Lincoln had been dating Abi for a few months now, ever since she moved here from her parents old estate to their new house. Shes the only one residing in it at the moment, her parents off on a business trip in Taiwan. He offered to show her around town when she asked for directions to a local pizza chain, and things picked up from there. Of course, Abi felt off about the whole thing. She loved Lincoln, she really did. But wouldnt that make her a pedophile? Hes younger than her. Much younger. The age gap between the two was larger than even her parents. Nonetheless, she determined to see it through. If she ended up in prison, so be it. On the other side of things, Lincoln was careful. he didnt want her in trouble, yet at the same time, didnt want to get in trouble himself. No one knew Abi's real age. Even Clyde, who's been covering for him while he went out with her by pretending that he was over with him and his dads.

With Lincoln gone, Abi began to straighten up the room from the night before. It was a mess, yet at the same time it was homely. Picking up blankets and pillows, she giggled at how wild the night before was. "No, not in that sense" she thought. She hadnt even so much as thought as sex with Lincoln. Her thoughts were too taken up with thoughts of marriage and horror movies. "Marriage" she said aloud. Abi didnt like the word very much. Her parents had trained it into her since she was born that she would be wed off to the wealthiest suitor. She was disgusted by the thought of it. Some ugly bastard more than twice her age essentially buying her just to have a wife. The shivers went up and down the neck of the girl, whose hair began to stand on edge. She'd already had to leave a boyfriend because of this a few years prior when she was 16. Then again, it was an abusive relationship. He was a creep who kept trying to get into her pants at every opportunity. She didnt let him of course. She hasnt let anyone so far. And she was proud of it.

Her mind flashed back to her parents. Their families wealth was obscene. She was sure that they could feed the entirety of Sub Saharan Africa with just half of their earnings. Nonetheless, it was hoarded. Her father was an influential pastor and businessman. He sold "Holy" items on premier religious networks. Her mother worked for the network as the "Charity Organizer". Aka, she made sure to take as much from the charity funds as legally possible. Abi hated her parents. They were the lowest of the low. They'd shoot a man in the neck then charge him for the bullet. Sighing, the girl fixed up the rest of the room as quickly as possible before heading out of her house. The large door slammed shut behind her, and she was immediately cat called. The attention she got from older men was disgusting. She was cursed with the above average breast size gene. The second she can, shes going to schedule a breast reduction surgery. She thought about the idea as she began walking. Step by step, the idea popped into her head to reduce it from an F to a E, without her parents knowledge. Money is wired into her account continuously for food and clothes. They want her to spend as much as possible so when she spouts her anti materialistic strife, they can simply bring up the fact she owns an iPhone. The current balance is at 1.54 Million. Abi refuses to spend a majority of it. Only using it if she spotted something cool, like a new game or an album. The child inside her came out every once in a while though, and she will buy thousands of calories worth of ice cream and candies to tear them down with Lincoln.

The walk was fairly simple. One step at a time while getting whistled at. Royal woods mall isnt too far, she hoped to stop by and see if they have any new vinyl's, or maybe a new guitar. Her dream guitar was an Ibanez RG 8 string. They're easy to get online, but amazon isnt something shes too keen on using. Shes met Bezos twice, and hes creeped her out every time. The square itself wasnt anything special. A few parking lots, some side stores and restaurants, and maybe a drugee here or there, but the mall itself was pristine. Walking inside, she felt eyes creeping up on her as footsteps approached. She prepared for a confrontation about something, maybe a mother who didnt want her daughter seeing the whole getup. She was tapped lightly on the shoulder. Abi turned around, a speech ready in her head. However, she was met with kind eyes and a smile. "Hi! Your hair is totes adorbes. I mean like, I wanna try something like that but at the same time I dont wanna ruin my hair and damage it, and-"

As she ranted on about the pros and cons of dying her hair, Abi stared intently at the woman. She looked familiar, but she couldnt really place how. "Oh! Sorry, I legit almost forgot. My names Leni."