Hermione's Surrender

Hermione Granger sat at the table of hers and Ron Weasley's flat, idly stirring the food on her plate. With a deep sigh she stared across at the plate sitting at the red-head's place.

She was experiencing conflicting emotions. On one hand she was exceedingly angry but she was also quite morose.

Ron had owled her that he was stopping off at the Leaky Cauldron to meet up with a few of his old Gryffindor dorm-mates but he had promised that he'd be home in time for dinner.

That had been over three hours ago. When she had received the message she had given him the benefit of her doubts but like too often in the past she found herself extremely disappointed. Once again Ron had failed to keep his promise to her.

Not only did it make her angry, it also hurt more than she could say. With another deep sigh, she knew it was time for a change.

Banishing the remains of her meal, she set her dish to washing itself and headed up to hers and Ron's bedroom.

Now that she'd made her decision, she wasted no time. With a wave of her wand she packed her belongs and shrunk her trunk down so she could carry it in her pocket.

Taking one last look around to make she she wasn't forgetting anything, she sighed deeply, knowing that she'd never be returning. She felt her eyes tearing as she realized that this chapter of her life was over as was her relationship with Ron.

Returning downstairs, she donned her cloak and without looking back, she walked out the door and Apparated away.

She had briefly considered going back to her parent's house but with what she was contemplating, she didn't want to deal with her parents.

That left her with the Leaky Cauldron and she was able to obtain a room with no problem. She hoped that it would be a temporary solution and she'd only be here the one night.

Once shown to her room, she quickly stripped down and crawled into bed, falling asleep almost instantly, knowing that her life was going to change completely come the morning, at least she hoped so.

Back at the flat, Ron stumbled out of the floo, obviously quite drunk.

"Hermione," he yelled drunkenly.

When he didn't get a reply, he shrugged, figuring that she wasn't speaking to him once again. He gave a half-hearted grin, he knew he'd have to grovel a little in the morning to get back in her good graces.

With a glance at the kitchen, he wondered if she'd left his dinner on the table. With another shrug, he realised he really didn't care and with a loud belch, he threw himself on the couch, knowing that there was no way Hermione would let him sleep in the same bed as her.

Plus, in reality, he was fairly sure he wouldn't be able to navigate the stairs anyway.

Curling up with one of the throw pillows, in an instant he was sound asleep, snoring loudly.

Harry and Ginny

Hermione awoke and began to prepare herself for the coming day. The first thing she did after taking her shower was to remove her pubic hair. Instead of the standard spell she used one that permanently removed it.

She had let it grow back after she had started dating Ron as he had mentioned on several occasions that he believed that only slags removed theirs.

With a small smile she gently ran her hand over her freshly denuded mons, loving how sensitive she was now.

Like the true slag she knew herself to be, she felt herself growing wet at the sensation.

On the spur of the moment she decided to give herself a enema to clear her bowels, knowing that if things went the way she hoped, the her anus and bowels would be well used too.

Brushing her hair, she studied herself in the mirror before slipping a loose dress on, forgoing any underwear. She figured it would save time in the long run.

Taking a deep breath, she threw on her cloak, gathered her things and left her room, heading for the Apparation point behind the pub.

She hesitated a moment but knew that delaying would gain her nothing. With one last deep, calming breath, she Apparated away.

She appeared outside the wards of Harry's and Ginny's place. She sighed as she glanced across the grounds. It was a huge property that just screamed Harry and Ginny. From the Quidditch pitch to the pond and the barn with all the animals it was filled with things that spoke of their interests.

With a sad smile at knowing that she and Ron had never been able to do something similar, she set off for the door.

Harry and Ginny

Ron awoke with a killer hangover. He stumbled into the kitchen and was surprised when he didn't find anything waiting.

Annoyed, he knew he'd failed to make it home for dinner like promised but usually over night Hermione would have calmed enough to at least make breakfast and leave him a hangover potion. Putting off his apology until the evening.

He'd grovel and apologize and then fawn over her for the evening and then things would be back to normal. Besides the make up sex was almost always fantastic.

He grumbled and figured he'd have to really pour on the fawning and apology.

He attempted to make himself something to eat but as soon as he started to fry some bacon, his stomach protested and he had to run to the loo to vomit.

He angrily cursed Hermione for not at least leaving him a potion and feeling none too charitable to his girlfriend, he headed up to shower and change.

He figured if he was lucky he'd be able to find a damn hangover potion too,

Harry and Ginny

"Harry!" Ginny called out. "Are you expecting anyone? The wards just signalled someone's here."

"No," Harry called back as he finished throwing on his clothes. He'd just finished his shower after helping Ginny feed and water all their animals.

Ginny glanced out the window. Her eyes widened in surprise when she saw who it was that had showed up so early.

"Harry, it's Hermione," she told him as he entered the kitchen.

"Really? I wonder what she wants?" he replied thoughtfully.

It had been quite some time since the bushy-haired woman had been seen other than at the Burrow when the whole family got together.

Hermione paused before the door to Harry's and Ginny's home, trying to calm her nerves. Yes, she was hoping to return to her previous place as their slave but it had been quite a few years since she had to submit to someone else.

In her failed relationship with Ron, she had always been the one in control, especially when it came to their actions in the bedroom.

Taking one deep final calming breath, she raised her hand and knocked on the door.

Almost immediately the door swung open, revealing Ginny. It had happened so fast that Hermione gave a small jump in surprise.

"Hello, Hermione. Long time no see," Ginny greeted the bushy-haired young woman, somewhat teasingly.

Hermione took another deep breath and blew it out, causing Ginny to raise her one eyebrow.

"Well, yes, it has been quite a while, but I was hoping to talk to you and Harry," Hermione stated softly, keeping her eyes downcast.

"Come on in, Harry's in the kitchen making breakfast," Ginny stated as she ushered the brown haired woman in.

Hermione gave her a small, half smile. "I haven't eaten yet so a spot of breakfast would be welcome," she stated softly.

Ginny quirked an eyebrow, noting the bushy-haired woman's demeanour. Her thoughts went back to when she had been hers and Harry's slave. She was once more exhibiting her more submissive side.

With a knowing grin, she followed Hermione into the kitchen.

Harry smiled at the pair as they entered the kitchen. He was just plating up the last of the food.

"Have a seat, breakfast is ready," he remarked with a smile.

He and Ginny shared a glance that went unnoticed by Hermione. The brunette seemed lost in her thoughts and basically just picked at her food.

Harry finally got her to look up and join in the conversation. He and Ginny kept to light topics and slowly Hermione began to relax some and was able to eat some of her meal.

Breakfast eventually came to an end and the trio moved into the parlour.

"Okay, now that breakfast is out of the way, why don't we get to the reason for your visit," Ginny smirked.

Hermione's nervousness returned and it took a moment for her to gather her courage and speak.

"I, that is, well," she stammered appearing awkward and somewhat afraid.

"Hermione, you're amongst friends and you can say anything to us without fear," Harry interjected.

Hermione took a deep breath and blinked rapidly to try and clear her suddenly watery eyes.

"The thing is, I, um, I have left Ron. He has hurt me to often with his uncaring ways," she whispered hesitantly.

Ginny gave her a sympathetic look. "I knew that he wasn't right for you," she stated sadly.

"I think I always knew it too but just didn't want to admit it," Hermione admitted ruefully.

"What happened?" Harry asked softly.

"The straw that broke the Hippogriffs back was last night. He sent a message just before I left work and he promised to be home for dinner though he said he was going to stop off for a pint with Seamus, Dean and a few others from our Hogwarts days," Hermione explained.

She gave a sad huff. "Well I waited and waited but he never came home," she added quietly.

"I sat and thought about how many times he's done something similar and hurt me deeply. He can't respect me if he keeps breaking his promises to me. I decided I'd had enough of him and his attitude and decided to leave. I packed up my things and took a room at the Cauldron," she continued.

Both Harry and Ginny shook their heads in disgust at Ron's actions.

Hermione sighed deeply. "I'm tired, tired of him treating me like dirt. Tired of always being the one who has to take care of everything. I'm tired of being frustrated and left in the lurch. I'm tired of just about everything."

"I don't want to be the one who has to keep everything together. I don't want to be in control any more," she sighed.

She looked up, glancing from Harry to Ginny. "I was hoping that you'd agree to take me back as your slave," she stated softly but firmly.

While Harry looked surprised, Ginny gave a knowing grin.

"Is that what you truly want," the red-headed witch asked pointedly.

"More than anything," Hermione replied fervently.

"What about your job?" Harry asked.

"I went and resigned before I came here," the bushy-haired brunette replied.

Harry and Ginny looked at her in surprise. "Pretty bold for not knowing what we'd do," Harry remarked with a smirk.

"I hoped that things would go the way I wished." she answered embarrassingly. "Even if they don't I knew I had to make changes in my life," she added ruefully. "If I kept my job Ron would have shown up and try to get me to take him back."

Ginny stared at Hermione intensely.

"Wait here while Harry and I discuss this," she said firmly.

Hermione lowered her gaze. "Yes Mistress," she replied submissively.

Harry and Ginny shared a smirk as they made their way into the kitchen. Once there, Harry quickly cast several privacy charms to make sure that they weren't over heard.

Harry then turned his attention to his wife, quirking an eyebrow at her.

"Yes, I know," Ginny chuckled.

"Well, we were just talking about almost this exact thing just last night, though Hermione's name never came up," Harry laughed.

While Harry and Ginny were in the kitchen, Hermione decided to prepare herself. She stood and removed her robes and slipped off the light dress she was wearing, revealing her naked body. She refused to consider the notion that Harry and Ginny wouldn't accept her as their sex slave once again.

With a wistful smile, she lightly ran her hand over her freshly denuded nether region, relishing the thrill that ran through her. She knew that she soon wouldn't be doing so, at least when she wished.

The last thing she did was lay her wand and her old slave collar in front of her, hopefully it would soon be back where it ultimately belonged, around her neck, signalling her submission.

Once she was ready, she knelt in the submissive position they had taught her all those years ago, knees spread as wide as possible, her hands tucked behind her, resting on her arse and with her head tilted forward, her eyes downcast.

Her one wish was that she still had her piercing rings so that she could have reinserted them.

She took one last deep breath and exhaled slowly. Now all she had to do was wait.

Back in the kitchen Harry and Ginny exchanged glances, knowing that there wasn't really any doubt as to what they'd be doing.

With a smouldering look, Ginny flowed into Harry's arms, giving him a hot, passionate kiss.

Harry returned her kiss with equal intensity while his hands slid down to cup her arse cheeks, massaging them deeply.

Ginny moaned into Harry's mouth, loving the feelings he was invoking in her. She felt herself getting wet and though she wanted to escalate things, she knew they needed to deal with Hermione first.

Harry ground his hard member into Ginny's steaming crotch, wanting to carry things to the next level, but like his wife, he knew that they needed to handle Hermione.

Besides it would be fun to torment the bushy-haired woman while he ravaged his wife in front of her.

They reluctantly broke apart but with the knowledge that they would be continuing in the near future.

Opening the door, they made their way back into the parlour. Ginny ground to a sudden halt causing Harry to almost run into her back.

"Well . . . well . . . well, what do we have here?" Ginny smirked with a grin as she took in Hermione.

Harry chuckled behind her. "Well, this is going to save a lot of time."

"Yes it will," Ginny agreed.

Silently Hermione breathed a sigh of relief. From what she heard her wish was going to come true. No more worries, no more decisions to make. She'd finally be free to be herself without any restraints.

Just thinking about it sent a thrill shooting through her, making her pussy spasm and begin to moisten.

Harry and Ginny stood in front of Hermione, staring down at her collar laying on the floor in front of her.

"Are you really sure that this is what you want?" Ginny asked one last time.

"Yes, Mistress, more than anything," Hermione replied softly but fervently.

"You know what you need to do then," Ginny replied.

Hermione picked up her wand, knowing that it would probably be for the last time. "I, Hermione Granger, do hereby swear to bind myself to Harry and Ginny Potter from this day forward. To willingly submit myself to their will, to be used as they see fit no matter how demeaning or embarrassing I may find it. I swear by my magic, so mote it be."

A bright light sprang from her wand, swirling around her and the Potters before it settled and sank into Hermione.

Her eyes closed and she sighed, a smile creeping onto her face. She felt she was where she truly was meant to be and what she was meant to be.

Her eyes snapped open and her smile grew when she felt and heard Ginny snapping her slave collar back in place.

"Thank you, Mistress," she breathed out softly, totally accepting her enslavement.

She then handed her wand to Ginny, knowing that she probably wouldn't be needing it any more.

"Come, Slave," Ginny commanded. "We'll show you to your quarters," she added as she headed into the kitchen.

Hermione hurried to follow, crawling as fast as she could after Ginny.

Harry followed, watching Hermione's arse, eager to abuse the white, creamy, unblemished flesh. He felt his anticipation rise, keen on seeing it glowing red once again. It was one of the things he missed the most.

Ginny led Hermione over to a small, spartan room, austere to the max.

"This is where you will sleep or stay when you have no other duties to tend to. If you are good, you will be allowed to decorate it to your liking," Ginny explained.

"Thank you, Mistress. It is more than adequate for my humble needs," Hermione stated lowly as she glanced around.

"Right, we'll discuss your duties later. Right now I think it's time to introduce you to the playroom," the red-head added with a smirk.

Hermione felt her pussy spasm in anticipation. This was the reason she had returned to Harry and Ginny. She craved the sexual tension that her submission produced. It was what she lived for and desired above all else.

Harry led the way to a door that was on the other side of the kitchen. Opening it, Hermione could see it led down into a basement.

Her eyes widened in surprise as she took in what was down there. While not as extensive as the equipment that the Room of Requirement had provided back when she had first been bound to Ginny, it was a fairly well stocked dungeon.

There was a wide range of paraphernalia that could be used to titillate and torment. She felt herself becoming wet just looking at everything.

As soon as she was down to the floor, she quickly assumed her submissive pose once again.

Though she did incline her head, she couldn't help but peek as Harry and Ginny went to the main wall where most everything was hung up.

Harry chose several smaller objects while Ginny picked several different floggers and paddles.

Hermione clenched her arse cheeks involuntarily, knowing that she was certainly going to be subject to a paddling or spanking. She could almost feel the heat that would be coming off her tortured flesh in the very near future.

Harry and Ginny shared a pretty passionate kiss before approaching Hermione.

Harry reached her first as Ginny slowed and hung back, Without saying a word, he attached Clover Clamps to each nipple, causing the bushy-haired brunette to moan softly.

"Missed that, did you?" he asked with a knowing grin.

"Yes, Master," Hermione acknowledged as she blushed deeply. She found it embarrassing to have to admit it.

Harry tugged on the chain that joined the two clamps, making them bite harder.

"We'll need to get you pierced again," he commented, glancing at his wife who smiled and nodded in agreement.

He then proceeded to insert a cock gag into her mouth. While not exceedingly long, it was quite fat, so much so that Hermione felt her jaw protesting as he forced it into her mouth.

She whimpered slightly as he buckled it into place and she knew that she would be hard pressed to make any sounds other than grunts, groans and moans.

Harry then led her over to a spanking frame and patted the top rail. With a gesture he indicated she should lay along the top as opposed to draping herself over the frame.

Hermione took a good look at the frame as she approached it. The stout wooden legs were splayed both width-wise and length-wise, giving it a very sturdy appearance.

It was also tall enough so that no matter which way she was placed on the frame, her feet wouldn't touch the ground. The top rail, while padded, was also fairly narrow and shaped rather like a triangle though it didn't come all the way to a sharp point.

She gingerly climbed up and as she laid flat, her arms and legs hanged down on either side, letting the top fit between her breasts and her labia.

Hermione squirmed slightly to settle herself and as she stilled, Harry used sticking charms to attach her arms and legs to the frame, pulling her limbs fairly tight.

She groaned softly as the nipple clamps swung, causing them to bite a little deeper and increase her discomfort a bit more.

The frame was situated so that Hermione was facing the wall of implements, something she was sure was deliberate.

Harry approached the wall, inspecting a selection of canes. There were the traditional rattan ones along with more modern ones composed of several different materials.

There were ones of a hard polished wood along with ones that were made from artificial materials like fibreglass and carbon-fibre. All came in a variety of diameters and lengths.

Harry chose one of the fibreglass ones of about three feet long and gave it a sharp swing making it swoosh menacingly several feet in front of Hermione's face.

Unseen by the bushy-haired brunette, Ginny smiled at the way Hermione's eyes widened as she made a small whimpering sound.

"While I think this would leave some very beautiful marks, I think for right now I'll stick with the more traditional rattan," Harry stated as he returned the fibreglass rod to the wall, exchanging it for a rattan one.

Once more he swung the cane swiftly, making it swoosh loudly.

Hermione began to breathe rapidly, already trying to prepare herself for the punishment she was about to receive. She felt her fanny clench uncontrollably and begin to get wet.

Harry moved to the end of the frame and gently ran his one hand over Hermione's arse cheeks, causing her to flinch.

"My my, someone is strung a little tight," Ginny commented with a wry grin.

"Yes she is," chuckled Harry as he continued to run his hand over Hermione's unblemished arse.

He turned his attention to Ginny. "How many strokes should we begin with?" he asked with a somewhat detached air.

"Hmm," Ginny replied thoughtfully. "Six is the traditional number but I think we should start with an even ten," she added after a couple of moments.

Harry nodded in agreement. "Yeah, ten sounds like a good number," he agreed.

He stepped back slightly and measured the distance by holding the cane out, hovering just off Hermione's backside.

Ginny couldn't help but marvel at how steady his hand was. She knew if she was holding the cane it would be shaking slightly due to her excitement.

Without any warning Harry swung his arm back before driving it forward. It made that wonderful swooshing sound that ended with a sharp smack as it struck Hermione's unprotected arse.

She groaned deeply as tears sprang into her eyes as the pain shot through her.

Harry paused as he and Ginny inspected Hermione's arse closely, both smiling as they watched as the deep pink line appeared where the cane had struck.

"Wait a moment," Ginny interjected. "I want to remove her gag so I can hear her screams."

"Whatever you wish," Harry chuckled.

Ginny quickly removed the cock gag from Hermione's mouth and set it aside.

"There, that's better," she commented as she patted the bushy-haired brunette's cheek.

Hermione was grateful that Ginny had removed the gag as it had been making her jaw ache.

Before she could even acknowledge the act, Harry delivered the next blow.

Taken by surprise, Hermione couldn't stop herself from screaming as she writhed uncontrollably.

Harry and Ginny shared smiles and once more took the time to inspect the results of the blow.

Ginny was suitably impressed as the second line was dead parallel to the first and spaced a perfect ½ inch from it.

Giving him a nod, Harry prepared to deliver the next strike.

Hermione was breathing hard as she tried to deal with the pain that the caning was causing her.

The thing was, as much as it hurt, she could feel her juices dripping out of her pussy.

Harry continued to lay on the cane, taking his time to make sure that Hermione settled and became immobile between each stroke so that he had a steady target to aim at.

By the end, Hermione was hanging limply, sobbing uncontrollably. She had a very nice pattern of deep red stripes across her arse, all evenly spaced almost as if they had been drawn on.

The thing was, even thought it stung quite a bit, her endorphins had begun to kick in and she really was enjoying the experience. She had missed it more than she wanted to admit to anyone, even herself.

As she lay there, Ginny stepped up behind her and jambed three fingers into her sopping slit, driving them as deep as possible.

"She's still such a slag," the red-head stated as she worked her fingers in and out.

Hermione began to moan as the effect of Ginny's actions began to sink in but before she had a chance to orgasm, Ginny halted, causing the brunette to groan out in frustration.

She knew better than to ask to orgasm at this stage.

Harry cancelled the sticking charms and indicated for Hermione to get off the spanking frame.

Ginny attached a leash to her collar and led her over to a different piece of furniture. It was slightly lower than the spanking frame and had places for Hermione to place her legs in a kneeling position. Once she was in place Ginny cast more sticking charms to keep the brunette in place.

Harry stepped up behind her and without any prelude lined his member up with her arse and pressed forward forcefully.

Hermione groaned out as she felt Harry force himself deep into her rear opening without taking her comfort into consideration at all.

He thrust rapidly, driving himself fully into Hermione's arse hole.

Hermione's eyes began to water as the pain from her brutal taking over took her.

While Harry pounded into her arse, Ginny came up to her face and grabbed her by the hair, lifting her head forcefully as she turned around. She bent over slightly, shoving her arse into the brunette's face.

"Lick my arse," she ordered.

Hermione immediately stuck her tongue out and began to lick all around Ginny's arse hole. She felt a shiver run through her as she savoured the funky, earthy taste of Ginny's rear opening.

"That's it, Slave. Drive that tongue deep into my arse," the red-head commanded.

Hermione was more than happy to comply. Stiffening her tongue, she drove it past Ginny's sphincter and began to tongue fuck the petite red-head.

Ginny moaned in pleasure, enjoying having Hermione pay homage to her arse.

Harry grunted as he emptied his bollocks deep in Hermione's bowels.

"Godric, she's tight," he remarked. "Well, we know how to rectify that," he commented as he went over to the wall and took down an all too familiar butt plug. It was identical to the one he had first used back in their Hogwarts days. It had a horsetail that hung down.

Grabbing some lube, he applied a healthy amount before he drove it into Hermione's arse.

Hermione had to squelch her moan as she kept tonguing Ginny's arse.

Ginny finally let go of Hermione's hair and stepped away, a smile on her lips. "She still has a very talented tongue. We did teach her well," she commented with a smirk.

Harry had grabbed a set of dragon-hide cuffs that he placed on Hermione's wrists. Once they were securely fastened in place he cancelled the sticking charms and led the bushy-haired brunette over to a thick wooden beam that had a couple of ropes hanging down.

The cuffs had steel D-rings on them and Harry quickly attached the ropes to the cuffs. Once they were in place, he hauled on the ropes until Hermione's arms were stretched up over her head until she was standing on tip-toes.

He removed the nipple clamps causing Hermione to cry out as the blood rushed back into her sensitive flesh, causing her quite a bit of pain.

As before, though it hurt rather intensely, she felt that familiar thrill shoot through her body. Something she had missed and craved so much.

Ginny grabbed the riding crop she had taken down earlier and began to smack Hermione's breasts. It wasn't long till they were red, swollen and tender, causing the brunette to moan loudly.

The red-head paused and stepped close to Hermione, her hand going to check the brunette's slit.

"She's soaking wet once again. She really loves what we're doing to her," she said to Harry.

She turned to Hermione. "You're really enjoying this, aren't you?" she asked.

"Yes, Mistress," she groaned softly.

Ginny grinned maliciously and pinched Hermione's clit.

Hermione's groaned deeply and shuddered as her orgasm tore through her.

"Tisk, tisk," Ginny hissed unhappily. "You didn't ask permission to cum," she barked angrily.

"I'm sorry, Mistress. I didn't mean to. I just haven't had to control myself for so long," Hermione desperately pleaded. "Plus it's been a long time since I've had any relief. I promise it won't happen again," she added contritely.

"I'm sure you won't," Ginny threatened, glaring at the bushy-haired brunette. Though she couldn't help but feel a little sympathetic toward her as she had always suspected her brother was an inconsiderate and crappy lover.

Hermione knew she was in for it now. She remembered what had happened when she had lost control before and she shuddered as the images of what had happened flashed through her mind.

Ginny summoned a spring loaded alligator clip and attached it to Hermione's clit.

The bushy-haired brunette screamed and thrashed about, twisting wildly as the intense pain rocketed through her.

"Please Mistress," she begged.

While she did enjoy some pain, the teeth of the clip bit cruelly into her most sensitive flesh causing more pain than she had ever endured before.

Ginny grabbed the paddle she had taken down earlier and began to swat Hermione's arse as hard as she could. Laying on twelve hard blows, adding to the brunette's pain.

When done, she and Harry inspected her arse, satisfied with the deep red colour along with the now much darker stripes from the caning.

Hermione hung loosely and whimpered, barely conscious.

Ginny removed the clip from her clit, eliciting a deep groan from the brunette.

Harry grabbed Ginny, leaving Hermione to recover on her own. He kissed her passionately and banished her clothing.

He pulled her to the floor and mounted her roughly.

"Yesss," the red-head hissed as she felt Harry drive his manhood deep inside her throbbing pussy.

Harry wasted no time as he pounded into Ginny relentlessly.

Hermione slowly became aware of her surroundings and she stared at the scene before her. She felt her pussy spasm, wishing it were her that Harry was using so fervently.

The sounds of Harry slamming into Ginny's sopping pussy was driving her crazy with lust.

She started to rub her thighs together, stimulating her pussy and clit and while it did give her some pleasure, she knew that it wouldn't be enough to cause her to orgasm.

Ginny screamed Harry's name as her orgasm rocketed through her body, with Harry crying out Ginny's name a few moments later as his own release hit him.

Hermione was almost delirious with need as she ached deep inside, her body begging for relief.

Harry smirked as he took note of Hermione's state and he planned on teasing and frustrating her even more.

He lowered her to the floor and roughly rolled her over onto her stomach. He lifted her hips and brutally thrust deep into her centre.

Hermione moaned out loudly, her neglected pussy protesting its rough handling, not that she cared, she was just happy that Harry was shagging her.

Harry paid very close attention to Hermione, fucking her as hard as possible while still keeping track of how aroused she was.

A smirk formed on his face as he heard her moaning softly, "Almost there."

He felt her tensing and just before she came he pulled out of her and left her frustrated.

"Nooooo," she cried out as she felt her orgasm slip away.

Harry forcefully smacked her arse with his hand, making it sting all that much more. "You remember the rules, you aren't allowed to cum unless Ginny or I give you permission."

"Yes, Master," Hermione sobbed.

Ginny came over and using her wand, she levitated Hermione and spun her around until she was upside-down with her legs spread open and her arms tied tight to her sides.

She then grabbed a small flogger, one designed more to titillate and inflame than cause real pain.

The tails of the flogger were quite short, no more that six inches in length and were made of a soft deerskin.

Ginny began to lightly flick the flogger striking the brunette right between her legs on her exposed pussy.

Hermione gasped and moaned as the implement of torture began to land on her most sensitive flesh.

While it wasn't really painful, the sensations were relentless and soon she felt the growing heat between her spread legs.

Soon she was jerking and twisting involuntarily as she reacted to Ginny's attack. She also felt herself getting wet once more and it didn't take long until her nectar was running down her body.

Ginny continued until Hermione's nether region was glowing a deep red and the brunette was panting heavily.

Hermione was hanging at the perfect height so that when Harry came and stood in front of her, her mouth was readily accessible. He grabbed her head and stuffed his cock into her mouth.

He began to rock her back and forth, fucking her mouth with her unable to resist in any way, not that she wanted to.

While Harry was fucking Hermione's throat, Ginny changed her target and began to use the flogger on the inside of the brunette's thighs.

Hermione couldn't believe the sensations she was experiencing. While Ginny's actions were stinging to a certain degree, they were really causing more of a warming sensation.

The warmth spread until it was invading her nether region, making her dripping wet once again.

That coupled with the way Harry was fucking her throat, had her in a very aroused state, though she knew it was doubtful that she'd be allowed to orgasm.

Hermione swallowed greedily when Harry came deep in her throat. She loved the taste of his cum and she realized she had missed it terribly.

She thought back to when he had first spent himself in her mouth, smiling ruefully at the way she had been back then. She had hated to have him cum in her throat.

It had taken quite some time for her to come to enjoy the taste. Now she found herself craving it and was so pleased that he had orgasmed in her mouth.

That was one more thing that had bothered her about Ron. While he had enjoyed it when she went down on him, he didn't want to cum in her mouth, preferring to do so only in her pussy.

Her musing was interrupted by the sound of someone coming down the stairs.

"Hi Ginny, hope you don't mind my stopping by," she heard the person say.

"Oh, Luna, you know you're always welcome here," Ginny replied with a smile.

Luna shed her robe, revealing her naked body. "Well, what do we have here?" she asked with a grin.

"This is out new slave," Ginny giggled.

Luna's eyes lit up as she inspected Hermione. "Can I play with her too?" the blonde asked hopefully.

"Of course but she's not allowed to cum without permission," Ginny responded firmly.

Luna smiled dreamily as she stepped up close to Ginny. She took the redhead into a tight embrace, kissing her soundly.

Ginny returned the kiss with equal intensity, causing both of them to moan deeply.

"Is this a private party or can I join in?" they heard Harry ask, sounding quite amused.

Luna broke off the kiss, causing Ginny to pout playfully. "Of course you can join us," the blonde replied as she leaned her head over so she could kiss him too.

Harry thrust his tongue into Luna's mouth as he grabbed one of her breasts and began to massage it and roll her nipple.

Luna moaned appreciatively, obviously loving what Harry was doing to her.

Hermione stared wide-eyed at the three, having a hard time believing what she was seeing.

While Harry was involved with Luna, Ginny went and took down a strap on and donned it. She returned to the couple and Luna grinned when she saw what the red-head was wearing.

"Can I wear one too?" she asked, glancing at Hermione.

"Yes, I think that's a marvellous idea," Ginny smirked.

Harry watched with great interest as Luna chose the largest strap on that they owned and put it on.

He chuckled as he saw the smile on the pretty blonde's face as she ran her hand over the artificial cock.

Luna glanced up and her eyes met Harry's. "It's almost a big as yours," she giggled.

With that, she made her way over to Hermione who was still hanging upside-down. She leaned in slightly to take a good look at the bushy-haired brunette's nether region that was still radiating heat from its deep red surface.

Though it looked painful, Luna could see how wet Hermione was, prompting her to run a finger over the sopping slit.

Grinning as she looked at her finger closely, she then extended her tongue and delicately licked the clear nectar off.

"Umm, she tastes almost as wonderful as you do, Ginny," the blonde stated dreamily.

She then leaned down and licked up as much of the nectar as she could, causing Hermione to squirm and moan deeply.

Once she had licked the brunette clean, she looked at Harry and Ginny. "Could you flip her upright?" she queried with a small smile.

"Whatever you wish," Harry replied as he did as she asked.

Luna looked at Ginny and silently conveyed to the red-head what she had in mind.

Ginny nodded and stepped up close behind the brunette.

As one, both women stepped the rest of the way in and they both inserted their dildos into Hermione's two openings. Luna in her pussy and Ginny in her arse.

At Luna's small nod, both began to slowly slide in and out of Hermione's orifices.

The bushy-haired brunette groaned and shuddered as she responded to the sensations she was experiencing.

Gradually the pair began to increase their speed until they were both pounding Hermione hard, sometimes in sync and at others, alternating their thrusts.

Harry stepped up close behind Luna and gently pressed his cock into her rear opening and slowly began to time his thrusts with her withdrawals from Hermione.

Luna smiled over her shoulder at him. "Oh, Harry, that feels so good," she cooed.

Grabbing onto her shoulders for added support, he began to nibble and kiss her neck and ear.

Luna tilted her head to give Harry easier access to her neck, murmuring softly as she appreciated what he was doing to her.

Hermione felt the heat and pressure growing inside of her abdomen and she groaned loudly as she approached her release. Just before it would have broke loose, Ginny grabbed her face.

"Remember, no cumming without permission," the red-head growled.

Hermione whimpered as she fought her orgasm. She was so close but knew she would be severely punished if she came without permission.

After several more minutes she was in glorious agony. "Please, Mistress, may I cum now?" she begged.

"No, not yet," Ginny snapped irritability.

Hermione thought she'd go insane from being on the edge for so long. Her body was trembling and shuddering as she hung on the precipice. She wanted to cum so badly but knew she couldn't until she was given permission.

Several long minutes passed and Hermione was still denied permission to cum. She was now near delirious, with every nerve ending screaming for release. Only the Cruciatus had caused her more suffering but for totally different reasons.

Finally Ginny grinned and nodded to Luna and when the blonde smiled at her, they both stopped moving in Hermione.

Hermione cried out in frustration at being denied her orgasm yet again.

Harry pulled Luna away from the brunette and had her kneel on all fours as he continued to bugger her.

Ginny reached around and grabbed Hermione's nipples, twisting them hard, making the brunette groan as the pain shot through her.

Luna was moaning and making the most interesting noises as the pleasure of having Harry in her arse brought her to her release.

"Don't you wish it was you?" Ginny whispered into Hermione's ear.

"Yes, Mistress," the bushy-haired woman moaned.

Ginny began to slowly thrust in an out of Hermione's arse once again, keeping her on the edge of her own release, but still denying her from cumming.

Hermione was now so tense she felt like she was going to explode. Every fibre of her being begged for release that she knew wasn't coming anytime soon.

Luna stood once she had recovered and made her way over to the wall where everything hung. Smiling, she chose a couple of braided ropes an returned to stand in front of Hermione.

She winked at Ginny and begun to bind the brunette's breasts, wrapping each tightly with a number of coils, leaving the tails sticking up in the middle. She tied them together forming a loop.

Seeing that she was done, Ginny withdrew her cock from Hermione's arse, leaving the bushy-haired woman panting and gasping in frustration.

With Ginny out of the way, Luna studied Hermione's breasts that were turning a deep purple. She ran her hands over he bulbous flesh, loving the feel of how taut they were.

Grinning she hooked the loop to a rope hanging down from the beam overhead.

With a flick of her wand, she hoisted Hermione off her feet, suspended by her breasts.

Hermione immediately grabbed the rope and tried to take some of her weight off of her breasts.

"Now, now, none of that," Luna chided. She forced Hermione's hands behind her back and tied them together, leaving the bushy-haired woman hanging by just her breasts.

Hermione's groan's filled the room as she fought the conflicting emotions she was experiencing. The pain was rather intense but not unbearable but she was also surprised at how excited and turned on it made her.

Luna reached out an began to ram three of her fingers into Hermione's pussy and with her other hand she started to play with her clit.

Hermione's groans turned into moans as she felt the heat and pressure rising in her gut once more. The pain dimmed into the background, now adding to the pleasure she was experiencing.

Ginny appeared behind the brunette, a set of anal beads in her hand. While not as large as the set that Harry had originally inserted, they were still rather substantial.

She slowly inserted them into Hermione's arse, having to force the last bead in.

Hermione was now hanging on the edge of her orgasm and desperately wanted to cum.

"Please, Mistress," she moaned.

"What's that?" Luna asked with a smirk.

"Please Mistress, may I cum?" she begged.

"Not quite yet," Luna replied with an evil grin.

"Please, please," Hermione kept begging, going insane with her lust fuelled desire.

Ginny grinned at Luna as slowly but steadily began to withdraw the anal beads.

It proved to much for Hermione to bear and she screamed as she began to orgasm.

Ginny shook her head in disappointment. "That's the third time you've cum without permission," she stated disapprovingly.

Hermione was almost past caring as she hung limply, basking in the afterglow of her orgasm.

"Yes, Mistress," she replied softly, barely able to respond.

Ginny spanked her arse hard before she stepped around the bushy-haired brunette and she grabbed Luna, kissing her deeply.

"Come on, my little Love-bug. I want you to fuck me," she commanded.

Luna smiled happily, more than willing to acquiesce to the red-head's demand.

They made their way over to a low dragon-hide bench where Ginny lay down, spreading her legs in invitation.

Luna wasted no time in settling between Ginny's legs, swiftly guiding her large strap-on into the red-head's gaping pussy.

Ginny groaned appreciatively as she felt Luna fill her. While it wasn't quite as large as Harry's prodigious member, it was a close second.

It only took a couple of moments for Luna to seat herself fully into Ginny and once she had, she began to roger her thoroughly.

Ginny immediately began to moan and writhe beneath the blonde, thoroughly enjoying what she was doing to her.

Harry reapplied the clip to Hermione's clit as punishment for her cumming without permission, making the bushy-haired brunette cry out in intense pain.

He also began to slap and torture her swollen, deep purple breasts, adding to the pain/pleasure she was experiencing.

Hermione both loved and hated what Harry was doing to her, revelling in the pain/pleasure.

"We have a lot of retraining to do," Harry commented disappointedly.

"Yes, Master," Hermione agreed, knowing that she needed to relearn the discipline she once had. Having orgasmed three times without permission just wasn't acceptable, to Harry and Ginny but most of all to herself.

Her attention snapped back to Harry when he held something up in front of her face and asked, "Remember this?"

Hermione felt her arse and pussy spasm in anticipation as she recognized what Harry was holding. "Ginger root," she replied softly.

She felt a thrill run through her as she remembered the first time Harry had figged her, using the innocuous looking root as a butt plug and the effect it had.

Even though it had burned and stung, it had also made her randy as hell. She felt her cheeks heat as she blushed deeply, something she had thought she was well past, as she remembered how much she had enjoyed the experience.

She tensed as Harry slid the plug of ginger root into her arse. At first she just felt a cool sensation but then over the course of several minutes the burning sensation grew until she found herself squirming and writhing.

Though she was loathed to admit it, she had missed the sensation immensely. While it was rather intense, Hermione knew from experience that the sensation was only going to last for about twenty minutes.

The thing that struck the bushy-haired woman the most was she hadn't remembered just how much it made her randy. Her pussy was throbbing and pulsing and she wished that Harry or anyone as a matter of fact, would shag her brains out.

So involved was she that she forgot one aspect of when she was figged in the past and she jumped when Harry struck her arse with a cane.

In actuality the blow wasn't very hard at all but it did make her clench the muscles in her arse and that increased the burning sensation caused by the ginger root.

As the burning began to fade, Harry lowered her to the floor and taking her by surprise, he had her face down while he lifted her hips as he entered her from behind.

Hermione shuddered as she felt him fill her aching pussy. She couldn't believe how wonderful it felt. She hadn't expected him to shag her as he was doing.

While he was fucking her rather vigorously, he wasn't assaulting her brutally as he had done when she was first taken as a slave.

She felt the heat and pressure building inside of her and she fully expected him to stop, denying her her release.

Instead, he took her totally by surprise when he whispered to her, "You may cum now, Slave."

Hermione's eyes rolled up in her head as the most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced tore through her.

Dimly, she heard herself murmur, "Thank you, Master."

Then blackness claimed her.

Slowly Hermione came back to her senses. The first thing she was aware of was the low murmur of voices talking nearby.

She felt her eyes fluttering and she desperately tried to keep them open, not wanting to earn some sort of punishment.

Suddenly she felt a gentle caress on her cheek. "Rest easy," Ginny whispered gently.

"Mistress?" Hermione queried, questioningly.

"I think we overwhelmed you," Ginny replied with a small chuckle. "We probably should have eased you back into things."

"Maybe, Mistress but I did enjoy myself immensely," the bushy-haired woman replied, her cheeks colouring softly.

"Maybe a bit too much," she heard Harry say.

Though she tried hard to force her eyes open, she realized it was a futile endeavour. She couldn't help but smile as she drifted off to sleep, knowing she was finally where she wanted and more importantly, needed to be.

The last thing she was aware of as she succumbed to sleep was three separate pairs of lips, softly kissing her cheek and three different voices, one male and two female, wishing her pleasant dreams.

Harry and Ginny

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