Screen Title: #HappyBirthdayCat

At Apartment #22, Sam, Dice, Jade, Robbie, Tori, Beck, André, and Trina are planning a surprise for Cat's 25th birthday

Sam: Alright listen up. We got to make this the best party Cat has ever had.

Jade: I can't believe she's going to be 25.

Tori: We're all 25. Except for Sam and Trina who are 26 and Dice who's 18.

Trina: Cat's really grown up a lot.

Dice is outside and he hears Cat coming

Dice: Cat's coming!

Jade: Places everyone.

They hide and turn off the lights

Cat walks in and everyone jumps out

Everyone but Cat: Surprise!

Cat: For me?

Robbie: Happy birthday Cat.

Cat: Oh you guys.

Sam: Have some cake.

Sam hands Cat chocolate cake

Cat: Aw it's chocolate. Yay.

Jade: I made the cake.

Beck: I helped.

André: Happy birthday, little red.

Cat: Thanks André.

Trina: We all got you presents.

Cat: You did?

Tori: Yeah let's go open them.

Cat: Kay Kay.

They hand Cat presents

Tori: This is from Trina and me.

Cat opens the box and it's a jar of her favorite perfume

Cat: You got me my favorite perfume?

Tori: Yeah.

Trina: Sam told us it was your favorite.

Sam: It's true.

Jade: Here this is from Beck and I.

Cat opens it and it's a PearPad

Cat: A PearPad?

Beck: Yep. We have it all set up for you.

Jade: And we downloaded all of your favorite songs.

Cat: Thanks you guys.

Cat opens Robbie's present

Cat: Aw Robbie you got me a picture of us?

Robbie: Yep.

Next Cat opens André's present

Cat: André you got me my favorite chocolates?

André: I know how much you love them.

After Cat opens Dice's present which are Spifes (from #TheBritBrats)

Sam: Alright Cat this last one is from all of us.

Dice: I think you're going to like it.

Cat opens the gift and it's a very big 15 gallon jar of Bibble

Cat: You got me bibble?

Tori: Yeah.

Beck: We all remember your obsession with it.

Trina: Just don't go too crazy.

Cat: I won't.

André: It is good after all.

Cat: I love it. Thanks you guys.

Jade: Don't thank us.

Jade: Thank Sam.

Beck: Buying bibble was her idea.

Cat: Thank you Sam.

Sam: No problem kid.

Everyone but Cat: Happy Birthday Cat!

Cat: Thanks you guys. This has been the best birthday ever.

They all give Cat a hug as the story ends