I. love forgets

When the Argo II docks on Camp Jupiter, Reyna finds Percy gripping his gladius nervously while they wait for the people on the ship to go down. Percy notices Reyna's equally tense stance and attempts to break the silence.

"I'm sure he didn't forget you, Rey."

There are conflicted knots in Reyna's stomach before she answers him.

"I really hope he didn't, Percy. We relied on each other the most before he disappeared and I trust him with my life."

Percy knew that trust was hard to come by when it came to her and that is how he knew that Jason was more than just a co-praetor to Reyna. He stilled himself, lost in his thoughts whether or not Annabeth still felt the same way about him. It was nerve wrecking and he prayed to the gods "Please, I hope Annabeth hasn't changed her mind in the months that I've been gone." He also prayed that this Jason guy remembered Reyna. She was a great leader but at times he saw past through her tough exterior, sometimes she would have a faraway look with a longing expression and he guessed this was whenever she thought of Jason.

The figures from the ship start approaching them. All Romans are prepared in battle stances just in case these people were trouble for the camp. A blonde blur is running towards them and Percy runs towards this girl at the same speed. They meet halfway and kiss but not before this girl judo flips Percy. All Romans tense and prepare to attack but Reyna commands them to halt. She guessed that this girl was the Annabeth that Percy kept on talking about, she looks at the two of them in their own little world reuniting.

Finally finding the courage to look at the rest of the figures approaching her, she looks for a blonde head with electric blue eyes. Reyna zeroes in on a head she knows far too well and a smile creeps up on her face but that quickly turns into a frown when she finds Jason holding the hand of a pretty girl next to him. Her heart constricts painfully because this just confirmed her worst fears over the past few months he's been gone. Jason forgot about them and it hurt even more for her because they just started dating for a month before he disappeared.

When Jason sets his eyes on her he has a thoughtful look as if he just remembered who she was then it was replaced with a conflicted expression on his face. Flashes of a few memories came when he saw that girl with a black side braid and as much as he tried to grasp onto these memories, they were fleeting fast. In that moment, Jason knew that this beautiful girl with an aura of power and had two metal dogs beside her was an important part of his life here in Camp Jupiter. It suddenly felt wrong to hold onto Piper's hand so he lets go of her hand as if it burned him then he takes one look at Reyna's steely gaze and concludes that he just fucked up big time.

Gwen, Dakota and Bobby notice the exchange between their two friends and they grow concerned for Reyna. They have been reassuring her these past few months that nothing was gonna change when he finally came back but here he was holding hands with a different girl. All of them knew full well that this shattered Reyna's heart into pieces. All their gazes turned cold when Jason gave them a tight smile.

Although Reyna felt like she wanted to puke because of what she just saw, she knew that like she's done for the past few months, she had to push through and be strong for the camp despite feeling heart broken. So she puts her praetor mask on and clears her throat.

This quickly catches Percy's attention and he quickly pulls on Annabeth's hand towards Reyna. He lets go of Annabeth and takes his place next to Reyna along with the Romans. This creates a painful tug in Annabeth's heart but she understood the circumstances and his loyalty so she lets it go. She looks at the girl next to Percy and becomes wary of this intimading girl who had two metal dogs beside her. She was beautiful but she exuded power in her aura. Who was she? And who was she to Percy?

Jason looks uncomfortably at the tan boy next to Reyna. He could only guess that this boy was Percy Jackson (the boyfriend that Annabeth kept on looking for) and it kind of hurt his pride that he so easily became praetor. Someone had taken his spot while he was gone and he knew he shouldn't have been bitter but he was a bit.

Reyna looks at Percy, to silently ask if he was done already. He gives her an apologetic look and nods. Reyna clears her throat and regards their visitors.

"Welcome to Camp Jupiter. I think it would only be right for introductions to be the first set of order."

Leo stares at the girl with a purple cape. He's met his fair share of beautiful women but this girl will definitely be at the top of his list. There was something enchantingly beautiful about her and he wonders if it was witchcraft. She also exuded power and confidence which attracted Leo even more.

Piper shifts uncomfortably next to Jason. He let go of her hand and she tries to ignore the sting on her chest. She thinks that it must have been the nerves about being back home and having no clear memories of the place. She looks at Jason staring at a girl who has a single side braid and thinks that this must be their leader. Jason has mentioned her name once and he referred to her as a girl back home. She assumed that the said girl was just a friend and she was pretty convinced that no girl could match up to her Aphrodite blessed looks. How wrong was she to think that way? This girl standing before her was incredibly beautiful. She had scars all over her tan body but she wore them like medals with her head held high, she looked like a queen she thought. For the first time, Piper prayed to her mother and hoped that her relationship with Jason was meant to be. They were blessed by the Gods, right?

While Reyna glanced at their visitors and seized them up. She noticed that the blonde haired girl that she knew was Percy's girlfriend had an uneasy look while she glanced between her and Percy. Reyna sighed and figured she would have to deal with that when the time comes, she knew how much it hurt to think that there was someone else and she felt like she owed it to the girl to clarify things. She then noticed the pretty girl next to Jason seize her up and Reyna immediately straightened up, she would not show any weakness. Then there was a Mexican looking boy that was staring at her oddly, was that adoration she saw in his face, she thinks to herself that she doesn't even want to know.

"I am Reyna, Daughter of Bellona, Praetor of the Twelfth Legion."

Percy then automatically straightens himself out and steps forward. He smiles lovingly at Annabeth before looking at her companions.

"Percy, Son of Poseidon and since I've been here Son of Neptune now too, Praetor of the Twelfth Legion."

He shoots Jason an apologetic glance and Jason grimaces in turn.

A cinnamon brown haired girl steps forward.

"Hazel, Daughter of Pluto, Centurion of the Fifth Cohort."

An asian looking boy steps in next to Hazel.

"Frank, Son of Mars, Legacy of Poseidon."

A red haired girl comes forward.

"Gwendolyn, Centurion Shishkebab, Senator of New Rome."

A curly dark haired boy steps in next to Gwen.

"Dakota, Son of Bacchus, Senator of New Rome."

Reyna then nods at her comrades and looks expectantly at her group of visitors. She inquisitively stares at the group opposite to them and waits for someone to step in and pronounce themself as their leader. She expected Jason to be the one to do it but she guesses that he really did change because the blonde haired girl comes forward and introduces herself. Reyna slowly recognizes this girl from her time in Circe's Island and her face hardens.

"Annabeth, Daughter of Athena."

Annabeth seems to have recognized her as well and she guiltily looks at Reyna. Annabeth thinks that she definitely has to talk to Reyna now to at least apologize for what happened in Circe's Island.

The Mexican looking boy gives Reyna a wink and introduces himself immediately.

"Leo, Son of Hephaestus. Also single and very ready to mingle."

Leo directs his last bit directly at Reyna. Jason's eye twitches and he clenches his fist, he reminds himself Leo is his bestfriend. Reyna is amused but appears unbothered and uninterested at what he said. Jason finally steps forward to break the weird atmosphere Leo created and he introduces himself back home. He looks at Gwen, Dakota and Bobby and gives them a smile then he looks directly into Reyna's eyes.

"Jason, Son of Jupiter, Former Centurion of the Fifth Cohort and Former Praetor of the Twelfth Legion."

Reyna is unfazed by what Jason says and figures that at least he remembers bits from his past life here. It could have gone worse she thought. She doesn't back down from his gaze and just stares at Jason with a stoic face.

Piper sensing the tension in the air, clears her throat and places a hand on Jason's shoulder.

"Piper, Daughter of Aphrodite. I'm Jason's girlfriend and it's pleasant to meet you all."

Reyna is the first to break her staring contest with Jason and she proceeds forth with what needs to be discussed.

"Okay now that introductions have been settled, I think it's best for us to head to the senate house to discuss how things are going to go."

A scrawny blonde haired boy comes into view with a scowl on his face.

"How dare you let greacus into our camp Reyna! What sorcery has this Percy Jackson done to your head?!"

Jason glares at Octavian fully remembering this annoying boy. Dakota, Gwen, Bobby, Frank and Hazel protectively step in to defend Reyna. A force of habit makes Jason step in to defend Reyna but Percy beats him to it.

"Stop it, Octavian. You can't talk to Reyna like that and have you forgotten who your praetor is!"

Jason clenches his fist because for some weird reason this Percy guy was annoying him, just how close are he and Reyna? It took him years for Reyna to trust him, how could this guy swoop in and break down her walls.

Annabeth felt uncomfortable, although she knew that Percy was only doing the right thing. It made her jealous when Percy swooped in fast to defend Reyna. Who was this girl exactly to him? The months they've spent apart have only made her insecure and hopefully he hasn't changed his feelings. He couldn't have, could he?

Reyna sighed at the tense atmosphere. Percy had been an incredible friend to her and the Romans. While she tried pushing him away during his stay in Camp Jupiter, he only insisted more on being her friend. He was a loyal friend and as much as that was nice, it was ticking Reyna off today. She saw Annabeth's pained face and the last thing she wanted was to be included in yet another love triangle. So she stepped next to Percy and gave him a curt nod to tell him that she can handle it.

"Octavian, can you please just drop it. We have visitors right now."

Octavian glares at her and pushes on.

"They are greacus, Reyna. They are our enemies. Are you endangering the camp?!"

Reyna rolls her eyes at him.

"Of course not, Octavian. For the sake of our camp, we discuss this like civilized people in the Senate House. We don't want any romans getting injured today."

"If anything bad happens while the greacus are in our camp, it'll be your head we'd be chewing off."

"They brought us back our Saving Grace. The least we could do is hear out what they have to say. Does anybody object with what I said?!"

All the romans stood still and regarded their leader with a nod, everyone clearly respected and trusted Reyna's decisions. One hand came up to object though and of course it would be Octavian.

"Okay now that the majority have no issues with it. I hope everyone goes back to what their respective cohorts were doing."

The romans scurry off to their respective places and it amazed Leo, how such a small girl had this much power and respect over the whole camp. It only made him admire her more.

Reyna turned to Jason and the greeks.

"We have to go to the senate house now. We'll be discussing what happens from here on out with the entire senate."

Leo smiles as he approaches her which earns him a frown from Jason.

"I wouldn't mind going anywhere with you. Ra-ra."

Reyna looks confused for a second but she quickly brushes him off.

"Okay everyone, let's go."

Reyna walks ahead of them walking with Dakota, Gwen, Bobby, Hazel and Frank while her two metal dogs follow them closely. Percy stays behind with Jason and the greeks.

Percy laughs at Leo's poor attempt of flirting with Reyna while he wraps one arm around Annabeth's shoulder.

"Reyna's a tough cookie to crack, Leo. You don't even want to go there."

Leo smiles up at Percy.

"Well well, then I would have to try harder. Nice to meet you, Percy. We've heard so much about you from Annabeth."

Percy smiles up at Annabeth.

"All good things, I hope?"

"Some are yes and some are complaints about all the kelp in your head for getting yourself kidnapped."

"Oh come on wise girl, I didn't even want to leave you."

Annabeth rolls her eyes at Percy.

"Of course, you didn't seaweed brain. I'm just glad you're alive and in one piece."

Percy looks into the camp and finds Reyna and her group disappearing into a corner.

"Come on guys, I guess I'll be your guide. Rey and the others are already way ahead of us."

While they walk towards the senate house, Jason frowns and couldn't help but think "Rey? Only her really close friends are allowed to call her that." Annabeth on the other hand, felt curious and she couldn't help but ask her boyfriend about it since Piper, Leo and Jason were talking behind them.

"Rey? How is she as a person? Can we trust her?"

"Of course, we can, wise girl. She's the leader of this camp and believe it or not in the months that Jason went missing, she was able to keep this camp up and running by herself."

"By herself? How did she manage? Aren't praetors in Rome supposed to come in twos?"

"Well she didn't want to give Jason's spot just to anyone. Trust me, I had to save this camp just so that she'd deem me worthy of taking Jason's spot. When I got here, she was still pretty convinced that Jason would be back soon to take back his place."

Annabeth had an epiphany. "Oh my god. Was Reyna just like her these past few months? Was Reyna waiting for Jason to come home like she was waiting for Percy?"

"So, you and Reyna? Aren't ... you know."

Percy put two and two together then he burst out laughing. Some romans even turned their heads to give Percy a weird look.

"Oh god, wisegirl. No. That's kind of impossible since I already have a very smart and beautiful girlfriend."

"Oh, I just thought. Since you know, Jason has Piper now and I guess I was worried too."

Percy glances behind them and finds Jason looking lost in his thoughts while Piper and Leo gossip next to him.

"Well, I guess not everyone is as lucky as us, wise girl. I bet seeing them together earlier broke Reyna's heart."

Annabeth grimaces and feels relieved because it could have so easily been them as well. She wouldn't even know what she would do if Percy forgot about her and found a different girlfriend.

"Ugh. Jason's a good guy, you know but I guess his memories haven't been fully back with him yet. Maybe I'll try to talk to Reyna later and I have to apologize as well for what happened at Circe's Island."

"Oh, trust me. I've done my fair share of groveling but behind her tough exterior, she's a really nice girl, wise girl."

"Of course, seaweed brain."

Percy opens the door to the senate house and they find themselves surrounded with the senate members of Camp Jupiter. Two thrones are elevated from the rest in the front and center of everything. Reyna sits on one throne while her metal dogs sit beneath her. Percy kisses Annabeth on the cheek before murmuring a quick see you later. He heads straight to the throne next to Reyna and assumes his position.

Jason couldn't help but feel sick to his stomach when he saw Percy and Reyna on the thrones. A few memories of him and Reyna being the ones up there, flash into his head. Piper looks up at him worriedly but he refuses to acknowledge her at the moment.

The senate meeting goes on and after hours of deliberation and opinions, the senate finally agrees to let the greeks stay in their camp for a few days till they manage to settle the prophecy of the seven. Reyna by this time was incredibly exhausted.

"This meeting is adjourned. We shall discuss other important matters tomorrow. Bonam noctem."

As everyone left the senate house, it surprised her that Annabeth stayed behind and motioned for her. Reyna was tired but she was accustomed to situations like this whenever she had to tend to romans having issues within the camp. Annabeth was the first one to break the silence.

"First of all, I want to say I'm sorry."

Reyna looks surprised but she quickly covers it up with a stoic face.

"For what?"

Annabeth takes a deep breath and apologetically looks at Reyna.

"For that time in Circe's Island. I didn't mean for that to happen and I was just desperate to survive then."

Reyna hardens her expression but she figures that it's been a few years since then and since she owned up to her mistakes like Percy, that sat well with Reyna.

"Hey, you were younger then and I would have done the same to survive if I were in your position."

Annabeth gives her a small smile.


Reyna gives her a tight smile.


"Sooo...it's amazing how you managed to run the camp by yourself before Percy came. He told me about it and I just wanted to thank you for keeping him out of trouble while he was here."

Reyna laughs a bit at what Annabeth said.

"Percy does have a way of always finding himself in trouble. I think that the Gods must favor him for keeping him safe for this long."

Annabeth laughs and agrees with what Reyna said.

"Yeah, that he does. I just wished the Gods stopped picking him for every quest they need."

"How were you holding up without him? Percy always mentioned you, you know, he never forgot to talk about you. I think it was his way to make sure that he didn't forget about you."

Annabeth softens at Reyna's words.

"Well, I was a mess. I was so desperate to find him and it had been months since he disappeared. Then Jason popped out of nowhere and I guess, I knew that it had something to do with Percy missing."

Reyna's heart contricts at the mere mention of Jason's name. Annabeth notices Reyna's silence and her pained face. So out of impulse, she reaches out to hold both her hands and squeezes them with her own. This girl in front of her, lead a legion while her boyfriend went missing and her boyfriend came home with a new girlfriend on his arm. Annabeth felt horrible for her and she just wanted to make sure that this girl was okay. She can kind of see herself in her eyes, it was almost as if she were her roman counterpart.

"Reyna, I know I am in no position to pry or to talk about this with you but trust me when I say that I know exactly what you've been through when Jason was gone. You don't always have to be strong. If there are things you want to talk about or to get off your chest, I can hear you out."

Reyna feels her mask break. For months on end, she remained strong, she run the legion on her own, she showed no weakness because she had hope that when Jason came home everything would go back to normal but now that he was back. Why did everything feel so wrong? Why did it feel like she could see Jason but her Jason, the one who has been with her since she was 12 was gone? Reyna slowly starts to feel the tears coming out of her eyes and as much as she tried to stop it, the tears didn't stop. Was everything she did all for nothing? Her Jason wasn't coming home and it hurt so much.

Annabeth was suprised to see Reyna break down. This girl was really tough but she also needed someone that understood the pain she's been through. Annabeth wraps her arms around Reyna into a hug and she attempts to soothe her by patting her softly on the back. Reyna quickly composes herself and pulls away from Annabeth, she feels ashamed for showing a sign of weakness but she also feels grateful for the comfort Annabeth gave. Ever since she saw Jason with Piper, all she wanted to do was cry but she knew she had to be strong for Camp Jupiter.

"I'm sorry, Annabeth. I didn't mean to breakdown on you like that. It is unacceptable behavior."

"Reyna, you don't have to say sorry for crying when you feel upset. People are entitled to their own emotions."

"But, as a Roman, I must not show any weakness. All the more if the reason for being upset is because of a boy."

Annabeth holds onto both of Reyna's hands.

"It's alright for you to express yourself once in a while, you don't have to bottle all of these feelings up all the time."

"I guess, so."

"Do you want to talk about it?"

"Well, I already broke down in front of you. I guess, I got nothing to lose."

Annabeth nods at her and waits for her to go on.

"Well... it hurts a lot, Annabeth. It feels like he just ripped my heart out of my chest and trampled on it. Then he shows public displays of affection with his new girlfriend."

"Annie, you can call me Annie. That's what my close friends call me."

Reyna smiles up at her and Annabeth returns it.

"Well in that case, it's Rey. You can call me Rey. That's what my friends call me."

"Well, Rey, I understand that it might seem that way but I doubt that Jason intentionally wanted to hurt your feelings. He's one of the nicest guys I've met and I'm sure he didn't mean to."

"I know that and as much as I want to hate him for forgetting about me and for forgetting about us, I can't hate him because I still love him."

Reyna tears up again and Annabeth wipes some of her tears away.

"Oh, Rey, I think we should just give him time. I don't think he even has a hold of all his memories yet. I guess we just have to wait."

Reyna tugs frustratedly at the end of her side braid.

"I have been waiting for 8 months and now I have to wait again. I don't think that there's anyone I have to wait for anymore. Clearly he's made his choice by dating Piper."

"I understand why you're frustrated and if moving on is what will appease your heartache then I guess that it's the best thing to do."

"I really hope so, Annie. I can't keep on crying for a guy that doesn't even remember what we had."

"Oh god, how long were you together before he disappeared?"

"A month."

Annabeth completely understands Reyna because it had also just been a month since she and Percy started dating before he went missing.

"Well I got admit. He kind of sucks for forgetting about his own girlfriend."

Reyna swallows a lump in her throat remembering the months before they actually put a label on it. If she was gonna be honest, she was the difficult one at first refusing to place a label on their relationship because of her fear that it might get in the way of their duties as praetors.

"Well, I don't blame him, I kind of sucked in the romance department as well. We had been kind of a thing without a label for five months before we finally made it official a month before he disappeared."

Annabeth's jaw dropped. So technically, they were together for 6 months? How could Jason forget?

"That's no excuse, Rey. He should have at least remembered that he had someone waiting for him back home. Well he did mention you a few times but he always refused to talk about it."

"Well, those few times must have meant nothing to him since he still got himself a new girlfriend."

Annabeth grimaces at this and tries to comfort her friend.

"Maybe, moving on is the best course of action. You wouldn't want to get in the middle of any relationship even though technically it kind of was Piper that got in the middle of your relationship but both Jason and Piper weren't aware that he and you had a thing. For now, I just think that you deserve better than this."

"I agree with you, Annie. I think, I'll just move on and at least Jason would be happy."

"Oh, Rey, you deserve happiness as well. Never try to tell yourself otherwise."

"I never thought in a million years that I would ever have a greek friend."

"Well, we're kind of alike in many ways. Aside from the missing amnesiac boyfriends, I also think that Bellona is quite similiar to Athena."

"Thank you. I think I needed that talk."

"Now you can always talk to me if you need to get some things off your chest."

Annabeth abruptly hugs Reyna. She doesn't usually hug people but this girl has been through so much and in a way she kind of felt guilty about how similiar things could have gone for her if Percy forgot about her.

A loud bang of the door opening jolts them out of their thoughts. A surprised expression is on Percy Jackson's face when he sees Annabeth and Reyna hugging each other but it quickly morphs into a smirk.

"Well, well, what do we have here? I see someone's made a friend."

Annabeth and Reyna roll their eyes at him at the same time, it had never occured to Percy how similiar Annabeth and Reyna were as a person. They were both stubborn perfectionists who were annoyingly smart. He smiles at the fact that one of his close friends in Camp Jupiter and his girlfriend are bonding.

"Oh shut it, Perce. Do you want me to hit you?"

"Wipe that smirk off your face, seaweed brain. You don't want me to judo flip you again, do you?"

"My, my, this might be one of the most unholy friendships ever. The two of you are already ganging up on me."

"If you stopped being annoying, Perce, then I'd be less mean."

"Unholy friendships? Is that supposed to insult us, seaweed brain?"

Percy acts as if they delivered a hard blow to his heart while clutching onto his chest.

"You two wound me. I was only being a kind gentleman. People were trying to figure out why one of their praetors and a greek was missing. They thought you guys were killing each other or something ... (Percy notices Reyna's tear strained face) what happened here?"

"Chill, Perce. Annie and I were just talking about a few praetor issues."

Percy immediately catches on. When Reyna usually had "praetor issues", it actually meant "Jason Grace" related issues.

"Oh... oooh... okaaay. Well everyone is at the mess hall eating dinner. The greeks and Jason decided to eat with the Fifth cohort and I was getting lonely eating alone at the praetor table."

Reyna turns to Annabeth.

"Would you like to eat with Perce and I at the praetor table?"

"Are you sure? Wouldn't we break a roman policy or something?"

"Oh we will but I'm praetor and everyone follows what I say so it'll be okay."

"Okay then. At least I get to hang with you and this seaweed brain."

"Thank God, Annie. I am convinced that I've been losing brain cells being around Perce."

Percy pouts and butts into their conversation.

"Hey, that's not nice, Rey. How could you say that about me after all the times we ate together there."

Reyna sticks her tongue out at Percy.

"Pffft. I was practically obligated to sit with you since we're co-praetors."

Annabeth loops her arms through both of Percy and Reyna's arms.

"Come on now you two babies. And Percy stop being a drama queen."

The three of them happily chatter while walking to the mess hall. When they reach the mess hall, their playful banter doesn't stop and when they were finally seated and eating that was when they noticed everyone looking at them as if they grew three heads.

It was quite a peculiar sight. Their usually stoic praetor was engaging in playful banter with their recently elected praetor and a greek blonde leader. Reyna was usually solemn ever since Jason went missing but they guessed that something shifted and now she seemed a bit better.

The sight was mostly peculiar to Jason though. It was unbelievable to Jason how fast she warmed up to Percy but now she's warmed up to Annabeth as well. What in Tartarus has been happening since he's been gone?

Leo cleared his throat beside Jason and said.

"Damn, Percy is pretty close to her. Why is he close to all the pretty girls? I knew Annabeth was off limits but now he has Reyna too. This is so unfair."

Jason's jaw clenches and he squeezes a bit too hard on Piper's hand making her yelp.

"Hey lightning boy. Cool it."

Jason looks up apologetically at Piper and Leo. Gwen, Dakota and Bobby attempt to hide their grins. They knew Jason and if this was still their Jason, they were pretty sure that in a few more minutes he'll be accidentally zapping everyone with electricity.

Percy had his arm around Annabeth while his other hand playfully tugged at the end of Reyna's side braid from time to time. Annabeth berates Percy for tugging on Reyna's hair calling him a pre-schooler for it but Percy ignores it and still persists on doing it. A memory flashes into Jason's head and he remembers that he used to be the one to do that before. Reyna gets increasingly annoyed by each tug Percy does and once she reaches her limit, with a snap of her fingers the tissue Percy was holding lights on fire. Percy yelps and pouts at Reyna and Annabeth for laughing at him. Annabeth and Reyna high five. Oh right Jason thinks, I forgot that Reyna could light things on fire with the snap of her fingers.

"What? She can do that?!"

Jason notices that he just said that out loud and Leo looks as if he just found his favorite toy from the toy store. He nervously scratches the back of his head before he answers.

"Yeah, it was a gift from her mother. She found out the same time I found out that I could kind of fly using the wind."

"Oh god, I think I'm in love. Where has she been all my life?"

Gwen laughs at Leo and answers his question.

"Running an entire legion on her own."

Dakota accidentally spits out his drink. Bobby pats him softly on his back. Jason frowns at what Gwen said while Leo looks at Reyna dreamily.

Jason feels as if he should have been the one sitting there at the praetor table with Reyna but he tries to brush it off because he has Piper now. He looks up at the praetor table and finds Percy wiping away some pasta sauce that got on Annabeth's cheek then he sees Percy laughing at Reyna who looked confused. Percy moves closer to Reyna's face and wipes some pasta sauce on the corner of her mouth.

The people sitting from Jason's table mutter an "ouch" because they all felt a sting of electricity hit them. This gains everyone's attention around the mess hall. Jason mutters a quick "sorry" to everyone and then everything goes back to normal. Piper holds onto Jason's hand and says.

"Sparky stop zapping us with your powers, okay?"

Jason looks lost in thought and nods at her.

Dakota, Gwen, Bobby and Hazel knew that it was bound to happen soon because of what Percy was doing. Jason has always been a jealous guy and all of them knew it. They guess some things never do change.