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Chapter 77 -

"Dada!" Rose clapped her tiny little hands excitedly upon seeing Harry arrive at their home, she had noticed him the second he had walked through the door and her eyes had widened dramatically before she began wiggling excitedly in an attempt to escape Sif's lap to reach him.

"She missed you," Sif needlessly informed him as she stood up from the sofa and walked towards him, little Rose's smile got wider the closer she got to him.

"Is that true?" Harry asked as he happily took Rose from Sif, Rose smiled at him before letting out a small laugh as she slapped her hands repeatedly against his chest.

"Dada!" She emphasized her actions with her happy proclamation.

"Forgive my poor heart, it falls under your words," Harry spoke in a dramatic voice before laying a small kiss on her head. "Where's Mama?" Harry asked Sif.

"Well, yours is unfortunately dead," Sif spoke in an innocent voice. "I'm not sure about Natasha's, mine is..."

"Sif, I meant where is Rose's mother." Harry rolled his eyes as he gently pried Rose's hands away from his hair, which she was pulling at, with the sort of causality that came with a ton of practice. "You know, Nat?"

"She's upstairs in your room," Sif informed him just a second before Rose decided to use her non-existent teeth to bite at his shoulder. "on the 'fyone' with Director Fury." She frowned, for some reason, she couldn't help but feel like she had butchered that last sentence.

"It's called a 'phone', dear," Harry gently corrected her. "great, I'll go and see her now." He gave Sif a quick kiss on the cheek before he started carrying Rose to the bedroom.

"Harry, do you want to leave Rose with me when you talk to Natasha?" Sif called.

"Nah, if I have Rose with me then there's less chance of her trying to shoot at me," Harry called back before getting up the stairs. Rose giggled and let out a myriad of rather adorable baby noises on the way to the bedroom and decided to grab at Harry's nose just as he had entered. "hey Nat." He closed the door just as Natasha finished a call and gently placed her phone down.

"So...Goddess of Death, huh?" She asked in a casual voice.

"Pretty much." Harry shrugged as he sat down on the bed, next to her.

"Odin's dead."

"Yeah." Harry shrugged again.

"And now she's here," Natasha replied. "on Earth."

"Midgard as far as she's concerned, but yeah," Harry confirmed with a small nod of his head, a motion that Rose quickly copied with a giggle.

"Fury's not happy," Her voice was still casual.

"Fury's never happy," Harry said, resisting the urge to roll his eyes. "if I gave Fury the cure to cancer, world peace, and a burger then he would probably find something else to complain about."

"True," Natasha agreed just before her eyes narrowed until they were almost like slits. "do you trust her not to do anything to us?" She asked, she didn't feel the need to explain which 'she' she was talking about.

"I honestly don't believe that she will be a threat to us," Harry told her in an honest voice. "and I think that even if she does stupidly decide to do so then she won't succeed, she's weaker and..."

"She could be faking." Natasha pointed out.

"True," Harry agreed. "except that I can feel the noticeable power difference between how she formerly was and how she is now. Plus, even if she is not as smart as I gave her credit for, I could at least hold my own with her when she was at full strength. Not to mention the tons of wards I've set up around this property, any person with bad intentions will not be allowed in, and even if they do, the wards would slow them down and alert me to them. I've even managed to stop Dr. Strange's seriously strange sling rings from being able to pierce through. Not to mention I had the good doctor put up some wards as well. Trust me, I wouldn't risk, Sif or you and Rose by bringing someone to this world if I thought they were a threat." Natasha stared at him for several long seconds before letting out a deep sigh.

"Fine," She allowed her voice to drop the casual tone. "but if she tries something then I'm shooting you," Natasha warned.

"I have no doubt that you'll try."

"I'll succeed, thank you very much," Natasha said with a mock glare before she reached over to try and pick up Rose, except she stopped when Rose turned away from her and seemingly tried to burrow her head into Harry's chest. " that's how it is, now?" Natasha asked in mock offense, placing a hand over her chest in a dramatic fashion.

"Dada." Rose chirped happily before tapping her forehead repeatedly on Harry's chest. "Da..."

"Da." Harry finished for her with a grin on his face.

"I'm starting to feel jealous," Natasha warned, though the seriousness of the warning was ruined by the smile on her face.

"You want to go to Mama?" Harry asked Rose as he held her out so that Natasha could pick her up. Rose let out a loud snort and tried her best to reach towards Harry.

"Are you kidding me?" Natasha sighed.

"You want to go to Dada?" Harry grinned as he pulled Rose back to himself.

"Dada!" Rose confirmed, happily clapping her hands.

"I want to act very adult now and be a good example to my daughter," Harry told Natasha. "but instead, I shall simply say 'ha'." Harry grinned.

"Sire," Ebony Maw, a proud and prominent member of the Black Order and an adoptive son of Thanos, spoke. He had wrinkled grey skin and white hair on the back of his head. "forgive me, but are you sure?" He asked.

"Yes," A deep voice boomed in response. "I am." Thanos, the mad titan and one of the most feared beings in the universe replied. He sat upon his throne, his massive six-foot-seven body covered in gold armor and a gold helmet, leaving only his purple face exposed. "We will attack Earth."

"Of course, if that is what you desire," Ebony bowed his head. "but I must ask, is that truly the wisest course of action?"

"Perhaps, perhaps not," Thanos replied. "but I am long past being willing to wait. We have already obtained the power stone, and now we have the space stone too." Thanos grinned as he held up the arm that he had placed the infinity gauntlet on. He smiled as he looked at it, the gauntlet was an amazing device, worth far more than money. It may just look like a giant, gold, flashy glove but it was far more than that. it was a glove that was capable of holding and harnessing the power of all the six infinity stones. His smile grew wider as he looked at the two stones that he had already placed in the gauntlet, the purple power stone, and the blue space stone.

It was quite fortunate that the ship they had recently captured had possessed the space stone, it was an unbelievable bit of luck, as his information had told him that the last known location of the stone had been on Asgard. He knew of Asgard, not as much as he'd like, but he had known about it. He also knew that even with his own army, getting the stone from Asgard would have been challenging to say the least.

"The space stone dropping into our hands is surely no coincidence," Thanos continued. "I see it, I see it as a sign. A sign that I will achieve my destiny soon, it's close. We must get the others, I will not wait anymore."

"As long as you are sure," Ebony nodded. "we will be heading to 'The Collector' first, and then to Earth." Taneleer Tivan, also widely known as the Collector plus the current head of the Tivan Group, was renowned as the keeper of the largest collection of interstellar fauna, relics, and species in the galaxy. Unfortunately for him, they had discovered that he held an infinity stone in his collection and they were not in the mood to buy or bargain. Ebony didn't really mind that, it was going to Earth that bothered him.

"You seem reluctant," Thanos noted. "is that fear I detect?" He asked.

"Not fear, merely concern," Ebony quickly spoke, the last thing he wanted to do was appear weak in front of Thanos. "our reports show that Earth's heroes are still as strong and united as ever."

"That will not matter," Thanos said dismissively. "they can bring all their strength, all their numbers, but I will not falter, I will not fail. I will win."

"My lord, our spy network has heard whispers, whispers of the one that the Earthlings call 'Grim'." Ebony paused for a moment before continuing. "There are many species in the universe with connections to death, they have all warned against challenging him. Spoke of him with reverence in their voices." He could tell his words had affected Thanos, Thanos tilted his head upwards, a thoughtful expression on his face.

"We shall see," Thanos whispered under his breath before he replied to Ebony. "either way, we shall continue. Earth holds two infinity stones, we cannot avoid going there. We will head to Earth as soon as we get the rest."

"As my lord commands," Ebony Maw nodded. "what of the prisoners?" He asked.

"I have no use for them," Thanos said dismissively. "do what you want with them."

"Thank you." Ebony Maw gave him a smile that would be best described as creepy.

"Right...well...this is a predicament." Loki shook his head as he looked around. He was in a dark blue room, he was on his knees and his hands chained to a wall behind him. Next to him was Korg, a surprisingly soft and gentle Kronan (rock people for those who don't know), on his other side was Miek, a purple creature that was pretty much just a massive insect that was about the size of a small human child. Loki knew that it was only a matter of time before all three of them were either tortured, killed, or both. "Though to be honest, not the worst situation I have ever been in."

"Oh really?" Korg asked in an interesteded voice. "What was the worst?"

"Hard to choose. There was a situation involving some mistletoe that really didn't go well, there was that thing with the horse..." Loki trailed off before shaking his head. "Anyway, that's not important."

"Sounds interesting though." Korg pointed out.

"Either way, we have to work on escaping," Loki replied. Miek let out several long chirping sounds in response.

"Miek's right," Korg nodded in agreement. "what do you want to do after we escape?" He asked.

"We need to get to Earth," Loki responded.

"Why Earth?"

"Because it's closer than Asgard and there are a few people there, including but not limited to a very crazy wizard, who can help us. Plus we can find a way to contact Asgard from there." Loki took a deep breath before he began planning a way to escape.

He couldn't believe that his ship had been ambushed by Thanos of all people, to make things worse, the big-chinned purple maniac had taken the tesseract and had removed the infinity stone from it. Loki knew that one day his kleptomania would get him into trouble, his mother had predicted it. So had Odin, to make things worse, even Thor had, if Thor could see it then that meant it had to be very obvious as far as Loki was concerned.

'I should have listened to Mother,' Loki thought to himself. 'actually, why didn't I? She's undoubtedly the sanest of all of us, not that that's a difficult thing to achieve.'

"We need to escape this room and get to one of the smaller ships," Loki spoke up.

"Why?" Korg asked.

"Because this ship, as impressive as it is, is not designed to be as fast as possible, rather for mass transport." Loki began patiently explaining. "The smaller ships, are designed for speed and can get us to Earth before Thanos."

"Ooh, that's clever." Korg complimented.

"Of course it is," Loki smiled. "I came up with it."

"While we escape, maybe we should damage something to slow them down, like the engine room," Korg suggested, causing Loki to stare at him with a surprised look on his face.

"I thought you to be nothing more than a simple-minded pile of rocks, you are clearly not as stupid as you look." Loki nodded to him.

"Aw, thanks." Korg smiled.

"Now, to work on my escape plan." Loki grinned, escaping would be hard, but when you're the god of mischief, it wouldn't ever be impossible.

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