Peppermint Kisses

The Beale-Mitchell family visits Beca's mom for Christmas and reveal a big surprise…

"Driving to Portland was a terrible idea," Beca mutters under her breath as Avery wails loudly from the backseat and Buster adds a concerned bark from his spot in the cargo space.

Chloe sighs and reaches back to try and soothe their upset two-year-old, "It's really not that bad Becs, we're almost there."

"I really shouldn't have let mom convince me to bring the dog too," Beca ignores Chloe's reassurance and complains further, "two nine-year-olds, a two-year-old and an overly excitable lab…perfect."

"I'm really excited to spend Christmas with your mom," Chloe leans back into the front seat, Avery's piercing cry no longer filling the confined space.

They haven't ever spent Christmas at Beca's mom's. For the past three years, they've gone to Chloe's parents and hit Beca's dad on the way home. Chloe knows it is going to be really nice for both Beca and her mom.

A tiny smile makes it's way onto Beca's previously annoyed face, "She's really excited to have us, she wouldn't stop messaging me all yesterday about it…she adores you and the kids…and that damn dog."

As if Buster knew he was mentioned, a resounding bark echoes through the SUV.

After another forty minutes of driving, Beca finally turns down the road leading to her childhood home. When she pulls the car into the driveway, Chloe can already see her mom opening the front door, a megawatt smile on her face. The outside of the cozy, two story family home is tastefully decorated with white lights and festive looking garland. It's like something out of a book, now all they need is the snow. Chloe knows it rarely snows in Portland though, so she shouldn't get too excited.

The two nine-year-olds barely wait a second before their feet are out of the car and onto the pavement. Chloe's heart swells as Beca's mom envelops both their eldest into a tight hug. Beca gets out and immediately heads to the trunk, freeing Buster, hooking him up to his leash. Chloe grabs Avery from her car seat and they both head over to the three still enveloped in a heartwarming hug.

Beca's mom lights up as soon as she sees Chloe approach with her youngest grandchild, "Oh and my little sweet pea!"

She outstretches her arms and Chloe doesn't hesitate to place the squirmy toddler into her loving grasp. Avery giggles loudly as her grandma showers her with love.

"Guess we're old news now," Beca jokes, bumping Chloe's hip with her own, "our kids have upstaged us."

"Is it really a surprise?" Chloe smirks, "They're adorable."

They've barely been at Beca's mom's for an hour and the kids are already in the kitchen, helping make Christmas cookies. The house is warm and just as adorably decorated on the inside as the outside. It smells like cinnamon and Christmas trees, and feels so cozy and jolly. Chloe loves Christmas so much, so the whole scenario is a dream.

Chloe's heart soars for the millionth time that day as she hears Christopher and Amelia giggle with their grandma, singing Christmas carols and lobbing globs of dough at each other. She has a feeling that Jane Mitchell has gone above and beyond to make everything special for her daughter and family.

"Mommy," Avery coos, toddling over to Chloe, a toy reindeer in her outstretched hand.

Beca, Chloe and Avery have been sitting in the living room right off the kitchen while the kids make cookies with their grandma. Avery has been rifling through a basket of Christmas toys that she's sure Jane has set out for the kids before they arrived.

"Whatcha got there pumpkin?" Chloe asks the two-year-old.

"Horse!" she squeaks, followed by a fit of giggles.

Beca scoots over on the sofa, closer to where Chloe is and Avery is standing, "It's actually a reindeer baby."

"Weindewr?" the little red head asks confused, her mouth not quite able to form the word properly yet.

Chloe gently grabs the little reindeer toy from her pudgy hands and holds it out so Avery can see, "It's got antlers, horses don't have antlers. Reindeer are what pulls Santa's sleigh."

Avery grabs the toy back and makes it fly through the air excitedly, "Santa!"

The little girls toddles wildly around the living room, screaming reindeer and santa.

"I love this," Beca says, looking over at her wife, "I'm sorry I was cranky in the car."

Chloe smiles over at the brunette and gives her a short kiss on the lips, "It's ok baby, and this is great."

"Momma!" Chloe hears Christopher call from the kitchen, "grandma wants you!"

"Better go," Beca stand up from the sofa, but kisses Chloe soundly before heading into the kitchen.

The rest of the night is relaxing. They had chili for dinner, Chloe now knows where Beca's famous recipe came from. She wouldn't ever say anything, but her mom's is so much better. They finish off the night just relaxing and watching Christmas movies, since they are all so tired from driving.

When the credits of Home Alone 2 are finally rolling across the screen, Amelia is slouched into the big armchair in the corner of the room, asleep. Christopher's is drifting in and out, tucked into his grandma's side on the sofa. They put Avery to bed before they started watching movies.

Beca is no better off than her son, her eyes fluttering shut every so often. Chloe pulls her wife closer into her arms where they sit cuddled up under a blanket on the opposite end of the sofa from Christopher and his grandma.

"Hey sleepyhead," Chloe whispers into Beca's ear, "we should put the kids to bed."

Beca pulls out of Chloe's embrace sleepily, rubbing her eyes, "Yea, let's do it before we never make it to bed."

The pair stand up from the sofa, Beca heads to the armchair and struggles to pull the growing nine-year-old into her arms. Chloe goes to Christopher, who luckily is mostly awake and follows the trio tiredly up the stairs. They get the kids tucked in, in the spare bedroom, where Avery is already sleeping in a pack and play that Chloe brought along for her. Chloe and Beca are staying in Beca's old bedroom. Chloe is over the moon about that, Beca not so much.

Chloe circles the medium sized bedroom, examining the remnants of teenage Beca that still remain. There are some music posters on one of the walls, her bookshelf is filled with young adult novels and little trinkets. Chloe notices that her mom set up a table in the corner, a pile of magazines with Beca on the cover is stacked up and some articles pulled out that talk about Beca and her music. There's a picture frame with a picture of Beca and her first Grammy.

"Your mom really has followed your career closely," Chloe says, her fingers grazing over a second picture frame, this one is of Chloe and Beca on the red carpet at the Grammy's last year.

Beca walks over to stand next to Chloe, both of them looking down at the little display, "She's one of my biggest fans I think."

"She can't take the number one spot, that's mine," Chloe grins.

"I think you might have to fight her on that one," Beca laughs, pulling Chloe into her arms.

Chloe wakes up slowly the next morning, trying to reacquaint herself with her surroundings. The previous night comes back to her as she feels Beca's hand trail up her side lazily. Soon she feels Beca's soft warm lips on her exposed shoulder blade as well. Chloe spins around to face the younger woman, her stomach lurching at the movement.

Beca looks concerned at Chloe's pained face, "You ok Chlo?"

"Yea, just morning sickness," Chloe sighs, she's going to have to get up and run to the bathroom soon.

Beca and Chloe had decided to have another kid about five months ago. It was a lengthy process, especially because this time they decided to use Beca's eggs and implant them in Chloe, who has a much better chance at carrying and having a successful pregnancy and birth. They had found out at one of the earliest appointments that they were having twins, apparently that can happen with IVF. It's rare but it happened. They're going to surprise Beca's mom tomorrow with a gift to tell her she's going to be a grandma again.

"I'm sorry you don't feel good, I know you love Christmas," Beca moves a hand up to her wife's head, running it through her messy red locks.

"It's ok, it's worth it," Chloe sighs into Beca's touch as she continues to stroke her hand through her hair, "Merry Christmas Eve by the way."

"Merry Christmas eve Chlo," Beca closes the small gap between them, their lips moving languidly against each other.

They pull apart when they hear the door to their bedroom creak open.

"Momma!" Avery announces herself loudly, little feet pattering over to the bed.

Beca hoists her up onto the bed, the little girl quickly scrambles up in between her mommies.

"Are your brother and sister up?" Chloe asks, knowing that someone had to have gotten her out of the pack and play, she can't do it herself.

She nods her head vigorously, her little red pigtails bouncing, "Brother and sissy downstairs."

"Santa tonight?" Avery chirps.

They had lengthy discussions about the man in the red suit with their two-year-old yesterday, who of course was over the moon about the idea of someone coming to her grandma's to leave her presents.

"Yes, Santa comes tonight," Beca smiles, tickling her belly.

Avery giggles loudly and moves her own little hands to Beca's stomach in revenge.

After a few more lazy, loving moments in bed with their toddler, the trio head downstairs. The kids are already in the kitchen eating pancakes, Beca's mom is behind the counter, a mountain of pancakes already stacked up on a plate.

"Good morning sleepy heads," she greets her daughter, daughter in law and grandchild.

"Morning mom," Beca says, grabbing a plate, helping herself to the breakfast food, "this looks great, how come I've never gotten the pancake treatment before?"

The older woman gives her daughter a joking glare, "Maybe I just like your kids better."

Beca snorts, "Well that much is obvious."

Chloe smirks at their interaction. It's so different from how Chloe is with her parents. There's this sarcastic banter between Beca and her mom that she's never experienced. She definitely knows where Beca gets it from now.

Chloe gets Avery settled with a pancake and then sits down at the table, only having grabbed some juice for herself. It's all her stomach will be able to handle currently.

"Chloe?" Jane asks from her spot in the kitchen, "Aren't you hungry? I made plenty of pancakes."

"I'm not feeling too great this morning, I think I'll pass," there's no sense in lying, she's not sure how else she could have played it off.

Beca gives her a nervous glare from across the table, "She gets that way sometimes in the morning mom, she's not a breakfast person."

The older woman raises her eyebrow suspiciously, "Hmm. Well ok then. I'm sorry you don't feel good Chloe."

The women all drop the topic as quickly as it had arisen, content to continue eating their breakfast. Chloe's heart races though, she doesn't want to ruin the surprise they have planned out for tomorrow.

Later that day, Beca surprises everyone with a trip to an outdoor ice-skating rink. Even though there is no snow, it's still cold enough for it to exist, to Chloe's surprise. Beca's mom had offered to stay home and watch Avery, since the two-year-old can't really manage skating quite yet. Chloe had insisted she could stay home with their daughter instead, so she could spend time with Beca and the kids, but she would have none of it.

"This is so much fun!" Chloe beams, holding Beca's hand as they slowly make their way around the frozen surface.

Beca isn't doing too well, Chloe's had to hold her hand most of the time to keep her on her feet and not on her face. Chloe has little to no ice-skating experience but has taken to it quickly. The kids dove in both blades forward. Both have had a few tumbles, but quickly laughed them off. Now they're whirring by their moms, having really found their stride.

"I didn't think it would be this hard!" Beca exclaims, her legs still wobbly as she clings to Chloe.

"I didn't think it would be this easy!" Chloe counters, laughing at her wife's predicament.

"If you weren't the one holding us both up right now, you'd be getting shoved," Beca says sassily, sticking her tongue out at the other woman.

"Beca Mitchell, you wouldn't shove a pregnant woman would you!?" Chloe feigns disgust and horror, bringing the hand not grasping Beca's up to her chest.

"I might consider it," Beca smirks.

Chloe is about to protest when Amelia speeds by, turning around to face the two so she's going backwards.

"Mommy, look!" she beams before spinning back around to chase her brother who just went by.

"Let go of me Chlo," Beca says suddenly.

"Are you sure?" Chloe knows it's not going to go well if she does.

Beca nods, "I've got two nine-year-olds to show up."

Chloe just rolls her eyes and releases her grasp on the feisty brunette. Chloe stops skating and watches as the sure to be train wreck unfolds. Beca wobbles forward, her hands flailing wildly. She almost falls twice, and to Chloe's dismay she attempts to pick up speed, calling after the two kids halfway across the rink. Chloe has moved to the side so she is out of the way, but people are dodging past her clumsy wife, not wanting to get caught up in her problems. She's not doing as bad as the red head thought she would.

She thought too soon though, and Beca is falling down on her butt, landing with a thud on the cold, slippery surface. Chloe can't stop the bellowing laugh from escaping, watching Beca attempt to get herself back up on her skates. She makes eye contact with Beca, who slyly gives her the finger. Chloe takes pity on her after a few moments and skate over to where she is, helping her up from the ice.

"So how did that go for you?" Chloe chides.

"Let's not talk about it," Beca grabs Chloe's arm, her legs wobblier than before.

Beca and Chloe both huddle around the base of the Christmas tree, attempting to arrange the mountain of presents in some coherent manner. The kids have long gone to bed, all eager to sleep so Christmas comes sooner. Before they went to bed they made sure to leave out cookies for Santa and a mug of peppermint hot chocolate, which Chloe has been working on drinking since they left.

"Mmm, I like being Santa, this hot chocolate is delicious," Chloe jokes, taking another long sip of the hot beverage.

Beca shoves one last present underneath the tree and attempts to grab the bright red mug from Chloe's hands, "Hey, I'm Santa too, I should get a sip."

Chloe giggles and lets the younger woman take the mug from her grasp. Beca's eyes flutter shut as she savors the sweet, warm beverage.

Chloe accepts the mug back from Beca, "Taste good?"

"Definitely, but I think I would have liked tasting it from your lips better though…" Beca smoothly replies, leaning in closer to her wife.

Chloe wastes no time in connecting their lips in a pepperminty kiss. Beca sighs into her mouth, pulling Chloe closer to her. They trade slow, passionate kisses for a few minutes before breaking apart. Chloe stares at her wife, caught up in her love for the woman. The soft lighting of the Christmas tree casts shadows across her face, but leaves her eyes sparkling in the dim colored light.

The large grandfather clock sitting in entryway chimes, signaling the arrival of midnight. And signaling the arrival of Christmas.

"Merry Christmas Becs," Chloe says sweetly, eyes still not leaving Beca's.

Beca leans back in, to softly kiss her once again, "Merry Christmas Chlo."

The next morning comes quicker than either of them would like. When Chloe opens her eyes, the clock on the night stand next to her only reads 6:30 am. It seems as though Beca is awake as well, she can feel the bed move next to her.

"Why are we awake already?" Chloe says, voice scratchy from sleep.

Beca rubs her eyes and groans, "No clue."

They lie next to each other for a few minutes, staring at the ceiling in silence. Chloe's about to sit up when she feels Beca's hand on her stomach. She runs it softly over her lower stomach, her fingertips tracing lightly over the small baby bump that's already there. Chloe's not sure it's what Beca's going for, but the feather light movements send heat rippling through her, the lower and lower she gets. She shifts her legs, heat already pooling between them.

Beca notices the movement and raises a questioning eyebrow. She doesn't say anything, but lets her wandering hand move to the top of her thigh. Her hand moves to brush the inside of her thigh, and Chloe sucks in a sharp breath of air.

"Wow, you really need this don't you?" Beca whispers teasingly.

"It's the damn pregnancy hormones," Chloe sighs quickly, just wanting Beca's hand to continue it's journey.

Beca scoots closer to the red head and turns so she's on her side. She leans down and pulls Chloe into a needy kiss, their tongues already dancing her mouth. Beca's hand continues, this time moving to softly cup Chloe through her pajama bottoms. Chloe can't help the way her hips buck up into the contact.

Reluctantly though, she pulls away from Beca's face, "We can't Becs, the kids could come busting in here at any moment…it is Christmas."

"I'll be quick, I promise, let me give you a Christmas present early," Beca smirks, moving her lips against Chloe's again.

Chloe wants to object, but the second Beca's hand presses into her harder, all thoughts of stopping are gone. Chloe grinds down onto her hand, seeking any friction she can find. Beca pulls her face away, breathing hard, opting to trail hot, wet kisses down the side of her neck. She wishes they had unlimited time to spend worshipping each other's bodies but they're living on borrowed time, so Chloe pushes her pajama bottoms down, giving Beca the hint.

Beca takes the clue and moves her hand back downwards, right past the barrier of Chloe's underwear. She takes her time tracing her wet outer lips, barely applying pressure. The teasing is successfully working Chloe up, though she hardly needed it. She's a whimpering mess under Beca's ministrations.

"Beca…please," she pleads, trying to get the brunette to do more than she is.

The gentle plea seems to do the trick and Beca finally dips her finger in, gently circling her swollen clit. Chloe's eyes flutter shut at the feeling, a soft moan rolling past her lips. Beca keeps her movements consistent, slowly building Chloe closer and closer to her release. Her eyes open again to find that Beca is staring at her intensely, her own eyes dark and needy now.

Chloe grabs one of her free hands and grabs the back of Beca's neck, pulling her back to her face. She sloppily reconnects their lips, breathing too hard to properly kiss her.

Chloe's orgasm seems to hit her out of nowhere, surprising them both as her body stiffens and she comes with a silent cry. It's long and intense, her walls clenching and body shaking against Beca's. She finally slumps back down against the pillows and Beca pulls her glistening fingers from Chloe's underwear.

"Holy shit," Chloe shakily breathes out.

"Holy shit is right…that was so hot Chlo," Beca groans.

Chloe is just about to lean over and attempt to return the favor, when they hear 3 pairs of feet scamper through the hallway.

"Ugh, why," Chloe says sadly.

Beca gives her a reassuring kiss, "It's ok babe, we'll have time for this later."

Chloe reaches underneath the covers, pulling her pants back up and just in time. The door to their bedroom flies open, three excited kids standing on the other side.

"It's Christmas!" Amelia and Christopher shout excitedly.

Avery just screams along side them, bouncing up and down.

"What did Momma say about barging into mine and Mommy's bedroom without knocking?" Beca reprimands the excited kids.

Chloe puts a hand out to stop Beca, "I think what Momma meant to say is it's Christmas and it can slide today…Merry Christmas guys."

Chloe doesn't want to ruin anyone's cheery mood today. She knew this was bound to happen, they can skip the lecture for right now. Chloe tells the kids to go down to the living room and wait for them, both of them needing to freshen up a bit after the Christmas morning shenanigans.

About twenty minutes later, all the Beale-Mitchells and Beca's mom sit around the living room. Wrapping paper goes flying in all directions as the kids tear into their gifts. Christmas music plays softly in the background, the three adults watching the kids discover all their presents.

Avery squeals especially loudly as she unwraps a box containing a large plastic dollhouse, complete with all the furniture and dolls. Amelia seems to truly enjoy the large art set and new headphones. Christopher has been enthralled with the brand new Lego sets he's already uncovered.

When the kids have successfully tore their way through their presents, the three women start to exchange their gifts. Chloe knows they should wait until the end for their big reveal present, but she's vibrating with anticipation and she knows Beca can see it. She smiles at her wife, who reaches to the back of the Christmas tree, retrieving a small box with Mom on the tag.

"Mom, this is a really special one from me and Chloe," she hands her mom the box, "you should open that one first."

The kids don't know about the arrival of their new siblings either, so Chloe waves them over, "Kids come over here."

All three move to sit next to their mommies and watch as their grandma unwraps the small gift.

The older woman excitedly rips through the wrapping and opens the lid to the small box. She looks confused at first, as she holds up two identical pairs of baby shoes.

"What…baby shoes," as she says it out loud, it seems to click in her mind, "is one of you pregnant?"

Chloe and Beca both nod and Beca's mom screams happily, dropping the shoes and rushing over to pull her daughters into her arms.

"Who's pregnant?" she finally asks breathlessly.

"I am," Chloe admits.

"But it's my eggs mom, she's carrying mine," Beca makes sure to add.

Tears well up in her mother's eyes, "Are you telling me it's twins from the two pairs of shoes?"

Both nod again and her mother pulls them both back into her arms.

"This is the best Christmas gift I'll ever get," she weeps happily.

"Wait…Mommy's having another baby?" Christopher asks, the kids finally putting the puzzle together themselves.

"Yea little dude," Beca answers, "she's having two."

"Two!?" Amelia yelps, jumping up from her spot on the floor, "that's awesome!"

Avery doesn't really seem to fully understand what it all means, they'll have to talk with her later.

"How far along are you?" Beca's mom seems to have composed herself and is eager for more information.

"Almost three months, I'm due in June," Chloe answers.

"This is so wonderful. I'm so happy for the both of you," the older woman finally stands back up and heads over to her spot on the sofa, picking up the baby shoes off the floor on the way.

Buster, who had been relaxing in the corner of the room, seems to want to put in his two sense. He saunters over to his owners and barks happily.

Chloe reaches to pet him, giving him a kiss on the top of the head, "You hear that Buster? You're going to have more kids to watch out for."

Buster barks again, as if he's confirming his new duty, making all three women laugh.

Beca slides over closer to Chloe and pecks her on the cheek, "Merry Christmas Chloe."

Chloe turns her head, to make it a proper kiss, although Buster decides to plop down in her lap at the very same moment, making the women giggle.

"Merry Christmas Beca."