The cathedral was a vast structure, its foundations the ruins of a long revered war, a sacred war that was, quite fittingly, the foundations of the Faith itself. For no man is an atheist in a foxhole, and this war was unlike any other since, and there were many foxholes. One could see it, the silver metal of heavenly artifice, so sturdy, so invincible that not even the greatest weapons wielded by man or monster could mar its divine lustre. However, the cathedral was no less grand, in the end, when man looks upon the radiance of the gods, a strange madness takes hold of his mind, a beautiful madness that drives men and women alike to strive to mimic the grand design. The cathedral was a spiralling monument of stone and marble, capped in gold, its splendour can be seen from every direction and vast distance, calling distant and weary traveller to come and stare, and, most importantly, to listen.

Within halls made for giants, the sturdy stone and glass was covered in murals of divine beauty, painted by artists of a bygone age, struck with divine madness and inspiration. On one side, stood the Master of Men, a vast, tall figure armoured in resplendent green, with a mask of pure gold, so show the metaphorical opulence of the human soul. In his hands he carried a grey streak of a weapon, an unidentifiable rod, almost an afterthought were it not in the hands of the Master himself. A divine living weapon that spat fire and lightning alike with the ferocity of a God, this was the Master's heavenly destroyer, the Deywós Agni, the celestial fire. Beside the defiant Master were two companions, the Creature of Judgment, a monstrous being as tall as the Master himself, in richly decorated bronze armour, with clawed fingers on his jaw and the sharp-cut eyes of a cat. The Arbitrator was a loyal warrior-friend of the Master, who's heroic deeds in slaying the maddened High Priests of the sinful lost city of Generosity would earn his ascension to the heavens as the judge of the dead. On the other side of the Master of Men was his lover, and faithful companion, the Sky-Ghost, the Lady Artificer, and last but not least of her titles, the Sword and Shield, Cortana. She was drawn almost scandalously nude, but in the Faith it mattered little, Cortana was not merely an object of beauty, she was a divine spirit, birthed from the waters of the ancient artifice of the gods. She was the Master's bulwark against the Devourer, and the blade with which he cut down the webs which kept the corrupted Flower of Heaven aloft. Behind all three great warriors were hundreds of divine chariots, carrying heavenly warriors aloft in the cosmos. Streaks of sharp cutting light extended from these chariots, striking the mounts of the Corrupted and slicing them in twain, but the Corrupted had their own weapons of immense evil, and their fury split the bodies of the gods like overripe fruit. Such was the horror of the divine conflict, that even gods could be laid low.

On the other side of the hallway, stood a shockingly vast expanse of black painted by ancient unknown artists with the darkest of colours imaginable, darker still than any colours that can be made today, but within that abyss stood a hundred thousand pinpricks of light. In the middle of that entrancing beauty was the Flower of Heaven, coloured silver like the ruins of the gods the cathedral was founded on, the Flower was covered in land, sea, and cloud. filaments of silver light and celestial metal curled like petals. Its design was unthinkable to mortal man, the first world ever created by the gods, founded deep in the heavens, and forged by their bare hands, its beauty was so great, that visitors would oft weep at the knowledge and sight of its damnation.

And damned it was, for below the Flower of Heaven was the most controversial and horrendous mural yet. So cursed was it, that legends tell the first disciples, and their gruesome suicide before the sight of it. Vast tendrils of rotted flesh curled around the stars, snuffing them out, as a grotesque maw in the mockery of a man was stretched open and seemed to cackle within thousands of teeth. The Devourer, the Beast of the Dead, the Corrupter, the Defiler, the Great Enemy...

The Gravemind was poised below the Flower of Heaven, poised to destroy everything.