Screen Title: #SamFightsShelbyMarx

Sam, Cat, and Dice are sitting on the couch while Sam is showing them clip footage of Carly and Shelby fighting from the iCarly special iFight Shelby Marx

Dice: Wow Carly really fought Shelby Marx?

Sam: Yeah she sure did.

Cat: Shelby looks exactly like my friend Tori Vega from Hollywood Arts.

Dice: Yeah right.

Sam: Hey I wonder what she's been up to since the last time I've seen her.

We now cut to Shelby Marx who has recently moved to LA and is training at Punchy's with Goomer

Shelby: Hi-yah!

Juan: Keep up the great work Shelby. You're doing great.

Shelby: Thanks.

Goomer You're very good at this.

Shelby: Thanks I've been doing this around the age of 15.

Goomer: Didn't you fought this girl Carly Shay?

Shelby: Yeah. I had fun with her.

Juan: Alright Shelby wrap it.

Shelby: Okay Juan.

Goomer: Good practice.

Shelby: Thanks. You too.

Back with Sam & Cat, Sam gets done explaining the events of iFight Shelby Marx

Cat: Wow so Nevel tricked Shelby into thinking Carly knocked her grandma on purpose?

Sam: Yep. But at the end, we told Shelby what happened, Freddie and Gibby led him to a dark room, and Carly, Shelby and I beated him up.

Dice: She's a very good fighter.

Sam: Oh she is.

Cat: If she and Goomer fought who would win?

Sam: Shelby would knock him down with one punch.

Dice: Sam why don't you fight Shelby?

Sam: Eh I don't know. You remember the last time I wanted to thought someone.

Flashback to #KnockOut, Bubs Dixon shocking Sam and forcing her to work out

Cat: Oh yeah.

Sam: That was a real nightmare. Forcing me to go to bed at 9.

Dice: Relax I don't have to get Bubs this time.

Sam: Well alright I'll fight Shelby. Cat video tape me with my phone.

Cat: Kay Kay.

Cat starts videoing her

Sam: Yo Shelby it's been a bit since we last saw each other. I was wondering if you aren't doing anything, why don't you come down to Los Angeles and let's you and I fight.

Dice: Ohh.

Cat stops it

Sam: Thanks Cat. Now to upload it to SplashFace.

Dice: You think she's going to see it?

Sam: I don't know.

We now cut back to Shelby who is eating a burger and fries from Inside out Burger

Juan: Shelby someone uploaded a video saying she wants to fight you.

Shelby: Show me the video.

Juan shows her the video

Shelby: Sam Puckett wants to fight me?

Juan: We haven't seen her since 2009.

Shelby: I'm sure she just wants to do it for fun.

Juan: Just as long as there's no misunderstandings again.

Shelby: Tell Sam I want to fight her.

Juan: Okay.

Back at the apartment, Cat and Dice are walking in from school

Cat: We're home from school.

Sam: How was it?

Dice: I got an A+ on my Spanish test.

Sam: Nice. Freddie and Gibby are here.

Freddie: Hola!

Gibby: Sup.

Cat: Hi.

Dice: Hey.

Freddie: Sam I saw on SplashFace that you're going to fight Shelby Marx.

Sam: Yeah I am.

Gibby: Why?

Sam: Cat and Dice told me to.

Dice: Come on I doubt Shelby's seen the video.

Doorbell Rings

Cat: Ding dong.

Sam: I'll get it.

Sam opens the door and it's Shelby Marx

Shelby: Sam Puckett!

Sam: Shelby?!

Gibby: Looks like she saw the video.

Sam: Look Shelby...

Shelby: Relax I know you want to do it for fun.

Sam: You do?

Shelby: Yeah. Oh hi Freddie. Hi Gibby.

Freddie: Hi Shelby.

Gibby: Sup.

Sam: Shelby this is my roommate Cat and our neighbor Dice.

Shelby: Hi Cat. Hey Dice.

Dice: Sup.

Cat: Hi Shelby. You know you look exactly like my friend Tori Vega.

Shelby: Oh how weird.

Juan: Sam you remember me?

Sam: Yeah you're her trainer.

Shelby: What day do you want to fight?

Sam: Two weeks from now. It can be at this gym Punchy's.

Shelby: Alright see you in two weeks.

Shelby and Juan leave

Freddie: Sam are you sure you can handle Shelby?

Gibby: You saw what she did to Carly.

Sam: That was because of Nevel.

Cat: What if you get hurt?

Sam: Cat relax. I'm one of the toughest people you know. I can handle her. Besides we're doing it for fun. It's not like we're going to kill each other.

Freddie: Yeah Cat we've known Shelby since 2009.

Gibby: At least Nevel won't be able to thwart it.

Dice: Well Sam you probably will have to train for a little bit.

Cat: Yeah you can go to Punchy's and train.

Sam: Eh fine but let's go to Bots. I'm hungry.

At Bots

Nona: Cat.

Cat: Hi Nona.

Gibby: Who's the lady?

Sam: She's Cat's Nona.

Gibby: What's a Nona?

Dice: It's Italian for grandma.

Gibby: Oh.

Nona: Oh Sam I didn't know you had friends over.

Cat: Nona did you hear Sam is fighting Shelby Marx in two weeks?

Nona: Who's Shelby Marx.

Freddie: She's a popular MMA fighter. Watch this video.

Freddie shows footage from iFight Shelby Marx

Nona: Cat she looks like your friend Tori Vega.

Cat: Right.

Nona: Sam why are you fighting her?

Sam: It's just for fun.

Freddie: She'll go easy on her.

Gibby: Yeah we've known her since 2009.

Nona: Where's the fight going to be at?

Dice: Punchy's.

Cat: Dice she's never been to Punchy's.

Nona: I know what it is. Gommer told me about it.

Freddie: Who's Goomer?

Sam: A dumb friend of ours.

Gibby: How dumb?

Sam: Somewhere between you and Cat.

Cat: What's that supposed to mean?

Dice: She's not wrong.

Cat: I know.

Gibby: How am I dumb?

Freddie: You gave Nora their address.

Nona: Is she that psycho girl who kidnapped you guys?

Sam: Yes.

Gibby: Look I'm sorry about that. I wasn't thinking.

Sam: It's fine Gib.

One week later

Cat: Sam the fight is in one week.

Sam: I know Cat.

Gibby: Aren't you nervous?

Sam: Why would I? We're not really going to punch for real.

Freddie: Besides she's the toughest girl ever. She knocked over a Fat Cake truck.

Dice: You really did that?

Sam: Maybe.

Cat: One time my friends and I got arrested in Yerba. I joined a prison gang.

Gibby: Why did you and your friends get arrested?

Cat: We were performing a song there and Tori's shoe accidentally hit the chancellor in his good eye so she got arrested. We tried bailing her out but Robbie accidentally killed the chancellor's octopus so the rest of us got arrested as well. Then once we perform another song, we escaped.

Sam: Wow when was that?

Cat: Near the end of July 2011.

Dice: How come you never told us?

Cat: I don't know. I didn't think of it.

Doorbell Rings

Cat: Ding dong.

Sam opens the door and Shelby is standing from the outside

Shelby: Hey.

Sam: Shelby what are you doing here?

Freddie: The fight isn't until next week.

Juan: We know.

Shelby: We came to check in with you.

Cat: We've been good.

Shelby: Hey how would you like to invite your friends.

Cat: My friends are busy.

Gibby: Sam you should invite Spencer.

Freddie: Yeah.

Sam: Alright I'll give him a call.

Sam dials his number. We cut to Bushwell Plaza at 8-C

Spencer: Hey this is Spencer Shay.

Sam: Spencer it's me.

Spencer: Sam what's up?

Sam: Nothing much. Did you hear I'm fighting Shelby Mark next week?

Spencer: Yeah I did hear. It's going to be in Los Angeles?

Sam: Yeah. It's being held at this gym called Punchy's. I'll text you the address.

Spencer: Okay I'll see you in a week.

Sam: Okay. Bye.

Spencer: Bye.

Shelby: Is Spencer coming?

Sam: Yes.

Gibby: I wonder if he still wears light up socks.

Freddie: He does.

Cat: He has light up socks?

Sam: Yeah he has this friend named Socko who has his own sock company.

Dice: And he makes special light up socks.

Sam: Yes.

Shelby: That's cool.

Juan: Alright come on Shelby. Back to training.

Shelby: See you in a week Sam.

Sam: Bye.

Shelby and Juan leaves

Cat: You think Spencer can ask his friend to get me some light up socks.

Sam: I'll try Cat.

Sam is on her phone and looks at the name Shay, Carly. She then heads to the bedroo,

Freddie: Where you going?

Sam: Restroom.

Gibby: Why is it called the restroom.

Dice: Yeah it's not like people take naps in there.

Cat: My brother does.

Freddie: Why does your brother sleep in the bathroom?

Cat: He's very messed up. Right now he's in a hospital in Idaho. He was supposed to come back a couple years ago but it got extended.

Gibby: Oh my.

Cat: Yeah.

Sam is in the bathroom and she calls Carly

Carly: Hi this is Carly.

Sam: Carly.

Carly: Sam? Hey what's up?

Sam: Nothing much. Listen this Saturday I'm fighting Shelby Marx.

Carly: You're fighting Shelby Marx?

Sam: Yes but it's for fun. Freddie, Gibby, and Spencer are coming for support and I was wondering if you would like to come.

Carly: Sure where's it being held at?

Sam: Here in LA. It's at this gym called Punchy's. I'll text you the address.

Carly: Alright. Hey dad can I go to LA in a week to watch an MMA fight?

Mr. Shay: That's fine sweetie.

Carly: Thanks you're the best.

Sam: Well it looks like I'm seeing you in a week.

Carly: Yep. Bye.

Sam: Bye.

Sam hangs up and goes back to the living room

Sam: Where's Cat and Dice?

Gibby: They left for school.

Sam: Ah.

Freddie: I wonder how many people are going to watch the fight.

Sam: I hope we get a lot of views. Hey Gib, how's Guppy been?

Gibby: He's been alright. He and I have been getting a long a lot now.

Sam: That's good.

Gibby: I've made him my co manager at Gibby's.

Sam: You still have the restaurant?

Freddie: Yeah he does. We found a new place to do it.

Gibby: I even got the paper work too.

Sam: Oh nice. I guess Guppy couldn't come.

Gibby: Yeah I left him in charge.

Freddie: He's a good co manager.

A few hours later, Dice and Cat are home from school since it was a half day

Cat: Is Spencer here yet?

Sam: Not yet.

Dice: It takes awhile to get from Seattle to Los Angeles.

Doorbell Rings

Cat: Ding dong.

Sam: I'll get it.

Sam opens the door and it's Spencer

Spencer: Hi Sam.

Sam: Spencer it's great to see you.

Spencer: You too. Hey Sam's roommate and guy with great hair.

Cat: Hi Spencer.

Dice: Sup Spencer.

Spencer: Sam are you pumped to fight Shelby?

Sam: Yeah. You got the address I send you right?

Spencer: Yep. I saved it to PearMaps.

Freddie: Cat are you sure you can't invite your friends?

Cat: Yeah they're busy.

Dice: Doing what?

Cat: Tori and André are working on a new song together, Robbie is babysitting his cousin, Trina is at college, and Jade and Beck are going to Canada.

Sam: I was hoping Jade was going to come.

Cat: She told me to video tape the fight. She also said Shelby looked liked Tori and ask if they're related.

Gibby: Are they?

Cat: No.

Spencer: I'm going to go check into a hotel for the night.

Sam: Why don't you sleep here?

Cat: You can sleep on the couch.

Gibby: Where can we sleep?

Sam: Freddie you'll sleep with me and Gibby you'll sleep with Cat.

Freddie: Bueno.

Gibby: Alright.

Cat: No funny business. I have a boyfriend.

Gibby: Got it.

Sam: Night Spencer.

Spencer: Night.

Sam, Cat, Freddie, and Gibby walk in the bedroom

Gibby: Wow this is a nice room you got here.

Sam: Thanks.

Gibby: Why is there a safe in your closet?

Cat: There's a hidden room in there.

Gibby: Why can't Freddie and I sleep in there?

Sam: It's a small room and there's no toilet.

Freddie: Can we see inside though?

Cat: Sure.

Sam types in 74739 on the safe and they head in the small room

Gibby: Whoa this is cool.

Freddie: Yeah. Hey Spencer get in here!

Spencer: What is it?

Spencer notices the safe and the room

Spencer: Why is there a safe in Sam's closet?

Sam: There's a hidden room in here.

Spencer: Wow it looks cool.

Dice: Yeah it is cool.

Cat: Alright let's get out of here.

They climb out of the room

Dice: Alright I'm a head out. Bye you guys.

Cat: Bye Dice.

Sam: Alright goodnight you guys.

Cat: Night.

Gibby: Goodnight.

Freddie: Buenas Noches.

Spencer: Night.

We now cut into a few days

Cat: This is it.

Freddie: The fight is in two days.

Sam: I know.

Gibby: Are you nervous?

Sam: How many times do I have to say I'm not nervous.

Spencer: We're all going to support you.

Sam: Thanks you guys.

Nona walks in

Nona: Hello.

Cat: Hi Nona.

Sam: Nona you still coming to Punchy's on Saturday?

Nona: Yes I am. I brought some cookies over for you guys.

Freddie: Yay I love cookies.

Gibby: Who doesn't like cookies?

Dice: Some people can't have gluten.

Cat: Yeah my friend Robbie can't have gluten.

Spencer: Aw that sucks.

Freddie: Although Robbie can be annoying, I feel bad that he can't have gluten.

Nona: I want Sam to eat up to be ready for the fight.

Sam: It's not a real fight Nona.

Spencer: They're just going to fake fight and hopefully not kill each other.

Gibby: Shelby is pretty awesome once you get to know her.

Nona: Well I'm going to get back to Elderly Acres. I'll see you Sunday.

Cat: Bye Nona.

Dice: That was nice of Nona to bring over cookies.

Sam: Yeah.

Doorbell Rings

Cat and Gibby: Ding dong.

Sam: Gibby now you're doing it?

Gibby: Sorry.

Sam opens the door and sees her best friend Carly Shay

Carly: Hi Sam.

Sam: Carly I'm so glad you made it.

Freddie: What's Carly doing here?

Sam: I invited her to the fight.

Carly: Freddie? Gibby? Spencer?

Gibby: Hi Carly.

Spencer: Hey Carly. It's so good to see you. I missed you so much.

Carly: I missed you too.

Sam: Carly you remember Cat and Dice.

Carly: Yeah. Sup guys.

Dice: Nothing much.

Cat: Sup.

Carly: Sam I can't believe you're actually going to fight Shelby Marx.

Sam: Well believe it kid.

Carly: It's going to be for fun right? Like what she and I were supposed to do before you know who lied to her?

Sam: Yeah it is for fun.

Cat I like your haircut Carly.

Carly: Thanks Cat.

Gibby: It feels great that we're all back together.

Freddie: Yeah when was the last time we were all together filming iCarly?

Cat: Are you guys ever going to come back.

Carly: We're not sure Cat.

Sam: Yeah. They all have college stuff to do while you and I have our babysitting service.

Dice: I hope you guys come back.

Spencer: I'm going to go make some spaghetti tacos.

Carly: I missed your spaghetti tacos. Especially the special sauce.

Spencer: Yeah.

Freddie: We tried making our own but they aren't as good as yours.

Gibby: Nobody can make them as good as Spencer's.

Sam: True that.

Spencer made 7 spaghetti tacos

Spencer: Spaghetti taco for Carly.

Carly: Thanks.

Spencer: Sam.

Sam: Thank you.

Spencer: Freddie.

Freddie: Gracious.

Spencer: Gibby.

Gibby: Thanks.

Spencer: Cat.

Cat: Thank you Spencer.

Spencer: Dice.

Dice: Thanks.

Spencer: And me. Enjoy you guys.

They eat the tacos and Carly remembers how good they taste

Carly: I haven't had a spaghetti taco since 2012.

Freddie: I missed these so much.

Cat: These are so good.

Sam: Spencer you got to share the recipe with us.

Spencer: All it is is just noodles in a taco shell.

Carly: This is the first spaghetti taco I've ever had since I left for Italy.

Spencer: Dad never made any?

Carly: We couldn't find them anywhere.

Spencer: You could have called me. I would have mailed them to you.

Carly: Dang it.

Dice: Thanks for making these.

Spencer: No problem kid.

It's the night before the fight

Cat: In less than 24 hours Sam Puckett is going to fight Shelby.

Sam: Yeah. Wait did you call me Sam Puckett?

Cat: Yeah why?

Sam: You finally got my last name right.

Carly: What?

Dice: Cat always said Sam Puckell instead of Puckett.

Freddie: Why?

Cat: I don't know. I just keep thinking it was Puckell.

Gibby: Don't sweat it Cat.

Carly: I missed you guys.

Sam: We missed you too, Carly.

Dice: This is going to be the biggest MMA fight ever.

Spencer: Hey Carly remember when I had those allergy pills?

Carly: Oh yeah.

Freddie: Didn't you get side effects from them?

Spencer: Yeah.

Sam: That was funny.

Spencer: Maybe for you.

Carly: I wonder if that doctor still lives in the building.

Freddie: He does. He stops by to give medicine to my mom.

Gibby: Oh yeah your mom is a nurse.

Carly: Is your mom still overprotective?

Freddie: Oh yeah. She freaked out when Robbie and I fell in the tuna fish tank but I explained what happened to her. Cat she said she was proud that you took over so Sam didn't get hurt.

Cat: Oh really?

Freddie: Yeah. She can be overprotective but she does it because she cares about me.

Doorbell Rings

Cat: Ding dong.

Sam: Let me get it.

Sam opens the door and it's Freddie's mom

Mrs. Benson: Hello Sam.

Sam: Freddie your mom's here.

Freddie: Mom what are you doing here?

Mrs. Benson: Spencer told me that Sam is going to fight Shelby Marx.

Cat: Yeah she is. Why?

Mrs. Benson: I wanted to come by and see it.

Carly: You want to see an MMA fight?

Mrs. Benson: Carly?

Carly: Hi.

Mrs. Benson: Hi what are you doing here?

Dice: Sam invited her over.

Gibby: You really want to see an MMA fight?

Mrs. Benson: Yeah who's to say I can't have fun once and a while.

Sam: Well the fight is tomorrow at this gym called Punchy's.

Cay: I can show you how to get there.

Mrs. Benson: I don't need you to do that girl. I passed by that place.

Freddie: Should we get food?

Spencer: Yeah let's go.

Sam: I'm glad you said that Freddie because I'm starving.

Dice: Let's go to Bots.

At Bots, Tandy is handing them their food

Tandy: Enjoy your meal.

Mrs. Benson: I can't believe there's a restaurant with robot waiters.

Dice: Hollywood.

Gibby: How do they operate them anyways?

Bungle walks by

Bungle: That's a secret.

Mrs. Benson: So Sam Freddie told me the time Carly fought Shelby and was supposed to be for fun until that Nevel guy ruined it.

Sam: Yeah but don't worry. Nevel, Nora, and that Griffin guy got send to a far away planet and died from the lack of oxygen.

Carly: Good.

Freddie: Serves them right.

Mrs. Benson: So it's all just for fun?

Sam: Yes. I promise there won't be blood.

Dice: Yeah relax. My friend Goomer is an MMA fighter and he never fought anyone to show blood.

Spencer: Mrs. Benson I'm surprised you aren't freaking out about this.

Freddie: Yeah normally you wouldn't let me attend.

Mrs. Benson: Well sometimes I just have to let go. So Carly what's it like in Italy?

Carly: Oh it's fun. I've made a lot of friends. They all knew me from iCarly. They said Sam's a bad influence.

Sam: They're smart.

Cat: That's awesome that they knew you.

Carly: Yeah. Italy is a lot of fun Cat.

Cat: We should go there sometime Sam.

Sam: I'll think of it Cat.

After they eat their lunch, they are back at the apartment

Mrs. Benson: That place has good food.

Dice: That place became our main location.

Cat: It's right near the beach.

Freddie: Don't you guys get free food at Inside out Burger?

Sam: Yeah we do.

Gibby: How come we didn't go there?

Cat: Yeah come to think of it. We haven't been to Inside out Burger since we tried to get Lumpatious into the dictionary.

Sam: I guess ever since Bots opened, we forgot all about that.

Dice: Cat you don't even go to Nozu with your friends.

Spencer: What's Nozu?

Cat: It's a sushi restaurant.

Spencer: Oh.

It's the night of the fight, everyone is getting ready

Gibby: Well Sam tonight's the big night.

Sam: I know Gibby.

Carly: You're going to do great.

Freddie: My mom and I are going to head down there now. Gibby come with us.

Gibby: Kay Kay.

Mrs. Benson: See you there.

Spencer: We'll catch up with you.

Carly: Good luck with the fight tonight Sam.

Sam: Thanks Carly.

Spencer: Alright come on Carly. I'll drive you to the place.

Cat: Bye.

Carly and Spencer leave

Cat: So Sam are you excited?

Sam: Yeah I guess.

Cat: This is going to be the coolest MMA fight ever.

Sam: Better than the ones Goomer did?

Cat: Yeah.

Sam: Alright let's head down to Punchy's.

Cat: Kay Kay.

We now cut to Punchy's Cat is taking her seat next to Dice, Carly, Freddie, Gibby, Spencer, and Mrs. Benson as Nona walks in

Nona: Cat.

Cat: Over here Nona.

Nona: I made it. Oh are those Sam's friends from iCarly?

Cat: Yes that's Carly, Gibby, Spencer and you remember Freddie.

Cat: Hi.

Gibby: Sup.

Freddie: Hola.

Spencer: Hello.

Nona: And who's the lady adult.

Mrs. Benson: I'm Freddie's mom. I suppose you're Cat's grandma.

Nona: Why yes I am.

Sam walks in the ring

Cat: There's Sam.

Juan: Alright everyone we're here to watch the fight between Shelby Marx and Samantha Puckett.

Freddie: Be careful Sam.

Carly: Good luck Sam.

Dice: You got this Sam!

Juan: Shelby are you ready?

Shelby: Yes.

Juan: Sam are you ready?

Sam: As ready as I'll ever be.

Juan: When the bell rings that's when you begin. Remember no blood.

Shelby: Got it.

Bell dings

Juan: And go!

Shelby and Sam begin

Spencer: Come on Sam!

Cat gets out her phone and begins recording

Nona: Cat why you recording?

Cat: For Jade.

Sam: You've been training a lot.

Shelby: Yeah.

Sam: I'll let you win.

Shelby: No you should win. You guys are great friends of mine and it wouldn't be fair.

Sam: Alright.

Clock counts down

Everyone else: In 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!

Freddie forgets the 1

Cat: You forgot the one.

Freddie: It was a force of habit.

Juan: And Sam Puckett is the winner.

Carly: YAY SAM!

Gibby: Way to go Sam!

Nona: I feel so alive.

Mrs. Benson: Me too.

Sam: Good fight.

Shelby: You too.

Sam and Shelby walk out and Carly and the others are waiting for them

Cat: Sam congrats!

Sam: Thanks Cat.

Carly: Hi Shelby.

Shelby: Carly is that you?

Carly: Yes it's me.

Shelby: You look good. I haven't seen you since 2009.

Carly: Yeah.

Cat: You know you really look and sound like my friend Tori.

Carly: Yeah you actually do.

Shelby: Huh. Well that's weird.

Mrs. Benson: That's the first MMA fight I have ever seen live and that was so insane.

Sam: Thanks Marissa.

Shelby: So Carly how's Italy?

Carly: Really fun. Everyone knew me from iCarly.

Juan: That's cool.

Carly: Yeah but they wondered why you appeared a lot. I told them that it wasn't you. It was an actor named Victoria Justice and another girl named Tori Vega.

Cat: Hey that's my friend from Hollywood Arts.

Gibby: That feels weird that Victoria Justice looks like Shelby.

Spencer: And Tori.

Sam: Freddie didn't you say that Tori is way hotter than Shelby?

Shelby looks at Freddie

Freddie: Uh... well.

Shelby: It's okay Freddie.

Dice: I don't care that I'm Goomer's manager, Sam that was the coolest fight I have ever seen.

Nona: Yeah.

Sam: Thanks.

Shelby: It was great seeing you guys again.

Carly: You too.

Spencer: Hey Shelby I'm sorry for slapping you back in 2009. It was an accident. I swear.

Shelby: It's fine Spencer. I was told by Carly that it was a side effect from allergy pills you took.

Carly: Yeah I cleared everything up.

Spencer: Oh.

Sam: It was really great seeing you again, Shelby.

Shelby: It was great seeing you again too, Sam.

They all hug each other as the story ends

Note: Since iFight Shelby Marx didn't get a sequel, this is kind of like my sequel. This is one of the longest Sam & Cat Specials I have ever written. I was going to have Cat's friends appear in this special to watch Sam and Shelby fight but then I decided to do an iCarly + Sam & Cat crossover. Plus they would have mistake her for Tori and ask if they're twins. However, Cat's friends are mentioned in this special. Also the only iCarly characters I was going to use besides Shelby were Freddie and Gibby, but then I decided to bring in Spencer and Carly. Along with Mrs. Benson. Making it a full way iCarly Sam & Cat crossover special.