Screen Title: #Ponnie'sRevenge

At Apartment #22, Sam and Cat have Freddie, Tori, Robbie, and André over

Tori: Thanks for inviting us over Cat.

Cat: You're welcome Tori.

Sam: How come Jade didn't want to come?

Robbie: She's busy.

Freddie: Is she with Beck?

André: Yes.

Dice: She could have said so.

Tori: You don't know Jade like we do.

Cat: Robbie, André and I have known her since 2008.

Tori: I've known her since 2010.

Dice: Oh.

Sam: Hey it's been a month since Freddie and Robbie ex girlfriends kidnapped us.

Robbie: It has?

Freddie: Oh yeah it has been a full month?

Tori: It's also been a month since Hayley and Tara kidnapped us too.

André: I wonder what happened to them?

Sam: Who knows who cares.

We cut to a Canada jail. Valerie, Gabriella, Hayley, and Tara are in a jail cell throwing darts to a picture of their enemies

Tara: Someday we will get out of this place!

Hayley: And we will get our revenge.

Just then Ponnie walks up

Ponnie: Hey!

Valerie: Who are you?

Ponnie: I'm Ponnie.

Gabriella: Hi Bonnie.

Ponnie: Ponnie with a P.

Tara: Why are you here?

Ponnie: I hate those wazz bags too.

Valerie: You do?

Ponnie: With all my heart.

Halyey: Are you here to bail us out?

Ponnie: Yes.

Ponnie lets them out

Gabriella: Sweet we're out.

Tara: Yep and now to California. For sweet, sweet revenge.

Back at the apartment, the gang are watching the Drake Josh movie: Go Hollywood

Cat: This is a funny movie.

André: Yeah Drake Josh is hilarious.

Everyone's phones goes off

Sam: Hey did anyone get a text message?

Tori: Yeah.

Freddie: Si.

André: I got a text.

Dice: I think we all did.

Cat: It says we've all been invited to a party.

Robbie: Should we go?

Sam: I like partying.

Tori: This feels a little suspicious.

Sam: Who cares let's go.

Cat: Yay party!

We now cut back to Ponnie, Tara, Hayley, Gabriella, and Valerie

Tara: Did you send the text?

Ponnie: Yep.

Valerie: As soon as they walk in, we activate that trapdoor and they get trapped in the basement.

Gabriella: Excellent.

Hayley: Those hoes are going to get what they deserve.

Ponnie: Revenge! Sweet revenge!

Tara: Oh I like you.

Transition back to Sam and the others. They have arrived

Sam: Well this is the place.

Tori: I still feel this is suspicious.

Dice: Relax Tori.

Freddie: Yeah.

Cat: Let's go in.

They walk in the doors and Ponnie hits the trapdoor button

Everyone: WHOA?!

They land in a 50 deep well in the basement

Robbie: Why did we fall to the basement?

Tara: Because it was a trap!

Tori: You?!

Sam: How did you get out of jail?

Ponnie: Because I bailed them out!

Tori, André, Cat, and Robbie: Ponnie?!

Ponnie: That's right!

Valerie: She send you all a text leading you here to get trapped!

Gabriella: You guys are so stupid.

Hayley: Have fun being trapped down there.

They walk away

Tori: I knew this was suspicious!

Dice: Who was that girl?

Freddie: And why does she look like Sam?

Tori: Her name is Ponnie.

Freddie: Bonnie?

André: Ponnie with a P.

Dice: Why does she hate you guys?

Robbie: She's a lunatic.

Tori: She tried ruining my life.

Freddie: She does look like Sam.

Sam: I should have killed them when I had the chance.

Cat: I kind of knew this was suspicious, so before we left, I texted Jade the address and she said she was coming.

Dice: Did you tell her when to come?

Cat: No.

Tori: Cat.

Robbie: How will she know when to come?

Ponnie, Tara, Hayley, Gabriella, and Valerie walk down

Valerie: Why is there a goth girl and a handsome guy at the porch?

Cat: JADE!

Jade: CAT!

Beck: Where are you guys?

Sam: Where in the basement!

Beck and walk down

Beck: You!

Jade: Cat where are you guys.

Tara: No Cats are here so get out of here.

Jade picks up Tara and throws her to the ground

Tori: We're down here!

Jade: You trapped my friends down a 50 feet well?!

Ponnie: Whatcha gonna do about it princess?


Beck: Get em Jade.

Sam: Destroy them.

Jade starts beating their butts

Jade: This is for cheating at karaoke, this is for flirting with Beck, this is for kidnapping my friends, and this is for calling me princes!

Tara, Hayley, Ponnie, Valerie, and Gabriella fall down as Beck lets them out

Beck: You guys okay?

Cat: Yeah.

Jade: I just called the cops.

Sam: Good.

Tori: Make sure they get send very far away from here.

André: Yeah.

The cops come to arrest Ponnie and the other villains

Robbie: What's going to happen to them?

Mr. Vega: Well Ponnie brought them back from Canada. We're sending them down all the way to Mexico.

Jade: Ha ha.

Ponnie: (growls)

Gary: They won't bother you guys again.

Tara: Oh yes we will.

Hayley: We will be back.

Ponnie: And we will bother you again.

Valerie: That goes for all of you filthy iCarlies.

Gabriella: And your dirty Sam and Cats and rotten Victorious's.

The cops walk them out

Dice: Thanks for saving us.

Jade: Don't mention it kid.

Beck: Let's be glad that they are out of our lives.

Everyone: Here here.

Tori: I hope they die in Mexico.

Sam: They should have got send to China.

André: Why?

Beck: That's where COVID-19 started.

Robbie: Yeah they should have got sent there and die.

Dice: You don't think it's going to spread here?

Cat: It better not.

Freddie: Yeah my mom is so overprotective she will cover me up in a glass bubble.

In Mexico, Ponnie, Tara, Hayley, Valerie, and Gabriella are thrown in solitary confindment

Mexican Cop: You five are going to stay in there for the rest of your lives.

Door slams

Ponnie: Great we got busted!

Tara: And we got send all the way to Mexico!

Valerie: I hate those guys so much!

Gabriella: Especially Jade.

Hayley: And what's worse is that the COVID-19 has spread here.

Ponnie: Aw (censored)

Note: Hope you guys enjoy this. This might be the last time I'll use them for my Sam Cat fanfics. If you got any requests for me you can send me an email me walkerdavid00218. It's on gmail and there's a .com but it won't let me add it. Can't wait to see what requests you have for me.