A/N: This is a 'What if' story that I was originally going to include in one of my other stories, but decided not too. This chapter features Revali and the Link from another time that helps him. Kudos to you if you figure out who the Link is (it's not that hard). A shout out to my beta, Duke Serkol for helping me fix this up and making it flow better! Without further ado, please enjoy!

The wind blew through Revali's feathers as he sped towards Vah Medoh's distant shape. Of course, Calamity Ganon would choose now of all times to reappear. It couldn't conveniently manifest when the Champions were near their divine beasts. Or when the Princess had awakened her power. It had to appear when they were near Kakariko village. Stupid blasted pig. Revali grounded his beak and launched a gale behind him.

He had the farthest to travel, but his path was a straight line to his divine beast. The others had to travel by foot and the terrain hindered them. In theory, Mipha should reach her divine beast first, since she had the shortest route. Revali predicted that Link and Princess Zelda would reach the castle next. He would reach his divine beast third, Daruk would reach his fourth, then Urbosa would reach hers last. It was unfortunate that the Champions couldn't arrive at their divine beasts at the same time to wreak havoc on the Calamity.

When Revali passed near Castle Town, the guardians were rotating out of five massive pillars that had risen from the ground around Hyrule Castle. He was relieved that the Sheikah had somehow managed to make them move fluidly in time for the Calamity. It was a small grace, though they were tinged pink instead of blue. Maybe it was their fighting mode. He didn't pay too much attention to what they were doing as he'd increased his speed towards Vah Medoh.

Several hours passed before he caught sight of his home town, Rito Village. His wings strained from flying for so long and he released one last gale and shot towards Medoh. Revali frowned as he approached, seeing pink veins running through the mechanical bird. He landed on the divine beast with less grace then he wished. Irritated, he stubbornly shook out his wings like he could shake out his soreness.

"I must have beat the others. I've never used so many Revali gales before. It'd be no wonder if I did beat them, I am a genius after all. And they made Link the Champion to fight the Calamity. Humph." Revali sniffed as he made his way across the divine beast.

Abruptly he halted. Vah Medoh wasn't responding to him. He frowned as he knelt, placing a wing on the divine beast to try and reach Medoh. He didn't succeed. Frown deepening, he crossed the back of the divine beast to the main control unit. Something didn't feel right. He'd come to know Vah Medoh better than he knew anyone else and right now it felt wrong. There was a malicious air surrounding the main control unit as it pulsed with bright orange light.

A swirl of black fog with a pink mix rose out of the control unit when he walked closer. Blue ribbons of light flew past him and condensed into a monstrosity. Its skin burned with the Calamity's malice and Sheikah tech strapped to its right arm, bottom, and head. A mane of red hair fluttered in the wind as an eye, resembling a guardian's eye, locked on to him. It let out an ear-shattering screech, making Revali cover his ears and close his eyes against the pain.

He opened his eyes and scrambled back as the monster released a mini-tornado from its left hand. The tornado caught him and tossed him to the side, making him skid painfully on the rough surface of Medoh. Growling, Revali dodged another tornado and shot to the sky, using adrenaline to fuel Revali's gale.

"I am a master of the sky. You cannot defeat me in a battle dealing with the wind!" Revali snarled as he pivoted and shot an arrow towards the monster. He clucked in surprise when the monster disintegrated into blue light before the arrow hit. When it materialized on the opposite end of the divine beast, it lifted its arm and shot pure blue light at Revali. He folded his wings together and dove, dodging the light. His eyes widened as one of the blasts nailed the stone sticking out of the divine beast and shattered it.

"Good to know. Using anything for cover won't help." He glanced back at the monster and cursed, not seeing it anywhere. He twisted in midair but a tornado hit him in his blindside. It spun him in circles and a blast of blue light threw him from the raging wind. His breath shot out of him as his back hit a stone wall. Forcing in a gulp of air, he coughed and made it to his knees. He grasped his bow and shot an arrow to the monster's eye. Never let it be said that he wasn't the best archer that ever existed. The monster screeched in pain as it clutched its smoking eye. Revali stumbled to his feet and put the bow behind him, once more taking to the sky.

Ragged breaths escaped him as he forced his back muscles to work despite the pain. He dodged the beam blast sent his way but something hit him from behind. Cursing, he turned after he regained his balance and saw four small, narrow objects, clearly Sheikah technology surrounding him. They hovered several feet away and matched his movements. He dodged another tornado the monster released and the beam it shot. He turned and saw one of the missiles catch the beam and send it in his direction. He flung himself to the side, but another missile caught it and sent it towards him. Revali screamed in pain as the blast hit his chest and he fell.

"I can't lose now. I am the greatest warrior that was born among the Rito. The others depend on me to unleash Medoh's power on Ganon. I refuse to bow down to any servant of the despicable overgrown pig!" A sharp screech escaped Revali as he caught the wind and avoided face planting with the ground. He compelled his aching muscles to listen to him and skimmed a tornado thrown at him. He dodged the laser beam and swiftly flew behind the wretched monster. When the laser beam ricocheted back, it hit the mechanical arm. Another shriek of pain emitted from the monster as several of Revali's arrows buried into its back. Revali flung himself in the air and released one more arrow, hitting it in the eye. Before he could draw any more, one of the missiles nailed him in the back, digging into his burnt skin. He didn't have time to scream in pain as the monster released one more laser blast and hit him in his left-wing. He spun through the air and crashed to the ground, his arm pulsing with pain.

"I can't lose. What will happen to the others? I can't fail. I have to get up." He looked at his wing and cringed. There was no way he would fly straight if he could fly at all. The blast had ripped most of his feathers off and a nasty burn covering his arm from his wrist to his elbow. "Not good. I need help. But who can help me? I can't die now. I haven't helped the Princess." He used his good arm and pushed himself up. It wasn't looking like he could get out of this so if he died, he'd go down standing tall as a proud Rito. He held his head high as he notched another arrow and let it fly. His hands shook as death loomed over him, but it didn't mean he'd show his enemy his fear. "I will be remembered and even if I die, Link will defeat the Calamity. He has to. I hope the others are faring better than I have. I'm not going to go down easy, you twisted creation."

He bolted away from the tornadoes and the laser blasts. He released three arrows and watched them hit their mark. The monster shrieked in fury and pain as it dissolved into blue ribbons of light. Revali tensed as he saw it form above him. He managed to roll under the monstrosity as it destroyed the area where he was standing a second ago. The breath escaped from his lungs as its left hand whipped around and grabbed him. He screamed in pain, the malice burning his body where it touched him. A gloating air oozed off the monster, its wounds leaking malice as it gripped Revali harder. His feathers shriveled and his skin was on fire.

"I'm going to die. I am going to die. I don't want to die. Someone, please help me. Please. HELP ME!" Revali screamed out the last two words as he struggled against the grip. The monster's eye glowered at him as he struggled with all his might. He didn't know why he yelled those words. There was no one up here to hear him and if they were close enough, he wouldn't want them to help, for their own safety.

Terror gripped him as he heard a familiar noise over the wind howling, the monster's unnatural grinding, and his screams. The beating of a bird's wing. Seemingly a Rito's wing beat. Has someone from the village come to investigate? He needed help, but he didn't want to endanger anyone. He was the best fighter among them and he couldn't stand the idea of watching a Rito get torn apart trying to rescue him. He wanted to plead for them to escape. The monster wouldn't attack the village, it did not need to. It was there to kill him and take over the beast.

"Get away." He thought frantically, "Get AWAY!" A shaft of wood buried itself in the creature's eye, causing it to release him. Revali tumbled through the air, unable to right himself because of his left wing. He braced himself for the harsh impact of the ground. He never made it as a streak of crimson bolted beneath him and he collided with it. He gripped it and when he could focus, he saw he was on top of a giant, crimson bird.

"What?" He gawked, not believing that he was looking at a bird bigger than himself. The monster released another screech of pain as Revali heard a slight whistle. The bird curved sharply and raked its talons across the monster's back. The bird looped and snagged one of the missiles in its claws and shattered it. As it stooped to the left, Revali saw a Hylian figure running to one of the giant fans propelling air upwards. The Hylian jumped in the wind and released white fabric that launched him upwards, narrowly avoiding the blasts of blue light. The crimson bird flew under the Hylian as he let go of the sail. The boy released one arrow at the monster before landing neatly on the bird's back.

"Now I know it's your battle and you may not want me to help, but please forgive me for interfering," The Hylian spoke over the monster's scream, "I want to help because I can recognize a demonic blight when I see one." He released one more arrow that shattered another missile before turning towards Revali. Revali sucked in a breath at seeing a familiar face.


The wind blew through Link's hair as he guided his Loftwing towards the pillar of light leading to the Surface. With the goddess sword fully transformed into the Master Sword, he was on his way to the Sealed Temple to see the old lady. Hopefully, this would be the last detour so he could see Zelda again. Why was it so hard to catch up with Zelda? He knew she were traveling faster than he was with whatever magic Impa had, but he always seemed one step behind. And now Zelda was in the past, in a place he was wondering if he'd ever be able to visit. His Loftwing curved eastward, snapping Link from his thoughts.

"Crimson?" Link questioned, noticing the bird was taking him away from the Sealed Temple. He blinked as he saw Crimson heading towards a shimmering blue...space of some sort. It reminded him of the gateway into the Silent Realm, but without having to play the song.

"Fi, what is that?" A tingling sound accompanied her as Fi sprung from the Master Sword.

"Judging by its appearance, there is a 64% probability that it is a portal. To where and how it came to be, I do not know."

"It's not a part of Hylia's plan?" Link asked.

"No." At Link's nod, she vanished back into the sword.

"Okay, Crimson, let's avoid it for now. It may be another one of Ghirahim's traps." Link attempted to steer the bird away, but Crimson refused to listen with a squawk of protest.

"What are you doing?" He tugged once more, making Crimson release an odd snort as he turned to glare at Link. Befuddled, Link could only brace himself as his loftwing didn't listen to him and flew through the portal.

His jaw dropped as the scenery transformed into a world vastly different from what he knew. White-capped alps looming to the right of him as the fiery mountains in the distance spat arcs of lava. Rivers and bodies of water crisscrossed through the land, promoting the growth of luscious grass and healthy trees. Was he on a different part of the Surface?

A shadow blocked the sun's rays and as he glanced upwards, several explosions sounded on a gigantic bird, about the size of Skyloft, that didn't flap its wings. What was happening? Was this a part of the ancient technology from the Surface? If so, was he transported back in time? But he didn't use a Timeshift Stone. Another round of explosions prompted him to guide Crimson higher so he could see the top of the mechanical beast. He saw a creature of nightmares dissolve into blue light and manifest over a dark Loftwing. Link's heart leaped in his throat, "How did Groose's Loftwing get here?" The bird dove underneath the monster, and for a brief second, before the creature whipped around and grabbed it, Link knew it wasn't a Loftwing. It ran with the posture of a human, its back straight up, and carried a bow. Was it a race similar to the Loftwing, but more humanoid? An agonized scream filled the air as the not-Loftwing squirmed in the grip of the monster.

Link leaned forward and urged Crimson to dive. Crimson landed for a second to let Link jump off before he shot in the air. An aching scream of "HELP ME!" startled Link, making his eyes widen. The bird could speak. When Crimson was close enough, Link grabbed his bow, notched an arrow, and let it fly. Satisfaction crept a smile on his face when the arrow buried into the monster's eye. Experience taught him to keep moving and to not assume one shot would kill the creature. Sure enough, the monster turned towards him as it screeched in pain. He noticed Crimson caught the bird and four missiles-like structures flying around. Notching one more arrow, he shot one down, surprised when one arrow took it down. He bolted, putting his hands to his lips and releasing a whistle. The monster held up one arm and seemed to have a beamos attached instead of a hand. He saw Crimson rake his claws against the monster and tear another missile apart. The distraction gave Link enough time to reach one of the giant fans, jump on it, and unfurled Zelda's sailcloth. The gust blew him upwards as the monster shot beams of light, missing him by a foot. He frowned when he saw the light almost disintegrate one of the pieces of stone. Crimson trilled, letting Link know he was under him. Link pulled the sailcloth in and shot one more arrow at the monster to distract it before he landed on his bird.

"Now I know it's your battle and you may not want me to help, but please forgive me for interfering," Link watched as the monster roared in pain, "I want to help because I can recognize a demonic blight when I see one." Seeing another one of the missiles flying towards them, he drew an arrow and shot it. Three down, one to go. He turned to examine the bird, repressing a wince at the tattered arm and the burn marks covering his body. He's going to need several heart potions to heal his wounds. The ruby red potion could only do so much, but it'd be a start.

"Link?" The bird gawked at him, eyes wide. Link blinked in surprise.

"How do you know my name?" He asked, curious. Maybe news of him had spread further than he thought.

"Why aren't you at Hyrule Castle? Did you abandon the Princess? What are you doing here?" The bird growled. Link's eyebrows shot up at the sound.

"I do not know what Hyrule Castle or a princess is and I don't know what I am doing here. I was flying with my Loftwing and he took me through a portal." As the bird sputtered, Link rummaged through his bag and held out one ruby potion to the bird. "Now drink this, it'll help heal you."

"Elixirs won't help me." The bird scowled. Link frowned in confusion.

"Elixirs? This is a potion. It increases your healing speed and with your wounds, it'll make you itchy until you heal. Now drink it. Our friend is getting a little testy at being ignored." As Link finished his statement, Crimson dove to avoid a beam of light.

"Potions won't help me either. Those nasty concoctions work for Hylian's, but will not work on me." The bird growled.

Confused, but not willing to argue, Link said, "Fair enough.", replaced the potion with a bottled fairy, placed it in the bird's hands, and leaped off Crimson. The monster screeched as he unfurled his sail cloth, directing its attention towards Link.

Once he landed, he pulled out his whip and swung it at the remaining missile. It latched on and he lurched it into one of the beams shot at him, destroying the missile. He replaced the whip with his bow and risked a glance at the wounded bird. A fairy danced around the bird as Crimson evaded tornadoes the monster released. Focusing back on the monster, he dove to the side as a beam of light passed a hair's breadth away from him. His heart pounded in his chest as he ran from the monster. No matter how many battles he fought, he would never get used to the adrenaline rush. He frowned when the monster shined a harmless red light on him from its injured eye. What was it going to do now? The red light flashed rapidly as the blue-white light built in its eye. Link's eyes widened as it released a thundering blast. The blast threw Link off his feet and he tumbled to the ground, scrapes accumulating on his body.

Grunting, Link pushed himself to his feet. Dread trickled down his spine when the monster locked onto him with the red light. He bolted towards one of the giant fans, but whipped out his shield when the monster let loose another blast. When the blast hit the shield, it ricocheted as Link was flung backwards. How interesting.

Revali released the fairy and let her circle around his body, making his aches fade as his burns stitched into healthy skin. The healing caused his wing to itch the worst and he refrained from scratching it even as the temptation grew stronger. He watched the battle as the red bird avoided tornadoes and Link dodged laser beams. The fairy vanished, exhausting her abilities and enabling Revali to move his body without excruciating pain.

Revali's eyes widened as he saw the red light focus on Link and blink rapidly. "Dodge that! It's dangerous!" Revali's shouts didn't reach Link and a burst of blue light struck close to him and threw him off his feet, "You stupid boy. Loftwing, take me to him!" To his surprise, the bird understood his command and flew towards Link as another guardian beam hit Link's shield. The bird was fast, but he wasn't going to make it as the red light focused a third time on Link. Revali gritted his teeth as he stood up and angled his wings. This was going to hurt, even with the fairy healing him. He launched off the bird and released Revali's gale, making him speed towards Link. He managed to collide with the boy and threw them both out of harm's way when the blast struck where they used to stand.

"What were you thinking, standing there like an idiot?" Revali snapped as the Loftwing slashed across the monster's arm, distracting it.

"I need to hit the laser back," Link climbed back on his feet and shoved Revali behind a stone wall to hide him from the monster, "Stay here. You're still recovering from your wounds. The fairy works well, but she won't heal everything."

"What are you-" Revali cut off as Link centered himself and placed the shield in front of him, blocking the red light. Revali didn't get to finish as the monster unleashed a massive blue-white beam aimed at Link. Before Revali could scream at him to move, the blast hit Link's shield. The boy skidded a couple of feet as he parried the burst of light back into the creature's face. The monster screamed in pain as it dissolved into blue light. Link stood his ground, waiting for another blast. It never came. The monster settled on its malice form and curled in on itself. Without warning, it flung its arms away and gave a screech. Black liquid spurt from its body like oil, a grimace forming on Revali's face. Pinkish-purple light started streaming out of random points of its form. With one last screech, a halo of light engulfed it and exploded. The Loftwing was flung away from Vah Medoh by the blast and Link tumbled backward. Revali watched from his safe point behind a stone wall as Link slipped straight off the edge.

"No!" He screamed, knowing the bird was flung in the opposite direction and may not reach him in time. Ignoring his pain, he cast himself into the blast and let it carry him off the edge. He dove as soon as he could, his arms plastered to his side to gain the most momentum. He could see Link falling and whistling, looking around for his bird. Revali glanced to the side and saw the bird flying as fast as he could to reach Link. He'd be too late. Revali could slow Link's descent until the bird caught up. With his wounds, there was no way he could fly with Link on his back. He passed Link and felt the boy grip on him. He flung his arms out and struggled not to spin in the air. His wounds burned as several of the burns cracked open to leak blood. He hissed in pain as he flapped his wings once, twice, and shot Revali's gale below him. The wind rushed up to meet him and he felt his left wing tear a muscle. Agony shot through his arm and he struggled to keep it extended. How long would that blasted bird take to reach them?

His prayers were answered as a flash of red moved underneath him. He collapsed on the bird, tucking his wounded arm close to his body as Link reached around him and held onto the bird. The Loftwing tilted down at an angle before using its momentum to tilt up, narrowly avoiding hitting the rock. Link gave a breathless laugh as his bird climbed higher in the sky.

"I don't think I've ever come that close to death before. It was terrifying." Link's eyes were wide and bright as he shook from the adrenaline coursing through him, "Is that your village down there? I'll take you to it."

"No. Take me back to Medoh." Revali grounded out.

"You need medical treatment." Link frowned down at him.

"I must fulfill my duty. Medical treatment can wait. I did not defeat that monster so it could put me out of commission and prevent me from firing at the Calamity. Though I would not object to another fairy if you have one." Link pursed his lips, but guided the giant bird to fly to Vah Medoh. Medoh had moved while Revali rescued Link to perch on the stone rising above the Rito village. Revali stepped on to the Divine Beast and let out a relieved breath when the machine responded to his will. Vah Medoh was his again. He sat near the head and crossed his legs, closing his eyes. Minutes passed as he waited for the call to fire. The Divine Beast would know when the Calamity rose to its dark form and signal Revali to fire. He felt a glass bottle being placed in his hands and cracked his eye open to see another bottled fairy sitting in his lap. Revali glanced at Link and saw him digging into his pack. Scratches still covered his face from when he'd been blasted off the edge. Link caught Revali's glance and raised an eyebrow.


"What are you looking for?"

"Bandages. I wish I'd brought more fairies for you, but I only had two. I've found the healing continues about an hour after the fairy leaves. For now, we'll wrap your arm to keep out any infection. The healing works faster if you put salve on it. Ah-ha! Found it." He triumphantly held up another bottle filled with clear gel in one hand and white bandages in the other, "These things work super well." Link sat down on Revali's left side and motioned for him to uncork the fairy.

"Why don't you use it?" Revali sneered. Link blinked at him.

"Because I'm not the one that's bleeding everywhere with nasty burn marks covering my body." Revali grimaced but released the fairy, letting her work her magic. Link smiled at him and pulled Revali's left arm towards his lap. Revali bit back a scathing response, knowing he couldn't move the arm without suffering agonizing pain shooting through his body. Link worked with the speed of a trained medic. He rubbed the gel on the wounds and wrapped it with a clean bandage in a matter of minutes. The fairy helped take the edge off the pain as the burns around his body itch as they knitted back together. Link stood up when he finished bandaging Revali's arm. He walked towards the bird as he spoke,

"Crimson, could you go get us food to eat? I have one bottle of pumpkin soup, but I don't think that'll be enough for us." The bird rested its giant beak on Link's head when Revali spoke up.

"If you have any paper, I can write a note to the village below us to make preparations for us. They'd be willing to buy us food." Link blinked in his direction before smiling.

"That's kind of you." He walked back to his bag and pulled out a small notebook. He looked at Revali's hand, causing him to glare.

"I can write with my right hand."

"But of course." Link nodded as he hid a smile and placed the paper by Revali's right side and gave the pen to him. Revali scribbled a note and handed it back to Link. Link stood and gave the note to Crimson. Link touched his forehead to the Loftwing's beak before it flew off.

"How do you know the bird is going to do what you ask it to?" Revali asked.

"He's smart. Much smarter than most people give them credit for." A fond smile stayed on Link's lips as he rejoined Revali.

"You said your bird is a Loftwing, correct?"

"He is. One of the smartest creatures you'll find." Link grinned.

"I've never seen this creature before."

"That's not too surprising. They live above the clouds with my people." Revali gave Link a puzzled look.

"Nobody lives in the sky. Everyone lives on the ground. We Rito would know." Link stared at him.

"How can that be? I live in the sky with my people. We don't know much about the Surface because there's a cloud barrier preventing us from descending. Well, I've been to the Surface, but that's because the goddess Hylia has sent me there to get rid of the Imprisoned." Revali blinked slowly at him, his brain not computing the information.

"That sounds ridiculous," Was his elegant response, "I have been all over Hyrule, flying higher than any other Rito and have never come across anyone living in the sky."

"It's true. I just finished purifying the goddess sword into the Master Sword and-"

"Master Sword? You're saying you have the Master Sword?! That's not a replica?" Revali interrupted. Link shot him a weird look.

"Yeah." Link said, patting the handle on his back with a small smile, "How do you know about the Master Sword?"

"The Master Sword. Also, known as the Blade of Evil's Bane? The one to seal the darkness? Only one of two things that can stop the Calamity and seal it? Everyone who has a smidgen of intelligence knows about it."

"I don't know about all those other names, but it is the Master Sword. I've been meaning to ask, but what is the Calamity? You've mentioned it several times now and I'm clueless about what that means." Revali stared at him in disbelief.

"Where were you for the past 10,000 years?"

"Hmmmm, I most likely haven't been born yet," Revali's incredulous face brought a small grin to Link's face, "Seriously. You said that everyone lives on the ground and there is a threat named the Calamity. Based on what I've seen, I'm inclined to assume the portal I went through was a time jump. This beast we ride looks similar to the ancient civilization that died out thousands of years ago. And the great chasm hasn't split the land causing Hylia to lift Skyloft into the clouds. Or," Link paused, "I'm in the future and have been dead for a very long time. You don't recognize my Loftwing while claiming no one lives in the sky. Your Master Sword has a plethora of names. We don't know."

Revali squinted at him, unsure how to take his claims. Reluctantly, he started speaking,"The Calamity is always reborn. The Sheikah built the divine beasts along with machines called guardians to fight against it. You can tell when it's coming back because prophets have foretold it since the beginning. The Calamity rose 10,000 years ago and the divine beasts with the hero and the princess sealed it away. Right now, Princess Zelda and the Hero Link are traveling to fight the beast and seal it away once more."

"Princess Zelda? There's a princess named Zelda?"

"Watch your tongue and treat the princess with respect! The princess has the power to seal the Calamity. But the hero and the four champions need to weaken it so she can seal it away."

"That's too weird. Princess Zelda. And the hero's name is my name. How wild." A chime sounded from his blade as Fi flipped out and landed beside Link.

"Master, I have some information I wish to provide you with," Revali jerked back at Fi's sudden arrival.

"You shouldn't do that Fi. You tend to freak people out when you appear out of nowhere."

"Noted. There is a 73% chance you are in the future." Link tilted his head.

"What's your reasoning?"

"During our journey on the Surface, we have encountered species, but none of them have been like this. I have analyzed this bird and your Loftwing and concluded that there's a 76% probability that by evolving, the Loftwings could turn into creatures similar to him. Presumably, after the humans made it to the Surface."

"Are you insinuating that my race, the Ritos, are related to those birds the Hylians use to get around? We're a proud race of majestic flyers, born to traverse the skies." Revali sputtered. The arrival of Crimson interrupted anything Link and Fi would have said. The bird landed with the grace of a natural flier and gently placed the bag of food in Link's lap.

"Thank you Crimson," Link stroked the bird's long beak before opening the bag, "Do you know how to get back to our time, Fi?"

"I do not." She waited for Link to nod before she vanished back into the sword.

"Not good, but Impa and Zelda are in the past so hopefully this little detour won't affect anything." Link's leg started to twitch, as if he had too much energy, "I guess I'll stay here for a little while. Here, eat the rest. Fairies work best when you're fed." Revali stiffly accepted the bag and started eating.

'At least this Link isn't as obnoxiously stiff as the Chosen One.' Revali thought, eyeing the boy. Link made odd movements, similar to his own nervous ticks when he wanted to fly and couldn't.

"What are Hylians? You referred to me as that, but I don't recognize the name."

"Hylians are your race. Pointed ears, short, and citizens of Hyrule, hence your name."

"We must have started calling ourselves that when we reached the surface in honor of the goddess Hylia." Link's movements calmed as he talked, prompting Revali to ask his next question.

"What is the Imprisoned?"

"A demonic blight that wants to cause destruction wherever he goes. He's sealed in the Sealed Temple, but the seal on him weakened so I have to find the Triforce to grant my wish to destroy him. Only a person whose heart is balanced can make a wish without the Triforce scattering into three pieces."

"And you are pure of heart? That sounds rather haughty to me." Revali huffed. Link laughed.

"Not pure of heart. They have to have a balanced heart. A balance of Power, Courage, and Wisdom. I'm not sure what would happen if someone with an unbalanced heart touched it, but my guess is they'd get the part they have more of. But no one has touched the Triforce so who knows. We'll see when I wish on the Triforce." A moment of quiet spread between them as they focused on eating. Link's head shot up and he looked at Revali, startling the Rito.

"My apologies, but I realized I don't know your name. I try to make a habit of remembering the people who help me." Revali recovered from his shock, sending Link an exasperated look. As Link sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck, Revali responded,

"My name is Revali. Remember it because I will go down in history as the master of the wind and bow. Rito will praise my name and remember my genius of creating an updraft so I can soar."

An amused expression crossed Link's face as he responded, "Nice to meet you Revali, my name's Link and my Loftwing is named Crimson. If you don't mind, we could stay here until you finish with your duty and take you back to the village below us. That wing doesn't look like it could support any weight." Revali nodded at them both in thanks before setting aside the bag of food. His wing throbbed, despite the fairy, and he had no idea how he'd get off if Link left him. He appreciated Link's quiet strength and refused to admit it reminded him of the Chosen One's dedicated resolve. Both were similar and Revali fought to stay irritated at them, burrowing the thought that he may have judged the Chosen One wrong.

Revali laid a hand on Medoh and focused on listening to the divine beast. No signal yet. Maybe that was a good thing. Revali had much to think about while he waited for the Chosen One to confront the Calamity.