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Chapter 2 -

"Wake up Harry," A soft female voice cooed in his ear. "wake up, come on, that's it darling. It's time to wake up Harry, Harry...Harry...WAKE UP!" The voice screeched, Harry's eyes snapped open. He saw Padfoot lying down next to him, looking at him with concerned eyes.

"Did I wake you?" Harry asked in an apologetic voice as he reached out with one hand and began petting Padfoot's head. "I am sorry boy." Harry added before he yawned and forced himself to sit up. "Go watch TV," Harry said, knowing that the dog was intelligent enough to know how to work the TV. "I am going to go to the bathroom then I will make you breakfast." Padfoot barked before rubbing his nose against Harry's head and licking his face before he happily walked out of the room, thinking about his breakfast.

Harry stood up and tiredly walked to the bathroom as a white shirt suddenly covered the upper half of his body, he walked into the bathroom and after completing his usual morning ritual he went into the kitchen where Padfoot was sat on the floor in front of the soda, TV remote under his paw as a cartoon played on the TV. Next to him were two dog bowls, one for eating food and the other for drinking water.

Padfoot looked towards Harry and barked while gesturing to both bowls with his head.

"Alright, alright." Harry chuckled before his wand appeared in his hand, Harry waved his wand and dog food flew from a cupboard and poured itself into his food bowl just as Harry summoned the other bowl, he caught it and poured some water into from his wand before he walked over and put it down next to Padfoot who had already begun eating. "You're welcome." Harry smiled as he patted Padfoot on the head he walked back to the kitchen so he could begin making his own breakfast.

Harry made his breakfast before he took it with him and sat on his sofa while placing it down on his table, he looked at the TV and saw what Padfoot was watching.

"Batman again?" Harry asked Padfoot who barked and gave him a look that Harry translated into 'shut up and watch'. "Fine." Harry rolled his eyes and watched alongside Padfoot as they both ate their breakfast and watched as Batman tried to escape Arkham Asylum.

Harry had sat down in a bar, honestly he preferred to stay at home but he tried to get out of his apartment at least once every couple of days, not counting when he walked Padfoot. Harry was sat at the bar on a wooden stool, wearing black trainers, blue jeans, a white shirt and a black leather jacket. He sat quietly nursing a drink while observing the people around him, some young and some old.

"Hey," A voice said, Harry looked up to see a pretty black haired, blue eyed bartender standing on the other side, wearing a black tank top while the rest of her body was hidden under the bar. She placed both of her hands on the bar and smiled at him. "can I get you anything else?" She offered.

"No, thank you." Harry said in a quiet voice with a small shake of his head. Harry noticed a badge on her top, the name 'Rose' was written on the badge.

"Suit yourself," She shrugged. "I don't think I have seen you here before."

"My first time here." Harry admitted after taking a sip.

"Well, I hope it's not your last. By the way, I know you probably get asked this a lot but the hair, is it..."

"It is naturally white." Harry interrupted with a tired voice that betrayed how many times he had to answer that particular question.

"The eyes too?" She asked.

"Yes." Harry said with a small nod.

"Sorry for asking, I was just curious." She said in an apologetic voice. "I'm Rose by the way."

"I kind of worked that out." Harry said as he gestured to her name tag.

"Yeah," Rose snorted in amusement. "I suppose it's a bit of a give away. What about you? What's your name?"

"Harry." Harry answered but did not say anymore than that.

"You're not much of a talker." She noted. "Have you ever thought about changing your hair colour? You know, dying it?"

"Yes." Harry said.

"Why don't you then?"

"Because I don't want to." Harry said as he finished his drink, the conversation continued for another minute or so with Rose constantly trying to get more words out of Harry while he stuck to saying the minimal amount of words needed. "Alright well thanks for the drink," Harry pulled out some money and placed it on the bar. "keep the change as a tip or whatever." Harry said before he stood up.

"You sure you don't want anything else?" She asked.

"I don't have anymore money." Harry replied.

"Wait," She said quickly when Harry was about to turn and leave. "are you single?" She asked.

"Not interested in a relationship." Harry said apologetically.

"You sure?" She said with a small pout.

"Very." Harry nodded.

"Fine, no relationship, what about a night at your place?" She asked. Harry was silent for several moments before he responded.

"If you make it one time only and at your place, then you have got a deal." Harry replied.

"What? Don't want to bring anyone to your place?" She raised an eyebrow.

"My dog doesn't like it when I bring new people home." Harry shrugged.

"You have a dog?" She asked.


"Probably better come to my place then, I am allergic to dogs." She said in a disappointed voice, Harry wasn't sure if it was because she couldn't come to his place or because she could not have a dog. "My shift finishes in fifteen minutes, think you can wait that long?" She asked.

"I suppose it'll be worth it." Harry said before he sat back down.

"Oh it will." She grinned, she was about to say more when a voice called for her. "coming." She called back before turning back to Harry. "I'll be back in a bit."

She turned and walked away, Harry discreetly looked around and when he was sure that nobody was looking he used his wand to refill his drink but instead of alcohol he put butterbeer into it. His wand disappeared and Harry began drinking for the next few minutes.

"Harry?" A voice called, Harry stopped drinking and turned to see a small a small group of girls standing right next to him, there was one girl with short brown hair, another that was a redhead with shoulder length hair and a blonde haired girl that Harry recognized. "What are you doing here?" Alexis asked.

"What does it look like?" Harry raised an eyebrow as he raised his drink, Alexis blushed just as Harry finished the last of his drink.

"I'm Ellen," The redhead said before gesturing to the brown haired girl. "this is Karen. It's nice to meet you, Harry."

"Oh you were right he is good looking." The brown haired girl said to Alexis with a fake whisper, causing Alexis to blush even more.

"Oh Harry," A voice said just as Rose appeared next to him, wearing black high heels, blue jeans and a leather jacket. "I am ready to go if you are." She said, Harry nodded and stood up before offering an arm which Rose took.

"I'll be off then," Harry said to the girls. "see ya later." He said before he walked out with Rose on his arm, ignoring the reaction from the girls.

"Do you have a car or something?" Rose asked. "If not then I don't mind paying for a bus."

"I have a bike." Harry said as he and Rose stopped next to a stylish black motorbike.

Of course Harry did not really need a motorbike seeing as he could pretty much just pop wherever he wanted whenever he wanted but he did have a bike for a few reasons. The first being it gave him an actual answer if people asked how he got around, the second being the Harry was a bit of speed freak and found that he liked riding it. Plus thanks to magic he could pretty much just drive as fast as he wanted without legal consequences, though admittedly he didn't do that often. The third reason behind it was experimentation, Harry had spent a lot of time experimenting with different charms and runes on his bike.

For example Harry did not worry about it getting robbed as he had placed plenty of magical defenses on it.

Harry was brought out of his thoughts when he heard Rose give a hum of approval as she looked at his bike, Harry's placed his helmet on and mounted his bike with Rose sitting behind him and wrapping her arms around him before he took off.

Natasha Romanoff AKA Black Widow, found herself sat in a meeting to discuss David Price. There was about ten other agents in the room as well. At the front of the room stood three of the most important members of Shield.

One of them was Maria Hill, a black haired beauty who was wearing the standard blue bodysuit uniform that shield agents wore while her hair was in a bun. She stood with her arms crossed, a serious expression on her face, she was the right hand woman of the director and she was the deputy director of Shield. On her right was Phil Coulson, one of Shield's best and the director's right hand man, Phil Coulson was a man who was stood in a simple black suit with brown combed hair. He much like Maria Hill had mastered the art of being able to command respect without the use of words, Phil despite being generally more laid back than Hill was still someone who had gotten to his position through hard work and both were not easily intimidated by anyone.

Standing about a meter in front of them was Director of Shield, Nick Fury. He had black skin, a bald head and a black eyepatch over his left eye. He was dressed all in black while wearing a black trench coat. If Maria Hill and Phil Coulson were intimidating then Nick Fury was absolutely terrifying. His very presence demanded respect and promised pain to those who could not deliver what he wanted.

After a summary of basic information about David Price and his father, Natasha found herself called on to speak. She stood up from her seat and stood with her spine straight, and her shoulders out, not showing the slightest hint of nervousness. She started by explaining the research she did on David Price and all the information she was given.

"After some time I was able to discover that he frequently visited a local gym named 'Wolves'," Natasha said. "I visited the gym to try and find some more information. I spoke with the manager of the gym and he informed me that David Price was kicked out a week before due to throwing a fit after losing in a fight to one of the people in the gym. I was looking at a potential lead into the story when I was called and told that Price was found injured at a police station."

"You mentioned a lead, what lead?" Director Fury said, his one functional eye locked onto her.

"A man named Harry Potter," Natasha answered. "he has white hair and grey eyes, about six foot tall, he goes to the same gym that David Price used to attend. From what I was told I understand that Mr Potter had beaten David Price in a fight, and I believe that was after Mr Price had took the serum. The manager of the gym told me how Price had challenged people at the gym for fights eight days before my visit, then the next day he lost Mr Potter despite beating everyone else the day before.

I believed that Mr Price may have possibly wanted to go after Mr Potter, because he beat a person that I believed to be and enhanced and the fact that he is a potential target made me look into his background. When I looked into Mr Potter's background I found a few things that don't add up."

"Like what?"

"Like how he is an orphan with no relatives and only ever had one job in all of his life, which was working in a pizza shop when he was sixteen, yet was able to easily afford to move to the U.S and get a decent apartment while still having a fair amount left in his bank account." Natasha replied. "Workers at the orphanage he used to live in expressed concerns about his mental state due to the fact that he was quiet and did his best to keep to himself. He has also been making money from selling various items from toys to furniture but there is no history of him ever buying these things. He is currently living on his own with nobody, unless you count his dog. I don't know how involved he is in the Price case but something doesn't add up sir." She finished with a small frown. "There is also something else that is odd about him sir."

"What is that?" Fury asked as he mentally went through everything Miss Romanoff had told him.

"He was found on the orphanage doorstep on his own when he was less than a year old, but that was not the weirdest thing, he was found with tattoos on his body."

Harry currently found himself in a bathroom, not his usual one though. This bathroom was in Rose's apartment, she had given him permission to use it after they had both rather enjoyable time enjoying each other. Harry had enjoyed a quick shower before he dried himself with a towel, as he dried himself he caught sight of his body in a mirror. He didn't have the biggest body and would never be a body builder but he felt like it was a pretty attractive one, he had a lean body, barely any fat on him which helped show off his muscles and abs.

Harry looked at his arm, on the inside of his right forearm was a black tattoo of a wand, the tip of the wand started just at his wrist, the other end stopped just before his elbow. On his left arm was a different tattoo, on the middle of his left forearm was a plain black circle armband tattoo that wrapped around his forearm. Harry didn't bother turning around but knew that if he looked at his back he would see a small triangle tattoo on the bottom of his neck and in-between his shoulder blades.

Harry put the rest of his clothes on before he exited the bathroom and found himself standing in Rose's bedroom, Rose was currently in her bed, fully nude but covered up to her chest by her bedsheet.

"You know, that was pretty good." She smiled at him, her hair messy and wild, it was then that she noticed his clothing. "Are you leaving?" She frowned. "Maybe you can come over again in the future."

"I will think about it," Harry said though he more than likely would not come back, he knew that repeated sex could result in feelings of attachment and right now he did not want that. "I'll show myself out." Harry said before he walked to the door, he stopped just as he opened the door when he heard her voice.

"You are not going to come back, are you?" She asked knowingly.

"Probably not." Harry admitted honestly before he looked back at her. "I am sorry, but I really don't want something more than what this was." Harry said apologetically.

"Can I ask why?" She asked.

"It's...personal." Was all Harry was willing to say.

"Fair enough," She said in a disappointed voice. "at least we will have my bed." She said, trying to make the situation a bit lighter.

"I am really sorry about this."

"It's fine," She said, waving him off. "I'm not really that bothered, plenty more fish in the sea as they say."

"Thanks." Harry said as he gave her a short nod before walking out the door. Admittedly Harry did feel a bit bad but he had told her before they arrived that he did not want anything more than a one time only bit of fun plus she didn't seem all that bothered by it.

A short while later Harry had got on his bike and drove back to his apartment, once Harry entered he could not help but notice that Padfoot wasn't in the living room. Harry checked his own bedroom and saw that Padfoot was not there either, it was then that Harry heard a splash of water coming from the bathroom.

"You had better not be in that toilet." Harry called out before he entered the bathroom only to see Padfoot paddling in a full bathtub. "Really?" Harry raised an eyebrow at Padfoot who placed his front paws on the edge of the tub and began kicking with his back legs, Padfoot barked at Harry before grinning. "Doggy paddle? Really?" Harry groaned.

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