Screen Title: #GoodbyeNona

Cat: Hey Sam you wanna come with me to visit Nona?

Sam: Sure why not.

We cut to Elderly Acres

Worker: Hi can I help you?

Cat: Yeah I'm here to see my Nona.

Worker: Last name?

Cat: Valentine.

Worker: Oh dear. I'm so sorry but she's not here anymore.

Sam: What?!

Cat: What do you mean she's not here?

Worker: She had a heart attack and was taken to the hospital.

Cat: OH MY GOD! Sam drive us to the hospital!

Sam: Okay.

They arrived at the hospital and are running down the hall

Doctor: No running.

Cat: Hey I'm Cat Valentine. I'm here to see my Nona.

Doctor: Oh. She's in the last room down the right.

They enter the room and sees that Nona is hooked up to a bed and is not unconscious

Cat: Nona?

Sam: Oh my god!

Nona: Nona please you cannot die! Not now!

Sam walks away to call Jade

Jade: Hello?

Sam: Jade it's Sam.

Jade: Hi Sam what's up?

Sam: Not good. I need you and your friends to come to the hospital right now.

Beck: Why?

Sam: Nona is in the hospital.

Beck: Why is she in the hospital?

Sam: She had a heart attack.

Beck: Oh my!

Jade: We'll be there soon.

Sam: Okay bye.

Jade: Bye.

Cat is about to start crying

Cat: Nona no please don't die. You're not ready to go to the light.

Jade, Robbie, Tori, Beck, André, Trina, Dice and Goomer walk in

Tori: Sam we're here.

Trina: What's going on?

Robbie: Is everyone okay?

Sam: No!

Cat: Nona had a heart attack at Elderly Acres.

Dice: Oh my god.

André: Cat we're so sorry.

Nona starts to wake up

Nona: Cat is that you?

Cat: Yes Nona it's me.

Nona: You've been a wonderful granddaughter. I love you so much.

Nona closes her eyes and passes away

Cat: No.

Sam: Cat?

The doctor comes in

Doctor: I'm sorry. She's gone.

Cat starts crying

Cat: No! She can't be gone!

Jade: It's too late Cat.

Tori: She's gone.

Robbie: Cat we're so sorry.

André: I wish we saw this coming.

Goomer: Is there anything we can do?

Cat: I don't think so.

Sam: Damn it Nona why did you have to die?!

Everyone starts to cry along with Cat

Dice: She did tell boring stories but she was so sweet.

André: This is so sad.

They all go up to Cat and hug her

At Nona's funeral

Sam: I can't believe she's really gone.

Cat is still crying

Cat: Why Nona!

Mr. Vega starts the speech

Mr. Vega: We're here to say goodbye to Nona. Although I didn't know her to well, Cat told Tori all about her.

Jade goes up

Jade: Nona is one the sweetest people ever. Sure she can be boring but she really cares about Cat.

Robbie: Cat and I were the reasons why she moved in with Nona.

Sam: She always made the greatest food.

Goomer: She's always around when Sam and Cat needed her.

Dice: Even though Nona told lame stories no one cared about, Nona is a care giving person. She cares about Cat a lot.

Cat goes up to the stage

Cat: Nona I can't believe you're gone. I loved you so much and I had so much fun living with you. Until Sam moved here and you moving to Elderly Acres. You're the greatest grandma I've ever asked for. I'm going to miss you so much. I hope to see you again some day.

Cat's parents and brother have arrived

Mr. Valentine: She was also the greatest mom ever.

Cat: Mom? Dad? Frankini?

Mrs. Valentine: Hi Cat.

Jade: What are you guys doing here?

Tori: Shouldn't you be in Idaho?

Mr. Valentine: We were but we were told what happened.

Frankini: So we left the hospital and came over.

Mrs. Valentine: We're so sorry what happened Cat.

Mr. Valentine: Are you going to be okay?

Cat: It's okay. I'm not sure if I will be. I just don't know what's going to happen with our apartment.

Sam: Uh Cat I am a year older than you so I am an adult.

Mr. Valentine: That your roommate?

Cat: Yes.

Sam: Sam. Sam Puckett.

Mrs. Valentine: Yes we know. From iCarly.

Frankini: How old are you?

Sam: 19.

Mr. Vega gets on the stage again

Mr. Vega: Alright if nobody has anymore words to say, I'm going to start burying the body.

The body gets buried and everyone goes up to confront Cat

Trina: Are you going to be okay, Cat?

Cat: Someday I will be.

Sam: I know it's hard for you.

Goomer: She was the greatest person ever.

Dice: She's still with you in your heart.

Tori: Yeah. She's up there looking down on you and Sam.

Cat: I guess you're right.

Beck: Come on let's take you to get ice cream.

Sam: Yeah let's cheer you up.

Cat: Are you guys sure?

Tori: Yeah you're our friend.

Jade: And friends always cheer friends up.

Cat: Kay Kay.

Frankini: We'll come too.

Cat: Really?

Mr. Valentine: Yeah we can go back to Idaho tomorrow.

Mrs. Valentine: Right now we want to spend time with you.

Cat: Thanks guys.

Tori: We're always going to be there for you Cat.

Jade: Just like you're going to be there for us.

Cat: I love you guys.

Everyone else: We love you too.

They all hug each other

Note: This story is a tribute to my dad who passed away back on August 9th, 2019 due to a seizure attack . I miss him so much. I wish he could come back but I know he's in a better place looking down on me everyday. I hope I'll see him again one day.