Star Trek: Picard/Destiny Season 1 Outline

"The following is an outline of the ten episode "season" meant to serve as an alternative to the original Star Trek: Picard CBS All Access arc. At least the first four episodes will be posted during the 2020 summer.

As my home state potentially transitions away from the COVID-19 lockdown -and in-person learning resumes (I am a full time high school history teacher)- the remaining episodes may be posted if there is interest.

Episode 1: O, Brave New World
Synopsis: Ambassador Picard -with the help of the U.S.S. Destiny- leads evacuation of Romulus during the destructive Hobus Supernova.

Episode 2: What Is Past Is Prologue
Synopsis: While making contact with the previously undiscovered Wakai civilization, Picard, and the crew of the U.S.S. Destiny, become liberated from linear time.

Episode 3: Dark As Erebus
Synopsis: Picard and the Destiny crew inspect a Ferengi factory tasked with manufacturing habitats for Romulan refugees. However, not everything is as it appears.

Episode 4: The Winter of Our Discontent

Synopsis: With the Klingons capitalizing on the collapse of the Romulan Empire, Picard travels to Qo'nos to avert a full scale galactic war.

Episode 5: To Thine Own Self Be True

Synopsis: Picard returns to the Daystrom Institute on Earth to evaluate the admissions application of one of Starfleet's most unusual applicants.

Episode 6: The Right of the Dead

Synopsis: After nearly two decades of silence, the Alpha Quadrant is shaken by a possible return of the Borg Collective.

Episode 7: Into the Breach, Part 1
Synopsis: While establishing a new Romulan settlement, Picard and the Destiny crew confront a new threat to the galaxy.

Episode 8: Into the Breach, Part 2

Synopsis: Loyalties are tested as Picard and the Destiny crew make a new discovery concerning the cause of the Hobus Supernova.

Episode 9: A Man Can Die But Once

Synopsis: After suffering a debilitating deep space disaster, Starfleet mourns the apparent loss of the U.S.S. Destiny.

Episode 10: He Who Sheds His Blood With Me Shall Be My Brother
Synopsis: In a race against time, Picard must gather his allies from across the stars to thwart a plot intent on destroying the Federation.