Spencer went back to his apartment and looked at the book, worried that his visit to The Paranormal Paintbrush had done something to him. He took out his phone and looked at a picture of Carly, zooming in on her feet. Spencer looked down at his pants and smiled, happy to see that he was boner-less. Spencer put the book on a shelf and sat on the couch. He put his feet up on the table, knocking off a bowl of popcorn.

"Hey what the heck man, I spent an hour making that."

Spencer turned around to see that sitting next to him was the famous fat kid himself, Gibby.

"Gibby? Why are you in my room?"

"Well basically mom took Guppy over to Grandpa so that he wouldn't notice the orgy. She wanted to make me go too but I convinced her that I was mature enough to participate."

"So why aren't you out there?"

"I did go out at first, werewolf makeup and all, but I left as soon as I saw that I was only attracting furries. Plus I saw stuff there that will probably give me nightmares for the rest of my life. Did you know that butter can be used for-"

"Please stop" Spencer said in a calm tone, already having enough butter trauma in his life."

The two sat there in silence for about thirty seconds. Wanting to break the ice Gibby looked over at the shelf and began to speak up.

"Hey whats that thing on the shelf?"

"Oh I needed inspiration for a present for Carly so I went to The Paranormal Paintbrush and the shopkeeper told me this would work." Spencer replied nonchalantly.

Gibby stood up, his eyes widening in horror.

"You went to The Paranormal Paintbrush?! What the fuck? Do you not know about Dan?" Gibby asked with fear in his voice.

"Of course I know about Dan, everybody knows about Dan! And it was the only store open, what was I supposed to do?"

Gibby began to back away and move towards the back of the room.

"I'm out of here man. That book's probably gonna turn you into a pedophile, and then you'll fuck me or something. I've seen homeless guys come up to me and tell me how sexy my nipples are, I'm not letting you get the Gibbay!"

"Relax dude its probably just a normal book. I'll prove it" Spencer said before he grabbed the book and started reading.

"'Rubberus, duckai, bathtimeo.'" Spencer said in a dramatic voice.

For a few seconds, nothing happened.

"See, its just a normal-" Before Spencer could finish his sentence a rubber duck suddenly appeared in his hand."

"Holy shit its a spell book!" Gibby exclaimed. "Let me try!"

Spencer gave Gibby the book. Gibby flipped to a random page and started reading.

"'Eternai, socobe, jackovo. Bloodovus, satierne, mocombo. Jequede, podobo, columbe!'"

A massive soundwave swept the room, causing Gibby to fall down and Spencer to cover his ears.

"Holy shit that was intense." Gibby said while getting up.

"Yeah, what spell was that?" Spencer asked.

"I don't know, I just read from page 69. Get it?"

Spencer's eyes widened in horror.

"Did you actually read from page 69?"

"Yeah, I did. I know I'm usually more subtle and nuanced with my jokes but you gotta admit, this is classic Gibbay."

Spencer got up, realizing the horror of what just happened.

"Oh no. No no no."

"Relax man, it was just a joke."

Spencer ran over to Gibby and grabbed him.

"You don't understand man, we're fucked! The shopkeeper said not to read from page 69, and you just did! Oh god, oh god, oh god." Spencer said while pacing around the room.

"Oh." Gibby said with a much more serious expression. Well maybe its not that bad."

Meanwhile in another room, Brad, a young man with brown hair wearing a football jersey, and Samantha, a bookish young woman with blonde hair, were preparing for something very... experimental.

"Come on Brad, why do we have to do it in this crummy ass apartment when we could be fucking with the masses?"

"You are my queen, and a queen deserves her own personal palace instead of cavorting with the locals."

Tasha smiled. Just as she was about to lean in for a kiss, a gust of wind was heard. Tasha turned around, only to see a naked woman with black hair and blue eyes standing in front of them.

"Oh my god Brad how did she get in here? Brad?"

Tasha looked at Brad, only to see him masturbating.


"I'm sorry, she's just so-"

Before Brad could finish his protests, the woman walked up to him and started french kissing him. This was met by a scream from Tasha, causing the two participants in fuckery to turn around.

"I can't believe it Brad. After all we've been through. After I left college for you. This is how you treat me? Well fuck you, and fuck that naked whore!"

Just as Tasha was about to leave the woman held out her arm, hand open, towards Tasha.

Now, I want you to imagine a watermelon exploding. First the top part falls off, then the second half follows suit. Now you've got two halves of a watermelon moving away in slow motion.

That's what happened to Tasha's head.

Blood spattered everywhere, especially on Brad and the woman. Brad gagged due to the blood in his mouth, and then looked at the woman in pure shock and horror.

"What the fu-"

Before Brad could finish the woman let out a high pitched demonic shriek, causing him to fall on the floor. The woman bent over to Brad's lying body, and ripped off his jaw. Still sensing life, the woman repeatedly kicked his face, until there was no longer any movement or breathing. Satisfied the woman moved over to Tasha's corpse and began to put on her clothes. She heard a small buzz, and looked over to see Tasha's PearPhone vibrating. The woman opened it up to see a message from some woman named Nicole saying 'Hey gurl come meet us at the festival. We gon get our fuck on!' The woman smiled.

"Nicole." she said. "I like it."

The woman, sorry, Nicole, walked away, happy to find more victims.