The Treehouse

Amelia and Christopher are looking for some attention and a new furry friend the week after Beca and Chloe bring home their newborn daughter. Chloe and Beca don't give into their wishes, so the two decide they have to go to great lengths to get what they want.

The week after Beca and Chloe brought Avery home from the hospital was a rough week. Both women have seemingly forgotten how hard it is to have a newborn in the house. Every night has been sleepless and filled with dirty diapers and sharp cries. On top of it, their two children Amelia and Christopher have been increasingly needy. They were warned about the two of them getting jealous or trying attention seeking tactics, and every person who told them was right.

Chloe is exhausted, her hair is wild and unwashed, her nipples are raw from breastfeeding and her body still aches in ways she never thought possible. She's been wearing the same pair of yoga pants and baggy t-shirt for days and the last thing she needs to do while their newborn daughter takes a nap, is stand in their disaster of a kitchen and argue with two seven-year-olds.

"Mommy pleeaasseee," Christopher drags out every syllable of the word long and hard, clasping his hands together in a prayer like fashion.

Amelia jumps up and down, flailing her arms in the air, "Please momma!"

Chloe sighs deeply, pinching the bridge of her nose between her thumb and forefinger, "We can't get a puppy right now. Your baby sister and you two are more than enough right now."

"We'd take care of it! Amelia knows how! Her daddy has a dog," Christopher pleads, giving her the glistening blue puppy dog eyes.

Apparently, the excitement of a new baby has worn off for both of them and they are on to bigger and better things. Chloe wishes they could go back to the day they brought Avery home. Both little kids had hovered carefully, showering their little sister with kisses and hugs. Chloe thought her heart was going to give out when they took turns holding her carefully on the sofa. Now here they are, seven days later, begging for a baby animal. Chloe knows they're just being kids but something about the request is rubbing her the wrong way.

Maybe it's the fact that she's about to bleed right through her god-awful mesh "diaper" and yoga pants that has her finding no time to argue. Or maybe it's the fact that every article of her clothing is covered in breast milk, pee or poop stains. Mostly, it's the fact that she could be sleeping right now, but she's here arguing with two children she loves dearly about a pet they don't have the time for.

"The answer is still no and can you please use your inside voices, you are going to wake up Avery," Chloe says firmly, both children's faces falling.

"But momma," Amelia pouts, her arms crossed against her chest.

"No means no Amelia, go play quietly unless you want a time out," Beca appears in the doorway to the kitchen, her words firm and her appearance just as haggard as Chloe's, "both of you."

The two little kids walk away dejectedly past Beca. Chloe sighs as Beca walks over to her.

"Baby, you're exhausted. Go take a shower and get some sleep," Beca runs a hand through her wild hair, kissing her lovingly on the forehead.

Chloe yawns as if to prove the brunette's point, "But you're tired too Becs…"

"Not as tired as you, go clean yourself for once and sleep," Beca says again.

Chloe smirks, "Are you trying to say I stink?"

"Well, I'm not saying you smell great," a wicked smile spreads across her face.

"Not nice Beca Mitchell," the red head reaches out to swat her, but she lunges at just the right time.

"I love you," Beca says sheepishly, trying to cover for saying her wife smells.

"I love you too," Chloe replies without thinking, pressing a quick kiss to the younger woman's lips.

Amelia storms away angrily, her fists balled up tightly. Why hadn't her momma said yes to a puppy? It wouldn't be that hard to take care of. It could sleep in her bed and she would feed it and walk it and love it.

Her brother would help too, she's sure of it. On the days she has to go to her daddy's, the dog would sleep with him and he would feed it and walk it and love it.

A wicked idea runs through her mind, "Christopher."

The little red head looks over at his sister, "What?"

"What if we ran away? They would get us a puppy then!" her idea is genius, truly fool proof.

"Would it really work?" Christopher asks hopefully.

"I've seen it in movies! And I read a Junie B Jones book where she ran away," Amelia nods excitedly, retelling the tales she's seen on TV and in books.

Christopher nods in agreement, "Ok let's do it. We can live in the treehouse in the backyard! That way we can still get food when we need it."

Amelia rolls her eyes, of course all her brother could think of was food. He has a point though; the treehouse would be perfect and much easier to get to than running to their Aunt Amy's or Emily's.

"Let's do it!" Amelia agrees happily.

The two kids work together to quietly gather blankets, toys and snacks into their backpacks for school. Both their mommies are busy, so it's easy for them to sneak out the back patio door and up into the treehouse.

"This is perfect," the little girl smiles, spreading out their toys and food.

"Our mommy is going to have to get us a puppy now!" Christopher smiles.

Chloe wakes up bleary eyed but more rested than before. What time it is even? Her limbs are still heavy, her eyes fluttering like they want to close again.

Her eyes snap open when she realizes she hasn't heard the baby cry. That can't be right.

Chloe stiffly maneuvers out of bed, padding down the hall from the bedroom and into the sunny, yellow nursery. Beca is sitting peacefully in the rocking chair next to the window, their daughter laid calm and asleep in her arms. An empty bottle sits on the table next to her.

Her wife's eyes are trained down onto Avery's sleeping form, her hand running protectively up and down her back. The sight triggers something in Chloe's overly tired, hormonal mind and she starts to cry.

Beca must hear the soft cries and sniffles, because her head lifts to meet eyes with Chloe, "Chlo, what's wrong?"

"I just…you two together…you took care of her so I could sleep," Chloe blubbers, tears streaming down her face, "I was so tired…and here you are being the best wife ever and I love you and our daughter so much."

"Oh babe, I love you too. Did you get some sleep?" Beca asks sweetly, still talking quietly and rocking their newborn in her arms.

The red head nods, wiping away her tears, which have stopped almost as fast as they started, "Yea, it was great, I feel like I could sleep until Avery is ready for college though."

Beca laughs quietly, "Me too. It's all worth it though, I don't think my heart has enough room for all the love I have for this baby most days."

Chloe feels the exact same way, some days it scares her how much she loves that little bundle in her wife's arms, "Isn't it weird how quickly you fall for them?"

"Yea, it's like they become your whole world in a matter of seconds," Beca replies dreamily, looking down at their baby again.

"And then they turn into demanding, loveable little jerks that ask for a puppy a week after you brought them home a baby sister," Chloe rolls her eyes and laughs lightly, "was I too harsh with them?"

Beca shakes her head no, "You've gotta be the bad cop sometimes Chlo, or they're going to walk all over you."

Chloe walks over to the armchair adjacent to the rocker and plops down tiredly, "Where are they by the way, I'm surprised they aren't bugging one of us yet."

"Don't know, they're probably playing or watching a movie," Beca shrugs, "I took a tiny accidental nap after I sent you away to shower, this little nugget woke me up."

"Ok, well I'm going to go look for them and apologize for being a monster earlier," she stands up and starts to head out the nursery.

"Chlo, you weren't being a monster you were being a mom," Beca laughs before she's all the way out the door.

Chloe turns back around, "You sure?"

"Absolutely," Beca reassures her, before her own face creases with worry, "Oh by the way, my dad and Shelia want to fly out to meet the baby…is this week ok?"

Chloe rubs the back of her neck thinking, "Yea that should be fine…I think my parents are coming next week, so that should be good."

"Ok, great I'll let him know it's fine," Beca responds distractedly as Avery's eyes flutter open.

Chloe nods in confirmation and leaves the room to go looks for their other kids. She starts with their bedrooms, no sight of either of them. Then she checks the playroom, followed by the living room, and then large home theater room in the basement. Chloe peers out the patio door and doesn't see them on the swing set in back, she looks out the front door as well, they aren't riding their bikes or scooters in the driveway. Chloe is starting to feel sweaty and panicky, they wouldn't run away would they?

Before deciding to scare her wife, Chloe checks every room, every nook and cranny and every small space in their house. She feels like she could sit down and cry when the last spot she checks turns up empty. It's time to tell Beca.

Chloe runs up the stair, her still sore muscles screaming in protest to the physical exertion. She's sure she looks insane, her eyes wide and her breathing hard, her whole form emanating fear.

Beca immediately turns her head to Chloe, who runs back into the nursery wildly, "Beca I can't find them anywhere."

The brunette immediately stands, putting the newborn back into her crib, "Are you sure you looked everywhere?"

Chloe nods worriedly, tears already forming in her eyes, "I looked everywhere, every room, outside, in cupboards, behind and under furniture…they wouldn't try to run away would they?"

Beca is starting to look worried now too, her eyebrows furrowing in a way Chloe knows means she's scared, "No, they wouldn't. We've talked to them about strangers and about how they shouldn't go anywhere without us."

"Should we call the police?" she didn't want to suggest it, but it's all she can think of.

"No, I'm going to call all our friends, what if they went to one of their houses?" Beca suggests.

They might have, Amy and Emily both live relatively close, they've even walked to their houses together before, "Ok, I'll help."

Both women whip their phones out and start making calls. They both turn up empty handed by the time they've called all the Bellas.

"Amy and Emily are coming over to help," Beca says dejectedly, "and so is Jesse."

"So are Aubrey and Stacie," Chloe is crying now, she's never been so scared.

In about twenty minutes their house is full of worried people, all wondering where the Beale-Mitchell children could have gone. Aubrey suggests that they all search the house one more time before calling the police, which Chloe does think is a good idea, even though she's convinced she's having a full blow panic attack now.

Amy offered to go check outside. Kids are weird and they could be in the bushes lining the property or something. Bloe had looked at her strangely when she suggested it, but Stacie had agreed, saying she found Christopher behind the garbage cans in the garage once upon a time.

The Aussie walks past the pool, to check behind bushes and chairs, really anything. Her eyes focus in a large oak tree in the back corner of the lot, because within the branches is a small tree house. How had no one thought of checking there?

Amy walks right up to the base of the tree and assesses the wooden slats attached to the trunk, she's not sure she can make it work, but she grabs the highest one and hoists herself up one by one. Her feet barely fit sideways on the wooden chunks, but she's a lot more agile than you would think. Finally, her head pops up through the hole in the base of the house and she sees the two little children playing contently with some legos.

"I found you!" she yelps excitedly, making both kids whip their heads to the hole in the floor.

"Auntie Fat Amy, what are you doing here?" Amelia says sassily.

Amy has no problem combatting her sass with her own, "Well you see, your mommies and your daddy and all your aunts are looking for you, because they thought you ran away. You scared your mommies pretty bad."

"We did run away," Christopher says plainly.

A wild grin forms on Amy's face and she hoists herself the rest of the way into the tree house, hoping it's built to support adults, "Oh you did, did you?"

"We want a puppy so we thought we would run away," Amelia explains, hands on her hips, her bottom lip jutting out.

"Huh," Amy says quietly in response.

So these two thought that running away would get them a dog. It's classic kid logic alright.

"Ok well I'll cut you two dingos a deal," Amy says, glaring them down.

"What?" the first graders ask in unison, eyes sparkling excitedly.

"If you pack up and come back to the house with me…I'll get you a dog," Amy grins wickedly, she knows Beca and Chloe will actually kill her if she gets them a dog, but part of her just wants to see the reaction.

Amelia and Christopher squeal excitedly, and immediately start chucking their belongings back into their backpacks. Amy starts her decent back to the ground, almost falling a couple times. When all three are back on the grass, Amy leads them back into the house.

"Look who I found in the treehouse!" Amy proudly announces as the children of the hour walk in behind her.

"Oh my god," Chloe exclaims in a relieved manner, running over to the seven-year-olds immediately, "you two scared me!"

The little kids wrap their arms around Chloe as she kneels down to embrace them. Beca makes her entrance back into the room and immediately sighs when she sees the kids.

"Oh thank you," Beca breathes out happily, "where were they?"

"The treehouse in the backyard," Amy replies as if it was obvious.

"I can't believe I forgot to look there," Beca chastises herself, "it's just they haven't really been interested in it since we got the swing set."

Beca joins her wife and kids on the floor, pulling them all into a hug. As soon as the little love-fest dissolves, Chloe pulls away, fire in her eyes.

"If you two ever pull a stunt like that again, I swear you'll wish you had never been born," the red head says angrily, far harsher than Amy remembers her being usually.

"Yea what your mom said," Beca attempts to back her up, lamely, earning a glare from Chloe.

"I'm sorry Momma," Amelia says sadly, "we just thought if we ran away, you'd get us a dog."

"Yea sorry Mommy," Christopher apologizes right after his sister.

Chloe sighs loudly, "It's ok, but remember running away isn't how you get things, ok?"

They both nod in understanding, the situation seemingly resolved. Little do they know what Amy has up her sleeve…

It's been a few days since the running away incident. After everyone had calmed down and all their friends went home, Beca and Chloe decided that they needed some type of punishment for the two little kids. One week without video games seemed fitting and since Beca had been so lax about everything when they first found them, it was her job to inform the two kids of their punishment. They hadn't been happy, but she hadn't expected them to like it. It is a punishment after all.

Currently, Beca is concentrating hard on getting some work done. It's been a while since she could even attempt it with the baby being born and coming home. Everyone told her to take it easy and enjoy this time, but she needed to do something for a while that wasn't baby related. Avery has been oddly quiet and content today, so Chloe told her she should work on some music, which Beca didn't hesitate to do.

Beca is just about to playback the track she's been working on all afternoon, when the doorbell rings. Her face crinkles in confusion, she was sure her dad's flight to LA wasn't until tomorrow. Beca heads to the front door and opens it cautiously, her mouth dropping at the sight on the other side.

"Surprise!" Amy yells, her hand gripped tightly around a leash, connected to a black lab looking dog, wagging his tail excitedly, "Meet Buster!"

"Amy you DID NOT," Beca warns, looking down at the over excited drooling mess sitting on their porch, "Chloe is going to actually kill you…you better take that thing right back where you found it."

"Yea about that…kind can't, or I won't ever be able to adopt from the Los Angeles Human Society ever again…so, no refunds of returns."

"Then you keep it," Beca snaps.

"Aw come on Beca, the kids will love it," Amy pouts.

"Oh, I know they would…but you can't reward them for running away with the exact thing they wanted!" Beca stresses the fact to the crazy blonde on her doorstep.

"But Beca…" Amy pouts, the dog next to her whining, as if on cue.

"Oh my god," Beca rolls her eyes, "ok bring him in."

She's not sure what came over her, letting Amy in with that dog. Once that dog crosses the threshold, there's no turning around, especially if the kids see him.

As if Chloe had sensed what was going on, she comes around the corner, Avery strapped to her front in a carrier, "Oh no you didn't…Beca Mitchell I swear…"

"It wasn't me!" Beca puts her hands in the air, showing her innocence, "it was Amy!"

"Well I had to stay true to my promise," Amy mutters.

"What promise?" Chloe asks incredulously.

"How do you think I got your kids down out of that treehouse…I promised them a dog," Amy explains.

"AMY!" Both Beca and Chloe bark at the Australian.

Meanwhile, Buster has walked over to Chloe, nudging at her legs, his tail wagging happily. Beca sees the exact moment her wife's heart melts, her eyes soften and her mouth drops open. As much as Chloe has said they can't handle a baby and a dog, she knows the soft spot the red head has for animals. They are going to keep this dog.

"Hey there pretty boy," Chloe coos, kneeling down to pet the dog.

"He likes you," Amy states matter-of-factly, "I'll go get the stuff I bought for him from my car."

Beca knows that Buster is inevitably part of the family now, so she calls up the stairs for the kids, "Amelia, Christopher, come down here!"

She hears the pounding of little feet down the steps, both their mouths hang open in shock when they see the black dog currently licking Chloe's face. They both erupt into screams and giggles, jumping up and down happily.

Amy walks back in, just as the kids rush to the overly friendly dog. She sets down a bag of food, some toys, a bed and a couple food bowls near the door.

"Hey, you found your prize!" she says excitedly, walking towards the kids and the dog.

Both Amelia and Christopher run to Amy, hugging her tightly.

"Thank you Auntie Amy" Amelia says warmly, still squeezing her.

"Yea thank you," Christopher parrots, also hugging Amy.

The kids run back to Chloe and the dog, all three of them happily petting the black lab. Looks like the Beale Mitchell household grew by one today…