The Incredibles, along with their friends and family, were returning home after a victorious battle against evil. However, they weren't in a celebratory mood right now. They were a little ticked off at Dash, AKA Speed Demon. What had happened was that they had a battle where Dash nearly got the whole family badly injured and even almost got a couple of them killed due to his reckless actions and going against his father's orders. He then went on to beat the bad guy by himself, or so he thought. While he was gloating about how he would get fame and glory, the villain got away, him not noticing unlike the rest of his family. When he stopped gloating and caught sight of how everyone was looking at him, he knew he was in trouble.

"Come on, guys. I didn't mean to endanger you." Speed Demon said. Everyone stopped just outside the Parr house and glared back at him.

"But, you did mean to showboat." Violet, AKA Miss Stealth, replied.

"You also got too arrogant. Now, he got away and it could take us weeks or months to track him down again." Evelyn, AKA Everywoman, said.

"Hey, come on, I thought you guys would appreciate it." Speed Demon protested.

"We do appreciate it, Speed Demon. But, we don't appreciate your actions endangering our lives." Karen, AKA Voyd, said.

"Much less almost getting us badly hurt." Elastigirl, AKA Helen, said

"I didn't mean it. I mean, come on! I said I was sorry!" Speed Demon replied.

"Sorry's not gonna cut it, kid. All you cared about was being the hero. You were completely reckless and your actions were not thought out at all! While you did save us, you were more concerned with being the one who saves the day so you could get glory! Haven't you learned anything from all our battles? We fight as a team, as a family! Just because you're famous as a superhero and you're allowed to use your powers now doesn't mean you can just do whatever you want!" Mirage said.

"I saved you in the end, though!" Speed Demon argued.

"Don't talk back to your aunt, Speed Demon! You were more concerned with getting the glory!" Elastigirl said.

"Aside from that, you ran the risk of getting us all killed! Your own family! You almost got us all put in the hospital! You even nearly got Aunt Incredible and Everywoman killed because of your carelessness and recklessness!" Mr. Incredible, AKA Bob, lectured.

Speed Demon, by now, had run out of things to say and had just lowered his head in shame, made worse by the fact that it was starting to rain.

"We appreciate you saving us, but it doesn't excuse you from endangering us. As punishment, you can forget coming on that big mission with us." Mr. Incredible said, causing Speed Demon to look at him in shock.

"You can't do that! You promised me I could go on that!" Dash yelled.

"He's your father! Don't talk back! You're also grounded! No TV, no video games, no spending the night with Mirage, and no crime fighting!" Elastigirl said.

"It's what you deserve! I'm sorry, Dash, but you did something stupid and this is what you get!" Violet said.

"Are you guys serious?! Now, you're really making me mad!" Dash yelled.

"Hey, lower your tone, Dash Parr!" Mirage yelled.

"Why should I?! This is completely unfair!" Dash yelled back.

"Dash, for crying out loud, stop talking back!" Evelyn yelled.

"Do you want that punishment extended?!" Voyd yelled.

Now, Speed Demon was looking down at the ground with tears coming out of his eyes, each one that fell mixing with the rain. He was saddened for a few minutes before he looked back up at them with an angry glare.

"Fine then!" Dash yelled before he ran in the house at super speed and, before any of his family could follow, ran back out at super speed with a backpack on his back. He ran out of the yard and down the road.

"Dash! Wait! Come back!" the heroes called. But, by this time, Dash was long gone out of sight. The heroes piled into the Incredibile and drove off quickly to search for him, but returned a few hours later without him.

"Where could he have gone?!" Elastigirl asked hysterically before Mr. Incredible put a hand on her shoulder and gave her a reassuring smile.

"Don't worry, Helen. We'll find him." he said before they all went into the house. They went to Dash's room and saw that he had taken a few of his possessions, as well as his toothpaste and toothbrush. They went into the kitchen and saw that Dash had taken some snacks, specifically cookies, Swiss Rolls, chips, and popcorn out of the cabinet. They looked sad before Mirage noticed a note attached to one of the doors. She walked over and grabbed it before she went back over to the others and they looked at it. It said the following.

Dear Family,

I can see that you clearly don't need me when you fight crime. All I do is just get in the way and mess things up. No need to worry. I won't be around to mess you up anymore.

Goodbye Forever, Signed, The Dash.

The whole family looked shocked before they all said at the same time, "What have we done?!"