Nyrissa set out from the capital of the stolen lands, not with the Dimensional Door that she's used for centuries, but with the wind beneath her wings. A sensation she had forgotten over the millennia, forgone because she thought it impractical and a waste of her limited time.

She gasped in surprise as an updraft blew her higher in the air, ground beneath her growing smaller, and the horizon widening evermore as she fully grasped the sheer size of the stolen lands beneath the nymph. Nyrissa loudly laughed as she twirled in the air embracing the moment of joy and splendour that she could feel once more, all because of her beloved Spring.

Gliding through the air, she recalled the conversation she had with the king before she left on her newly self-appointed task.

Tristen bowed before the king, though he struggled to return to his feet. He stood back up with a rather long list in hand. "Good morning your Highness," He greeted cordially, but you could see the frustration he wore upon himself. His shoulders slumped forward as if he wanted to pull his hood low enough to block out the light of the room for a quick nap of his feet. "With the boundaries between the Material Plane and the First World finally settled around the Kingdom, a whole new set of problems now face the kingdom."

Her Spring groaned as he fell backward in his throne. His hand clasped around his face. Nyrissa knew that her Spring still needed his rest after the battle with The Lantern King, and who else in this world had as much experience in the First World as herself?

"Pardon me, my Spr-I mean my King," Nyrissa spoke up and drew the attention of the entire court of the castle. "Please let me deal with this. No one knows the First World better than I, and most of the fey will listen to me if there are any problems with your subjects." She moved forward to join Tristen at the forefront of the throne.

The former deva, who once cowered in fear at her presence in her old life, lifted his head toward her as his voice took on warmth and excitement. "That would be a great idea, Nyrissa would be the best choice to solve your peoples' problems with the First World's influence."

The king looked rather intrigued but hesitant. The nymph could see his mind working behind his eyes, his desire to changes to his kingdom with his own eyes. A quality that she always enjoyed in the mortals of the Material Plane, but her Spring always seemed to carry his pip in his step, and a smirk on his face, a beautiful sight on such aristocratic features. She watched him as he struggled to sit upon his throne to give a proper answer, his fingers gripped tightly to the arms of the throne. He was in no condition for this adventure.

"I beg of you, my King, please allow me to do this for you." Nyrissa met his eyes. "In the short time that you have returned me to my true self, I have yet to leave your city. I have seen your kingdom, but I need to truly see it with love in my heart and passion in my soul."

After a moment of silence, the king nodded in agreement.

The Shrike Hills soon gave way to the dense woods of the Narlmarches. Nyrissa could see village just within the treeline. She has spent centuries planting seeds of distrust, betrayal and terror among the people who dared to settle these lands. Now the time has come for her to start her atonement.

Satyrs, nymphs and other fae practically overran the small village, while some of the villagers were finding the visitors both mesmerizing and entertaining. However, they were getting a little out of control; mortals of the Material Plane do not need walking furniture.

"Attention, everyone!" She called out, "My name is Nyrissa and I am here on behalf of the King, and I want to tell you stories of a village in the South Narlmarches, where both mortal and fae lived together and had the silliest of festivals-"

A fish leapt out of the water of Lake Silverstep; its tail slapped against the water's surface before it disappeared into the depths. The fisherman and Nyrissa watched from the shore, stunned. It was quite a sight to behold, especially when the fish was over 20-feet long.

"I-I see." Nyrissa was certainly surprised. "We will need bigger fishing boats."

A dozen bluettes roam the Dunsward plains, and the locals were surprised about how docile the monsters were. Not a single report of halflings, gnomes or dwarves going missing in the fields. Nyrissa could not help but wonder if these bluettes were the first ones created by the gods before the change to the predatory land creatures feared by the smaller races of Golarion.

Perhaps there was a way the people could benefit from this? Nyrissa examined the creatures rather closely with a couple ranchers.

Months later, the Stolen Lands became the sole provider across the world of Golarion of the Blue Milk.

Nyrissa returned to the capital, not by flight, but by teleportation circle. The moon was at its zenith, and the noise of the city had grown silent in the midnight hour. She welcomed that peace after her extended trip. Each time the nymph solved one issue, two more popped up. A single week of travel turned into a month. It was rather exhausting.

At the same time, she felt proud of what she accomplished. She was living the dream that she wanted for so long. She dreamed of a kingdom within the First World, where her will could shape the reality around her. On the Mortal Plane, however, Nyrissa could finally see the true challenges that face a kingdom.

She entered the throne room of the castle, the torches were unlit, but Nyrissa was far too tired to notice. A snap of fingers rang through the hall. The torches were lit aflame at once; the king himself stood at the rear of the room. On his left was his throne. On his right was something else covered with a sheet. After a month of staying in the capital, her Spring carried himself with more vibrance then she had ever seen him. His skin had its colour back and his eyes carried the mirth that she missed every morning. His arms wide as he waited for her.

Her exhaustion forgotten, Nyrissa embraced her lover. His slim arms slid beneath her wings behind her back as he held her close. The beating of her heart matched his own; the rhythm between them brought peace to her mind and body. How can such a simple thing bring such peace to her soul?

When her Spring pulled away, he was giddy with excitement. He had a gift for her. The people and the fae across the kingdom were pleased for what she did for them, not to mention when she continued to take care of the rising problems. Her Spring had conspired with Evindra, and they made a gift for her.

With a flourish, the king pulled the sheet away to reveal a throne. Nyrissa placed her hand upon the wood. It was smooth to the touch, a sycamore. Its limbs had grown and twirled into chair, and her sister's doing no doubt. She could feel its fledging roots only a couple feet deep into the soil, but she felt dirt was not just a potted plant within the castle, but the hole was dug right into the ground beneath the castle itself. The nymph could only imagine the future where its roots would spread.

In the time before her curse, Nyrissa dreamed of such a throne, no doubt her sister remembered those talks from long ago. It was everything she ever wanted, but-

Her hand lifted away from the throne, buds of green leaves sprouted from where it was touched. "My Spring," She started, the nymph's words felt choked within her throat. "There are no words to describe how happy this gift makes me." She gave him a chaste, but loving kiss against his lips. "But I cannot accept this. Not yet."

He spoke to her softly, he understood her hesitance, but at the same time, he said that even though she had suffered as a fae, she needs to embrace small things in life as well. To think of it not as a throne to the kingdom, but just a fancy chair at his side as he governed the land.

Nyrissa smiled. She has a long road of atonement ahead of her, but to feel the warmth of her Spring's each day as she worked to repent against all she wronged, she would certainly seat in a fancy chair.

Just finished Kingmaker after owning it for 2 years. After restarting a couple times and getting sick of it, took a break and came back and finally enjoyed it. Just got frustrated at a few portions of the early parts of the games. Anyway,

I'm a sucker for story arc's like Nyrissa, especially when good ol' fashion love is the answer. Now because the ending kinda *spoilers* It states that both the king and Nyrissa blend the chaotic beauty of the First World with the order of the Material Plain. Whole lotta playing room there for the fiction muscles to stretch.

Anyway this story will be a bunch of one-shot chapters of Nyrissa and the King's life post-game. Five chapters, give or take.