Hey guys! I know several of you have been waiting for a really long time for this story to update, but I kinda lost track of time and I've been interested in more things and I was busy a lot. Truth be told, this will be my third attempt and a rewritten version of my Ben 10 fanfic, possibly for the final time! Yeah, I did something like this before but I deleted it before because I didn't really have time to focus on it and I thought it might need a rewritten version. That, and I gained some new knowledge and experience on how to make some chapters work better than the previous times in the other Ben 10 rewrites I attempted, so here we go!

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"Stop! Activate all emergency security functions! Those thieves must be stopped before they can escape with the Omnitrix!"

Alarms began ringing as Planet Xenon's defense systems hurried to capture the perpetrators who made off with the most valuable and important invention in the planet; the Omnitrix.

Unfortunately, through means of luck and skill, the perpetrators' escape succeeded, but not without consequences. For starters, their ship was discovered the moment they started flying airborne, causing the planet's defenses to activate and try to shoot the ship down. The perpetrators escaped, but their ship suffered major casualities and worse, during the assault, the ship lost the sphere-like container containing the Omnitrix. That meant that the Omnitrix was hurled far away in space, nowhere to be found and never to be seen again nor recaptured by any other parties.

"Curse it all!" grumbled Azmuth, slamming his hands against a desk. "This attack was planned! Every single detail down to its single microscope! We'll have to send out scouting bots, search all over the galaxies, and a whole bunch of other work!"

"What do we do, Azmuth?" exclaimed Myaxx, Azmuth's assistant. "The Omnitrix could be anywhere! And if it gets in the wrong hands..."

"Yes, I'm aware! Calm down! For all I know, the Omnitrix could have been destroyed by one of the high leveled quantum lasers during the assault," assured Azmuth, who was currently trying to create some new and advanced scouting bots to roam the galaxy. "But if it isn't, and it's still wondering about in space, then we still have a chance of retrieving it before anyone else gets their hands on it!"

"How can you be so sure?" Myaxx asked. "You said the Omnitrix was the most dangerous weapon in the universe!"

"Yes, if it was complete. Luckily, it's not. It's currently nothing more than a prototype. While it contains several DNA samples, it's fortunate that it didn't contain all of the DNA samples from all of the species I collected thus far. I didn't install that many commands yet and it can't scan any other DNA. Unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to install the homing signal or anything else that'll alert me of any activities the Omnitrix will have, so the search for the Omnitrix will be challenging, indeed."

Unknown to anyone, the container was actually a lot tougher than expected and had flown far, far away from the planet of Xenon, being stranded and lost in space as it was floating around until it would soon reach Earth. The environment would force the container to move around until it was trapped in a hidden location, where it remained hidden for hundreds of years until one day, the universe's original timeline would change from someone discovering it...

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