Solas entered the shrine and saw Flemeth there. There was a power to her that no mortal human should have. Yet, she was no longer truly human. There was something else that gave the god pause. Though he felt his lost friend, almost lover in the woman, it was more like an echo. The godhood was there, but the spirit of Mythal was truly gone. How? He didn't understand. Unless her spirit had chosen to move on and leave its power in the woman to be past to someone else.

" She sings for you, Dread Wolf, searches the fade in her sleep for you." Flemeth stated as she turned to Fen'Harel. She knew what was to happen here. Would he notice though? That what was before him was simply an echo that was held by her godhood. " Can you hear here?"

*I'm going under and this time I fear there's no one to save me/ This all or nothing really got a way of driving me crazy/ I need somebody to heal*

He could, loud and clear the mournful Melody followed him. As a god he knew when others thought of him. Solas knew when he was being worshipped and how. He heard the songs, the words that were only meant for him. Velandra did have a beautiful voice and it weighed heavy on his heart. He knew leaving the way he had hurt her. The songs that he heard, having to avoid her in the fade as she searched for him. Admittedly he had never expected his leaving to touch her so deeply.

*Somebody to know/Somebody to have/Somebody to hold/It's easy to say/But it's never the same/I guess I kinda liked the way you numbed all the pain*

" You weren't expecting her feelings to run so deep." The echo chuckled and shook her head. Flemeth could just barely hear it. No words were understandable, those were for Fen'Harel only. Even so she could hear the pain, the sorrow. This woman would not be swayed to stop looking for him easily. She wondered for a moment if this woman was where her spirit had gone. It was possible, and explained why she could hear anything at all. " What about you? Does being away from her cause the same pain for you?"

*Now the day bleeds\Into nightfall\And you're not here\To get me through it all\I let my guard down\And then you pulled the rug/I was getting kinda used to being someone you loved*

" I never thought I would feel this pain again." He stated blinking as his mind had focused on the song. It found it hard not too and yet when he did he had to fight the urge to go to her. Even now, the god was fighting the urge to enter the Fade and find her. When was the last time he had felt this? Solas knew, when Mythal had been murdered. That was when this pain had last torn through him. Now it did so again, but this time the woman who held his heart in her hands still lived. Did that make it more painful? That he had left her to focus on a plan that would destroy this world as it was now and maybe her with it. " It's somehow worse than it was before."

*I'm going under and this time I fear there's no one to turn to/This all or nothing way of loving got me sleeping without you/Now, I need somebody to know*

" Because she still lives." Flemeth chuckled and she shook her head. Would it make a difference if she told him what she suspected? Was it better for her to give him a hint and then let him figure it out? She didn't know, but she knew if she was right and he destroyed her he would never forgive himself. The echo wasn't sure he had forgiven himself from what he had to do before. Or even from not having the piece of mind to know that the death was coming. That they were plotting against Mythal to begin with. " I can hear it, though not the words. The pain and sadness are loud and clear. Her heart weeps for you."

*Somebody to heal\Somebody to have|Just to know how it feels\It's easy to say but it's never the same\I guess I kinda liked the way you helped me escape*

" You should not be able to hear it at all." He stated in an almost growl. The thought of anyone else hearing it made something in his snarl. What was this? This thing, this beast that had only ever reared its head once before. When Mythal has been with **him**. Her supposed lover that had in fact been one of the ones to murder her. Jealousy, that was what this was and it made him want to snap at this echo. Why did Velandra of all people have this hold on him? These deep emotions were ones he thought would never be presented with again. Yet here they were causing him the most excruciating pain he had felt since before going into that deep sleep. A hand went over his heart as silent tears started down his face. He could still hear her, even now the heartbreak in her voice was present.

*Now the day bleeds/Into nightfall

And you're not here/To get me through it all/I let my guard down/And then you pulled the rug/I was getting kinda used to being someone you loved*

" Think about it." Flemeth stated as she walked over to him. Strings of light soon connected the two. The echo had already sided to give him her power. Would he make the connection? She was hoping he would and rethink this plan of his. As the light in her eyes faded, she began to fall those cheeks was caught. " Destroy this world and you destroy her with it."

*And I tend to close my eyes when it hurts sometimes\I fall into your arms\I'll be safe in your sound 'til I come back around*

Think about what? Solas was lost as he felt the power move through him. He caught Flemeth before she fell only to lay her down. His mind was racing as he thought about it and her last words. What did it mean that she could hear any sublemence of the song that Velandra was singing? Flemeth has been nothing more then an echo of Mythal. Wait, an echo. The pain, the attachment, the jealousy, it suddenly all made sense. The woman that now held his heart was the reincarnation of the one he had lost.

*For now the day bleeds/Into nightfall/And you're not here/To get me through it all/I let my guard down

And then you pulled the rug/I was getting kinda used to being someone you loved*

The song was louder now And he tore into the fade taking on his lupine form. It would be faster to reach her this way for Dawn was quickly approaching. As he got closer the song got louder. The sadness in her voice tore through like a knife through his gut. Soon enough he could see her walking through the fade a few spirits with her. They were listening to her song though they soon scattered as he approached her. Solas would wait until she had finished her song to get her attention.

*But now the day bleeds/Into nightfall/And you're not here/To get me through it all/I let my guard down

And then you pulled the rug/I was getting kinda used to being someone you loved*

As the spirits that tended to look for him with her scatter she turned. For a moment she had thought it was him. The energy was certainly similar and so she was surprised to find a Lupine with six glowing green eyes. Velandra tilted her head as she looked at him. Was it a him? It felt like a him and he wasn't being threatening either. As when her eyes met the wolf's, his head fell, ears going back in an almost mournful gesture. Was he here because if her song? It would not be the first time such a thing had happened while she was here. Yet, something seemed different about this wolf and she was soon going toward him.

*I let my guard down\And then you pulled the rug\I was getting kinda used to being someone you loved*

Solas has not expected to see her after so long and still be amazed. Yet, in this moment that is what it was that he felt. Her red hair that he had only ever seen in a bun before this was now left long to go down her back. The red strands looked like fresh blood and framed her face as she turned to look at him. His head fella and his ears moved back as their eyes met. Admittedly he had six of them in this form, but still, how could he look at her now. A surprised sound left him as he felt her hands move over his fur. No one had ever seen him in this form and not been scared shitless. Yet, here she was.

" Come to listen to a broken-hearted woman sing?" Velandra asked as she ran her hands over his black fur. It was coarse, and yet soft at the same time. A sigh left her before a small smile appeared as the lupine leaned into the touch. It was followed by a small yelp as he got his nose under her and lifted her so she could reach his ears. Well, someone certainly did like the attention. The elf couldn't help but chuckled as she started to scratch behind his ears.

Oh, that was the spot, right between the ears. It was a stupid, silly urge but he was in the form of a wolf right now. Having the spot scratched felt so good and soon enough his eyes closed as he enjoyed it. Solas knew that couldn't last, that Dawn was coming and she would wake up. He knew it was happening as the scratches got lighter. A sign that she was waking up, unfortunately. Opening his eyes he looked at the fading form of Velandra before speaking into her mind. " I will be here when you get back, My Love."

" Solas!" She gasped as she sat bolt upright. His voice, she had heard his voice in her mind. Where was he? Velandra hadn't seen him there. Just the spirits and the wolf, though the wolf had been strange. She could not deny that she had felt Solas' energy there, but had not seen him. So many questions that she simply didn't have the answered too. Some she might never have the answer too and that frustrated her. In the end there was nothing she could do about it. " For Fen'Harels sake Solas, you better be there."