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Chapter 67 -

"Right, this is going to be awkward." Harry said in a low voice as he rolled his shoulders and neck while standing in the middle of his apartment, Sif and Natasha were standing behind him with Padfoot standing next to him.

"Do you want us to stay here with you?" Sif kindly offered.

"No," Harry shook his head. "well...just long enough to say 'hi', I think they would like to meet you. I...I hope they would like to meet you."

"Woof." Padfoot barked.

"No, you go with them." Harry said as he gestured to Natasha and Sif. Padfoot let out a disappointed whine before nodding his head. "Good boy." Harry nodded to him before he looked forwards. "Right...let's hope this doesn't go to shit." Harry said before his left tattoo glowed, soon the wispy and transparent forms of his parents appeared in front of him.

Natasha and Sif's eyes were slightly wide, knowing that Harry could summon the dead was more than a little bit weird, seeing the dead was much more weird, the two doubted they would ever get used to it. The two made sure to take a good look at Harry's parents, firstly they looked at James Potter, Harry's father. His face was almost identical to Harry though Harry had slightly higher and more defined cheek bones, the two definitely had the same messy hair. Harry definitely inherited his handsome looks from this man.

Lily Potter on the other hand was a beautiful woman, who they knew had red hair even if it wasn't especially clear given their current forms. The two women could see Harry also inherited a bit of his looks from Lily, and she was the one that Harry got his dazzling emerald green eyes from, so Sif and Nat were already grateful for that.

"Harry!" Lily Potter breathed as she looked at Harry with tears dripping down her eyes.

"Son." James Potter said in a soft voice as he looked at Harry, he wasn't crying but he did look like he soon would be.

"Mum." Harry said in a quiet voice as he stared between Lily and James. "Um...this is Sif and Natasha." Harry said as he gestured behind him.

"Two girls." James Potter said with a small chuckle, though his attempt to lighten up the situation was somewhat ruined by the fact that the tears had finally started dropping out his eyes.

"I assure you, Mr Potter, that we are not girls, we are women." Sif replied. "And need I remind you that I am older than all of you combined?" She asked.

"They have fire." James winked at Harry.

"That's not all they have," Harry said, softly snorting as he did so. "Natasha over here is going to be giving you guys a grandchild soon." Harry said, wrapping an arm around Natasha's shoulders.

"Hello, Mr and Mrs Potter." Natasha nodded to them.

"Hello," Lily Potter said as she gave her a watery smile. "thank you, thank you for looking after my son."

"It's a full time job." Natasha joked.

"Ha ha," Harry said with a roll of his eyes. "now if you guys wouldn't mind?" He said before gesturing them out.

"Of course." Natasha nodded before kissing him on the cheek, Sif kissed his other cheek before she joined Natasha in leaving the apartment with Padfoot following after them.

"Well..." Harry let out a small sigh as he looked at his parents. "...I'm not really sure what to say."

"That makes three of us." James said in a quiet voice.

"Harry, I'm sorry!" Lily said, her eyes gushing out tears.

"So am I." Harry all but whispered. " hurt me, you really hurt me. Everything I went through, everything I did, everything I was going to do, it was all to stop him. All to stop him, avenge you, protect the people. I will admit that part of it was due to my own rage, but I was trying to stop him and then...then you compared own him. The man responsible for hundreds of deaths, the man who let his men rape and kill whoever they wanted, the man who would later destroy the entire word, the monster who ruined my life and the one that took you from me. You...the fact that you for even a moment thought that I was going to turn into him...that...I don't have the words." Harry finished with a small shake of his head.

"I didn't mean it," Lily said, wiping her eyes. "I...I really didn't. I was just...I wanted better for you, Harry. I wanted you to live a life without killing and fighting."

"Which was kind of hard to do given that there was a war and I was at the centre of it." Harry said before she could say anymore. " two didn't live my life. You weren't there. I get why, I understand why and I appreciate why.'t...there! When I cried because Uncle Vernon belted me, you weren't there. You weren't there to stop Dumbledore from trying to manipulate me into a martyr. You didn't sleep in snow, on rocks and in forests because your homes were compromised. wanted something that I was in no way capable of achieving at the time."

"I know that," Lily said, bowing her head slightly. "I know." She repeated in an almost broken voice.

"We are genuinely sorry, Harry." James spoke up. "It was never our intention to hurt you, never."

"I know," Harry gulped slightly as he nodded. "you gave up your lives, for me. I know you never wanted to, but that's what you did."

"Harry," Lily spoke, looking him straight in the eyes. "part of why I said what I said was because I didn't want you to be like me. From a young age it seemed like all you wanted to do was...just end it. You would jump headfirst into dangerous situations, you wouldn't hesitate to risk your life for others. I know part of that was just bravery, part of it was just because you were a good person, didn't seem to care if you died. Even after becoming immortal you didn't seem interested in living, you didn't want to enjoy life. I understand why, you suffered all your life, let's face it were suicidal. All...all I ever wanted was for you to live your life, all I ever wanted was for you to be happy. When I died I had hoped you would live your life, I hoped you would be happy. But...but you never were. I...I know why, my sister and her husband were monsters. Dumbledore was a manipulative bastard, Voldemort wouldn't have rested until you were dead and the world was under his control. That doesn't mean I won't ever stop wanting the best for you."

"I..." Harry coughed, tears threatened to burst out of his eyes. "...I understand, now more than ever. Pretty soon I'll have a kid of my own, and I already want to give the kid the best life possible. hurt me but...I won't deny that I didn't make mistakes of my own. God...I've messed up so much of my life."

"Perhaps, but...your mother and I are truly proud of you, Harry." James spoke up, wrapping an arm around Lily's shoulders.

"Yes," Lily nodded. " brilliant boy, you've grown up into a great man, serious issues and all."

"Thanks," Harry snorted. "I...I'm sorry about everything. Can was start over? Please?"

"Of course." Lily said immediately. "I...I'd love it if we could."

"Same here." James agreed.

"Excellent." Harry said with a watery smile.

"Good," Lily smiled brightly before pausing as she tried to decide what to say next. "so...when are you and Natasha getting married?" She asked.

"So...Harry, how was it?" Natasha asked later when she and Sif entered the apartment once Harry's parents were gone.

"It was good, though...I think my mother has just made me agree to marry you." Harry replied.


"Hey guys," Harry said as he walked into the Avengers headquarters the next day, Sif was walking on his right side while Natasha was walking on his left with her hand in his. "me and Natasha have important news to tell you all."

"Oh, and what would that be?" Tony asked.

"Well, it's nothing really important." Natasha said dismissively.

"Yeah, just the sort of thing we wanted to let you guys know about." Harry added.

"Well, what is it?" Bruce asked impatiently. "Come on guys, hurry it up, I have a date with Betty later."

"Oh, have you slept with her yet? Have you sent pictures to Ross?" Harry asked.

"I'm not answering that, and no." Bruce said, turning red slightly. "Now, can you hurry up and tell us what this is all about?" He asked once again.

"Fine, fine, spoilsport." Harry said, rolling his eyes.

"Anyway guys, the two of us just wanted to let you all know that Harry and I are getting married." Natasha said in a very casual voice.

The room immediately fell into silence as everyone was now staring at the three, though they were mostly staring at Natasha and Harry like the two had just grown three pairs of extra hands. Meanwhile Natasha and Harry both looked like they had simply done nothing more than say hello. Eventually the long and heavy silence was broken by Steve.

"Oh...what?" He blinked as he voiced the thought that was currently present in the heads of all the other Avengers.

"See, it's fun when you do it to other people." Harry whispered to Natasha before he turned to the others. "Pretty much what we just said, the two of us are getting married."

"We wanted to tell you all so we could invite you guys to our wedding." Natasha added. "We have both talked about it and are just going to go for a simple and short ceremony."

"Yeah, neither of us are big on the whole 'massive wedding with lots of people' thing." Harry added with a frown. "We've got enough publicity as it is."

"So, we want to go for a short and simple ceremony with you guys." Natasha spoke.

"Since you lot are pretty much the only people we can count as friends and family." Harry replied. "So...what do you guys think?" Harry asked, the room once again fell into silence. "...Are you cunts going to say anything or what?" Harry asked impatiently.

"I believe that this is the part where you start congratulating them." Sif spoke up in a mock whisper. Then, as if her words were the incantations to a magical spell, everyone began congratulating the couple.

"When is the wedding?" Wanda asked after several minutes of congratulating.

"As soon as possible." Harry shrugged. "Probably tomorrow if you guys can make it."

"Tomorrow?" Steve asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Like we said, short ceremony." Natasha replied.

"Exactly, do the ceremony, have some food and drinks, then everyone just buggers off." Harry nodded.

"Yeah, and Harry can magic me up a dress." Natasha added.

"You do know that...most women would actually want to put a bit more effort into their wedding?" Gwen asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Well...most women aren't world class spies that are planning to marry a wizard while maintain a three way relationship with that very wizard and an Asgardian goddess." Natasha pointed out. "And that's while being pregnant thanks to said wizard."





"...fair enough." Gwen nodded.

"What brought this on?" Steve asked, "If you don't mind me asking." he quickly added, hoping he wasn't being offensive.

"Well..." Harry hummed. "we have known each other for quite a while, we have been together for quite a bit as well. Plus we are about to have a child."

"Oh, and Harry's dead mother wanted us to get married." Natasha casually added, causing everyone to stop and stare at her. She took in everyone's reaction before turning to Harry. "Ok, I will admit that that is very fun."

Time Skip:

Sif was currently pacing up and down a hospital hallway, joining her in that hallway was Gwen, Tony, Pepper (who was back with Tony, thank the gods and magic for that) and Steve. A lot had happened since the Avengers had dealt with the accords.

Harry had gotten married to Natasha in a simple and private ceremony, Sif had been honoured to have been Natasha's bride maid, though there had been a bit of an argument over who would be Harry's best man. Harry had wanted either Padfoot or Gwen because she was his 'bestie', the former was disqualified due to being the wrong species while the latter was disqualified for being the wrong gender.

"Fine...Steve then." Harry had finally said once everyone, including a flattered Gwen, was able to convince him that he wouldn't be able to get Padfoot or Gwen as his best man.

The wedding was just like the couple had wanted, it was short, simple and private. Though of course the public naturally found out somehow, not that it made a major difference outside of the media. Many people complained about having missed the chance to view the wedding, but Harry and Natasha didn't really much care, their wedding was their wedding and it wasn't a show for everyone else.

A short while after that Harry had gone to visit Doctor Stephen Strange, the new Sorcerer Supreme. Sif had not met him yet, neither had Natasha, but Harry hadn't complained about him any more than he would a normal person so they assumed he wasn't someone who was going to intentionally be a problem. Harry had decided to start trying to learn the Dr Strange and the Ancient One's version of magic but decided to wait until after Natasha had given birth so he could properly focus on the task.

Speaking of giving birth, that was exactly why they were in the hospital right now. Natasha was currently in the next room, giving birth while Harry was with her.

"I hope Harry and Natasha will be okay." Pepper said, breaking the silence.

"Well, Harry told me that he would 'totally turn evil and kill everything' if something bad happens," Tony commented. "so yeah...everyone is hoping that they will both be okay."

"Harry wouldn't do that." Pepper said confidently before she frowned and looked towards Sif with a questioning expression on her face.

"Meh." Sif said after a few moments of silence, gesturing with her hand that she felt it could go either way.

"Wow." Harry breathed before gulping slightly.

"She's beautiful, isn't she?" Natasha smiled brightly, her face was covered in sweat, strands of red hair stuck to her forehead.

"Yeah." Harry dumbly agreed as he looked at the baby in Natasha's arm.

She was wrapped in a warm, white blanket. Her mouth opened and closed slightly, though no sounds were coming out of it. The top of her head held some red hair which was not all that surprising given that Harry's mother was a red head and Natasha herself was one as well, the baby's eyes briefly opened before closing. Within that moment Harry saw that she had inherited green eyes, something that was once again not too surprising given that Harry and Natasha both had green eyes, though Harry liked to think that it was his own eyes that she had inherited.

Harry didn't know how to describe what he was feeling. Harry could destroy with the best of them, but never had he imagined being able to create something...something so...delicate...something so natural without the aid of magic. Sure magic might have been used to get the opportunity to create this, but...this wasn't a magical conjuring or transformation. This was magical,, so very different.

"C...can I?" Harry asked in a quiet voice as he held out his hands.

Natasha briefly frowned, not really wanting to let go of the baby yet, but decided to let Harry hold her, after all if the father of the child couldn't hold her then who would she allow?

Harry gulped once more as Natasha handed the baby to him, he gently took her, keeping a firm grip on her to make sure he didn't drop her but was also making sure to keep his grip soft enough to not hurt her. Harry sniffed slightly as he brought her up so he could look directly at her face. He paused to make sure that he was holding her properly, using one hand to support her head since her neck wasn't strong enough yet.

"I...she...she's wonderful." Harry said, shivering slightly.

"She is," Natasha easily agreed, smiling at the both of them. "I bet your mother is really happy now." Natasha commented.

"Probably not as happy as me." Harry told her with a teary smile.

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