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Author's note: This is my first WOWP oneshot in a while. I've not been in the correct mindset to write anything WOWP-related latetly, but here is this. It is dedicated to my sweet friend Daniella Stereotti. I gave Harper's daughter the name Daniella in honor of her. Enjoy.

Going home

Harper has been in the past for many years now, working as an author under a different name, having only gone home to the future every now and then to hang out with her family and friends.

Only a few days ago, Harper released the final book in her series so now she's ready to go home to stay.

She open a small violet metal box.

Inside is a small pink gem-stone.

"Alex..." mumbles Harper as she firmly grasp the gem-stone in her left hand, close her eyes and think about her best friend Alexandra Russo.

There's a swirl of blue and green magic light and Harper is sent through time.

When the swirl is over, Harper stand outside the house where she and her husband Zeke live.

Their house is on what used to be Waverly Place in New York City, but the street looks nothing like it did when Alex and Harper were teens.

You can barely tell it is the same street. Only a few thinsg on the street are the same, these days only being relics of a past that is just that, a past only.

Since magic is known to everyone in this time, wizards re-built almost the entire area, which is why it look so different.

"Awww! Home sweet home." says Harper with a small casual smile.

Harper pull out her silver house-key, walk up to the door, unlock it and enter the house.

She takes off her purple French coat and put it on a chair.

That her friend Alex is there to visit, harper understand, since otherwise the re-call stone wouldn't being he r here, since it is linked to Alex specifically and will take Harper to wherever Alex is at the time as soon as Harper focus her mind on Alex.

It is a very secure magic that will instantly send Harper straight to where Alex is, even when they are separated by time and space.

"Welcome home." says Alex and Zeke as they step out from the kitchen.

"Thanks so much, guys. It's good to be back." says Harper.

Zeke gives his wife a kiss.

"Mom." says Daniella as she walk downstairs.

Daniella is Zeke and Harper's daughter.

Daniella is very clearly happy to see Harper.

Harper is happy to see Daniella as well, but also a bit sad when she notice that Daniella is now 16.

Because she's spent a lot of time in the past, Harper has unfortunately missed a large part of Daniella's childhood.

Harper was their for Daniella's first, fifth, tenth and thirteenth birthdays, but there are so much she did not get to see, such as Daniella's first steps, first day in elementary school and much more.

Even so, Harper doesn't regret becoming an author in the past.

She know that Zeke has done a great job as a father to Daniella and that Alex ( Daniella's godmother ) has helped a lot too.

"Hi, girl." says Harper as she hug her beautiful daughter.

"Welcome home, mama." says Daniella.

"Thanks." says Harper.

"Dad has promised to cook pasta and fish." says Daniella.

"Harps, your daughter's a very good student. Last week she got an A plus on her big History exam." says Alex.

"That's wonderful." says Harper.

"All of us are glad to have you here again, Harper." says Alex.

Harper giggle at how much more mature Alex here is compared to young Alex in the past that Harper actually spoke to only a few weeks ago, telling her that she was going home soon.

"What's so funny?" says Alex.

"Nothing really. Just interesting to compare you to your teen self. I had a little chat with her no long ago. I told her that I had plans to go back here, since my final book was going to be released, which it has been." says Harper.

"It just hit me, how do you explain your sudden disappearance?" says Alex.

"I left a note behind for my publisher, to let her know that I was going to die." says Harper.

"Okay. Smart idea." says Alex.

"Thanks." says Harper.

Harper smile when she enter the living room and sees a History exam document there marked with A plus.

It is the result of Daniella's History exam that Alex mentioned.

"Awww!" says a happy Harper.

She plop down on the couch and relax, feeling a bit tired.

Daniella enter the room and takes a seat next to Harper.

"Mom, it's good that you're home. Please don't leave again." says Daniella.

"I'll never be away like that again. There's no reason to and I'm tol old for it." says Harper.

"Awesome. It's so great to have you back." says Daniella.

"Thanks, girl. I'm happy to be home again." says Harper.

"What was it like in the past?" says Daniella.

"Not too bad. Your aunt Alex was of course much younger, but she was there and so was my own younger self too. It was a bit weird to see young me from the point of view of older me." says Harper.

"I wanna know what you looked like back then." says Daniella.

"That's easy to show you." says Alex as she enter the room.

Alex use magic to create a 3D hologram-ish imgae of 15 year old Harper.

"Daniella, this is your mom when she was 15." says Alex.

"Really? It doesn't look like her." says Daniella.

"It's true, Daniella. I was such a dork at the time." says Harper.

"Maybe so, but we did all love you anyway, my friend." says Alex.

"Thanks, Alex. You're truly my best friend." says Harper.

"Yes, Harper. I'll always be your friend. You can trust me in any situation." says Alex.

"Wonderful. I do trust you. You've never failed me." says Harper.

"I value our friendship highly. You are without a doubt my best friend." says Alex.

Alex delete the image of young Harper.

"Aunt Alex, can I see you as a teen too?" says Daniella.

"Sure. Look here, girl." says Alex as she summon an image of herself as at age 15.

"You looked cool." says Daniella.

"Thanks." says Alex.

"She was cool. Much more cool than the dork I was." says Harper.

"Dinner's ready." says Zeke as he enter the room.

Zeke place pasta and fish on the table.

"Yay! Food. Me was hungry." says Daniella.

Harper, Zeke, Daniella and Alex eat.

"Home at last. Never leaving again, for sure." says Harper with a sweet smile, happy to be where she truly belong.

With her family and friends in her correct time.

The End.