Just a heads up, folks! I couldn't exactly say this in the summary because I didn't have enough lines, but this fanfic will contain themes of abuse, just to let you know, but because I have never been abused, I don't know what it's like, but still, just a warning, that this fanfic will contain ABUSE!

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RING! RING! An alarm went off and a young 12-year-old girl named Marigold Ryner, also preferring to be called Mari, yawned before turning off the alarm, stretching her limbs as she sat up from the ground she was sleeping on. With sunlight beaming down on her body, the young girl felt warmth cover her body as she stood up and gathered her clothes to change.

About a minute or so later, she emerged from her room, the attic, and headed to the bathroom, where she began to wash herself and brush her hair with an old comb. Tying her long, yellow-blond hair up in a high ponytail, the young girl checked on her reflection from the mirror.

Her overall appearance is that she's very short for her age and slim, wears a long-sleeved black shirt under a yellow tunic dress that with green edges, blue light jeans, and brown ankle boots. Once she was ready, she grabbed her schoolbag after returning to the attic one more time before heading downstairs.

Downstairs, she was heading towards the kitchen where, as usually, it was dirty with rotten food all over the place. Lying on the floor, snoring heavily from what appears to be yet another hangover session, was Anya's mother. The kitchen was a disaster, with Chinese food boxes littered all over the table along with dirty pizza boxes, and beer bottles and cans spread across the white floor with some liquid coming out of them, creating a nauseating smell.

Groaning, Mari's mother woke up, only to grab a beer bottle and chug it down like it was naturally a water bottle. She then threw the beer bottle at the kitchen wall, making a dent as the remaining contents would stain the wall and drip to the floor, where the glass shards were.

Like the caring person she is, Mari walked over and knelt down in front of her mother. Wrapping her mother's arm around her shoulder, Mari grunted as she tried to lift her up, only mostly dragging her before she tucked her mother to the couch in the living room. This was normally on a daily basis so Mari had gotten used to this routine a long time ago. Actually, Mari preferred her mother to be more asleep than awake, as her mother tended to be a lot more...violent when awake.

Unlocking the front door and entering inside the small house was a middle-aged man who seemed tired and stressed. He locked the door behind him, bypassing his wife and daughter, ignoring the mess that occurred as he reached upstairs.

Mari didn't know how this all happened, but she thought it might have happened when she was a child and something to do with lack of family time and financial problems. Her father was always constantly working all day and usually comes home somewhere in the nighttime, barely acknowledging his own family as he decided to sleep or eat or whatever it is he does. Whenever he is extremely stressed, he yells at everyone and sometimes even is even worst and scarier than Mari's mother.

At the very least, her father isn't always neglectful towards her as he gives her some money to go and buy herself some dinner, but it's always an awful small amount, causing Mari to become a daily customer at the cheap market to buying cheap food and water. She always ate bread or salad every single day, convinced that such things would make her healthy. While vegetables would make her healthy, there was more she had to include in her frail body.

With her dysfunctional family, Mari often had to buy clothes and school supplies all by herself. Because she was too young to get a job, she often starved herself to gather the money her father's been giving her to buy the necessary things. During those days, she kept herself hydrated by buying water bottles or drinking out of water fountains since she knew water was necessary first before food.

Her mother had a variety of jobs that Mari didn't know nor ask her of. Whenever she came back home, though, she was always drunk and bought various kinds of liquor. She took her stress and anger out on Mari, yelling, insulting, and blaming her for a lot of things before sleeping for a couple of hours. During the nighttime, her mother would dress up and leave for a certain night job or to go on dates with other men. Sometimes, her mother or father would even bring home women or men as dates, thus cheating on each other for years without end.

It was sad, but this was how Mari's life usually is. Even when she got good grades and avoided trouble, she would never be appreciated or loved for her actions, but even so, Mari was still grateful that she still had a roof above her head, a single small bedroom to herself, even if it was the attic, and at least some food money. She knew her parents had been dealing with problems for a long time, which is why they're like this and it was because of that that she's forgiven them each time when they didn't deserve forgiveness.

Mari stood straight up, making sure to cover her drunken mother with a blanket before exiting the house with the house key in her hands, heading towards school very early.

Later, that day...

Mari sat alone at a small lunch table, ignoring some of the snickering and gossiping from some girls nearby. She never ate the school's lunch because she couldn't afford to pay for lunch, but she always had breakfast bright and early at school because they always had free breakfast available, so long as one arrived early in the morning. Once again, this was a treatment she's used to, and she should be lucky that even in middle school, they had free breakfast.

Things weren't any different at school than it was at home, but at least it was a little bit better. Mari been bullied ever since she was a child, with barely anyone helping her or wishing to be her friend and she was too ashamed and shy to confront with the teachers. And even when she did try to tell on the teachers, some would just ignore her pleas or tell her to quit whining about it. Eventually, she just learned to stop relying on teachers in situations like bullying. She's been bullied for a variety of reasons, such as being an easy target, simply out of fun, her lack of different clothing choices, and so on. It just grew worse when it came for her first junior year, where there was all the cool kids and a better school than elementary school. It was all about reputation and good looks, and Mari didn't think she had either of them, despite her good grades.

Right now, the reason why some of the popular girls were glancing over to her was due to her clothes. Mari's wardrobe of clothes was fairly small and she constantly has to wear the same clothes everyday. If she had to buy clothes by herself, she would have to save up money and it was difficult for someone in her position.

Ignoring them as usual, Mari thought back a few weeks ago when it was announced to her History class that they were going on a hiking trip to Mount Evergreen, the mountain in her city that was famous for harboring loads of medical herbs and plants. A trip at the end of September was a bit surprising because it was just the start of her first junior year, though perhaps this was to promote her middle school's popularity.

It took a while to convince her father to grant her permission because he's always been busy, but when she had the time, he didn't even question nor look at the permission slip before signing it and then resuming his regular work in his room. At least one good thing out of this trip starting tomorrow was that she was allowed to skip the rest of the school day and that it was a Friday. She was pretty sure her other classmates had thought the same reasons as well.

Little did she know was that tomorrow was the day that her fate would change.

The next day...

It wasn't so bad listening to the two tour guides for several hours as they lead Mari's entire History class up the mountain. In actuality, the mountain wasn't that high up but it was terribly steep, making everyone exhausted once they managed to reach the top of the mountain, where they were surrounded by wildlife and several caves-like entrances within the mountain.

"Alright, gang! We'll stop here for an hour break!" spoke one tour guide cheerfully as everyone else sat down on the soft grassy areas. "For now, you can eat lunch or wander around the caves! Don't worry about getting lost because the locals have already checked inside, and there are no dangerous animals inside and they all lead to dead ends anyways!"

Taking up the tour guide's offer, several people began to unpack their lunches and proceed to eat and chat with their friends while others decided to check out the caves out of curiosity. Seeing as she has no lunch and no other way to spend her time, Mari decided to join the people entering and exiting the caves.

Like the tour guides said, there was nothing with rocks inside and a bit of light from the holes above that provided as guides in and out of the caves. Mari planned to sit and rest inside until it was time to go when she saw another cave entrance.

However, this was one smaller compared to the other entrances and it doesn't look like just anyone could fit through.

Anyone except her.

Getting on her knees, Mari crawled through the entrance and found that she was a perfect fit due to her short and small stature. With the light from the holes guiding her, Mari's curiosity lead her to a hidden part of the caves. In that hidden part, there was a small pond with a ray of light shining down from the ceiling of the cave.

As thirsty as she was, Mari didn't feel like it was safe drinking cave water. Instead, she removed her boots and pulled up her stockings before dipping her legs into the water. She sighed and relaxed her shoulders, even going so far as to playfully splash her feet around. However, as she was making splashes and small waves at the pond, she noticed something floating about on the surface of the pond that the ray of light was now shining on.

A small, spherical container.

"Hmm?" Curious, Mari attempted to reach for the container with her left leg as she container was coming closer. Eventually, her left leg touched the metallic surface of the strange, spherical container. Just before she could bring it closer, something happened.

Upon being touched by something warm and life-like, the container instantly opened, revealing a bright green glow from within. Before Mari could do anything or question what was happening, that green glow suddenly attached to her ankle.

Startled, Mari nearly slipped into the pond but held herself together and merely held her wet leg up. She crawled back a little and got more into a sitting position, puzzled at the strange device that she identified was a gray and green watch.

"A...watch?" Staring at the strange gray and green watch stuck to her ankle, Mari attempted to remove it with her hands, only to find that it was as stuck as glue and unable to get it off no matter how hard she tried. Finding some buttons, she tried to press them one at a time, hoping one of them was a button to release the watch from her ankle.

While fiddling around with the watch, Mari finally pressed a different button, prompting the dial to spring up with a strange silhouette image on the dial. She began to turn it around, finding more silhouette-like images before gently pressing down the dial.

Pain coursed through her entire body as her bones cracked and stretched out, making her grow taller until reaching a certain point. Her feet grew and stretched out into three sharpened toes as her arms started being covered in feathers and her hands clawed out in the same manner as her toes. Her mouth stretched out as well and she felt her entire body almost completely covered in a soft, fluttering sensation.

Opening her piercing, hawk-like eyes, Mari glanced around as the pain in her body vanished. She found herself gasping for air, clutching at her chest. Just where did that pain come from? It coursed through her body and then suddenly disappeared in the blink of an eye, as though completing through some sort of...phase?

Once she stepped near the pond, Mari took a glance at her own reflection in the water and shrieked. The girl staring before her...was not who was she right now! Or rather, what exactly she was?

Her entire appearance and size has clearly changed. She was taller than before, her bright brown eyes sharpened into piercing, nearly golden hawk-like eyes, and her entire attire changed to that of a slim black and white jumpsuit. Most notably were the white and light green feathers on her arms, resembling bird wings, and her hands and feet having turned into talons. Additionally, a strange symbol was implanted on her chest.

"What happened to me?" wondered Mari, twisting around to check herself out even more. She walked around the pond some more, looking at her appearance some more and even pinching her talon on her other talon to see if it was a dream. Ow. Nope, it wasn't a dream. This was real.

After a while, she sighed, but unexpectedly, a strong gust of wind escaped from her sigh, enough to push a small wave of water from the pond before vanishing back into the water. Surprised, Mari decided to test something out. Inhaling some breath, Mari released it, revealing a stronger gust of wind that pushed back an even bigger wave of water, splashing water all over the cave grounds.

Just as she suspected. She knew something was strange the moment she released some sort of wind. Her breath wouldn't have affected anything, and it shouldn't have been possible to produce that much wind with a single breath, but the proof was before her eyes.

Wanting to test her powers out, Mari tried to gather more wind by focusing this time, as she was breathing in and out. Soon, winds started to swirl around her mouth, and in one huge breath, she exhaled as much as she could, causing the wind she gathered to disperse quickly and in a bit of a force as she felt the strong winds.

Now that Mari confirmed that she definitely was the one manipulating the wind, she wanted to try out the other parts in her new body. She gently touched one of her wings, noting how sensitive they are even if she was gently touching them. Clenching her talons, Mari tried to focus on her wings.

She tried jumping up and down while trying to flap her wings, and though she was in mid-air for a few seconds, she felt like there was still more to flying than just flapping her wings. Eventually, she managed to fly around, but only a feet off the ground as this was the first time she managed to acquire wings.

Come to think of it, how was she going to get out of this cave? With the current form she had on, it would be impossible for her to leave through the way she came. She was much too bigger and taller compared to her smaller frame.

A light breeze fluttered her feathery body, making her wonder where the breeze was coming from. From the way she came? The ray of light shining on the surface of the pond brought her attention before she eyed upwards and saw that the ceiling of the cavern part she was in was wide open, possibly enough for her new body to exit. If the breeze came from the hole above, that must lead to the exit, thus outside!

Even though she wasn't used to her new bird-like body, Mari decided to take a chance and fly upwards, flapping her wings as hard and fast as she could. Each flap caused her to ascent upwards, reaching higher and higher until at last, she managed to exit out the cavern, finding herself on one of the parts of the mountains, hidden from sight. She stopped flapping her wings and landed on a rocky terrain, where she could get a very high view of Evergreen Forest, the forest surrounding Mount Evergreen.

Wait, was that...smoke?

Screams filled her eardrums and she glanced around to see a lot of the Evergreen Forest up in smoke and flames. From her position, she could see her fellow junior high students and classmates panicking upon witnessing the sight of the forest beneath the mountain on fire. If they were to try and leave the mountain now, they would certainly face doom, thus leaving them all trapped up on the mountain. She suspect that they were probably trying to call for help or take shelter within the caves.

As for her? As much as she wished to join her classmates for the privilege of safety, there's no way she could with her current appearance, and she didn't have a single clue as to how to change back to her human form. Plus, she really didn't want to bring any attention to herself.

In the corner of her eye, she spotted some...strange fire-like being flying around in the air? Whatever he was, he was propelling himself up in the air, using streams of flames pointing downwards at the forest to fly around, thus creating massive wildfires and horrendous amounts of damage to nature itself.

"Whoooo! YEAH! 10 more points for me!" the strange, fire-like being cheered, momentarily ceasing his jet propelling to gloat before scrambling around the air and then falling down into the massive waves of fire underneath.

'What is happening right now?!' Mari thought, panicking. Part of her wanted to see if the strange, fire-like being was alright even though it would mean venturing down in the wildfires with absolutely no fire protection, while another part of her wishes to head back into the caves for safety. Surely, the fire department would notice the wildfires spreading, right?

Yeah, that had to be it! Luckily, all of her schoolmates were up in the mountains, and last she checked, fire trails don't go up on rocky mountains. If they were smart, they should be safe within the caverns as well for extra protection. She should join them soon as soon as she figures out how to transform back-!

Suddenly, as Mari was examining her bird-like body, she slipped and ended up sliding down the side of Mount Evergreen, prompting her to scream as she struggled and scrambled to grab ahold of something while sliding down towards the wildfires down below.

Instinctively, she began flapping her wings as rapidly as she could, gathering up winds that allowed her to glide across the hot air emitting from the fumes of the wildfires, narrowly missing the wildfires as she soared around. Every now and then, she flapped her wings while flying around to avoid the fires, picking up more and more winds as she flew around and flapped her wings some more. This didn't go unnoticed before an idea popped into her head.

Flying around a large area of fire, Mari began picking up both speed and winds when she started soaring in a rotational direction; flapping her wings over and over in the process. Feeling strong winds fluttering her feathers, Mari knew that she was gathering large amounts of winds as time passed, and before she knew it, she found herself creating a twister surrounding the large area of fire. The wildfires in that area were unable to withstand the great amount of forceful winds and were quickly extinguished, leaving behind burnt trees and what remained in the greenery.

'Oh! You know, I could...' Mari's thoughts wandered off as she stared at her accomplished work. She didn't even need to finish her thought before her mind was made up and a plan was formulated. Seeing the next set of wildfires, Anya got straight to work.

In some areas, she just started flapping her wings, but when she quickly discovered that that amount of wind wasn't enough and was only fanning the fires to make them stronger, Mari abandoned the idea of using only a small amount of wind to extinguish the flames. Instead, she decided to simply gather up both speed and winds just like the first time around and cover the entire areas of fire with temporary twisters. Just as she anticipated, the strengths of the twisters, once stayed in place, extinguished the areas of fire.

Growing exhausted, Mari landed on a patch of burnt grass and breathed in and out to catch her breath and rest her tired, bird-like body. She didn't know how long she had been at this, but she suspected that she took out a lot of wildfires and that in some way, her twisters were started to make the other fires die down even though there were still some areas she hasn't covered yet. There were still more ground to cover, and right before Anya could continue extinguishing more wildfires, she heard someone call out to her. "HEY! What do you think you're doing?!"

Turning around, she saw the strange, fire-like being from before. However, upon getting a closer look, Mari could see that he wasn't merely a being of fire, but more like a magma-based humanoid covered in dark rocks while having a torch-like head. In actuality, he is an fire-based alien called a Pyronite, but Mari doesn't know that.

Mari blinked, a bit startled to be suddenly confronted by the arsonist who started the wildfires out of seemingly fun. "I...I'm putting out the fires."

"Well, don't! I was racking up my points and testing out my powers! You putting out the fires is only going to mess up my score!" complained the Pyronite.

"Testing out your-Are you saying you deliberately set fire on this entire forest for a game?" questioned Mari, shocked. "You can't do that! It's wrong to do that to Mother Nature!"

"Okay, first of all, it wasn't just for a game. I also wanted to do this to test out my skills in another new planet! Pyros just wasn't enough for me!" The Pyronite bragged. "And second, why should I care about this dumb forest? I heard that forests naturally grow back anyways, so I don't see the problem if I just caused a little bit of destruction!"

"A little bit?! Have you not seen the huge mess you've made? Besides, it's true that forests grow back naturally, but it'll take years for that to happen!" protested Mari. "People explore these forests, you know!"

"Chillax, cutie pie! Besides, why do you care about some planet occupied by humans? We're two different alien species! We shouldn't care what humans think!" assured the Pyronite. "By the way, what's your name?"

"Tha-My name...I..." Mari paused, not wanting to give this complete stranger her real name. Judging from her newly founded powers like controlling the air, Mari had to give some sort of vague, fake name. "Um...Air...Air...y? Airy?"

"...Are you just shy or something?" questioned the Pyronite, raising an eyebrow. "Eh, whatever! You can call me Scorch!"

"Why are you going around, causing wildfires?" demanded Mari, deciding to take on the identity of "Airy" for the time being.

"Like I said, I wanted to test out my powers in new places!" explained the Pyronite named Scorch. "That...and I just LOVE destruction! Explosions, fires, you name it! I love it! And the sight of all this massive burning and trees being burnt to ashes is just a delight!~"

"You...you're an arsonist!" accused Airy.

"Yeah, not the first time I've heard of that before," said Scorch. "And definitely not the first forest I've burned down, too."


"Hey, calm down, cutie pie! I didn't hurt nor burn any humans...yet," Scorch said, wearing a sinister grin. "But after this forest, I think I'll go try and burn some humans next. It's getting a bit boring burning down things that can't really fight back. I want a new challenge! And humans either screaming and running away or fighting back might be my new favorite activity! Or, at least until I get bored! So, see ya! Oh, and if you don't want to get burned, just stay out of my way!~"

With that said, Scorch blasted fire blasts at the ground to serve as jet propulsions, thus setting the ground alit with flames once again. Hurriedly, Airy flapped her wings, successfully blowing away the flames in front of her to protect herself. Once she finished, she looked up and saw Scorch flying off in the distance. She had to think of what to do next.

If she goes after him, there's a good chance that he'll attack her, and she felt she couldn't win, especially since she got her newfound powers today, whereas he must have had years of experience training his powers. On the other hand, if she stayed and put out the rest of the fires, he might come back and re-ignite the flames once more and fight her. In that situation, she might be even more exhausted and stand even less of a fighting chance against him. Therefore, it would be logical to confront him now, especially since she's gotten some rest back.

Just as Scorch was about to send another blast of fire at the Evergreen Forest, he heard Airy call out to him. "Scorch! Stop!" Ceasing his initial plan, Scorch turned around and saw Airy trying to catch up to him through flight.

"So, you're going to stop me, after all? Lucky for me that you're not a Plumber!" Scorch called out before sending a fireball at Airy.

Being inexperienced in aerial combat, Airy was taken aback by the fireball attack and was landed a direct hit to the chest, causing her to crash back down to earth. Groaning in pain, Airy clutched her chest, feeling the stinging sensation and was fortunate that the fireball attack didn't hit her feathers, as having burnt feathers probably wasn't the best if she wanted to continue flying after Scorch.

Scorch thought Airy was down for the count and continued setting the forest ablaze, leaving his back wide open. Airy then rotates one of her wings, building up and coating her wings in a whirlwind before swinging her arm at Scorch, firing a slashing wave of wind that knocked Scorch down to earth.

"Gah!" Scorch stood back up, now in the same middle grounds as Airy. "Alright...you want a fight? Fine. A good ol' fight's even better than setting a forest on fire, anyways!" He initiated their fight by unleashing volleys of fireballs from his position.

Airy attempted to defend herself by rapidly flapping her wings to blow out the fireballs and defend herself using large amounts of winds. While she did create a few wind shields in front of herself and successfully weakened the fireballs, it wasn't enough. Some of the fireballs still managed to bypass through her wind shields and hit her in various spots of her body, making her fall back on her back in pain.

Seeing several of her feathers in flames, Airy panicked and wondered if the "stop, drop, and roll" method would work, when she thought of another quicker idea. She spun around, mimicking a twister version of herself that successfully put out the flames on her feathers, much to her relief.

"Wow, I'm not even all that warmed up, and you're acting like this is your first fight! LAME!" laughed Scorch, deciding to take things up a notch. He started firing fireballs at her all over again, and this time, Airy was practically dancing around on land instead of being airborne, narrowly avoiding them. Eventually, she took to the skies, but kept to the lower grounds as she didn't want to start an aerial battle since she has no experience with one whatsoever.

Airy started moving around, circling Scorch as he no longer focused on fireballs, but on fire blasts instead. It didn't take Airy long to discover that it was thanks to her quick evasion and speed that was allowing her to dodge Scorch's attacks, all while making him dizzy and gathering up wind once more. Unfortunately, her luck had to run out eventually when Scorch managed to land a hit on her, making her tumble back to the ground.

Airy recovered quickly and used some of her gathered wind to push herself in the air, narrowly dodging another fire blast before she regained momentum. Airy didn't know how exactly she was going to beat Scorch when something caught her eye. Or rather, two items.

A fallen, burnt tree and a boulder lying about.

With a swing of her feathered wing, Airy uses the power of wind to slam the fallen tree against Scorch at a rushing speed, knocking him off balance and off-guard. Taking advantage of this, Airy pushed the winds to slam Scorch against the boulder head-first, for extra measures.

"Ugh..." groaned Scorch, lifting his head only to gasp when he saw a small tornado heading in his direction. He propels himself by blasting fire from his left to swiftly dodge the tornado; the boulder withstands the tornado and is only pushed back slightly. Getting back on his feet, Scorch fires an even more powerful fireball at Airy.

The size of the powerful fireball forced Airy to take off into the skies, watching as the fireball hit one of the trees and was causing another wildfire. Having been momentarily distracted to witness the start of another wildfire, Airy failed to notice Scorch taking the chance to become airborne himself until a fireball narrowly missed her beak.

Panicking, Airy ended up being chased by Scorch, soaring around the Evergreen Forest as fireballs and fire blasts fly about, trying to knock her down only to end up in various, untouched parts of the forest, creating more wildfires. After a while, it seemed from Airy's perspective, that she managed to lose sight of Scorch, at least, until she noticed too late that he was flying right in her path, forcing her to come to an abrupt halt.

Upon putting himself squarely in her path, Scorch had been waiting for her while storing up a fireball in one palm, and the other palm blasting downwards to keep him afloat in mid-air. Grinning maliciously, Scorch hurled the fireball at Airy; the impact upon contact making the fireball explode and for Airy to come crashing down to earth with a bunch of her feathers burnt off.

Sitting up, Airy rubs her head and groaned while Scorch descends towards Airy at fast speeds using his fire as jets. Sensing impending danger, Airy snapped out of her stupor instantly and started flying around in a wide circle that encloses her point of impact, surrounding Scorch. Knowing that she can't clash with him head-on, Airy decided to try a different method to blow out his flames using the same way she extinguished the wildfires earlier.

The increased velocity begins stirring up a tornado with Scorch in the middle of the vortex. Because he was unfortunate enough to be trapped in the middle, the tornado attack was causing a negative side-effect of sucking the oxygen out of Scorch. Desperately, Scorch unleashed a devastating fire blast as he was spinning around, causing the twister to be filled with fumes and flames that forced Airy to cease her tornado attack and instead air out the flames on her wings using her winds.

Before Airy could recover, Scorch flew towards her and gripped her wings tightly; the glow on his magma rock-like arms intensifying as he increased the heat in his body. Pain surged through her body, and she opened her beak wide, screaming in pain.

What she didn't anticipate after was accidentally unleashing an ultrasonic shriek that not only hit Scorch point-blank right at his face, but knocked him back several meters as well.

Covering his ears, Scorch fell back to earth as Airy remained in mid-air by flapping her wings. Scorch was left screaming in pain, rolling around and leaving fire trails everywhere he rolled, trying to regain his hearing and endure the massive headache he was suffering in the process.

Just before Airy could attempt the tornado attack from before, she spotted a large lake and an idea popped into her mind. With how much distracted and in pain Scorch was, he was going to be out of commission for a while, granting Airy the chance to finish this fight.

Soaring towards the lake, Airy began circling around the wide lake in a circular pattern, gathering both speed and winds as time passed and creating a massive twister-like typhoon made of concentrated winds and the water from the lake. Manipulating the typhoon, Airy sent it flying towards Scorch, who had just recovered. The typhoon sucked up Scorch, constantly and continuously extinguishing his flames with the combined winds and water within the twister.

From her position, she witnessed the typhoon-like twister riding around the Evergreen Forest, no longer staying in one place. Its intensive and strong winds combined with water were enough to extinguish the wildfires that it came across, and judging from how there was a flame-like light constantly lighting in and out every now and thenm it was a safe assumption that Scorch would be fine; only in a dizzy spell at most.

Hearing sirens not too far away, Airy turned around and saw several ambulances, fire trucks, and so forth arriving. Some even stopped to put out the flames. As much as Airy felt that her assistance might be needed, she reconsidered otherwise, as she didn't want to end up using tornadoes in which innocents could get caught up in. She probably should return back to Mount Evergreen, where her other classmates were.

It didn't take long for her to return to the mountain, and once she did, she noticed that nobody was outside, so it was assumed that they took shelter within the caverns ever since the wildfires situation had worsen through her fight with Scorch. She found the hole that led to the hidden cavern within the mountains and flew back inside. Seeing her boots near the cave pond inside, she could tell this was definitely the spot where she found the mysterious watch and where she had first transformed into the strange avian creature she is right now.

Come to think of it, she still hasn't figured out how to transform back! Right now, she was safe because she was in a hidden section of the caverns and that it'll take a while for the firefighters, ambulances, and so forth to rescue everyone, but what if they start recalling everyone? They'll notice that a student went missing, and there was no way she was going to present herself looking like this!

Glancing at her own watery reflection in the pond, Airy tried to figure out how to transform back; if there was anything strange in her new body that may help at all. The watch that was attached to her ankle was gone, much to her frustration, so that wasn't a viable option.

Staring at her own reflection, Airy noticed for the first time just how beautiful she looked. She still felt strange, considering she is now an avian-bird kind of sorts, but by now looking at herself, she thought she looked like some kind of bird-fairy princess of sorts, especially with how feminine and graceful she appeared, even if she didn't really show any graceful traits during her fight with Scorch.

'Wait...what's that weird symbol on my chest?' Airy thought, peering closer at her reflection, and then at the symbol on her chest. Curiously, she placed her palm, or rather, her entire talon onto the symbol and pressed it down before a bright green flash invaded her sights.

Instead of being taller, she felt herself shorter now, making her glance back at her reflection. Airy was no longer there, but instead, Mari had returned to her original and rightful place!

Mari felt relieved and let out a sigh of relief. "Oh! I'm so glad that's okay! I thought I'd-"

Suddenly, a strange green energy started to crackle from the watch on her ankle before crackling over the rest of her body. Then, Mari immediately began crying out in pain and collapsed as green electricity electrified her. She stayed in place, lying on her back, spasming and screaming as she felt levels of pain coursing through her body.

Perhaps several minutes has passed since then, but soon, the foreign energy quickly dissipated. Mari started to calm down; screaming replaced with gasping, though her body was still shaking over what had happened.

'W-What just happened...?! Where did-?! How-?!' Mari had no idea what just happened, but this new experience downright terrified her, as she actually thought she was dying from the strange, sudden electrocution that came out of nowhere.

Whatever the strange electrocution was, that was something she did NOT want to experience ever again.


"Damnit! Lemme go! I was only having some fun!" pouted Scorch as he was being escorted to a Plumber's ship in special, flame-nullifying handcuffs. After being thrashed around in the tornado that landed him elsewhere far away from the forest, he started creating havoc in the place he was in. Unfortunately, because he had way too much fun, he accidentally brought too much attention to the Plumbers that were looking for him.

"Arson and causing unnecessary havoc in a planet are still crimes," spoke one Plumber. "Also, you have the right to remain silent, but I guess it's too late to tell you that now. Judging by the amount of damages you've done to Planet Earth, you'll be in prison for a long, long time!"

"Ah, damnit!"

Later, at home...

Mari collapsed on the attic floor, sighing in and out as she thought back on the events that transpired. If she was lying on a bed, she would have fallen asleep instantly, but she's never slept on a bed before, as her room, namely the attic, doesn't even have a bed. There's so much space, and yet so little things inside, as all that remained are just a few clothes, a blanket, and her school bag right around the corner.

Right after giving herself some time to recover from that horrible electrifying experience, Mari placed her boots back on and crawled out of the hidden cavern through the way she originally came from. Just as she suspected, she found several of her classmates all huddled up and hiding in various parts of the mountainous caverns. They were talking in loud voices, panicking, and some even screaming out of fear. This probably explained why they weren't questioning any "strange screaming" from another part of the caverns.

It took a while, but the fire department successfully rescued everyone by investigating within the caverns, ensuring everyone that the wildfires were extinguished and that they were going to guide everyone out safely. The ambulances checked to make sure nobody was injured, even Mari, and other than a few minor injuries amongst a few people, everyone was alright to leave and head back to school.

Mari was especially confused but kept to herself her newly discovered secret. She recalled that she had gotten injured several times by Scorch, but only escaped those injuries after transforming back. Perhaps the transformation back..."healed" her? With so little information about her situation, there really was no choice but to rely on guesses and theories, but for now, she was just going to go with the assumption that her watch really did heal her, or at least the worst of her wounds. She wasn't certain whether her exhausted body and fatigue were the results from the fight or from suffering from that mysterious electrocution.

She never would have expected the sudden turn of events during her school field trip today. A hidden cavern, a mysterious watch that's now stuck on her ankle, her transforming into some weird feminine avian creature, her ending up fighting a strange fire-like being while putting out as many fires as possible, and then her experiencing levels of pain through some mysterious electrocution.

She had many questions about this weird watch, which wouldn't come off her ankle no matter. Plus, she wasn't going to pull off any dangerous methods to remove them such as cutting it off with a knife or burn it off. But, there was no doubt in her mind that there was one conclusion about the watch that she was certain of.

It was dangerous.

Think about it. A mysterious watch that allows one to turn into a supernatural being with strange, but very powerful abilities? Hidden away inside a very secret and hidden part of a mountainous cavern where seemingly very short and small people, like her, could gain access to? And inside some strange, spherical object? Come to think of it, she didn't even think of bringing that back with her, but that was besides the point.

A watch with so much power hidden away? It was simple to think that someone hid it away somewhere so that nobody could find it. Nobody except her, by accident.

The watch was very attached to her ankle very tightly, so there was little to no chance of removing it through normal means. She could go to the police, show off her powers, and then request for them to remove it, but...the police in Adle City were...well, most of them weren't very trustsworthy. One could say that the police force there were corrupted, at least most of them were. They might use Anya for selfish needs or anything else that might make her uncomfortable.

In fact, the hometown Mari lives in, Adle City, it really wasn't very pleasant to live in. The crime rate was rather high and there weren't a lot of good places around with a lot of good people. So many homeless, thieves, and so forth lived here, and Mari didn't really have any friends because nobody would befriend her, and even if they did, it was mostly because they wanted to take advantage of her smarts.

Right now, it was probably best to simply keep the watch at hand, or in this case, at foot, because she can't remove it and it would be safer with someone who will never use the watch again better than someone who'll use the watch for malicious deeds. It's possible that the spherical container may hold something to removing the watch, but even with her powers, she can't re-enter the Mount Evergreen because ever since the wildfire incident, Evergreen Forest was off-limits and an investigation was in progress, so naturally, any investigator would notice a strange, humanoid, bird-like creature flying around in the skies and entering the caverns.

Little did she know, she would have to use the watch again, and in time to come.

Name: Airy

Species: Sylphians

Sylphians are a humanoid, bird-like species resembling eagles or harpy birds that are masters of the wind, conquering the skies as their domain. They compete and participate in lots of aerial-based activities, creating things like sky games or sky dancing and are often seen as graceful and very active. They are close neighbors and friends with another species called the Geochelone Aerios, also known as the Aldabras and have always lived in peace and harmony with them, acting as guardians to the Aldabras against any hostile intruders that dare invade their home planet.

Home Planet: Aldabra

Name Meaning: Combination of the words "Air" and "Fairy" mixed together. Plus, Airy's powers are wind-based, especially since air is part of the wind. Sylph is also a term for a mythical wind fairy. The "ian" in Sylphian is also a reference to avian birds.

Powers and Abilities: Airy's powers involve aerokinesis, allowing her to create and unleash devastating wind blasts and tornadoes and even gathering air around her to create any forms of wind such as wind barriers, tornadoes, or any gusts of winds. The strengths of her wind powers depend on the amount of wind she gathers and it can be time consuming, but the more air she gathers, the more powerful her powers will be. By flapping her wings, she can use the wind to give her physique a boost as well such as flying faster. She has the ability of flight thanks to her wings and manipulation of winds, even gliding, but she can also grant flight to others if she allows them to ride on top of her.

Her wind powers are strong enough to put out fires or blow away objects. She also possesses a special ability to spin around like a tornado for defensive and offensive purposes. Her talons have surprisingly flexibility and dexterity, able to grab onto objects like an arm. She also has enhanced agility, speed, and reflexes like a bird, being able to dodge attacks while airborne. Her talons are sharp enough to slash through steel and rocks, though it is unknown whether her strength goes beyond that. Her beak is not as strong as her talons, it still contains a certain amount of strength.

Airy can emit a high-pitched sonic scream capable of incapacitating enemies although her sonic screams were not as powerful as a Sonorosian.

Weaknesses: Airy lacks durability in exchange for speed and agility, meaning she can only handle a few heavy blows before she's down for the count.

Any other heavy winds can throw Airy off her trail, making her unstable to fly in the air and this made for a clear disadvantage.

She is extremely vulnerable to electricity and cannot swim due to being an aerial-type alien.

She cannot survive in the vacuum of space.

Appearance: Airy's eyes are narrowed and sharp, resembling the eyes of an eagle with the eye color being golden like an eagle. Her body is almost entirely feathered, more notably around her arms, where her feathers are white and light green-colored. Her entire attire is a slim black and white jumpsuit, she has feathered shoulders, and she wears a feathery-like long skirt. Her bird-like arms and legs had talons at the end as her hands and feet. Her body is taller and a little bigger in muscle mass, yet still slim, and she has a feathered head with a sharp beak.

Personality: She's quite confident in herself and her abilities, yet shows it in a graceful and elegant manner. Her elegant confidence is shown in her fighting style, where she displays feminism and graceful mannerism. She's also polite, gentle, and kind to others, and has displayed bravery against any enemies she comes across.

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