Chapter 1-11 Months Later…

"Sir, we have searched all across the city and there is no sign of the boy." said a police officer through a radio.

"Very well, we will have to call off the search." the captain said.

Back at the Parr House, Bob was reading a book in the living room when the phone rang.

"Parr House." he said.

"Mr. Parr, this is the San Fransokyo Police Department. We have been unsuccessful in locating your son. We're truly sorry." the captain said.

"(Sigh) Well, thanks for trying, Chief." Bob said before he hung up the phone. He sighed as he rested his head on his hand as Violet came in with Jack-Jack. She looked sorrowful, knowing another search for Dash had turned up fruitless.

At the same time, Elastigirl, Aunt Incredible, Everywoman, and Voyd came in with a bunch of drones following them.

"Hey, guys, any luck?" Violet asked.

Elastigirl sighed as she shook her head, "We searched high and low, but no sign of him anywhere." she said.

"As if that wasn't bad enough, I sent my drones across several states and they haven't turned anything up." Everywoman said.

Everyone sighed.

Later, they were all sitting outside while looking at a picture of Dash.

"What can we do?" Evelyn asked.

"(Sigh) We can't keep calling the police to search for him. He would be gone before they even left the station street." Violet said.

Everyone sighed in sadness before they heard someone say, "Hey, you guys, what's wrong?"

They looked and saw a boy with dirty blond hair and glasses that was wearing a Captain America jacket, a Pokemon shirt, blue jeans, glasses and green Nikes.

"Nothing that you need to concern yourself with, young man." said Mirage.

"I know, but you guys really seem like you could use a hand. If you tell me what's wrong, I might can help you out." the boy said.

The Parrs looked thoughtful before they huddled.

"What do you guys think?" Bob asked.

"Well, the kid is offering to help us." Karen said.

"We need all the help we can get." Evelyn said.

"Come to think of it, it might would help in our other matter, too." Helen said.

"But, wouldn't that mean telling him our secret?" Mirage asked as everyone looked to Bob.

"Well, who's to say we can't give him a chance? He seems pretty honest." Bob said.

"All right then." Helen said before they un-huddled and looked at the boy.

"Kid, what we're about to tell you, you have to promise to keep secret." Evelyn said.

"I got it." the boy said.

Later, the boy sat on the couch as the Parrs explained to him that they were the Incredibles and that Dash had run away and hadn't been found in 11 months. Now, he understood their problem.

"I see. So, the kid showboated and got punished for it, but got so mad he ran off." the boy said.

"What makes matters worse, everytime we get to a city we're told he's in, we search and he's nowhere to be found. We think he may use his super speed to run away. We just want to make things right with him and he doesn't even want us to find him!" Karen said as she blew her nose into a tissue.

"Well, if you want, I can look for him for you." the boy said.

Everyone looked at him in surprise, "You mean it?!" Helen asked.

"Of course. I'm always willing to help out anyone who needs it, so long as it's nothing bad. If you think about it, if he gets wind that you're not wherever he is, he won't suspect a thing if he sees me. He'll think I'm just another traveler." the boy said.

The Parrs looked thoughtful before they looked hopeful.

"Are you sure you don't mind looking for him?" Karen asked.

"Positive. Just tell me where he is and I'll go looking." the boy said.

The girls started crying tears of joy before Bob walked over to the boy.

"Thanks a lot, kid. People like you are the best." Bob said.

"Oh, we forgot to ask your name." Mirage said.

"My name is Eric." the boy said.

A few minutes later, Helen, Mirage, Karen, and Evelyn were in the kitchen while Violet and Bob were helping to supply Eric. They gave him a communicator and plenty of food and drink to last him. Helen and the three aunts came over to him with a stack of wrapped plates bundled together.

"Eric, if you find Dash, please be sure to give him these. I'm sure he must be starving." Helen said.

"Right." Eric said as he put them in the backpack that Bob had given him.

"Good luck, and watch yourself." Evelyn said.

Eric gave a thumbs-up before he left the Parr House to start his search.