The truth has shaken him to the core

He is not one man, but two men

One is a private detective with a lot of debts he hasn't been paying with

Offering a chance to redeem himself with a girl he's going to take to her destination

But with more of his past sins of refusing baptism to make himself anew

The other is a man who wanted his past sins to be washed away with baptism

And so he is reborn as a different man who still commits sin

But in his own words, he is doing the right thing

Wanting for his own daughter to succeed him

The truth is more apparent than what the detective believed

The girl that he rescued from the dictator is actually his own daughter

Whom he sold to that man to fulfill his debt, only to overcome with regret

But too late to save her

Even if he killed the old man

It won't be enough as there are other realities where he can still exist

He realized that in order to end his existence

Death is his only option to consider before he can accept the baptism

It's even before his original identity rejected the baptism

Nothing left to lose, this is his true moment of death

As the girl and the other versions of herself drown him in water

This is the end to both sides of himself

Author's Note: Just a poem to sum up the ending of BioShock Infinite.