A Couple Months Later:

"Sure is a beautiful night, isn't it?"

Martin, Frasier, Niles and Daphne were sitting on the floor of the roof of the Elliot Bay Towers, staring up at the blanket of stars that covered the city, accompanied by the pockets of light twinkling from Seattle's skyline.

"Yeah. So mild for April," Niles responded. He smiled as he detected the scent of his girlfriend's hair as Daphne rested her head on his shoulder. The only reminder of the event that sent everyone's lives into a tailspin a couple months earlier were the crutches strewn across his lap.

The four of them had been sitting there for about a half hour now, watching the sun set on the place that they called home.

"Apparently, the forecast shows clear weather all week," Martin commented, smiling at his boys.

"Well then, we'll have more pretty days like this!" Frasier enthusiastically replied. He then stood up to face the rest. "I've got a wonderful duck filet in the fridge! How about I go cook that up now?"

Daphne chuckled. "Well, I am starving," she agreed.

"Me too!" Niles piped in. They all got up and headed to the door, Niles limping behind with the help of his crutches.

Martin held the door for everybody but before he entered the small stairwell, he looked back out at the incredibly clear night sky.

He then saw something, a bright dot of light sailing across the sky, like it put on a show just for him.

A shooting star.

It was then when he realized just how mended the pieces of his life really were.


A/N: Here we are, at the end of my first fanfic! Wow, it's been really fun writing it! Thank you all so much for the continued support and reviews, they really helped me write, and made this whole experience a lot more fun. Also, in the story, you might have thought, how could a secret agent be that ignorant to leave so many clues behind? There's probably a lot more discrepancies, but one thing you should know about me is that I don't think things through. So, this story kinda just popped into my mind and I'm only realizing the logistics of it now. So, if you're critical of that, then I apologize. But nevertheless, I really hope you guys enjoyed it.

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