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Chapter 71 -

"Well, I must say that I am surprised to see you here," Hela said to Odin, speaking as if she was discussing something as simple as the weather. "oh, and here we have step-mummy." She said as her gaze shifted to Frigga.

"Stepmom?" Thor asked, but was ignored.

"Hela." Frigga greeted her in a neutral voice. "It's good to see you again."

"Hmm, if only you meant it, I'd be so touched." Hela said with a mocking smile on her lips before she looked at Thor and Loki, both of whom had moved so they were now standing in front of Frigga, dressed in their full Asgardian clothes.

"I am Thor, son of Odin." Thor spoke first.

"Really?" Hela asked in a surprised voice, raising an eyebrow questioningly. "You don't look like him." She said as she looked back and forth between Odin and Thor.

"Perhaps, we can come to an arrangement, one that doesn't involve us fighting to the death." Loki suggested, sounding far more calm than he actually was.

"You sound like him." Hela said in an amused voice.

"Hela," Odin began. "please, I-"

"I thought that when your 'little' spell would be broken, that you would be dead." Hela interrupted. "Now, don't get me wrong, I am more than happy at the opportunity to witness your death, but that doesn't mean I don't wish to know why."

"Daughter," Odin spoke, a tried look on his face. "you are looking-"

"Well?" Hela interrupted in a cold voice, "Is that what you were about to say? Or perhaps 'good'? I'm sure I look quite good for someone has spent that last - I don't know how many - year away from her home. You didn't answer my question, Father, how are you still here?" she all but demanded to know.

"That particular miracle is thanks to this young idiot." Odin said as he gestured to Harry.

"Fuck you too, old man." Harry growled at him as he forced himself to stand up. He was breathing heavily, he could heal and recover from nearly anything in seconds, but giving his own life force was quite draining.

"Oh, hello handsome," Hela said, a slight purr in her voice. "and who are you? You're not Asgardian, that much I can tell. But you're also something else, I sense a lot of power in you."

"You'd sense more if I didn't just spend a ton of it trying to keep this idiot alive," Harry said as he gestured to Odin, "you're welcome for that by the way." Harry added. It was only through pure willpower that he resisted the urge to sit down, no matter how tempting it was.

"And I am rather appreciative, but why would you do that?" She asked curiously.

"I'm a father," Harry replied. "I'm by means an expert, but I do know that parent need to face up to the consequences of what they do their kids. Death is an easy way out." Harry said, glancing towards Odin before turning his gaze back to Hela. "I am seriously hoping that we can just work through this in a civil way, without violence." Harry said before he paused and looked around, reminding himself that he was surrounded by Asgardians. "Okay, as I just said that, I realised how unlikely that is. Still, I'm hoping we can at least try here." He added with a small shrug of his shoulders.

"Tempting," Hela said in a voice that made it clear that she thought it was anything but tempting. "however, I have a better idea." She said before she rubbed her hands over her head, her long dark hair was replaced with a helmet that had several spikes of various sizes sticking out.

"Fuck." Harry coughed before his wand appeared in his hand.

"Allow me." Thor said upon seeing that Harry was still very tired.

Thor threw his hammer straight at Hela, preparing himself in case she dodged it. Fortunately, she didn't dodge it, unfortunately what she did was far, far worse. Thor's eyes widened as he saw Mjölnir, his trusty hammer and one of the mightiest weapons in existence, caught with one hand as if it was a simple ball.

"That...that's not possible." Thor breathed out with disbelief in his voice. He tried to summon it back, but the hammer could not escape her grip.

"Oh darling," Hela smirked, "you have no idea what's possible." She said before she squeezed, cracks began to appear on Mjölnir, cracks that got bigger and bigger until eventually a large booming sound echoed all around as Mjölnir fell to the ground, broken into tiny pieces.

"Oh no." Loki gulped before looking back. "Bring us back!" He yelled into the sky.

"No!" Odin and Thor shouted at him but neither of them were able to do much before the beam of the bifrost shot down, it enveloped the Asgardian family and Harry before pulling them up.

Harry, who usually would have found being transported through the bifrost to be a fun experience, quickly saw that he was flying in-between the younger and older members of the Asgardian royal family. Loki and Thor were beneath him while Frigga and Odin were above him.

"Not so fast!" A voice called. Harry looked down in time to see Loki get knocked out of the bifrost beam, a second later he saw the reason why as Thor had begun fighting with Hela. The fight lasted mere seconds and ended with Thor also getting knocked out of the bifrost. Hela quickly diverted her attention to Harry and easily caught up to him.

"Damn it." Harry said under his breath before he aimed his wand at Hela who easily knocked it out of his hand, sending it out of the bifrost as well.

"So sorry about this," Hela said as she wrapped a hand around his throat. "it really is a shame that we can't get along with each other, but unfortunately you want Odin to live and I don't. Thank you for your help, and goodbye." She said before a sword shot out of her hand and pierced through Harry's stomach, causing him to gasp in pain before he felt himself get booted out of the bifrost.

Harry let out several curses as he landed roughly on a grassy field, his rough landing had pushed the sword further into his body. Harry managed to sit up and pull the sword out of his body, awkward and painful as that was, before tossing it away. He laid down on the ground, a large hole in his body and blood pouring out of him. He looked around, recognising the field he was in. Sif had showed this to him the last time he was on Asgard, this particular field was in Asgard but very, very far from the main city. Meaning that as soon as he was healed he could travel to Asgard.

Fortunately for him he could feel his energy slowly returning.

"Two minutes of rest, then I go and punch the goddess of death in the face." Harry said to himself before lying back and closing his eyes.

"Heimdall, stand down!" Odin barked as soon as he and his wife exited the bifrost, followed closely by Hela. Hela's body shook slightly as she felt her power boost from simply returning to Asgard, her suit became greener and the damages repaired while her skin became less pale.

Heimdall, who was stood with the Warrior's Three, lowered his sword, knowing how futile it would be to try and fight. "You three as well." Odin added to the other three.

"Do as the King commands." Heimdall told the Warrior's Three.

"But she..." Volstagg began, only to be interrupted.

"Far outstrips all of us in power," Heimdall said, cutting him off. "to fight her now is suicide."

"I'd listen to the gatekeeper, he clearly knows what he is talking about." Hela said with a smirk, she knew that Odin was simply trying to avoid bloodshed, and at the moment she didn't really mind. After all, there was no sense in wasting good Asgardian warriors. The Warrior's Three glared at her before lowering their weapons. "Good boys." She smiled before turning to Odin. "Let's go to MY throne room, shall we?" She said, making it sound more like a command than a question.

"Hela," Odin began. "I think that you should..."

"Now!" Hela barked, cutting him off.

"Very well," Odin said with a deep sigh. "let us go."

"Good, oh and gather my people." Hela said to Heimdall and the Warrior's three. "It'd be much quicker than if I had to personally go and do it, I'm sure you understand." She said in a sweet voice. The group of warrior's looked towards Odin who gave them a nod, 'do as she tells you' was the unspoken command.

"Very well." Heimdall answered for himself and on behalf of the others.

"Well, isn't this cute?" Hela spat with disgust as she stood in the throne room.

The room was filled with the people of Asgard, they were all standing nervously, close to their loved ones. It was clear that many of them (if not most of them) did not truly know who Hela was at first, but they were smart enough to realise that if their king was acting submissive and obedient in front of her then she was probably dangerous. Eventually they did learn exactly who she was, the banished firstborn of Odin. Some of the older Asgardians remembered her and along with Heimdal and the Warrior's Three, had explained everything to the younger ones.

"What is this?!" Hela demanded as she pointed up to the ceiling which was decorated with a mural of Odin ruling the Nine Realms in peace. "Does no one remember me?!" She demanded angrily. "Has no one been taught our history? Look at these lies. Goblets and garden parties? Peace treaties? Really?!" She said, glaring at Odin.

"I did what I thought was best," Odin began. "not just for myself but for the people of Asgard and..."

"Enough of your lies!" Hela snapped. "Proud to have it, ashamed of how you got it!" She hissed before pulling out a large spike from her body suit, before anyone could say anything she had sent the spike at the ceiling, destroying it and revealing another mural. The new mural was drastically different to the previous one and showed Odin and Hela conquering the Nine Realms together, the two of them destroying whole armies. "Look at it!" She yelled to the people of Asgard. "Look at the truth that this old man kept from you!"

"Hela, I..."

"I was your weapon!" Hela shouted. "And when I stopped obeying you, you tossed me away! Banished me! Caged me! Erased ME! Don't you dare try to explain it with any of your stupid excuses!" She growled at him. "You're an old man and a fool! I..."

"Well, that brings back memories." A voice interrupted. The Asgardians all spilt to either side of the room to reveal Harry standing by the entrance of the throne room.

"You? I thought I had killed you." Hela said, sounding faintly surprised.

"Yeah, you wouldn't be the first person to think that." Harry softly snorted.

"And why are you here?" Hela asked in a curious voice.

"Well, I was quite tempted to stand by and watch you tell Odin how much of an idiot he has been," Harry admitted. "but for all I know you could start throwing spikes at this lot." Harry said as he gestured to the other Asgardians.

"Why would I hurt my own people?" Hela scoffed. "Now that they know the truth, they'll..."

"Not do anything unless you force them to," Harry interrupted. "you see these people have been living happily and comfortably under Odin's rule for thousands of years, they liked living under his rule. They're not going to all of a sudden hate him and worship you just because you claim that he's a bad father and has lied to them, no matter how true it is. Oh, you've put doubt into their heads, don't doubt that, but do doubt the effectiveness of your actions. Because while they might doubt, they'll also rationalize. As far as they know, there might be a perfectly good and valid reason."

"And what makes you an expert on Asgardian psychology?" Hela scoffed, ignoring his words, even if they did echo in her head.

"Not an expert on Asgardians, but I've seen this before." Harry shrugged. "Not on the scale of an entire kingdom, but I have seen this before. One old man, strongest there is, wisest there is, everyone follows him, even to their deaths. I've experienced that."

"Oh, expecting sympathy?" She said mockingly.

"Merely revealing some common ground." Harry replied. "Now, do we do this the easy way or the hard way?"

"Hmm," Hela smirked as she ran her hands over her head, her spiky helmet returning. "does this answer your question? Do you even think you can handle me?"

"In our last meeting I was exhausted after keeping your old man alive, I'm not exhausted anymore." Harry said before extending his magic power out. Hela's smirk remained on her face for a few moments before Harry's magic finally reached her.

"You...what?" She said, looking confused. She eyed Harry like she wasn't entirely sure what he was. "I sense death coming from you." She said, sounding like she wasn't entirely sure what to think.

"Yeah, we've never properly been introduced." Harry said, rolling his neck. "My name is Harry Potter," Harry said before his civilian clothes were replaced with his battle suit, the lower half of his face was covered by his mask and his hoodie came up to cover the top of his head. "I'm the 'Master of Death'."

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