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Chapter 73 -

"Well," Brunnhilde said once they got off the ship. "it definitely doesn't look better up close." She commented as she looked around at the broken and damaged...well...everything.

"What in Asgard's name did Hela do?" Thor wondered as he looked around. Asgard hadn't been the only thing that had changed in appearance, he had changed as well (thanks to that creepy old man who had cut his hair), before he had his lovely long hair, now he had short and spiky hair which he had to admit, he liked. Though it did annoy him that Loki's hair was exactly the same.

"How do we know that Hela is solely responsible?" Loki asked Thor. "I seem to remember that your wizard friend has a certain knack for violence and destruction."

"True, but I doubt he would willingly cause all of this destruction for the fun of it," Thor replied.

"I hate to break it to you, but your wizard friend had most likely died if he had fought Hela." Brunnhilde cut in.

"Ha." Thor laughed under his breath, though the snort that had followed had not been anywhere near as quiet.

"And what is that supposed to mean?" Her eyes narrowed.

"Well, I wouldn't underestimate him," Thor smirked. "it hasn't helped any of the hundreds of beings he has fought."

"Look, that daughter of a bitch..."

"That's my father."

"...killed all of the valkyries and I just barely escaped!" Brunnhilde hissed. "No mere magic tricks and illusions are going to do any good against her! We should..."


The trio's attention quickly snapped towards the crater a short distance away from them, dust cleared away quickly enough to let them see someone climb out of it. Their eyes widened when they saw it was Hela, the trio quickly got into fighting stances before even noticing the odd part about how Hela looked, namely the knife that had pierced through the side of her face, the tip of it was currently resting inside of her mouth. With an irritated grunt, she pulled it out of her mouth, allowing drops of blood to fall to the floor before her body healed itself within seconds.

She looked up at them and her eyes briefly showed signs of surprise before she spoke in an angry voice. "Oh great, the false princes and the runaway! As if the other one wasn't enough!" Hela snarled before throwing the knife at them, Brunnhilde smacked it out of the way and was about to charge when the other person responsible for the damages arrived.

Harry flew into the scene, quite literally, and tackled Hela. He spun her around in mid-air before pressing her face against the floor as he continued to fly, dragging it across the stone pavements. Hela quickly conjured a small blade in her hand, instead of using it to stab Harry, she slammed the tip of it into the ground and used it as an anchor while also placing her feet and freehand on the ground, stopping Harry from being able to pull her. She didn't hesitate and quickly grabbed him, she slammed him onto the floor before throwing him through the wall of the nearest building she could find, she took the blade that she had conjured and threw it into the hole that Harry had made.

Apparently, she hadn't hit her mark since a whip made of lightning shot out from the very same place and wrapped around her neck, lightning danced up and down her body before she was pulled into the building. The sound of something being broke echoed from the building before another wall was broken, this time by Hela flying through the wall. She landed a short distance away and quickly rolled to her feet just as Harry exited the building.

Harry raised his wand and aimed it straight at Hela, an apologetic look in his eyes. "Crucio." The spell shot from his wand and crashed into the chest of Hela.

"Ooh." Loki winced as Hela cried out in pain and fell to the floor. "That's not fun."

"Speaking from experience?" Brunnhilde asked.

"Yes, and it was undoubtedly the worst pain I've ever experienced." Loki shivered. Brunnhilde stared at him for a second before looking at Hela, the woman who was responsible for so many of her nightmares and sleepless nights, that woman who was now crying in pain, a sight that she never thought she would see.

Harry ended the spell and sighed as he looked at Hela for several seconds before speaking. "I don't want to do this, I take no pleasure from your suffering. Please, just surrender." Hela didn't immediately answer, she spat on the floor before forcing herself to her feet.

"I will not let you defeat me," Hela snarled before sending several spikes at Harry who blocked them with his magical shield that popped up on his left arm, Hela jumped forwards and slammed her fist down on the shield, causing Harry to fall down to his knees. He gasped out as he felt several bones break from the force of her blow. "Do you not know who I am?!" Hela demanded, unaware or uncaring of the fact that Harry's bones were being repaired as she spoke. "I am the goddess of Death!" She yelled, raising her fist to strike again. Unfortunately for her, Harry's shield had built up energy from her attacks and was ready to fire. The shield blasted her a great distance back.

"I don't care," Harry said as he stood back up, his shield vanishing just as he raised his wand and fired a blue spell at Hela.

"Let's go." Thor shrugged, gesturing to the fighting.

"Wait!" A voice hissed, the trio turned to find the Warrior's Three running up to them.

"Thor!" Volstagg said happily upon reaching them. "It's good to see you, but there is no time for reunions."

"Indeed," Fandral agreed. "Heimdall saw you coming. The Queen and King have come up with a plan to stop this."

"Oh great, another 'brilliant plan' from the King." Brunnhilde spat out.

" was actually JUST the Queen's idea but the King is helping her out," Volstagg admitted.

"Loki," Hogun spoke, not looking entirely happy about speaking to Loki but did so anyway. "your talents are vast but you are an excellent user of magic, the Queen needs your assistance." A conflicted look appeared on Loki's face, on the one hand, he really wanted to get out of here and go help his mother, on the other hand, he wanted to stay and help his brother.

Thor, seeing and correctly guessing what Loki was feeling, decided to help his brother out. "Go, we'll handle Hela."

Loki frowned at that and glanced towards the fight just in time to see hear a very loud boom just before Hela and Harry both crashed into a house, a house that blew up a few seconds later which resulted in Hela and Harry being tossed out by the explosion. And just like that, Loki decided he wanted no part of this madness.

"On my way." He said before rushing off with the warrior's three.

"Just us then." Brunnhilde shrugged, nodding to Thor before the two of them rushed forwards.

"What the..." Loki blinked when he and the warrior's three arrived in the throne room to find Odin inside of a magic circle drawn on the floor while his mother and several other Asgaridan's began chanting while around it.

"The Queen told us to give you this," Volstagg said as he handed Loki a book. "turn to page six-hundred and ninety-four." He added.

Loki bit back any questions he wanted to ask and did as he was told. Once he found the page he spent a couple of seconds looking at it and his jaw nearly dropped, what he saw in front of him was complete and utter madness. It was brilliant, and if it worked it would solve the whole Hela problem, but it was still very crazy. All in all, his mother was definitely a genius and if he helped her pull this off then this would be a story for the ages.

"Damn it!" Brunnhilde hissed as she found herself thrown through the air, and falling straight towards Thor who was getting back up to his feet. Just before hitting him she suddenly felt herself being caught in mid-air, but the confusing part was the fact nobody was holding. She slowly hovered down next to Thor and saw the wizard - Thor said his name was 'Harry' if she remembered right - lower what she believed to be a wand as he walked up to them.

"You two need to stay out of this!" Harry hissed to the two of them.

"We're here to help you," Thor said in a confused voice.

"More violence is the exact opposite of help in this situation," Harry responded. "she and I could fight until the end of Asgard. I was trying to tire her out."

"Enough of this!" Hela hissed upon getting close enough to talk, bringing the trio's attention back to her. "You have no chance against me," She said to Brunnhilde before turning to Thor. "and're just a poor imitation of our father. But you," She said as she turned to Harry. "I've never met another warrior who could keep up with me, challenge me. Don't waste all of that power on these people. Fight alongside me, together, you and I can rule all of Asgard, Midgard, all of every realm!"

"Look, stop this bullshit," Harry said in a tired voice. "it's getting old."


"Look, I'm trying to help you."

Hela looked at him like he was speaking a made-up language. "Help me? How would you be able to help me?"

"You'd be surprised. Do you know what I see when I look at you?" Harry said as he began walking forwards, Thor and Brunnhilde began moving but he stopped them with a gesture of his head, not pulling his gaze away from Hela. "I see..."

"Hela." A voice called.

"Oh for fuck sakes!" Harry cursed.

Hela turned around and spotted the owner of the voice. "Father?" She asked. "What are you doing here? I thought you would be cowering up in the throne room."

"Enough Hela," Odin sighed as he walked forwards. "there has been more than enough pain, enough destruction, enough suffering."

"Oh, of course." Hela scoffed. "It's enough when you say it's enough, naturally we must all bow down to the will of the 'great' Odin." She sneered.

"Hela," Odin spoke as he stopped a small distance away from her. "I don't know what I did to make you this way, I..."

"YOU DON'T KNOW?!" Hela erupted, her pale skin turning a bright shade of red as a sword appeared in her hand. "HOW CAN YOU NOT KNOW?!" She moved forwards but quickly stopped when she felt a hand wrap around her wrist, she turned her head and saw that the wizard had grabbed her. She was about to raise her sword when he spoke.

"Wait! Stop!" He quickly said. "Look, don't do this."

"Get out of my way, you miserable..."

"Fuck Odin!" He hissed, cutting her off. "Fuck him, and while you're at it you can tell the greek gods to do the same if they exist, the majority of them were cunts. But listen to me, please, if you kill him then he wins, you need to stop and..."

"Shut up!" Hela snapped, pulling her wrist out of his hand before swinging her sword at an incredible speed, Harry tried his best to avoid it but she had moved faster than he anticipated and her sword went clean through him, chopping through his hood and neck.

"Harry!" Thor gasped upon seeing Harry's head fall onto the floor, a second later his body dropped down next to it. He roared angrily before moving forwards.

"NO! STOP!" Odin's voice boomed, stoping Thor in his tracks. "Stop son," He said in a soft voice "stay back. Do not move."

"You don't know what you did to make me this way?!" Hela hissed, drawing Odin's attention back to herself. "How about the fact that you raised me for war and then threw me away?! You wanted a warrior! I gave you what you wanted! Then you threw me away!"

"Hela, you were out of control, you..."

"Exactly! It didn't matter to you that we conquered nine realms! What mattered to you was that I didn't listen to you!" Hela cut him off. " killed just as many people as me yet you dare to act like you a pure man! We both slaughtered armies and what happened then? You got Asgard and the love of everyone on it while I was tossed into Helheim! And was that enough for you?! NO! You erased me from existence! Covered me up! My accomplishments, my victories, my battles, my wars, and everything in-between, all of it was gone! WHY?!"

"Hela, I..."

"I became what you wanted me to be and when you didn't want that anymore, you threw me away!" Hela shouted, her eyes wetter than they were before.

"I'm sorry, Hela," Odin said as he walked forwards, stopping just in front of her. "I...I truly am sorry. Not just for what I've done, but also what I'm going to do." Odin said, a tear running down from his eye.

"What?!" Hela hissed.

"I sincerely hope that one day you may forgive me, or at least...not hate me," Odin said before he snapped his hand out, and grabbed her by her wrist. "NOW!" He yelled. Several Asgardians, including Frigga, appeared along with Loki, no longer hiding behind the illusions that Loki and Frigga created. A golden circle appeared around, Hela and Odin.

"What are you doing?!" Hela blurted out as energy flowed out from the Asgaridan's and Loki, an energy that directed itself into the circle. Hela tried to move out of it but was stopped by Odin who pulled her into a tight hug.

"I'm sorry, Hela." He whispered into her ear just before a bright, golden light engulfed the two of them. The light died down, leaving just Odin and Hela, the circle had gone as well.

Hela gasped as she pushed Odin off and took a step back. "What? What...what did you do?" She whispered in a horrified voice. Odin didn't immediately answer, he took a step back before he fell backward and landed on his back. Loki and Frigga quickly ran towards Odin and kneeled down alongside him. "What did you do?!" Hela repeated.

"Forgive me, daughter, it was the only way." Odin groaned, looking weaker than ever before. "I...I removed your connection to Asgard." He croaked.

Hela's eyes widened and she stepped back like she had been slapped, her breathing sped up and she looked far crazier than she had ever looked. She wanted to scream, to say that he was lying like he always did, but he wasn't. She could feel her connection with Asgard weakening. She wasn't given long to think on this groundbreaking news as the moment was interrupted by a low, almost animalistic growl, she turned around to find the source of the growl.

The wizard, the one whose head she had removed a few seconds ago, was now standing in front of her, his head now reattached to his body and his hood to the suit, as if they had never been cut off in the first place. His entire body was tense, and she got the feeling that something was about to happen, something that she wouldn't like.

Harry lifted his head and roared into the air as his rage mode activated, apparently having his head cut off was a bit of a trigger for him. It had barely activated before he reared a fist back and punched Hela, the sound of the punch shot through the ears of everyone around them. Hela was lifted into the air and sent flying away, Harry flew after her and as she flew through the air he struck her with another punch, before reaching out and grabbing her hair.

He flew higher into the air before he tossed her upwards and aimed his wand at her. Several beams of varying colors shot out from it, each painfully knocking her higher and higher into the air before Harry reached her with a flying knee to her face, Hela reacted on instinct and slammed a sword into his stomach but Harry had barely been slowed down by that. He rained punch after punch on her as the two were being pulled back down to the ground by gravity.

They had come close to crash landing when they had both become enveloped in green light and taken away.

"Where have they gone?!" Thor blurted out.

'This place is fucking cold.' Was the first thought that came into Harry's head as he opened his eyes, he forced himself to sit up and saw that he was sitting on top of a bunch of snow and ice. All around him was seemingly just snow and ice, the only noticeable exceptions being the large and small stone pillars around him. His eyes scanned the environment for a second before he saw Hela, sitting against a big rock, sitting only a few feet away from him. Her eyes looked blank, there was life in there, but barely. Her mouth was slightly open and her face was paler than ever and covered in bruises and cuts.

"Where are we?" Harry asked while mentally berating himself for losing control like that. Though to be fair, he had a temper, and getting his head cut off was one of the few things that could cause it to erupt just like it had. At first, it looked like Hela wouldn't answer him, he had been about to speak when she finally did.

"My home," She said, not even looking at him, instead she was looking down at the floor like she couldn't look anywhere else. "the home Odin gave me, the one he forced on me. I...I'm back in hell."

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Omake 1:

"Aren't you supposed to be in school?" Harry asked Rose while he sat on his sofa, playing on his PlayStation.

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"I won't tell your mum if you don't tell her."


Omake 2:

"Harry," Natasha said. "Hela just gave Rose a sword."

"And?" Harry raised an eyebrow.

"We need to give her a better sword now," Natasha replied. "I don't care if she's the goddess of death, she's not one-upping me in front of my daughter."

Omake 3:

"So...what is your best accomplishment?" A reporter asked.

"Training my daughter to spit upon hearing the name 'Snape'." Harry answered.