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It was dark, really dark. The small glimpse of the moon burst through the leaves, but didnt dare touch the ground below its heavenly gaze. Music can be heard, peering out from the small crack of a large window. It stops suddenly, and yelling starts. "Its so shit!"

Inside, a girl suddenly throws a tablet, shattering the screen onto the ground. A boy, visibly younger, grabs her arm. "Hey, hey. Chill. Please. I thought it sounded great". The girl looked down at the boy. He was shorter than her by more than 6 inches, he was younger, scrawnier, less experienced. Yet, the comfort in his eyes shifted her in a second. The girl herself, was tall. Native American ini blood, she towered over the boy as she stood at 6'3. She was buffer for a woman, and her clothes certainly showed that. Ripped blue jeans, high leather boots, a white tank top, covered by a aged red leather jacket. A beanie covered her head, not fully encasing the side of her head that wasnt shaved. Purple hair spilled out to the side of her face. She had a much more complex appearance to the simple Orange shirt, blue jeans, basic walmart shoes and white hair that her lover held.