved them, but still jealous all the same. This was because, unlike her, they were both born with recognizable talents, and showed signs of it at a very young age. They were both remarkably talented artists, and everything they pictured in their mind could be effortlessly copied and pasted using pen and paper in just a matter of minutes. Oh, how jealous she was!

She somehow couldn't- for the life of her- draw just like they did. And she had tried very, very hard to get to their level. Begged their parents to let her take drawing classes, invested all of her time in it, even, only to be forced to keep watching helplessly as their backs move further and further away from her. They had tried very, very hard to help her catch up to them as well, but they failed. Her hands were just not skilled enough. Not as skilled as her brothers; Never will be as skilled as her brothers.

All three of them loved watching anime and reading manga when they were children, and always did so together. Then both Masashi and Seishi started drawing flawless copies of a couple of their favourite manga characters. Their parents were really impressed, and praised them for being so talented. She praised them,too. Even when she knew she was jealous, she buried her jealousy deep inside her heart, and pulled a smile on, just for them. Her parents loved her, even if she wasn't as good as her brothers, they still did with all their heart. She was grateful for that, but she still couldn't help yearning to prove herself, to keep pushing herself harder and harder, to make them proud of their only daughter.

Kiyoshi Kishimoto was a lot of things. She was a good sister, 'too protective', as Masashi and Seishi always grumble. She was a social butterfly with a great sense of humor, and had very good friends. She was a ball of energy, and could never sit still. She was annoying, a persistent chatterbox who never knew when to shut up. She was a real hothead, and never thought twice when it came to standing up for herself, her, brothers, friends, or even strangers who got the short end of the stick. Her brothers loved and looked up to her the most.

But the most refined trait she had was her competitive spirit. She always wanted to be on top of her game. No matter how petty the competition was, she would do anything to win and be the best, even among the best; the superior. Her unwavering strong will, determination, and self-confidence made sure of that. This made her extremely prone to jealousy as well, but over time she grew to accept that she couldn't be the best at everything...

Everyone undoubtedly knew she was going to travel down the right path, make the right decisions, and go very, very far in life. Everyone but herself.

She knew she was doing great as a person, what with her tenacious personality, but she didn't know what to do with her life. Her brothers had already started using their superb skills to draw their own comics. Their bright careers were already starting to kick off. This was all exceptionally easy for them. They were happily doing what they loved to do for a living. Kiyoshi wanted to do the same. Oh, how she envied them!

That all changed for the better and she, too, found her talent. She had come across it much later than her younger brothers had, but at least she'd finally found it. Her very own talent. Something she was good at: directing.

She was an awfully skilled director, and every movie she had directed was a work of art, with little to no flaws. And on top of that, she loved doing it! That was what mattered the most. She enjoyed working on set, laughing and having fun; making firm, lifelong friends with the people she worked with. She was also had a very creative mind, just like her brothers, and was a bestselling author and scriptwriter.

During the earliest days of Masashi Kishomoto's, successful career, Kiyoshi was his number one fan. In fact, she was the first one to read his work. She greatly enjoyed reading the comic aboutNaruto, a ninja whose dream was to become Hokage, and often encouraged him, suggesting opinions on how to improve the story, and gave him feedback on how to make the story itself a little more diverse.

At first, Naruto did not gain as much attention as Masashi had expected it to. This could be because the comic was new, and he didn't quite know how to advertise it enough to enable it to simply grab on to any insignificant passerby's attention. Indeed, the story plot was simply compelling, and idea of it was fantastic. Masashi's art was out of this world- as always. But if it was just left in a bookshelf of some old school library, only a few people would be able to marvel it.

Miyoshi helped him show his manga to the world- by getting him an experienced publisher and whatnot- and told him to be patient. No matter how sensational his work was, it still took time to get the world to notice it.

But that time turned from a minute, to days, and days stretched to weeks- weeks to months- and nothing happened. Naruto had still not been recognized- even in their city- as popular. It seemed as though Naruto had failed to win the people's hearts. Masashi was begining to get really frustrated. How would you feel if you worked exceedingly hard, and never rested or breathed freely until you knew it was perfect- all for nothing?

So unfortunately, if there was something Masashi wasn't, it was patient. He was the person who always gladly went with the easier, much faster way. The shortcuts. Though Kiyoshi was extremely competitive and strived to be the best, she was also extremely patient and hardwoking, never giving up and fiercely believing that she could achieve everything she wanted to achieve.

Masashi wanted to give up- abandon everything- but Kiyoshi wouldn't hear of it. She headed straight over to his house as soon as she heard all of it from Seishi and roughly kicked the door down. Stomping in, she demanded that he never give up on something that had that much potential, no matter what. Masashi quickly agreed with her, probably because she was grabbing him by the collar of his shirt, and he couldn't get any oxygen into his desperate lungs.

"Okay! Okay! I get it nee-chan!" he frantically gasped. "It would be kind of selfish of me."

"Yes! Now it's on!" his sister cheered happily, releasing him from her iron grip. Whenever she got excited (she frequently gets excited, on a daily basis), she would often unintentionally add the words, 'now' and 'it's on', in her sentences, as she had a mild form of Tourette syndrome."people won't get to enjoy it if you give up now!"

"No, that's not exactly what I meant." Masashi replied.

"Huh? Now what d'you mean? Why do you draw comics if you don't want anyone to read and admire it?"

"I do want people to enjoy it. But I also want to give them a role model. Someone they can look up to. "Masashi smiled at Kiyoshi. "You're my role model, nee-chan."

Kiyoshi's eyes widened.

"You're tough, strong, upbeat, modest, kind, loving, and cheerful. You have many friends, and you face all the obstacles and challenges before you with a confident smirk on your face. You always knew what to do. You were never hesitant to do what was right. Overall, you're a ninja at heart. I really looked up to you when I was young, I still do now. You thought me a lot of things in life. To be honest, I don't even know where I'd me without you. You were always there to guide me, even if you didn't know that. Basically, what I want to say is, I want everyone to have someone like you, someone to teach and guide them in life."

For a moment, Kiyoshi was speechless. Making Kiyoshi so shock that she was struck dumb was no easy task, but somehow, Masashi managed to do so. Then she broke into a smile.

"Now, now otouto..." Kiyoshi whispered dazedly, still lost for words. Then she grabbed Masashi and pulled him into a bone-crushing hug. A single tear rolled down her cheek.

"Nee-chan I c-can't breathe..." Masashi choked.

His overwhelmed sister suddenly gasped. Grabbing his shoulders, she pushed him away from him, so he could see her face. Her eyes were shining, as though thousands of shooting stars had collided together within them.

"K-Kiyoshi nee-chan, I know that look of yours. This is bad- what are you thinki-"



"Bye otuoto! I gotta go! Lots of work to do now!" Kiyoshi exclaimed, her face pulled into a determined smirk. "It's on!"

Without another word, she let go of him and bolted out the door, leaving her thoroughly confused little brother standing rooted to the spot as her car pulled out of the driveway, his mouth still hanging open.