It was a normal day in Seattle, but Spencer found himself in a not so normal place.

You see, Spencer needed art supplies for all of the projects he was working on, especially a present for Carly, but all the art supply stores were closed due to a town-wide orgy that was going on. All except for one.

Nobody had anything good to say about The Paranormal Paintbrush. The people who entered never came out the same. For example, Dan was the nicest guy in town, but once he went to The Paranormal Paintbrush he came out as a creepy pedophile with an unhealthy foot fetish. Spencer shuddered once he remembered Dan's story, but quickly straightened himself, and looked at The Paranormal Paintbrush with a determined stare. Spencer gazed at the rusty, broken down shack, and went in hoping for the best. He was shocked to see what was inside: long and narrow aisles of art supplies from the front to the back. An old man with glasses and a grey beard sitting at the counter noticed Spencer's shocked expression.

"Can I help you?" the old man asked in a cold and deep voice.

Spencer gulped, fears of turning into Dan rushing back. "No" Spencer thought. "I have to do this for Carly."

Spencer coughed and looked at the old man.

"My little sister's birthday is coming up but I can't come up with a present. I need inspiration."

The old man smiled.

"Follow me."

The old man got up and Spencer began to follow him. Spencer stopped when the old man got to an aisle and put a hand in front of him. The old man turned to Spencer and gave him a thick and dusty brown book.

"This is Sigillum Dei Aemeth" said the old man. "It can give you all the power you want, provided you're careful."

"How much is it?" asked Spencer.

"Its all yours. Just promise me that you do not read from page 69."

Spencer started giggling but stopped once the old man gave him a glare.

"Laugh now, but now that if you read from that page, tragedy and bloodshed will fall upon you and the cast of iCarly."

Spencer's eyes suddenly burst open in shock. "How do you..."

"It doesn't matter. Just promise me that you won't read from page 69."

"I promise, geez."

Spencer left with the book, unaware of the terror that awaited him at home.