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Chapter 78 -

"I'm hoping this is important," Harry said as he, Padfoot, Sif and Hela walked into Avengers headquarters.

"Harry," Steve greeted him. "where's Natasha?" He asked after greeting Sif.

"She's at home looking after a baby that I currently want to play with," Harry answered honestly. "oh, and this is my new friend, Hela," Harry added, gesturing to Hela who didn't respond beyond a small nod to Steve.

"Ma'am," Steve nodded to her before turning to Harry. "I would ask more questions, but we're running short on time, follow me." Steve turned and walked away, with the others following after him. Steve guided them to a room where the rest of the Avengers were. As soon as they had entered the room, a silver blur zoomed across the room and a second later Pietro was kneeling in front of Padfoot and began stroking him.

"Good boy," Pietro smiled at Padfoot before looking up and noticing Hela. He stood up and offered her a charming smile. "and who are you?" He asked.

"Not interested." Hela dismissed him with a roll of her eyes.

"Pietro," Wanda groaned, pulling Pietro next to her with her powers. "we don't have time for this."

"She's right," Rhodey agreed. "we need to get to work."

"On what?" Sif asked.

"The potential end of the world." A voice replied just as Loki walked into the room, followed by Korg and Miek.

"Hi new guys," Korg smiled at Harry and the rest. "I'm Korg, and this is Miek. And that's our leader, Loki."

"We've met." Sif cut in before more could be said. "What are you doing here, Loki? I thought you had left."

"That was the plan," Loki sighed. "but we were ambushed on the way."

"Ambushed?" Harry frowned.

"Yes, it's a long story but I'll try to be quick," Loki replied before he began explaining. "and that's about it." He finished a minute later.

"So, let me get this straight," Harry spoke up. "Thanos is coming here, to Earth?" He asked.


"Because he wants the stones?" He asked.

"Pretty much."

"And he already has one of them because you're a kleptomaniac and an idiot, correct?"

"Not how I'd phrase it, but yeah."

"Right, I've decided then, I'm going to kill you." Harry calmly informed Loki.

"As entertaining as that'll be to watch," Tony interrupted. "perhaps we should deal with the aliens first." Harry blinked and stared at Tony as if he had just given him the answer to the most difficult question in the universe.

"Yes, yes, you're right," Harry said thoughtfully. "and after I'll bind him and make him my daughter's slave."

"What?" Sif stared at Harry, joined by the rest of the room including a gaping Loki.

"I'd like to see any other father give their daughter an actual god," Harry muttered under his breath. "I'll be the best."

"I'm not going to lie, I would've loved that when I was younger," Hela commented.

"Okay, back to the invasion," Sif spoke up, deciding to get this meeting back on track. "how long do we have?" She asked Loki. Loki opened his mouth to respond but was cut off as another voice spoke up.

"About two hours or so, give a take half an hour." Everyone in the room turned to the source of the voice and found a man standing in the corner of the room. The well-dressed man was supporting a wide smile as he stared back at everyone. His silver-grey hair was combed back, he had on a pair of sunglasses and supported an eye-catching white moustache that rested comfortably above his upper lip. "Hello everyone." He smiled.

"Stan?" Harry blurted out. "What the heck are you doing here?"

"Oh my..." Hela sucked in a deep breath and stared at Stan with wide eyes.

"You know this guy?" Tony asked.

"Kind of hard not to if you're me," Harry muttered. "why are you here?" He asked Stan.

"I can't ever visit?" Stan asked in a mock hurt voice.

"You never do," Harry replied, rolling his eyes. "would you mind hurrying up? There's apparently an alien invasion about to happen."

"Impatient kids," Stan said under his breath before he spoke. "I'll make this quick, that asshole Thanos has a plan that will cause me a ton of headaches. He wants to eliminate half of the population of the universe."

"What?" Steve blurted out. "Why would he want to do that?"

"He wants to court this universe's death," Stan shook his head with exasperation. "honestly, he's aiming way above his level. Anyway, he plans to use the infinity stones to do so. He currently has two, partly thanks to this dumbass." Stan gestured at Loki who looked slightly offended at that comment. "two of them are here on Earth. One of them in that one's head," He gestured to Vision. "and the other will be with Strange."

"Dr Strange?" Harry asked.

"The exact same one," Stan nodded. "Thanos tried to get the third one, the soul stone, but I've claimed that one with permission from this universes death. Shame she made me give it to her, wouldn't even listen to my reasons about why I should have it."

"She let you do that?" Harry blinked in shock.

"She trusts me, we've got a history," Stan winked. "I've also taken away what Thano believes he needs to get it. To get the stone you'd have had to sacrifice something, he was going to sacrifice his adopted daughter." Stan waved his hand and suddenly a group of people appeared, firstly a brown-haired man, then a big grey man with purple tattoos all over his body. Following him was a woman with antennas on her head, behind her was a child-sized walking tree that was playing video games on a handheld console and a walking dressed up racoon before a blue-skinned woman that was partly made of metal and then the final member of this unique group walked out, a green-skinned and black-haired woman. "Allow me to introduce the 'Guardians of the galaxy'," Stan continued. "we have Peter Quill, Drax, Mantis, Groot, Rocket, Nebula and finally Gamora."

"Hi, nice to meet you all," Peter Quill smiled awkwardly at them before he took a moment to appreciate how good looking the women of Earth were. "a great pleasure."

"Focus," Gamora said in an irritated voice, slapping Quill on the back of his head. "we need to stop my father."

"No shit, sweetie," Harry rolled his eyes before turning to Stan. "so you need us to stop this guy."

"Yes, unfortunately, I am limited to what I can do here," Stan sighed. "moving around a few people, that's fine. Stopping an entire army and repeatedly changing a massive world-altering event, that's a no-no. So, do your best, and call me when you're done. I've got a poker game to get to. Love you." Stan called before disappearing.

"Who the hell was that guy?" Sam asked, looking quite confused, a look that everybody else was sharing.

"That...would be Death." Harry sighed. "Or at least the death of my old world, I didn't expect to see him here."

"That man was death?" Rocket asked disbelievingly.

"Holy crap, the racoon can talk." Tony stared at Rocket with disbelief.

"Don't call me a racoon!"

"Enough," Steve cut in. "now's not the time. We need to focus."

"I'll contact Strange and get some magical back-up," Harry said as he pulled out his phone. "if anybody else has any suggestions then I'm open for them."

"I can contact Wakanda," Gwen spoke up. "we're pretty friendly with the royalty there."

"Cool, let's go and kill some aliens, then I can go home and forget this madness."

It wasn't very long before Thanos's spaceship flew into the Earth's atmosphere, in the centre of the ship, sat upon a throne and dressed from head to toe in a gold armour was Thanos, the mad titan. A tall, eight-foot being with purple skin and a rather big chin, currently one of the most feared beings in the universe. He looked around the room and saw that along with various henchmen were the Black Order, a special group of beings that Thanos had adopted.

"Sire," Ebony Maw, one of the Black Order spoke. "we are flying over the headquarters of Earth's protectors, as soon as you give the word we will open fire."

"Good," Thanos allowed a small smile to slip onto his face, so far it seemed like his plan was going well. There were setbacks, of course, as there are with most plans. But nothing he couldn't overcome. "once we collect the stones from this rock, we will work on grabbing the final stone. Destroy them."

"Yes, sire." Ebony nodded before sending a signal to the crew of the ship, less than ten seconds later a barrage of blasts shot out from the ship and towards the Avengers headquarters below them. Thanos watched through a monitor with a small smile, knowing that as soon as he took out the strongest warriors on this planet that he'd be able to quickly secure the stone and claim the rest of the planet. After all, Earth didn't have anything he hadn't seen from other planets.

Thanos's smile was quickly wiped off of his face as a large number of portals suddenly opened up from above the Avengers headquarters, the missile strikes from the ship disappeared into the portals, Thanos quickly realised where they went when he felt his ship violently shake.

"You really fucked up this time, you know?" A voice asked everyone in the room snapped their heads toward a corner of the room where Harry and Dr Strange were standing.

"I've never been on an alien spaceship before." Dr Strange admitted in a casual voice as he looked around.

"I have," Harry shrugged. "though never one this big."

"What are you doing here?!" Thanos demanded as he stood up, raising the hand with the infinity gauntlet, in it was the power stone and the reality stone.

"Right, I'm here to take those stones from you, and then I'm going to kill the bleeding lot of you," Harry explained calmly as if discussing what food he would have for dinner.

"I'd like to see you try," Thanos raised his hand but froze a second later as he and everyone else was stopped by Dr Strange who froze everyone using the time stone, leaving only himself and Harry able to move.

"I'm not going to lie, this is a little anti-climactic." Dr Strange frowned as Harry summoned the infinity stones out of Thanos's gauntlet and into a container.

"At my age, you would prefer it like that." Harry smiled before he shot a killing curse at Thanos and then a few more at everybody else in the room. "Now, you want to blow up the ship's engine with me?" Harry offered, Dr Strange blinked and stared at him for several moments before responding.

"Sure, why not?" Harry grabbed his arm and a moment later they teleported over to the engine room.

The following battle, while impressive, wasn't a particularly long one. Once the engine was destroyed, the ship ended up crashlanding to the ground below, Thanos's army tried their best but were quickly cut down as they were attacked from all sides by not just the Wakandans that had arrived via portals, but also the sorcerers, the guardians of the galaxy and the Avengers. Even Hela happily joined in. Thanos's army, one of the most destructive armies in the universe, ended up being annihilated.

"So, not bad," Stan smiled as he and Harry stood outside of Harry's house.

"Not bad?!" Harry repeated with disbelief. "we just beat a fricking alien army and got you the majority of the most powerful objects in the universe! I think there should be more than just 'not bad'."

"You're right," Stan's smile grew wider. "I am actually quite grateful, Death got the stones and I'm meeting her later to get a personal 'thank you'." Stan waggled his eyebrows at Harry.

"Ew." Harry's nose wrinkled

"As for your thank you, Death and I decided upon something that we know you'd like."

"What's that?" Harry asked, staring at Stan and wondering just how big this reward was going to be, knowing his luck he'd end up with death's personal hell hound or something.

"All you've ever wanted was a family, right?" Stan asked.

"Yeah," Harry nodded slowly, wondering where this was going.

"And you have one now, but now that you have one, you're worried about losing them, correct?" Stan raised an eyebrow.

"Once again, yeah," Harry gave Stan a look that quite clearly said 'please, get on with it.'.

"Well, here you go." Stan waved his hand and Harry felt his body shake briefly.

"W...what did you just do?" Harry looked at him warily.

"Your family will now live as long as you do," Stan smiled brightly at him.

"What?!" Harry blurted out.

"Your wife, daughter, and any other and children you may have will live as long as you do!" Stan told him brightly. "Don't worry, I've given the same bonus for Sif and Hela too."

"Wait...I have a ton of questions, firstly, why Hela?" Harry asked quickly, his mind racing as it struggled to process this new information.

"Mainly because I ship it," Stan answered honestly. "also because I asked around up there and suspect that you two are more than likely going to become an item in the future. Oh, and before you ask, I know that immortality is a struggle for you mortals so I've put in a loophole. None of you will die until you are ready, and I promise you that you will be together when you all reach the next life."


"I swear," Stan said solemnly. "you've done a lot, Harry, not just in this world but also your last one. Some good, some bad. But in my opinion, you deserve happiness, as does everybody else in that house."

"I...I don't know what to say." Harry blinked as tears filled his eyes.

"No need to say anything, son," Stan smiled at him. "just go in and kiss your family for me. Goodbye Harry." Stan waved at him just before his body slowly vanished from Harry's sight.

Harry stared at where Stan had been, he wasn't sure how long he stood there, staring into nothing as he processed what he learnt. Harry was pulled out of his trance when he felt something nudge his hand, he turned and saw Padfoot standing next to him.

"Woof?" Padfoot barked.

"I...I think so." Harry gave him a teary smile. "I think right now, I need to do one thing."


"I'm going to go in there, kiss my wife and hug my daughter and erect a shrine for Stan." Harry smiled before he turned and walked towards his house with Padfoot loyally following behind him.

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Omake 1:

"Mum, Dad," Rose smiled, "meet my boyfriend, Miles Morales."

"Hi." Miles waved.

"Aren't you that new Spiderman?" Harry asked.

"Um...yes, sir."

"That's good, it means you should be able to dodge this," Harry said before he pulled out several large guns.

Omake 2:

"Red hair, and muggle clothes? You must be a Weasley." Draco Malfoy sneered at Natasha who narrowed her eyes at him.





"So...what did she break?" Harry asked Draco who was lying down on a hospital bed, covered in bandages..

"Everything." Draco groaned.

Omake 3:

"So, to sum up, you want me to join you in destroying what many consider to be one of the most dangerous armies in the world?" Hela asked Harry.

"Pretty much." Harry nodded.

"Put your fucking baby in me right now."

Omake 4:

"Happy birthday Rose!"

Rose opened her eyes and saw Loki trapped in a cage.

"You got me my own Loki?!" Rose gasped.

"Yep!" Harry grinned.

"Cool! Does it come with a Thor as well?" Rose asked, ignoring the way that Loki was screaming and banging his fists on the cage. Harry paused and stared at her.

"I'll be right back."

Omake 5:

"All's well that ends well," Death smiled as she looked down at the Earth below her. "Stan."


"Get your hand off my butt please."