(Hazbin Hotel and Helluva boss belong to Vivienne Medrano

Red is my OC. He belongs to me.)

It was father's day in the Hazbin Hotel.

Charlie was preparing a gift for Lucifer. She was going to make sure that he enjoyed it.

But she wanted to see how the others celebrated.

She walked up to Vaggie, "So, babe. . How do you celebrate father's day?"

Vaggie shrugged, "Well. . Mine died when I was 13. And before, he Always said we never had to get him anything. So. . Mom and I never did. We just. . Spent it like any other day."

Charlie said, looking down, "Well. . That's a little upsetting." She put a hand on Vaggie's ass, "But. . I know a way to feel better."

Vaggie chuckled, "Later. For now. . You go celebrate."

Charlie said, "Sure." She left the room.

She looked around the hotel to see who could help her celebrate. She made sure to steer clear of Angel Dust. Knowing the terrible relationship between him and his father.

Charlie decided to ask Alastor.

Alastor said, "I Never knew mine. He died during my mother's pregnancy with me. So, we never really celebrated." He walked off, "But I know that Lucifer would just enjoy your company."

Charlie walked around. She liked that Alastor said that. . But didn't know if he was right.

She asked Husk.

Husk said, "My dad skipped town the day I was born. Never met him." He took a drink, "But. . You do. . Whatever the fucking boss likes."

Charlie walked off. . Next to ask was Red. Their wolf demon gardener.

Red poured water into the plants, "Father's day? Hmm. . My father and I. . When I was a young lad. . We'd drive all the way to Dublin and spend time with all the living relatives. Soon as I turned 18. . Just went to a bar every year." He patted Charlie's head, "But I know Yer father. And I know ye and he both like musicals. So. . Just go sing with him. He'll love it."

Charlie smiled, "Thanks, Red."

Red replied, "Any time Yer highness. Just. . Avoid stepping on the plants on yer way out."

Charlie moved on. . She didn't ask Nifty. . Nifty's relationship with her father was. . Not great.

So instead. . She finally prepared her gift. . And walked to the car.

Meanwhile. . Someone else had been thinking about this day.

(Magne family palace) .

Lucifer stood in his palace. Gazing into the distance.

He knew it was father's day. . But he had no desire to get his own Father anything. Theirs. . Was the most broken relationship of all.

Lilith walked up and handed him a box. She said, "Happy father's day dear."

Lucifer smiled, "Thank you, my love." He opened the box. . It was a new instrument. A tambourine. He said, "Music. Lovely." He kissed Lilith.

Lilith smirked, "You'll be getting ANOTHER gift from me. . Later tonight." She walked away. . Swaying her hips all the while.

Lucifer smiled, "Oh. I love her." He put his gift away. . And returned to his thoughts.

Charlie would be around soon. . To deliver him a gift of her own later. But. . He thought. . Perhaps it would be fun to see how the other father's of Hell are with their children. Most likey. . Entertainment.

He started up his crystal ball. . To look at them. . Starting with his idiot associate, Stolas.

Stolas and his daughter, Octavia. . Painted together.

Painting an image from when she was a child. Some kind of happy day at a theme park.

Lucifer groaned, "How droll. Well. . At least they are happy." He then thought of something, "That imp who works for them sometimes. . He has a daughter. . He adopted a Hellhound."

He changed his crystal ball to look at the imp.

The imp was in his home. . Some kind of apartment.

The Hellhound walked in.

Someone asked her, "You live with your father?"

She responded with, "No. He lives with me." She shut the door, "Blitzo! You got some mail. Taxes."

Blitzo took the letter and burned it. He said, "Thanks Loona! You know how much I don't like that crap."

Loona replied, taking out a beer from the refrigerator, "No problem. Happy father's day."

Blitzo lit up when he heard those words. He said, "Won't you sing some jingles with me, baby girl?!"

Loona growled, "Don't. Call me. That." She took a sip of beer, "I stopped being a baby when you bought me my first beer."

Blitzo smiled, "Aww. . But you'll still always be my baby."

Loona sighed, "Okay. So. . What the jingle from. . Cheerios or something?"

Blitzo said, "Any there are."

Lucifer groaned, "Well. . I guess that this means. . Even demons make good dads." He lowered his head.

His father threw him out. . And he knew there was plenty between him and Charlie. . That he couldn't exactly take back.

And yet. . These demons. . Who he once thought so little of. . Turned out to be good fathers? It didn't make sense.

Lilith walked in and said, "Luci, dear? Someone's here to see you."

Lucifer asked, "Whom?"

Lilith smiled, "Come downstairs, you'll see."

Lucifer followed his wife down to the foyer. . Seeing Charlie standing there.

She said, "Uh. . Hey, Dad. Happy father's day."

Lucifer asked, "What do you want to speak about Charlie?"

Charlie said, "I Know that. . We haven't talked in a while. And I Know you REALLY don't agree with the hotel. . But. . You're still my Dad. . And I love you." She looked down, "You hurt my feelings when you called me a failure but. . I know you do mean well. And. . I want to move past all this." She hugged him, "Besides. . It is father's day. The day to celebrate with your father. And I figured I'd give you the present of. . Music." She looked him in the eye, "And. . Grandpa may not Love you. . But Mom loves you. . And I love you."

Lucifer sighed, "Charlie. . I do love you. . But. ." He thought about it. Everything he'd said. . That he can't take back. With her. . And with his own father. . He felt. . Well. . Like an a***.

He returned the hug, "The finest gift I have. . Is you."

They spent all night. . Singing songs from their favorite musicals.

(The end. Happy father's day)