Chapter 13: Crash Landing


"I never want to stare at error messages ever again," I hissed to myself, blinking sweat out of my eyes as I squinted at code. "Fuck, man, this is some complicated shit. We'll have more luck trying to trace whatever's fucking with our stuff. Whatever's messing with coms probably isn't a virus or anything like that."

"No kidding." Steel clearly wasn't in a much better state. Didn't help that we were also getting constantly bombarded by Grimm of all shapes and sizes. The rest of Steel's team, along with Reseda, were doing a pretty good job of keeping them off us but the constant roars, gunfire, and explosions were definitely not making a delicate, concentration-requiring job any easier.

Thankfully, Reseda provided a very neat distraction from our struggles.

"If anyone's free, I'm going to need a bit of assistance here." I looked up to see what he was talking about and hooboy that's a lot of fucking Rapier Wasps heading in our direction. Reseda was already firing at them, and I saw a few bodies drop out of the swarm, but there were still way too many to feel anything but panic at the sight.

I was already materializing a few strings and pulling my chakrams out when something whizzed past my head, straight into the swarm. The whatever-it-was hit the lead Rapier Wasp, piercing through it and killing it instantly, before veering sharply to the left and punching through another one next to it. I stared for a moment as the projectile, which I could now tell was a crossbow bolt, weaved its way through the front of the swarm, until it finally came to a stop inside of a last Wasp. And then it exploded, wiping out another large cluster of the Grimm, and I quickly used a few razor-sharp arcs of water to cut through the rest of them.

"Nice follow-up," Aurum said as he walked up, casually reloading the giant fuckoff crossbow he was carrying. "Thought I could get all of'em before the bolt slowed down," he commented, idly smacking his weapon on the side as he spoke. "Gonna have to recalibrate this damn thing again if they're losing velocity that quickly."

"Aurum, you say that every time," Argent teased. A quick glance to my left showed me that she'd gotten a struggling Beowolf in a headlock using her baton. With an almost nonchalant jerk to the side and a sickening crack, the Grimm's neck snapped, and she stepped back as the beast went limp. "At this rate, I'm pretty sure you've spent more time in maintenance than in class!"

Made sense to me, shit wears down and fucks up all the time. I turned back to the lines of code on my Scroll and bit back a curse when I realized I'd completely lost track of where we were. Fuck. I slammed it shut and tucked it back into my pocket since I knew that I would never find where I'd left off. "Should we get back to the pickup point before seeing if we have anything to trace whatever's jamming the signal?"

"Probably for the best," Steel agreed, closing his Scroll and grabbing his polearm from where it was holstered on his back. "It'll be a bit easier with Professor Goodwitch keeping cover over everything, too."

Boy did adult supervision sound nice right about now, if only for the fact that someone much better qualified than us would be there. "Let's get going before one of us bites it."


All of us jumped at the distant explosion, and I saw a large pillar of dust shoot up into the air.

"That's Weiss and Maxie, it's gotta be!" I jumped, barely muffling a curse as Ruby appeared next to me in a swirl of rose petals. "That's nowhere near the pickup, and Aaron and JNPR went off in the other direction! I gotta go get them!"

"Ruby, wait!" I didn't realize it was me who spoke until everyone's eyes turned in my direction. Stifling a curse at the sudden spike in attention, I quickly laid out my reasoning. "You can't be going off on your own! There's way too many Grimm out there!"

"And if it is Maxie and Weiss over there, that explosion means they're really fighting something." Reseda, thankfully, was quick to follow up and draw some of the attention away from me. "And even if you just wanted to grab them and rush back, you only have to get unlucky once."

"They're right, Rose," Shimmer, the other team leader here, agreed. "Take your team with you at least! We'll be fine with less people!"

Ruby glanced around, visibly warring with herself, before finally nodding with a determined look on her face. "Yang, Blake, Reseda, come with me."

What are we, chopped liver? I almost quipped as the other three departed with the red Huntress in training. Then again, we really did need to figure out this signal interference, and fast. If we bit it to something like this, I was going to lose my shit.

It took a few minutes—or longer, I dunno man time's a social construct and it's not like I was looking at my Scroll—for us to actually get to the drop point, which was a large clearing where all the Bullheads were sitting. Professor Goodwitch was there too, clearing out waves of Grimm with her Semblance. "Team MTLC, Miss Azurite." Despite the sheer amount of destruction she was putting out around us, the Deputy Headmistress was as composed as ever. "Do you have any information on your fellow students?"

"Team JNPR along with Aaron went off to retrieve Team CRDL. Reseda, Ruby, Yang and Blake went after an explosion to see what it was, and we relocated here so that those two could have an easier time of at least identifying what was blocking communications," Shimmer rattled off, pointing at me and Steel. "Both Maxie and Weiss are unaccounted for."

"Understood." I could tell that the Professor tensed up when she heard that last bit, but her demeanor didn't change otherwise. "You have done well, students. Rest for now, and I will handle the defense of this area." I winced as she stalked off. Yeesh, I almost felt bad for whatever Grimm tried to attack.

I stuck a chakram into the floor just in case I needed quick access and wiped the sweat off my brow before pulling my Scroll back out. I saw Steel do the same. Without the threat of violent disembowelment via Grimm breathing down our necks constantly it was much easier to make heads and tails of what we were looking at. It was still a load of horseshit, though. So much more filler than I thought was physically possible to write out, what kind of psycho had that kind of time and effort to spare? And the real signal was supposed to be hidden somewhere in all that junk? I'd sooner believe my chances of nabbing a shiny Pokémon than finding it.

I hope everyone else is having an easier time of things than we are, I grumbled internally as I swiped past screens and screens of shit that I knew wasn't going to help us. At least they don't have to deal with doing this kind of brain-melting shit.


Thanks to a small boost from my Semblance, I had pulled a bit ahead of the rest of my group by the time I heard the screams. I accelerated even more when I did, getting even farther from everyone else in the process. CRDL may have been unrepentant bullies in canon, and they were still jackasses even now, but they didn't deserve to die here.

I had been prepared to leap over the small ridge overlooking the area and launch myself straight into combat—wait, that's how I'd gone into most fights lately, maybe I should rethink my plans a bit—but stopped myself to get a good look over the battlefield as the others caught up. It wasn't a pretty sight. Russel was down to one dagger, the other embedded in a dissolving Ursa. Dove was down and being covered by Cardin, who I could easily see was starting to flag. I prepared to jump right in after all, but before I could, I heard Jaune yelling for Nora and Pyrrha, followed by a sudden bang and a flash of gold and white as my wonderful, wonderful protege fastball-special himself right into an Ursa about to attack Cardin from behind! I was so damn proud!

I watched with pride as Jaune and Cardin went back-to-back, weaving a circle of destruction with sword and mace, and it took me a few seconds to snap myself out of it before launching myself into the fight, my elation getting the better of me as I slammed into a group of Beowulves with a loud cry of "Cannonball!"

I landed on my hands, bouncing a double-footed kick into a Beowulf's head, bouncing myself over an attacking Ursa that Nora's hammer smashed through as I speared another through the neck with my staff, grimacing as, for whatever reason, my aim went slightly off-center. Is my staff starting to break?

That momentary distraction got a paw slammed into me, but even as I recovered, I could see a hail of bullets from Ren's gun obliterating the offending Grimm. Right, war is chaos. Back to it.

I fought my way through the horde to get to Russell, who'd just managed to retrieve his other dagger. "Jaspar?" he yelped as he ducked under a swipe from an Ursa. "What're you doing here?"

I was about to respond when the Ursa froze, a lance protruding from its chest as Pyrrha landed next to me. I grinned at her momentarily, then turned back to Russell. "Saving you guys, what does it look like?"

I was then jumped by a few Beowolves that thought I was distracted, but after smashing them all aside I saw Russell was still giving me a weird look. "Hey, head back in it!" I snapped, getting him to jerk back in surprise. "Is it that much of a surprise we want to help our fellow students? Besides, even if you guys are dickheads you're still Hunters, just like us!"

He blinked at that once, but to his credit, only once, and nodded, shakily, moving to my back quickly to repel a Beowulf that I hadn't noticed, and I grinned, before realizing my Scroll still hadn't made a sound despite the past several minutes. I cleared some space around us before pulling it out of my pocket, noticing that I had no signal. "Well, fuck. Still no signal. Are we still being jammed?" I sighed after a moment. I missed my team already. I know one of them would have responded with something from Spaceballs.

Russel looked at my Scroll, then pulled out his with a grin. "Can you give me a few? I'll see if I can finagle a signal."

I shrugged, slapping my staff over the head of a Creeper that got too close, then kicking it into another group, smirking. I didn't think he'd find a lot of success since, based on the lack of calls or messages, the combined efforts of Serra and Steel elsewhere hadn't yet borne fruit, but it couldn't hurt. "Take your time. I can do this all day. But seriously, hurry. I'm getting worried."


Something to note for the future: Trying to keep up with Ruby Rose when she's in a hurry kinda sucks. Not only was she fast normally, but she absolutely loved using her Semblance to flick from one place to the next, making it very hard to actually keep my eyes on her.

There were, however, a couple of factors that made it manageable. One of them was the fact that Ruby wasn't actively trying to overextend. Maybe it was a reminder of how well that went during Initiation, or maybe she was being a responsible leader and keeping track of the people with her, but she never strayed so far ahead that Blake, Yang, and I couldn't help her out if need be. The forest we were running through also helped, since it looked like Ruby could only use her Semblance in a straight line, and she couldn't do that in large bursts without slamming face-first into a tree.

The third factor, of course, was the annoying and slightly worrying amount of Grimm running around between us and our destination. The amount of people here shouldn't have been anywhere near enough to attract this many, unless some idiots built an actual settlement out in the middle of Forever Fall without telling anyone.

Either way, whatever was causing this didn't matter right now. What mattered was that it was in the way, and very effectively so.

"This is taking too long," I growled under my breath as I dispatched yet another Beowolf with a shot from Alto. "Ruby, any idea on how much farther?" I called out to the most mobile member of our little squad.

The crack sound of a gunshot heralded the collapse of a small Ursa nearby, and Ruby materialized next to me in a flurry of rose petals. "Can't be far now!" she exclaimed, chambering another round into Crescent Rose. "We've been running for a while now, we should be coming up on them soon!"

"That explains the number of Grimm, at least," I muttered, because of course the amount of enemies increased the closer you got to reaching your goal. That's just how the world worked, wasn't it. The only consolation was that they were all really young and small examples of each specimen, so they didn't take much of an effort to be disposed of.

Despite Ruby's reassurances, our progress started to grind to a halt as the amount of Grimm went from annoying to daunting to slightly ridiculous. Yang was still plowing forwards, pulverising any Grimm unfortunate enough to get in her way. Ruby was carving out wide swathes of Grimm with sweeping attacks from Crescent Rose, and Blake was leaping around doing the same with her own weapons and the occasional Clone, leaving me to follow behind them and clear out stragglers, as well as occasionally slowing down a priority target.

Another loud crash rang out from our destination, and I growled in frustration. "This is taking too long!" I snapped, venting my frustrations across the skull of a nearby Creep. At this pace, whatever or whoever was causing the explosions and crashing would be long gone by the time we got there. Or dead, which in the case of it being Weiss and Maxie we obviously wanted to avoid as much as possible…

We had to increase the rate at which we were clearing these Grimm, and… There was something I could do, maybe, but it was dangerous. Then again, for Maxie's sake I was willing to do a lot of dangerous things, and I'm sure Team RWBY felt the same about Weiss, so…

"Fuck it," I muttered before raising my voice to call out to the others. "Yang, I've got an idea! Let me use my Semblance on you!"

Yang paused from where she was punching in the face of a Beowolf to give me a confused look. "Fancy, I don't think making me slower's gonna help any, but go nuts I guess!"

"No, the other part of my Semblance! The one that–" I cut myself off with a frustrated sigh as I realised no, I hadn't actually told her about all my Semblance could do. "Just, don't catch us in the crossfire, alright? And make sure you don't get too far!" And with that, I took a deep breath, stretched out one of my hands and directed Tempo to take hold of Yang.

When the darker green Aura from Reseda appeared around her, Yang was expecting something weird to happen. Fancy was smart, and he definitely knew that making her slower wasn't going to improve their current situation. So he had something different planned, some other part of his Semblance that he'd been keeping hidden\ until now.

And then everything around her slowed down.

What the heck? When she looked around, everything had turned sluggish, from the Grimm to her teammates to even the leaves and bits of stone and dirt flying through the air. Even looking back at Reseda himself, she saw him slowly moving to give her a thumbs-up. Did he slow everything down around her?

Then the realization hit, and she grinned. Oh, this had potential. She raised her fists and rushed at the nearest Ursa, marvelling at how sluggishly it reacted, and buried the easiest, most devastating haymaker she'd ever done into its gut. When it doubled over, she hit it again. And again. It was so easy, and when that Ursa disintegrated she moved on to the next, slipping under a lunging Beowolf with ease and blowing its face open before it could react.

With the power of Reseda's Semblance she was able to plow a straight line through the swarm of Grimm in front of her, and she heard her teammates and Fancy follow behind her, their voices and gunshots so slowed down she couldn't help but laugh at how ridiculous they sounded. The Grimm didn't stand a chance to even try and hit her before she obliterated them, and she grinned viciously as she realized that at the pace they were now moving, they'd reach Maxie and Ice Queen in no time.

And after they got their friends back, she'd have to sit Reseda down and have a talk with him about keeping secrets about his Semblance from her like that. Honestly, hiding an ability like this from a lady, let alone from her? Oh, he was so in for it next time she got him into the sparring ring!

Either way, though, even with all that was going on, Yang had to say the day was going pretty well. Some fresh air away from Beacon, a bunch of free targets to wail on in the Grimm, and something else to hold over Fancy's head for a while? This little field trip was going so much better than expected!

This day had gone so much worse than expected that Caligula was sure new words would have to be invented to explain it.

For one thing, the Schnee bitch didn't have the decency to roll over and die like she was supposed to. The new slash across her face burned at the thought, and she mentally cursed the white-haired ice bint a few more times as a result. It was going to scar, no doubt about it, and fuck if it wasn't a humiliation to pile on top of everything else that'd happened after!

Not only had weak, useless, crybaby Cain managed to use his fucking Semblance to save the Schnee's life, he'd been taking advantage of the power boost to smash her around like a Brothers-be-damned ragdoll. He wasn't stronger than her, she insisted to herself, he couldn't be, but the Schnee's antics had worn her down enough that the difference was negligible.

Another lunge from Cain was neatly sidestepped, and when the follow-up attack came she met it with one of her own, her cudgels Crusher and Breaker clashing against his oversized cross-hammer in a blast of displaced air. They glared at each other over their weapons, neither of them willing to give an inch, before finally Caligula used their weapon lock to push off and get some more distance from her opponent, grimacing as the action sent a twinge of pain up her arm. Her Aura soothed the pain quickly enough, but its very existence made her scowl even harder.

She could almost hear the creaking and straining coming from her arms as the backlash from her Semblance, Shockwave, made itself known. If she wasn't conservative with it from this point on, the tendons and ligaments in her arms would give out, and then she'd really be in for it.

She couldn't rush, not anymore, she had to be patient, spot the pattern… There! He was winding up for one of the big swings, and every time he'd had an opening on his left. A small one, perhaps, but if she was fast enough…

It wouldn't end the fight on its own, but it would force an opening, and even Beast himself couldn't regenerate from a pulped skull.

She leapt back, silently goading Cain into chasing her, and like a good little lamb he rushed to take the bait. She waited, waited, dodged and blocked, even as the bones in her arms rattled with each strike, just to frustrate him even further. Eventually, with a loud roar, he reared back, hefting his weapon for what would be a truly devastating blow, and Caligula saw the opening once more. This was it! She darted forwards, charging Crusher and Breaker with the last dregs of her Semblance… And collapsed to her knees, yelling in surprise as the pressure around her spiked.

"Gah! What-" Caligula's eyes widened and her voice cut off as she realized a massive, purple symbol was glowing beneath her feet. The Glyph flickered weakly, and sputtered out a second later, completely spent, but it had fulfilled its purpose. Caligula's realization turned to horror, and she had just enough time to see the coldly determined glare on the Schnee's face before Cain's weapon hit and everything became pain.

Weiss hurt.

Her head was pounding, her arms were two massive bruises, and from what she could feel at least one rib was fractured or worse. Her Aura was almost gone, having barely regenerated from the complete zero she'd had a few minutes earlier, and it was almost all directed at keeping the various bones and blood vessels in her body intact and in their proper places. Myrnetastr, the faithful weapon that had been at her side for years, was lying broken and dead at her feet.

And even through all of that, she couldn't resist the visceral, satisfied grin that came to her face as she watched Maxie send his abusive sister flying like an old golf ball.

And then he hefted his Punisher over his shoulder, letting one of the compartments open up, and fired the built-in mortar straight into the air. Weiss watched with wide eyes as the shell impacted Caligula's body mid-air, before wincing as the light and sound from the resulting explosion forced her to turn away.

When she looked back, she saw a large object falling from the sky, trailing smoke and bits of flame behind it. The object eventually solidified into a severely scorched Caligula, who crashed to the ground, Aura pulsing weakly one final time before shattering, completely spent.

Was that it? Weiss started forwards, only to stifle a curse as the burnt, mangled body started to move. Damn it, the heiress gritted her teeth in frustration. How much more do we have to do to put her down? Weiss was completely spent on resources, and she could barely move her arms without sending lances of pain through them. A quick glance over at Maxie told her that he wasn't in much of a better state. Physically he was fine, but he'd fallen to one knee, and from how he was shaking his time limit for the Beast had to be almost up.

But Caligula wasn't looking any better, at least. Based on how much of a struggle she had getting to her feet, the bitch wasn't in any state to continue their fight either. "Damn… Damn you!" She seethed, rage emanating from her even as she staggered to her feet. "This isn't over, Cain! Next time we meet I will kill you! I swear it!" Weiss and Maxie could only glare back as the bitch started to hobble away, and she only started to relax when the Roja terrorist disappeared into the forest.

If not for her wealth of experience with pushing herself to exhaustion during training, Weiss would have collapsed then and there. As it was, she stumbled over, reaching a hand out to Maxie. "It's… It's over," she said, panting like she'd just run a marathon.

But Maxie growled at her. "Stay back!" he snapped, and she flinched away on reflex. "I… I can't, the Beast, it…" His next words devolved into growls and snarls, and he fell back on his hands and knees, driving his head into the dirt and groaning in pain. It tore at her heart to see him in this state, but if he was really fighting to keep the Beast under wraps she should stay cautious, because if Maxie hurt her, even by accident, he'd never forgive himself, and she wouldn't allow that.

And then the roars sounded out in the distance, and Weiss' worry turned to dread as she realized what they were. The Grimm were coming. She ran back to Maxie, only to skid to a stop when he started snarling again. Panic setting in, Weiss casted her gaze around frantically, looking for something, anything, that could help them survive…

Eventually, her gaze landed on Myrnetastr's remains, and she ran over, grabbing the hilt of her weapon with trembling hands. No Glyphs, no Dust, just her and a broken sword standing between Maxie and the Grimm that were coming, doubtlessly attracted to the combat that had been going on.

A pack of Beowolves were the first to burst through the underbrush, and Weiss hefted what was left of Myrnetastr, ignoring the pain in her arms as she charged, letting out what she knew could be one last battlecry as she ran to face what would be her end.

Then familiar gunshots rang out, a pair of black and red blurs zoomed past her vision, and Weiss finally let herself slow to a stop and collapse, relief and exhaustion taking over as the Grimm melted away like snow in the sun, and she knew that her team had arrived.

It was a subdued group of Hunters-in-training that was riding the Bullhead back to Beacon.

At any other time, seeing Cardin Winchester laughing and telling jokes with Jaune Arc, when just the day before the former wouldn't have been caught dead near the latter outside of combat class, would have been a big talking point. So would Russel Thrush being the one to take charge of the "coding team" and figuring out how to get rid of whatever signal was jamming their communications. But after the day that they'd had, after everything that had happened, neither Team RWBY nor Team AMRS was in a conversational mood.

Maxie was curled up next to Professor Goodwitch, who had his head in her lap and was slowly stroking his hair. Blake had immediately gone to sit next to him, and her hand was gently gripping his. Normally, Yang would have been on them like Zwei on a steak, but after hearing what had happened from Weiss, no one was feeling in the mood to tease anyone.

Ruby herself was having trouble staying upbeat after everything. Yeah, the bad guy, or girl in this case, was taken out and everybody made it out, but it was far, far too close not being the case.

I almost lost them… The words kept echoing in her head as she stared at Weiss, who was discussing something or other with Reseda. The scene when they'd finally made it was something out of a nightmare, and Ruby shuddered as she remembered the sight. If we'd been just a little bit slower, if Reseda hadn't used his Semblance when he did… They would have been too late, and Weiss would likely have been…

"It's scary," she said as Aaron sat down beside her. "Knowing that you were only the slimmest of margins away from losing them." It wasn't the kind of thing she'd admit to just anyone, not even to Yang, but Aaron was a team leader just like her, and he loved his team like a family. If anyone could help her sort out the mess of feelings rolling around inside her, it'd be him.

Ruby watched as Aaron seemed to fold inwards for a moment. He'd been really quiet, staring at his staff for the most part, and for the first time since Ruby had met him, he looked… lost. A bit angry too, but she'd been around him enough to know that her fellow leader had a temper, and she feared for the next person to prod this sleeping bear. After a few seconds, he shook his head and looked up at her, a gentle but sad smile on his face.

"Honestly, I was terrified. Max is like a son to me, and I couldn't bear outliving him." Reseda and Serra, sitting nearby, looked up at him sharply in disapproval, whether at the idea of Aaron or Maxie dying, if not both, she wasn't sure. "For Maxie's sake, for Reseda, for Serra, for y-'' He cut off with a cough. "For any civilians that might have been near the forest, with that small army of Grimm. I… I've just gotten really good at hiding my emotions from all but a few."

He sat in silence for a few more moments, then looked up with determination, and she could almost see the sun rise in his personality. The change was like a whole new person, and the smile he gave her was almost blinding. "Well, no sense in moping. There's only one thing we can do in a situation like this. Learn, train, plan. In short, improve." He grabbed her hand, and dragged her, and Weiss as they passed by, and pulled them to the back of the Bullhead. "So, I have an idea for a weapon for Weiss when it comes to rebuilding Myrnetastr, and maybe something special for me. And you're the best weaponsmith I know, so you're helping out."

Ruby blinked, taken aback by the sudden shift in demeanor, before grinning excitedly as she registered what he'd said.

"New weapon ideas? Oooh, tell me, tell me!"

"Oh, you'll find out, I'm about to summon—I mean, pull it up!"

And when he showed them the image, Ruby gaped, starry-eyed, at the design. "Oh, it's so cool!" She whisper-cheered, giving Weiss a hug. "We're gonna remake Myrnetastr into something so cool, Weiss, promise!"

Her partner blinked, taken aback by the plans and the sudden contact, before slowly smiling and reaching down to return Ruby's hug. "I look forward to it."

In the end, she mused as she watched the Bullheads lift off, This turned out to be a worthwhile outing after all.

It wasn't a complete success, unfortunately. Caligula had once again proven herself inadequate in her failure to actually finish off either her wayward brother or the Schnee heiress, even when they were hand-wrapped and gifted to her. And her impulsiveness in the attempt had forced her to sacrifice two very important assets in order to maintain the privacy of their encounter.

Carmilla relaxed her fist once she was sure the Bullheads were out of sight, finally allowing the sparking, ruined pieces of the signal jammer to fall to the forest floor. Watts wasn't going to be pleased about the destruction of one of his toys, but he deserved it for being such an incompetent software technician. If she hadn't destroyed it when she did, those students would have been able to identify and trace its signal, and wouldn't that throw a wrench into his future plans? Ha, now she almost wished she'd let them do it, just so she could see the look on his face afterwards.

Similarly, Salem would be upset about the consumption of the Grimm Bait, though at least this could be considered a successful field test for it. Being able to lure any Grimm in a ten-mile radius and turning them extremely aggressive was a critical tool in the Queen's plans, and at least with her the "device" was easy to replicate in the appropriate spawning pool.

Still, though, even if it weren't, Carmilla Roja would have done it again in a heartbeat in exchange for what she had witnessed. Oh, she could barely rein in her excitement even now at the memory of Cain finally harnessing his Semblance properly! It was fit to give her chills!

This, this was the result she'd been hoping for all those years ago back when she'd let him go. As if a neophyte like him could have escaped her all on his own. But no, it was clear that the methods her husband preferred weren't efficient enough for the results they'd wanted. So she'd tracked his escape path for a bit, just to make sure he wouldn't up and die on the way out, and made the resolution to come back after a few years to see the difference it'd make. And it'd all paid off so magnificently! She was going to hold this over Alcides' head for a long time.

And the most interesting part of all this is that he ended up doing it to save that little Schnee girl from poor Caligula. Now that held some potential, that's for sure. Oh, she couldn't wait to see how her little experiment developed further.

And speaking of further developments, Salem would likely appreciate the knowledge that her little Bait needs a filter for the Grimm to distinguish allies from enemies. With a beatific smile, Carmilla Roja turned and leapt back into the trees, leaving the clearing empty save for the wind, the leaves, and the rapidly dissolving pieces of several Grimm that hadn't learned to leave a true predator well enough alone.

So, uh, I did say that we'd have this up sooner, but it turns out real life and lack of inspiration have both chosen to make me into a fool. Either way, though, here it is, and we have the events of Forever Fall coming to a close.

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