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"If I may," Mipha stepped forward, drawing Princess Zelda's eyes to her, "I thought you,- Well, I'm not sure how to put this into words. I'm actually quite embarrassed to say it. But I was thinking about what I do when I'm healing. You know, what usually goes through my mind. It helps when I think-when I think about-" An explosion cut her off as the ground shook, making everyone in their group stumble. Revali took to the skies, using one of his powerful gales to launch him like an arrow upwards. Mipha saw him gasp as a thunderous roar echoed across Hyrule.

"It's here." Urbosa pursed her lips as Revali landed next to her.

"This is it, then." Daruk rumbled as his fists clenched.

"Are you sure?" Mipha questioned, her hand held to her heart.

"Positive," Revali confirmed tersely.

"It's awake, Ganon." Zelda's voice trembled as they watched a haze of malice reach through the sky.

"Let's stop wasting time," Daruk commanded as the princess stepped back, fear written on her face, "We're going to need everything we got to take that thing down. Now Champions! To your Divine Beasts! Show that swirling swine who's boss! Link will need to meet Ganon head-on when we attack! This needs to be a unified assault. Little Guy! You get to Hyrule Castle." Revali scoffed and rolled his eyes, displeasure radiating from his body, "You can count on us for support. But it's up to you to pound Ganon into oblivion." Urbosa walked over to Princess Zelda and placed her arms on her shoulders.

"Come. We should go. We need to get you someplace safe." Urbosa urged.

"No. I am not a child anymore. I may not be much use on the battlefield, but there must… there must be something I can do to help!" Mipha shared uncomfortable looks with the other Champions. How could they say no to the Princess of Hyrule?

"Princess, what could you do to help?" Urbosa asked softly.

"It's a knight's duty to protect the princess so she'd be the safest with Link. Provided he can protect her that is." Revali drawled.

"I'm sure there is something I can do. Maybe I'll be able to awaken the sealing power when I have to. I know I will not be able to awaken it if I stay behind and let myself be locked away like a helpless maiden. Please let me go." Zelda pleaded. At Link's nod, the Champions consented, though several of them couldn't keep the worry off their face.

"Everyone, be safe," Urbosa said.

"Well, what are we waiting for? Everyone to their Divine Beasts!" At Daruk's final clap of his hands, everyone scattered. Revali shot into the air, flying northwest where Vah Medoh circled above the Rito village. Daruk curled into a ball and rolled down the Lanayru Road, gaining speed as he spun faster.

"Come, Mipha." Urbosa urged as Link and Zelda ran towards their horses, "You'll ride with me. I'll head towards Telta Lake since it's on my way." Mipha nodded and followed the taller woman.

"Everyone, please stay alive so I can heal you," Mipha whispered, holding onto Urbosa as the Gerudo urged the horse into a gallop.

Mipha leaped from the water and landed on one of Vah Ruta's platforms. She furrowed her brow at the pink lines running through the Divine Beast instead of the cool blue. She kept her guard up as she walked inside the beast. Vah Ruta wasn't responding to her like it normally did. Mipha knelt to place a hand on the ground, hoping the contact would revive their connection. It didn't.

She looked towards the main control unit and every cell in her body screamed at her to walk away. A foreign presence saturated the enclosed room, almost dripping with malice. It wasn't there before the Calamity woke up. Why would it be there now? Unless the presence had to do with the Calamity. Mipha held onto her spear as she entered the room, eyes narrowed and darting to each corner, looking for the enemy. There was no enemy that she could see. Was it invisible? Frowning, she set her sights on the control panel and when she was a foot away from it, it erupted in pink-tinted black fog. Blue ribbons of light swirled past her and condensed into a revolting creature. It had a strange mask for a face and a wave of red hair cascading down its misshapen back. Sheikah tech covered its body and a giant spear extended from one hand.

Its screech almost brought her to her knees as she clasped her hands over her ears. An unnatural gurgling noise made her look up in time to dodge the spear it threw at her. Coming out of a roll, Mipha grabbed one of her tridents as the shining blue spear vanished and reformed in the monster's hands.

Mipha mentally ran through her weapons. Three spears, a bow, and ten arrows. The odds were not in her favor. "But I have to win." Lowering herself, she ran forward and leapt over the glowing spear as the monster swept it in a broad stroke. With a slash, she cut across the creature's thin stomach, rewarded with a screech of pain. When Mipha landed and made to run at it again, the monster slammed the end of its spear on the ground, the blast knocking her backward. The trident fell out of her hands and went spinning to the other side of the room. She didn't have enough time to retrieve it as the monster flung another glowing spear where she lay. Mipha rolled, the spear lodging itself a hair's-breadth away from her head fin. Heart in her throat, she rose to her feet, pulled out her bow, and notched an arrow as she ran. With accuracy that would have made Revali proud, she released the arrow and it burrowed into the monster's eye. As it screamed in pain, she used the distraction to circle the monstrosity and buried one of her spears in its back, close to where she thought the heart rested.

The monster spun in a quick circle, dislodging her spear and making her skid several feet away. It growled as it vanished into blue ribbons, forming a ball and traveling to the other side of Ruta.

The unnatural abilities of the monster held her in momentary shock. What kind of ability was that? The monster capitalized on her distraction, rushing forward and sweeping its spear to cleave her in half. Mipha's brain barely kickstarted in time to place her spear between herself and the weapon. The momentum threw her to the side and she hit the wall, her vision black for a second. She crashed to the ground, blinking away the stars that swarmed her vision and struggling to grasp for air as her eyes watered from the pain. Mipha realized the blow shattered her spear before she looked up and saw the monster fling its spear at her. She rolled out of the way, placing one hand on her head and another on her lung administering healing to those areas. The monster screeched at her as her head cleared and her lungs drew in the sweet air. She grunted as the monster grazed her arm with its ridiculously long spear. Mipha pulled out her bow and shot an arrow into its chest. It growled as it vanished, the arrow clattering in the shallow water. Mipha ran towards the arrow, wishing she had longer Hylian legs to move faster. When she reached it, she saw the malice body had burnt off the first half of the arrow, leaving the feathered half behind. Instinct had her dropping to the floor as the blue spear hurled overhead and embedded itself into the floor a foot from her head.

Adrenaline pumped through her veins as she shot up and jumped over the next swing the creature made. The spear clipped her foot and sent her tumbling through the air. Her breath gusted out of her lungs as she collided with the floor. She reached for her foot and managed to dull the pain before she had to roll out of the way of a spear strike.

"Oh please give me time to breathe." She gasped as she stood up and the pain in her foot almost made her fall back down. Mipha held her bow up as the creature moved closer and shot it under its mask. Its swing went wide and knocked off her headpiece, cutting through the top of the bow and making it useless.

"No!" She backpedaled to dodge the next sweep but was unable to get away fast enough. A deep gash cut across her chest, tearing through the Champion scarf and making it flutter to the ground. Mipha screamed in pain as she was thrown off balance and crashed into the wall. She gasped as unwanted tears clouded her vision and pain raked her body. She placed a hand on her chest to heal the wound and attempted to scoot away from the monster. Pain flared from her foot, reminding her she hadn't healed it completely. Her chest wound itched as it healed to a manageable pain level, but an unnatural gurgling sound had her blinking through the tears to see the blue weapon flung towards her. The spear pierced through her thigh, tearing through muscle and glancing off the bone. She screamed as the spear disappeared, reforming in the monster's hand.

Mipha focused her healing powers on her thigh but was forced to roll out of the way as it threw another spear. Hot pain shook her body, protesting her actions as she forced herself to move. The monster gurgled as it moved closer and slashed one of Mipha's arms. She cradled it close as she shuffled away. There were too many areas to heal.

"I'm going to die. Who's going to heal the other Champions if I die here? I can't heal fast enough. Someone, please help!" Her heart pounded in her throat as she crawled along the wall, blood tainting the water red. The monster stalked her and lifted its arm back, ready to deliver the killing blow. Her wounded legs bled and failed to support her when she attempted to stand. The monster released a victorious screech as it swung forward. Mipha closed her eyes, tense as she waited for the spear to pierce her heart. A deafening crash that sprayed bits of metal on her face had her opening her eyes to see the spear dug into the Divine Beast's wall, inches above her head.

"Wow, you couldn't move any faster? You had to save her just before she was impaled. And with a fishing pole no less?" A snarky female voice rang through the room.

"It was the first thing I grabbed. I thought I had grabbed my bow." Accompanying a familiar male voice was a hissing sound. The monster whirled around, ignoring its wounded prey and received a bomb arrow to the face. As it clutched its face, howling in pain, Mipha saw her saviors. An imp with strange gray and black markings floated in the air, her large orange hair swaying behind her. A Zora stood next to the imp, clad in strange armor, and holding a bow in one hand. The Zora was unlike anyone she'd ever seen, having no fins on his arms and his face had no mouth. How did he talk? The male Zora nodded to the monster when he looked at the imp. She sighed as she nodded back and her hair turned into a giant, orange hand. The imp caught the spear as the monster swept it towards them, still clutching its face. The Zora ran to Mipha and, as he got closer, she saw that a mask covered the lower part of his face and... that sword on his back! It meant this newcomer was not a Zora and only one man had the privilege of pulling that sword. The man tugged down his mask and Mipha started in surprise at the familiar face underneath.

"It is Link! He came to save me! But how?" She couldn't speak past her shock as Link dug through his pouch.

"I have a fairy in here somewhere that can help heal your wounds." Mipha's left hand shook as she went to her leg and her right went to her chest as they glowed blue. Link blinked several times as he stopped midway from pulling a bottled fairy out of his bag.

"Do you need a fairy's help?"

Distractedly she thought, "It'd help to heal me so I don't waste all my energy on healing." She gave a jerky nod, her mind focused on the armor, "Something's not right. I didn't make that armor, so who did? Could it have been Kodah? Would she go as far as that? And his eyes and voice are different. And a strange imp follows him around. Who is she?" Finding her voice, she asked,

"Wh-who gave you Zora armor, Link?"

"How do you-" He cut off as the imp called for him, "Nevermind. If you need to know, it was the Zora Queen. I'll be right back." As he ran off, shock coursed through her veins.

"Mother? How did mother-? Did she mean to betroth him to me? Or...what's going on?"

As the Zora attendant swam up the waterfall, Link clung tightly on his back, ever thankful the Zora armor let him breathe the water. Though it would have been nice if the armor would let him swim up waterfalls too.

The attendant dropped him off and said, "Anytime you need help getting up here, let me know okay?" before letting the current take him back over the falls. Midna zipped from his shadow and placed an arm on his shoulder.

"Those Zoras have to be packed with muscle to swim up a waterfall. To push against the current of the water and fight gravity? I'm impressed." Midna noted.

"Maybe the Zora will create armor that allows Hylians to do that. I mean, they created this armor to let me breathe underwater. Swimming up waterfalls shouldn't be too far behind." Link said, walking towards the entryway to the palace.

"That would be something. To be able to swim up waterfalls and dive to the bottom of the ocean." Midna mused as she vanished in his shadow. Link stepped into the chamber where the prince, soon to be king, held court. He startled as several Zora's rushed past him, terror causing them to yell nonsense. Unsheathing his sword, Link sprinted forward, passing Zora's who hugged the wall telling him to be as far away from the water as possible. Skidding to a stop in the main cavern, he took in a powerful whirlpool with Prince Ralis struggling against the current. He pulled out his clawshot and hesitated as his finger hovered over the trigger to release the weapon. He'd likely injure the prince if he shot it directly at the Zora.

"Prince Ralis! Grab the chain!" Link released his clawshot and watched as the prince grabbed the chain. Once Ralis had a hold, Link slowly pulled the prince in until he was at the edge of the pool.

"Get over here and help me!" Link grunted as he strained to keep Ralis from washing away. Two brave Zora's hustled forward and grabbed the prince by his arms. They hoisted him up and Link put his clawshot away.

"Thank you, Link. I owe you another debt." Ralis gasped from the ground.

"I'm glad I was able to help." Link said. Ralis breathed in deeply before he stood, shaking.

"Nonetheless, please tell me if I am able to help you in-" Ralis never finished as one of the Zoras who'd helped him slipped, falling towards the water, eyes wide. Link lurched forward and grabbed their hand, jerking them back to solid ground.

"You idiot!" Midna hissed from his shadow as his momentum caused him to tumble into the whirlpool. Thank goodness he'd had the Zora armor on. He could breathe, but couldn't swim as the current tossed him around and pulled him under. Link fought against the current unsuccessfully as it dragged him downwards.

Midna's shadow form rose to float by his head, "There's a portal down at the bottom where you're headed. At least, I think it's a portal." Link chanced a glance down and frowned at the unusual sight.

"It looks similar to one of the portals in the sky. Did you create it?"

"No. It feels off, but the whirlpool is dragging you in the direction." Her eye narrowed, "I don't like that." Her hair materialized and she grabbed onto him, "I don't think we should go in there." When she started tugging him out, the current increased in ferocity, dragging them further down. "What the-?" Midna growled. As they edged closer, she looked at him with a grimace, "I don't think you have a choice on whether you want to go or not."

Link kicked several more times, going nowhere before he stopped fighting the current and allowed it to push him towards the portal, "Maybe we're meant to go wherever it leads us."

Midna huffed and concealed her concern by faded back into his shadow and murmuring, "I swear if it leads us somewhere dangerous…". Link's feet touched the portal and the familiar feeling of disintegrating washed over him. He could feel himself come back together and opened his eyes. He had a split-second to realize he was a foot in the air before gravity took over and he had to catch himself. He was no longer in water, even though the ground had an inch or two of liquid. Midna appeared in her solid form and they looked to be in a temple of some sort.

"Of course it would lead us somewhere dangerous." Midna complained, gesturing towards a giant monster, covered in pink-black skin, who was raising a glowing spear towards an unarmed Zora. Reaching into his pouch blindly, he grabbed his bow to distract the monster. He blinked when his fishing rod came out instead. Acting with it, he flung the line at the monster as it was lunging towards the hurt Zora. The hook caught the back of the monster's strange armor and Link pulled with all his might. The line was not strong enough for that kind of weight and broke but he'd succeeded in protecting the Zora as the spear struck the wall inches above her head. He placed the rod back into his pouch, thankful he'd replaced Ralis' earring with Colin's hook a couple of days ago. Still, he'd have to get Colin to shape another one when he got back.

"Wow, you couldn't move any faster? You had to save her just before she was impaled. And with a fishing pole no less?" Midna snarked, making a show of examining her hand.

"It was the first thing I grabbed. I thought I had grabbed my bow." Link grumbled, succeeding in pulling out his bow. He grabbed his bomb arrows and lifted one up as the monster spun and released it. The monster's shrieks were deafening as it held its burnt face. Link looked at Midna and nodded towards the creature. Midna raised an eyebrow as she sighed, but nodded, forming her hair into a giant hand. She blocked the spear the monster was haphazardly whipping around.

Link ran towards the Zora and noticed she was bleeding heavily from her leg. There was a nasty gash on her arm and she had bruises covering her body. Link pulled down his mask as he approached and started digging through his pouch.

"I have a fairy in here somewhere that can help heal your wounds." The Zora's hand went to her leg as she stared at Link in shock and her hand glowed blue. Link blinked as her wounds started to stitch up. Though she was a healer and could heal her own wounds, she may want added help.

"Do you need a fairy's help?"

Link watched as she nodded and the haze of pain faded from her eyes as the Zora moved to her chest wound. He uncorked the bottle and smiled as the fairy immediately swarmed around the Zora. Her voice wavered as her hands shook with unspoken torment.

"Wh-who gave you Zora armor, Link?" He looked at her bewildered.

"How do you-?" He paused as Midna yelled for him, "Nevermind. If you need to know, it was the Zora Queen. I'll be right back." He rose and hurried off, but not without noticing the shocked look on the young Zora's face.

"Oh right, Queen Rutela's dead. That probably confused her." Putting his thoughts aside, Link notched another bomb arrow. Midna saw him and flew out of reach, her brilliant orange hair singed black at the tips. He released one arrow then pulled out his boomerang and flung it towards the monster. The wind whipped up water and surrounded the beast, spraying its burnt skin with liquid. It screeched in pain as the wind drove it into the wall. The boomerang returned to him, causing the monster to collapse to the ground.

"About time." Midna huffed, hands on her hips as she landed next to him.

"What happened to your hair?" He asked, watching as the creature lashed out blindly with its spear.

"Don't touch its skin. It will burn you. You're welcome."

"Thank you for figuring that out. It's useful to know." Midna snorted at his answer. Link frowned as the monster transformed into blue ribbons of light and flew to the middle of the room. It screeched and lifted its hand, causing the platform Link was on to rise with the water level. The monster flipped upside down and its half-blinded rage-filled eye locked onto Link.

"I don't think it appreciated the bomb arrows to the face," Midna commented as she ducked in his shadow.

"I don't think it did." Link agreed, diving into the water to avoid a wide sweep of the monster's spear. His bomb arrows were useless in the water so he swam to one of the four pillars in the water. He peeked out at the monster and gaped at the five large squares of ice that hovered near it. The monster flung its arm out and one by one, the ice moved towards him. He dove underwater, but the cubes followed him. They crashed against the pillars or the floor as he maneuvered through the water. Link rose when the last cube shattered and growled when the monster raised five more cubes. He pulled out his bow and shot as best he could while staying above water. The shot nailed the monster in the shoulder, enraging it. Link dove as the cubes followed him. He managed to avoid them again, but the cubes were gaining speed. As he broke through the surface, he couldn't see the monster. Link looked around wildly but the creature snatched him from the water as it hovered above him, its masked face glaring at him.

"This would be painful if it was touching my skin." Link struggled, but the monster gripped him tighter. Midna whipped out of his shadow, her hair already in the form of a giant fist as she brought it down on its mask. The monster screeched in pain and released Link. He swam to one of the landings and climbed onto it as Midna grabbed the creature's spear to distract it. Link notched an arrow and noticed the Zora swimming much faster than he could in the water. He released the bomb arrow as Midna moved out of the way, causing it to fall into the water with a scream. The Zora leaped out of the water, a silver trident in hand as she flung it into the creature's eye, shattering its mask.

The monster screeched as it turned into the blue ribbons of light. It reformed in the middle of the room as Link notched another arrow. It screamed and floundered in the air like a fish out of water. It hung upside down as it curled in on itself and convulsed. Black liquid gushed out of its body as it gave a final screech. Pink light streamed from its body before the light enveloped it. Link dove in the water behind one of the platforms as the light exploded. He blinked, looking around the room to determine if the monster was gone for good. It was.

Mipha trod the water as the platforms lowered and the water washed into the room. Jolts of pain shot down her leg as the water reached the top of the Divine Beast. She'd healed her other wounds with the fairy's help, but had not healed her foot in the hurry to help Link. Mipha knew the beast was traveling underwater to reach the best place to shoot at the Calamity. She watched Link and the imp converse before the imp disappeared in the boy's shadow and Link swam over to her. She closed her eyes as she felt her connection with the Divine Beast strengthen. It didn't take long for the water to recede as Ruta stopped moving. The Divine Beast lifted its trunk, exposing the weapon underneath. Mipha turned towards Link, bending down to heal her foot.

"Thank you for helping me. I deeply appreciate it."

Link nodded. "You're welcome. Thank you for your help."

"Were you injured? Please let me heal you." Mipha stood up, testing her foot before walking forward.

"Not too badly. Just bruising on my arm from where he was grabbing me." He let her heal his wounds.

"If I may be so bold, could you please tell me more about how you received the armor?" She questioned, her confusion swirling in her mind.

"Sure. The armor was crafted by the Zora King for the chosen hero to give them the abilities of the Zoras. The queen's ghost led me to it after I helped her son to Kakariko Village."

"That-that doesn't make sense." Mipha whispered in shock as she absorbed it all.

"Why would Link need to help Sidon get to Kakariko Village? Father never told me about a suit of armor he made for the hero. And why would mother's spirit be the one to lead him to it?"

"The story does sound strange. I don't blame you if you don't believe me." Link continued, oblivious to Mipha's struggle, "The ghost of a queen appearing to request help for her son? It sounds crazy when I say it out loud. He'd fallen ill after an attack-" Mipha interrupted him, panicked.

"Ill? Where is he? Please, you must lead me to him! I can heal him."

"He's alright. Like I've said, I got him to Kakariko Village where Renado could help him heal."

"Oh, thank you for helping him, Link. I am forever grateful."

"So Sidon's fine and he's receiving help. But why would he need to go to Kakariko Village? Was it because they didn't know when I'd be back and he was in need of serious help?"

"I did it because no one else would. I'm just glad he made it. After that the Zora Queen wished to aid me and lead me to where the armor was kept, behind Kakariko Village." Link said as he worked on unfastening the helm, "I'm still not sure how I feel about taking the armor from the King's grave."

Mipha gasped loudly. Had her father passed away? Before she could say anything, Link finally removed the helmet and shook free his dark blond hair...clearly different from the golden locks she was so dearly familiar with.

"Forgive me for forgetting my manners. I'm Link, from Ordon Village. Though you seem to know that. Will you give me your name?" Mipha stepped back in surprise as he offered a small bow.

"This confirms my suspicions. He is not my Link. But-" Gathering herself, she straightened her shoulders and smiled at him "-that means, father is hopefully alright."

"My name is Princess Mipha of the Zoras. I have been chosen to pilot the Divine Beast Vah Ruta. My role is to aid the Chosen Hero and the princess in defeating the Calamity."

"Huh, I didn't know Prince Ralis had a sister?" Link furrowed his eyebrows, "A divine beast? I didn't know there were different types of divine beasts. Midna? Do you know anything about it?" Link waited as confusion crossed Mipha's face. An imp zipped out of his shadow and settled on Link's shoulder, smirking at the startled look in Mipha's eyes.

"Don't ask me, you're the only sacred beast I know. You were the only one I found that didn't change into a spirit. It wasn't like I had all the time in the world to see who changed into a spirit versus a beast. Plus I think you're not that bad of a choice." Midna's grin sharpened as she ruffled Link's bangs.

"I have to say that I've never seen someone like your companion before. If I may ask, where are you from?"

"Don't make assumptions because of this ugly form I'm forced to wear. I am Midna. My original body is more beautiful than this cursed form."

Mipha stared at Midna, "Forgive me if what I'm about to say causes insult, but I have never seen your race before. Are… are you perhaps one of the fabled Zonai?

Midna squinted her eyes at Mipha, "What's a Zonai?"

Mipha bit her lip as she stared at the imp, "I'm sure I've seen your helmet before. If it's not with the Zonai… then, could you perhaps be… from the Twilight Realm?"

Midna tensed and bared her teeth, "How did you know that!?"

The Zora princess backed away from the enraged imp, eyes wide, "It was a guess! Hyrule used to have a relic of the Princess of Twilight and it looked exactly like your head piece with the bright orange hair."

Midna growled, her hair swishing around like an agitated cat.

"Considering there's no such thing where we are," Link spoke cautiously, "Maybe the portal didn't take us to some other place, but some other time."

Midna turned to him, uncertainty dancing in her eye, "The portals don't work like that."

"You did say the portal looked different and felt weird, not like normal."

Midna's lips pursed as she digested the new information.

"If it helps," Mipha interjected, "We have legends of the Twilight Realm and the invasion of Twilight, but nothing concrete. Just stories of a hero who saved the world from the encroaching Twilight with the help of the Princess of Twilight."

Midna swayed gently, "Hmm, maybe we are in the future." At Link's raised eyebrow, she elaborated, "If this was a ploy of Zant's, it'd be much more elaborate. Mipha has talked about things we've kept a secret as legends, as if they happened long ago. She mentioned divine beasts, a legend from my own people, but I can't see or sense any Twilight around, so why would they need divine beasts? That and this beast she mentioned has a name that sounds similar to Queen Rutela's. Besides, the monster we defeated was unlike anything I've seen before. Her logic stands."

"Time travel doesn't seem too far from what we've experienced. I mean, I got trained by someone who's been long dead and we've seen ghosts before."

Mipha sighed in relief, "So he really wasn't talking about Sidon or father. That's a relief. Though if he is the Hero of Twilight…"

"I've... always been curious. Where is the beast that was said to travel with the hero? The legends were never specific, but it's theorized that the hero had a beast that assisted him." Mipha's eyes shone with excitement. A sharp smile formed on Midna's lips as she turned to Link. "Let's not disappoint our dear friend. We should show her who the beast is." Link glared mildly at her but didn't resist when she pulled out the Shard of Twilight. She touched him with it and Link crumbled to the ground, black smoke swirling around him and entering his skin. He took the form of a wolf and shook his coat when he finished transforming. Mipha gasped, gazing at his markings. Midna dropped on his back, earning a snarl from Link.

"You're the beast? He's so beautiful." She whispered before she could catch herself.

"You can pet him if you want. His fur is surprisingly soft." Midna demonstrated by rubbing his neck.

"Oh, I don't know if I should." Mipha's eyes betrayed her as she looked at him.

"He doesn't mind. Do you Link?" Midna asked. Link shook his head back and forth, prompting Mipha to reach out and caress his head, between his ears.

"He is soft." A gentle smile settled on Mipha's face as she rubbed his ear. She pulled back shortly and said, "Thank you."

"No problem." Midna jumped off Link's back as he turned back into a Hylian.

"You mentioned a Divine Beast of your own. Where is that?" Link questioned as he rose from the ground.

"We're inside." She gestured to the space around her with a wave of her hand, "The Divine Beasts are giant machines created by the Sheikah Clan 10,000 years ago. Their purpose is to help the Champion and the Princess to defeat Calamity Ganon when he rises again." Mipha explained.

"Wait, did you say Calamity...Ganon?" Midna turned to look at her companion.

"I imagine you would be familiar with it, being a hero from Hyrule's history. That monster you helped me defeat must have been a spawn of his sent to get rid of me so I couldn't assist the Hero and Princess Zelda. Without your help, I would have perished and who knows how the fight would have gone. The other Champions may be fighting monsters similar to the one I fought. I pray that they are alright."

"Nothing you can do about the other Champions, is there? So do you wait for the signal or how does the Divine Beast work?" Midna inquired.

"Vah Ruta, the Divine Beast, will know when to fire. I wait here until the hero is in position to fight the Calamity, then I help weaken Ganon so Link can defeat him more easily."

"So the name of this era's Hero is Link also. I'm assuming he looks like me and you confused me for him." Link asked, smiling.

"You do look similar. I was stunned to see you in Zora armor. Usually, the Zora princess makes and gives the armor to the one she wants to marry. If they accept, they marry." A faint blush stained Mipha's cheeks.

"No wonder it shocked you." Midna smirked, "Well then, you may be glad to know, Link here is not promised to anyone. Right, Link?" She used her hair to playfully push him closer to the Zora. She may have winked, but with one eye hidden, it was hard to tell.

Link stumbled forward a step and Mipha's blush grew stronger.

"I! That is-I'm sorry but-"

Link raised a hand. "Please, ignore her."

"Oh-h, okay." Mipha knelt down and pressed a hand to the ground to cover her blush.

Vah Ruta assured her it wasn't time to fire. She sat on the ground and stretched out her legs, testing to see if she healed her thigh wound completely. She took a deep breath, satisfied and finally calm. If she was honest with herself, there was a good reason why Midna's jest had embarrassed her so much. She may have known, deep inside, this wasn't her Link, but when she'd seen him swimming around the pillars in his Zora armor…

"Oh dear." Mipha fought the blush that threatened to return. She hadn't seen him for more than a moment, but it was enough to admire how elegant and graceful a Hylian could move in the water. If her Link moved even half as graceful-

"Now is NOT the time to be thinking that! Focus, you have a mission!" She startled a little as Link sat down next to her. The Twilight Princess hovered to his side as she examined the inside of Vah Ruta.

"Don't you have to return? To your time?" Mipha questioned, attempting to distract herself from her thoughts.

"We would if we knew how. Don't worry, if the way home hasn't appeared yet, it means we're still needed here for one reason or another." Link said. The Zora princess noted the way Midna harrumphed at his comment before making a show of getting comfortable.

"Look at you using your head. Maybe we'll be able to see some of this Hyrule before we have to return." Midna's foot twitched as she spoke.

"We'll get back to our time. No use worrying about things that may not happen." Link added softly.

"As if I was worried. The portal hasn't appeared so there's currently no way to go back. If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were worried." Mipha watched as they bantered back and forth, the Twilight Princess's foot easing in its twitching. She admired the natural way they interacted with each other. They cared for each other and Mipha smiled, listening to their witty comebacks. She hoped, after all this was over, that she could become that close again to her own Link, as well. This wasn't a bad way to pass the time, waiting for her Link to get in position so she could fire on Calamity Ganon.