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Chapter 54 -

"That is one scary dog." Wanda gulped when she saw Padfoot transform into his battle mode and begin attacking Ultron bots, easily ripping them to shreds.

"Yeah, but he is really a big softy." Natasha said as she blasted a few robots using her guns. "Aren't you boy?" She asked Padfoot who paused after ripping apart another Ultron bot to look at her with a smile as he waggled his tail. The sweet moment was interrupted by an Ultron bot that blasted him in his side, unfortunately for the Ultron bot the blast did nothing more than sting Padfoot.

Padfoot growled and charged towards the robot, dodging several blasts as he did so.

"Yeah, a big softy." Clint snorted while Padfoot began attacking the robot. Clint took out three arrows from his quiver, nocked them on his bow and fired them, taking out three Ultron bots.

"As long as you don't take his food." Gwen added as she flipped over an Ultron Bot that tried to attack her, the bot turned around and was taken out by a strong round house kick.

"Oh yeah, don't ever try and take his food." Natasha agreed as she tossed a grenade into the air, it was caught by one Ultron bot, the bot took a moment before it realized what it was holding. It pulled its arm back, ready to throw it away when it suddenly exploded in its face.

"Is this what you all do?!" Wanda asked with disbelief as she created a red energy shield to block several Ultron bot blasts. "Make jokes and talk with each other while fighting armies of robots?!"

"'s not always robots." Clint said in a quiet voice just before slapping one robot across the face with his bow to create some distance so he could nock an arrow and shoot in the head.

"But yeah...pretty much." Natasha nodded.

"They will help keep you sane," Sif said as she removed the heads of two robots with one strong swing of her sword. "it's also a great show of how skilled you are. You should try it."

"Maybe another time." Wanda said as she blasted a few robots apart. "If we even survive this." She could not help but add in a quiet voice. There appeared to be no more Ultron bots in their area so they all began moving forward.

"Hey, I know that this a bit scary but we will get through this." Gwen said to Wanda.

"How do you know?" Wanda asked in a quiet voice.

"Just got to have faith," Gwen shrugged. "sometimes that is all we have."

"This...this is all my fault." Wanda sobbed as she stopped and looked around, taking in all of the destruction around her.

"You do share a part in this, but it is not all your fault." Sif replied. "It was Stark's choice to make Ultron."

"I was the one who pushed him towards it." Wanda reminded them.

"Exactly, you 'pushed' him towards it," Natasha nodded. "you gave him a direction but he didn't have to follow it all the way. And when he made Ultron it was his choice, just like it is Ultron's choice to do what he is doing now. You're a kid, you are not responsible for either of them."

"Look kid," Clint said as he nocked another arrow. "look at me, you're fault, my fault, who cares? Are you up for this? Are you? Look we just need to know because the city is under attack...the people are under attack...and we are fighting an army of robots. We're fighting an army of robots with guns, bows and arrows, a woman who can shoot webs and an alien. None of this makes sense."

"I..." Wanda was about to reply but let out a small scream when an Ultron bot flew towards and fired a blast at them, Sif had quickly blocked the blast using her shield and the robot was then taken out by Hawkeye.

"But we are going out there to fight because that is our job, okay? We may joke around but it is our job to help people, whenever we can. And we can't do our jobs and babysit. It doesn't matter what you did and what you were, if you fight you fight to kill. If you don't want to fight then pick a good hiding spot and then you're good, we'll send your brother to come and find you. Grim can probably teleport you both off of here. But if you walk with us, if you follow after us, then you are an Avenger." Hawkeye paused to see that his words were making an impact. "Okay, good talk." Hawkeye finished with a nod.

He turned and walked away, pulling an arrow out of his quiver as he did so, not even bothering to look back. Natasha and Sif followed after him, followed by Gwen and Padfoot.

"That was a good little impromptu speech." Natasha whispered to Clint.

"Don't sound so surprised." Clint said with an amused snort. "I have my moments." He grinned, a few seconds later the sound of rushing footsteps were head. Without looking back the group knew that Wanda was walking with them.

Harry flew towards a trio of Ultron bots, all three bots tried to blast him out of the sky but he dodged their blasts with ease and thanked them for their troubles with a trio of spells from his wand that broke them into pieces that fell out of the sky. Harry glanced behind him and saw four Ultron bots flying towards him, Harry stopped in mid-air and shifted so he was now vertical. He span around and waved his wand, a blue wave of magic shot out of his wand and charged towards the robots, knocking them out of the sky.

"What's the situation like?" Harry asked into his ear piece before he flew to the ground when he saw a group of ten Ultron bots charging towards a family of three. Harry teleported in front of the family, he aimed his wand at the bots and froze them briefly in the air before he quickly took them out.

"We're all surviving, what about you?" Gwen's voice replied.

"Surviving." Harry replied after a moment. "Are you okay?" Harry asked the family.

"You're an Avenger." The son and youngest of the three said in a quiet voice.

"That's what I am told." Harry said as he waved his wand and created long piece of rope. "Grab on to this." He said as he handed it to them. "This will get you to safety." He said, waiting for them all to grab on to it. Once they did he turned it into a portkey and allowed it to take them away. "Anyone hurt?" Harry asked into his ear piece.

"Not yet." Natasha replied.

"How are the Maximoff kids?" Harry asked.

"We are not kids." Pietro's voice replied, "why do you act like we are children? You look only a few years older than us." Pietro pointed out.

"Well in that case it might surprise you to know that I am over a hundred years old." Harry responded.

"What?" Pietro dumbly replied.

"Yeah, show your elders some damn respect." Harry replied as he looked around, trying to see if there were any other threats in the area. "I want you and your sister to stay careful and be safe, is that understood?" Harry said, there was a small silence but eventually Pietro replied.

"Understood...old man." He finished, Harry could practically the smirk coming from him.

"I understand as well." Wanda's voice replied.

"Atta girl." Harry said just before he noticed two Ultron bots flying towards him, he blasted the closest approaching Ultron bot into pieces before quickly turning those pieces into small blades and having them fly towards the other bot, the blades pierced through it in various different places, taking it out of action.

Harry was about to fly up into the air when suddenly the ground started shaking, causing Harry to stumble forwards and nearly fall on his face.

"What the fuck?" Harry said to himself as the ground began shaking.

"Is anyone else feeling that?" He heard Natasha through his ear piece.

"I can, it's kind of hard not to." Harry replied before flying up into the air so he could take a better look at the situation. "What the..." Harry trailed off when he saw cracks appear on the ground and begin spreading in different directions. Dust rose from the cracks as the ground began to shake and rise. "Stark, what the hell is happening?!" Harry yelled into his earpiece.

"It's Ultron!" Tony quickly replied.

"What?! Are you trying to say that he can control the Earth now or something?"

"No," Tony replied. "he is actually lifting the city. He is using some device that he created with the vibranium that he stole. Right now the entire city is rising up into the air, if it get's high and drops then a lot of people will die. If it gets high enough enough and drops then everyone will die, and I do mean everyone. All life on Earth, gone."

"Tony, the next time you decide to make anything more complicated than breakfast I am going to kill you." Harry all but growled. If Harry had to guess then he would say that the plan to have Vision block Ultron from accessing the internet had worked and now Ultron was looking to get revenge.

"Grim," Cap's voice was heard. "I need help by the bridge."

"On it." Harry said before he teleported over, Harry quickly began helping Steve keep all the civilians away from the edge.

"Do you see?" Ultron's voice was heard, echoing everywhere, resonating in everyone's ears. "the beauty of it? The inevitable. You rise, only to fall. You, Avengers, are my meteor, my swift and terrible sword, and the Earth will crack under the weight of your failure. Purge me from your computers, turn my own flesh against me, destroy hundreds and hundreds of my kind if you wish. It means nothing, absolutely nothing. When the dust settles, the only thing living on this world...will be metal."

'Just once I'd like one villain to resist the urge to make a speech'. Harry thought as he helped evacuate the civilians. One Ultron bot tried to rush him from behind but was quickly dealt with when Harry decapitated it using the claws from his suit. Harry's claws retracted just as several more Ultron bots came flying in. One bot tackled Cap and dropped him hard onto a car.

"Cap, you got incoming." Stark said over their communication devices.

"Incoming already came in, mate." Harry said before he continued blasting.

"Stark," Cap said as he shrugged off the damage he received. "you find a way to bring this city down safely. The rest of us have one job, destroy these things. You get hit then you hit them back, you get killed...walk it off."

Harry was tempted to point out that he was the only one on the team who could walk off getting killed but decided it probably wasn't the best time.

Harry saw one Ultron bot get close to a child, Harry teleported over, putting himself in-between the robot and the kid. Harry grabbed the robot by the neck with his free hand and raised it in the air before throwing it down on it's back with a vicious chokeslam, he then used his hand to grab the robots leg and swung it to slap away an approaching robot. Harry quickly followed up with his wand and destroyed the two. "You okay, kid?" Harry asked as he turned to the child. The boy gave him a small nod before he saw his mum, he rushed towards her, crying happily and with relief as she pulled him into a hug before she quickly rushed them both away.

Harry turned back and saw a car drop next to Cap just as Thor landed on the car.

"What? Were you napping?" Cap asked as the two walked towards Harry.

"You two good?" Harry asked as he stopped in front of them.

"Why? You tired?" Cap asked with a smirk.

"Not too tired to break your arm again." Harry said, returning the smirk.

"As much as I enjoy our little chats, I don't think that now is the best time." Thor said as group of thirty or so robots flew towards them. Thor twirled his hammer just as Harry twirled his wand.

"Fair enough." Harry said before he aimed his wand at the robots.

"We're all clear over here." Barton's voice was heard through the ear piece.

"We are not clear, we are very not clear!" Cap said as he destroyed another Ultron bot. The robots seemed to be more focused around them, most likely because they were seen as the bigger threats.

"Alright, coming to you." Barton replied.

"Grab onto Padfoot, he'll bring you guys to my location." Harry said after dealing with a few more Ultron bots.

"How many of these things must we fight?" Thor wondered as he smashed several of them using Mjolnir. Thor threw Mjolnir at one robot, it managed to dodge which caused Mjolnir to hit the robot behind it. The first one flew towards Thor but was taken out by Mjolnir as it returned to Thor's hand.

"I wish I knew." Harry said as he transfigured two of them into spears and shot them towards two others. A few moments later Pietro arrived, carrying Wanda with him. The pair of twins immediately jumped into action with Wanda blasting every Ultron bot in sight and Pietro rushing around taking out any robot he came into contact with.

A few seconds later Natasha, Sif, Gwen and Clint arrived next to Harry, all holding on to Padfoot.

"What took you so long?" Harry asked, without waiting for an answer he jumped back into combat and fought against the robots just before the others joined him.

"Stark," Cap said into his ear piece after several minutes of fighting, there were no longer any active Ultron bots around them but they knew that that would not be the case for long. "please tell me that you have something good for us."

"I have...something." Tony admitted.

"That doesn't sound good." Harry frowned.

"It's not but it's the best I've got." Tony replied. "The way I see it is we have one possible way to not have everyone die. I think there is a way to blow up the city, that will stop it from crashing down and destroying all life as we know it. I can do it as soon as you guys get clear."

"I asked for a solution, not an escape plan." Cap replied.

"Well, we don't always get what we want Steve." Harry replied. "If we don't stop this from happening then everybody is going to die, including the people on this floating rock."

"Can't you teleport everyone out?"

"No, there's too many people and not enough time." Harry replied just as everyone else stopped next to them.

"Impact radius is getting bigger each and every second," Tony reminded them. "we're going to need to make a decision."

"Cap, these people aren't going to make it off this rock." Natasha sighed as she looked around.

"Not till everyone is safe." Cap said stubbornly.

"Bloody hell." Harry said under his breath.

"Cap, all of the people on here verses all of the people down there, there is no math in that." Natasha replied.

"I'm shit at math and even I can tell that." Harry added.

"I'm not leaving this rock with one civilian on it." Cap said in a firm voice.

"Look," Harry growled as he looked Steve in the eye. "I really like how good you try to be, I respect how much you value life, I really do. And it pains me, truly pains me to make this decision, but as someone who has seen all life on Earth be killed before, it is not something I want to experience again. I don't think I'd be capable or willing to go to another world after this, so even though it pain me, I think it's rather obvious what we need to do.

If I could give up my own life to save them all then I would, but we can't save them all."

"Oh, I wouldn't be too sure about that." Fury's voice was heard through their ear pieces.

"Fury?" Gwen blinked. "Is that you?"

"Yes it is, Miss Stacy." Fury's voice replied just as four hellicarriers rose out of the clouds and began hovering around the floating city. "Nice right?" Fury asked, all those that knew him could tell that he was smirking.

"Fury, you son of a bitch." Cap grinned.

"Oh ho, you kiss your mother with that mouth?" Fury asked in a sarcastic voice.

"This is Shield?" Pietro asked with a smile as he and Wanda stared at the hellicarriers with awed looks.

"It's what it's supposed to be." Cap replied with a small nod.

"Hmm...this is not so bad." Pietro grinned, earning a laugh from Wanda.

"Alright...maybe we can save everyone." Harry chuckled just as lifeboats began flying out of the sides of the hellicarriers. "Let's get everyone out of here."

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Omake 1:

"Alright, who the hell is the big bad guy this time?" Harry asks as he arrives on scene.

"That would be him." Natasha says as she points to Thanos.





"You want to explain to me why we are fighting a giant grape?"

Omake 2 :

"Pepper, hide me." Harry said as he rushes into Pepper's room and hides behind the door.

"Pepper," Natasha's head leans in. "have you seen Harry?" She asked.

"No." Pepper shook her head.

"Tell me if you do." Natasha says as she leaves.

"Oh, thanks." Harry breathed a sigh of relief once she was gone. "I'm just so bloody tired, I need a break, you know? I mean if I'm not sleeping with Nat then it's with Sif and if not her then Hill or Gwen or Wanda or Hela or Tony's receptionist or..." Harry trailed off when he saw Pepper undoing her shirt. "oh fuck." He sighed.

Omake 3 :

"You've made your biggest mistake yet." Ultron said, glaring as best as a robot could. "And now, you will pay."

"Oh yeah, how are you going to do that?" Tony asked.

"You really should have deleted your internet history." Ultron said in an evil voice.

"No!" Tony cried out but before he could do anything all the speakers started playing the 'baby shark' song, all the Avengers looked at him. "Ah...I...I can explain."