James Bond Jr and Tracy Milbanks After Never Give A Villain A Fair Shake

Note: Just wanted to do one James Bond Jr fanfic for a change.

Tracy's POV

"Gordon Leiter I want a word with you!" I called to Gordo after James called Trevor a drip. "Gordo how the heck could you think of eating after what could have been the end of James?"

"I get hungry easy." said Gordo.

"What sort of expanation is that?!" I asked.

"Tracy calm down Gordo was probably finding a way to keep calm during the "excitment"." said James who came over.

"James I was worried that we lost you!" I call wrapping my arms around James only for us to both fall into the pool. "James what if what happened actually did happen and you never came back?"

"I'll always come back just like my Uncle." replied James.

"You really want to be like your uncle James." said Tracy.

"Yeah come on it's almost dinner." said James as he got out of the pool and held out his hand to me which I gladly took.

Later after dinner I went to find James and I saw him talking to Gordo I'm glad it wasn't Terri.

"Tracy sorry I put my stomach before James but so you know if James' Uncle survive the most vile things so can James." said Gordo and left.

"I don't think I want to know...at least not right now." I said.

"Can't tell you much about my Uncle even out at sea but I will say this Tracy my Uncle had a lover named Tracy too." said James.

"You really are James Bond's nephew." I said rolling my eyes. "James next time you pretend to commit sucicide warn me first."

And I hugged him shedding a tear and James wiped it.

"I'll do my best." replied James.

"That's all I ask." I replied kissing James on the check and I went to my room. "James I hope one day you and me will be a real you and me."

Next day.

It was a quiet day no pirates just James and Gordo jumping into the pool and Trevor being a drip again.

"I guess James we keep all this secret from Daddy?" I asked.

"Yes we do." said James.

"Thought so." I replied then we watched Gordo mocking Trevor again about walking the plank. "James whatever comes after Warfield I want to face it with you."

"I'm sure we will all stick together after Warfield whatever path we choose." said James as he and I watched the clouds.

"I hope so James I really do." I replied.

The End