NSFW content warning for those not comfortable with knotting, breeding kinks YES that happens, so read at your own discretion

Bulma's Laws Of Love

Fascination, Confession, Connection, Devotion.

Special Relativity - E = mc2

The speed at which time happens is mutable; that space and time are not discrete entities: time and space and motion (ie, movement through space) collapse into a fourth dimension, in which all act on each other.

The gentle spring wind made it the perfect day to hang up laundry to dry, as Chi-Chi hummed happily to herself, bending down, and back up again to clip the sheets to the line with clothespins. Gohan was parked beneath a tree, reading contentedly as he listened to the happy tune his mother was humming.

"Hey Mom... Mom..?" Gohan said, trying to get her attention. "I finished my chapter, can I go hunt with dad now?" He said, and frowned, hoping she would say yes, looking on anxiously.

"Hmm. I suppo-" She began, then was stopped midsentence, turning around upon seeing Bulma arrive in her yellow hover plane.

"Hey! Miss Bulma's here!" He said happily, and set down his book to run up, and wait for the plane to land. He jumped a little in place, excited to see little Trunks, the present one.

"Goodness, they're here already! Where is your father? I hope he's not late with our dinner." She huffed, and shook out a bedsheet. Then, she yelped as a shadow appeared behind one of the sheets, and spooked her, the spiky haired silhouette unmistakably him.

"Peek-a-boo!" He said, and popped his head out. Goku grinned as he made his appearance, a large boar slung over his back, and a bunch of veggies under one arm.

"Goku, you scared me!" She giggled, smacking his arm playfully.

"Dad, dad, dad! Trunks is staying for dinner with us!" Gohan said, and there was a gruff laugh from afar as Vegeta exited the plane after Bulma.

"He's not eating solid food yet, honey." She informed him, setting Trunks down, and letting him crawl.

"Look at him go! He reminds me of Gohan at that age!" Chi-Chi said happily, squatting down to babble a hello at Trunks. Vegeta snorted, a diaper bag slung over one shoulder that was at it's limits, filled with everything he could possibly need and more, the other arm loaded with gifts for the Son family.

"Kakarot." He nodded, and Goku nodded back, a glint in his eye as he smirked at him. "Vegeta." He nodded back, and that was that.

Bulma hugged Chi-Chi, then leaned down to pick up Trunks, handing him to Chi-Chi.

"Ok, well he should have everything he needs, I brought milk, so make sure you put it in the fridge. His favorite baby food is in there too, for when he gets hungry. Oh, and plenty of diapers, and his special diaper rash cream, make sure you use that, and not-"

"Alright, got it." Chi-Chi nodded, not needing further explanation.

"But-" Bulma began, and Goku laid his hand over her shoulder.

"It's gonna be ok, Bulma. Chi-Chi's got this. You two should get going, just enjoy yourselves." He said gently, Bulma's eyes widening on him slightly.

"Goku...? Or are you Kakarot?" She said somewhat nervously, and he simply shook his head and laughed.

"Just call me Goku, though I don't mind Kakarot, that name is in my past." He said softly, rubbing at the back of his head.

Bulma nodded, understanding, then offered him a hug. He hesitated a moment, then hugged her tightly, patting her back.

Vegeta sighed as he glanced at them, and the woman holding Trunks, her tail curling around Trunks' little one. It would be good for him to stay there.

"Enough, you've shed enough tears to fill a swimming pool, woman." Vegeta urged her, pointing at his wrist as a hint.

He set the bags down in front of Kakarot, then turned about without a word. Bulma encapsulated the plane, feeling it unnecessary now that Trunks was safe with them.

Gohan smiled as he showed Trunks how to wave good bye to his parents, everyone else doing the same as Vegeta picked her up, and rose for flight.

"Say bye bye!" Gohan said, and Trunks giggled deviously, and used his hand to send a goodbye blast flying at his father's head, Vegeta dodging before it could even graze them.

"Hey! I'll come back down there, brat! Don't you blast anyone while I'm gone!" He growled, and Goku laughed, grabbing Trunks' wrist, and holding it still between his index finger and thumb. The child paused what he was doing entirely, his baby blues widening as he took in the face of the man looking down at him.

"You won't do that again, not yet, little one. If I catch you using that hand, you'll be in trouble with me, Kakarot." He said, pointing at his chest. Trunks seemed to take in this for a moment, before tossing his head back, and wailing.

Gohan patted Trunks on his blue cap with cat ears, and tried to soothe him. "There, there, little Trunks! It's ok." He said, and Chi-Chi looked to her husband with a helpless gaze.

"He'll be alright, let's get these things inside for dinner." Goku reassured her.

"Ohh, poor little Trunks," Bulma moaned from over Vegeta's shoulder, hearing Trunks' cries not abating.

"Let's go back for a minute, just until he calms down, Vegeta!" She whined, struggling against him in an attempt to jump down.

"No. Not a chance." He said sternly, and looked back.

"But why? He needs us!" She cried, and pulled at a chunk of his hair in her frustration.

"Bulma, don't be neurotic. Think about this with the logic you're so good at. He's doing this because he still feels our ki in his radius. Once we're gone, I'm sure he'll act differently with this new family." He said evenly, Bulma looking longingly over his shoulder as he began to increase his speed, flying back towards West City.

"I hope so. I wish Chi-Chi had a cell phone. She could send videos of everything, oh or maybe a baby monitor, darn why didn't I send-"

"Enough." Vegeta said sternly, and pulled her tight to his body. Bulma made a little squeak with the movement, placing her arms around his neck, which had grown substantially thicker since the last time she'd been this close.

"Goodness, that training really is doing you good," She remarked, distracted at last by her needs of a more womanly form. Vegeta stroked her back as she inspected him closer, and tried to find the mating mark on his neck. Where was it again? She thought, and Vegeta caught onto her curious inspection.

"You have to re-mark it." He stated, looking down at her seriously.

"Oh..." She murmured, her cheeks pinkening slightly, touching her neck absentmindedly, pinching the skin there.

"Can you do that when the time comes?" He said softly, moving her hand away from her neck, and placing it back on his own. Bulma sighed contentedly, resting her head on his chest.

"Yes, of course Vegeta." She whispered, and relaxed against him.

The first stop on their date, was someplace the couple found nostalgic; the Italian restaurant where they'd gone once before to eat, and ended with Bulma getting drunk, and Vegeta almost getting kicked out. But, they figured this time they'd behave themselves better, surely this time around. When they walked in, they were called up to a desk, where they were asked if they had a reservation. Upon their answer of 'What the hell is that?', and 'I'm Bulma Briefs, you should be thankful for my service!,' They were then told to wait, Bulma tapping her foot impatiently.

"I can't believe this! I'm Bulma Bri-" She began again, then there was the sound of a throat clearing.

"We are well aware of your status, Ms. Briefs. But, that does not exclude you from our wall of shame." The owner of the restaurant stated, and gestured to a large picture frame full of candid photos, with the reasons why these people could not be served beneath it.


by any means necessary

Bulma Briefs

Indecent Exposure / Drunk / Disruptive

There was an embarrassing photo of her in the parking lot, drunk, trying to pick up her keys, her dressed flipped up, with Vegeta right behind her, in a position that looked rather suspicious, with a flustered look on his face.

Male Escort of Bulma Briefs


Violent / Disorderly / Mafia Member?

The two looked at the descriptions, and the photo of themselves, utterly mortified. Vegeta placed his hand on her back and pressed gently on it to lead her out of the door. Bulma was so embarrassed, she couldn't bear to show her face in there ever again. But, she had the right mind to call them and pay to have that picture removed once she had the chance, there was enough scandal going around as it is about the mystery of the father of Trunks; the media labeling it a one-night stand.

Bulma squeezed her eyes shut, and did her best to hold her head up high as they walked away, Vegeta walking with purpose. If they couldn't go there, he'd find another restaurant. This was their first romantic outing in a little over a year together, and he did not want to end it with her upset, and him as hungry as he was.

"Look, there's plenty of restaurants that will take us Bulma, plus, we have a few hours yet. Where else do you want to eat?" He said, looking around the block.

"I don't know." She said, pouting.

"There has to be somewhere else you like? Another type of food you enjoy?" He said, wracking his mind thinking up all of her favorite foods.

"Um...why don't you pick this time?" She suggested, and Vegeta furrowed his brow at her. "I picked last time, it's your turn!" She said sweetly, and he could have sworn a drop of sweat rolled down her temple as she said this. I wish we could just go home... but I don't want to disappoint him. Afterall, it's been so long since we had a date. Bulma thought to herself, sighing.

He found it slightly odd, but was also excited to choose for himself. Finding her suggestion fair, Vegeta followed his nose, and they came upon a Japanese steakhouse. He was more than happy to walk right in, Bulma following with a nervous grin on her face.

"This restaurant should be good, it smells like meat." He reassured her, and they were seated at a table with a relatively short wait.

Bulma hesitated at the table, and Vegeta pulled her chair out for her without thinking; simply assisting his woman.

"This place is nice," She commented, resting her cheek in her hand as she reminisced about the times that Master Roshi took them all out for dinner with the reward money from the martial arts tournaments.

"Its suitable, could be less crowded," He shrugged, looking at her inquisitively.

The waiter came around, and asked them what they'd like for drinks and appetizers.

Bulma ordered a cranberry vodka spritzer, wanting to unwind and have fun, liking to enjoy an occasional alcoholic beverage from time to time, by the morning her body would have metabolized whatever alcohol she consumed. Vegeta snorted at her fancy drink, with fizzy bubbles on top, a tiny umbrella, and berries floating around, gulping down his plain ice water.

"Come on, you know you want to try it~" She teased, and slid it towards him. Vegeta took a surreptitious glance around the room, then took a sip from her curly straw.

He exhaled sharply from his nostrils, pushing it away, noticibly moving his tongue around awkwardly in his mouth.

"Ack! Why do they load those silly drinks with carbon dioxide?!" He said in a strangled voice, then chugged down more water to get rid of the offensive flavor.

Bulma broke out into a fit of giggles at his expense; knowing he'd hate the embarrassment, but she couldn't help that it was so hilarious. Vegeta snorted and kicked at her foot with his, his cheeks reddening.

"Calm down, or else they'll all think you're inebriated already!" He hissed, and she attempted to stifle her laughter.

"I can't help it, you looked just like a dog with peanut butter stuck to the roof of its mouth!" She blurted out, then began laughing again, this time even harder than the last as he tried to shush her.

"Are we quite alright over here, Ms. Briefs?" The waitress asked, tapping her on the shoulder to get her attention. Bulma gasped, nearly jumping out of her seat, one hand flying over her chest to control her heart's wild racing. Vegeta stood straight up, and bristled at the waitress, thinking she had somehow harmed Bulma.

The girl stumbled backwards, fear evident on her face, as Vegeta advanced one step, and his tail began to angrily wag behind his back. That was a mistake, because then all the diners began to notice, and shouts were heard around the room about his tail, reducing Vegeta to a mere animal.

"I thought this was a high class establishment!" One woman said, appalled, others joining in.

"I don't want to eat where fur is flying!"

"What is he, a cat hybrid? I thought that those people were segregated from the nice part of town," Another rude diner remarked, and this caught Bulma's attention.

"Excuse me? What did you just say?! Come over here and say that to my face!" She growled, standing up, then chugging her drink in just three gulps to give herself courage.

Vegeta turned, his eyebrows raised as she began rolling up her metaphorical sleeves.

"Who wants to repeat that, huh? This 'animal' as you say, is the father of my child!" She shouted angrily, and the crowd gasped. A sudden flash of cameras startled her and Vegeta; the blinding lights disorienting him as they began to encroach closer on them.

"So this is the father of your illegitimate child? How does it feel knowing your son is a bastard?"

"You had a one night stand with this man, Bulma tell us what it's like in the sack with a beast like him!"

"Is his tail and the unexpected birth the reason you haven't married yet? Was there a secret wedding we don't know about?"

The paparazzi's questions were relentless, apparently they had somehow been tipped off that they were here, or perhaps they'd been following them all along, all they knew at the time was that the questions were rude and uncalled for.

"Shut the fuck up!" Bulma screamed, throwing her glass at them angrily, it shattering on the floor before them. Vegeta began to power up, the floor of the restaurant beginning to shake with his rage.

"Vegeta, no! Not here!" She cried, and grabbed onto his shoulders. He fired a blast towards the paparazzi, intentionally aiming at the floor just to scare them.

"I'll not hear another word of these bold, and uncalled for claims. Bulma is my mate, Trunks is my son, his birth was intentional. If I see you come anywhere near our home, or publish any of these fallacies in your little reports, you are all dead by my hand, understood?" He clipped out quickly, and tucked her safely against his chest, raising one hand to blast a hole in the roof, and fly out quickly. Bulma was still regaining her breath, rendered breathless by his actions.

"Vegeta.. what they said.." She whimpered, sobbing into his throat as he flew her far from the restaurant.

"What those idiots said was not true. We are married. Trunks is not a bastard. Why would they make such claims?" He huffed, brushing her hair back from her wet cheek with one hand.

"Because, Vegeta.. we aren't married. At least, not in the Earth way. But that doesn't matter, ok?" Bulma said meekly, her entire body quivering as she tried to remain calm, but after all this time, she still felt nervous at times when they were flying.

"If it doesn't matter, than why is it so important to them? And what right do they have saying my tail is disgusting?" He grumbled, and she smiled slightly, feeling it curl around her.

"It's not disgusting, not to me." She said softly, nuzzling her face into his neck. She felt a warmth against her cheek, and opened one eye to see that the faded mark on his neck was glowing bright pink once again as he fumed with anger.

"A Saiyan's pride is in his tail, his mate, his legacy. If my making you my queen with my mark wasn't sign enough, we will prove them wrong." He said seriously, gripping her, and looking down into her eyes to cement his words with his steady gaze.

Bulma felt more weak than she had before, maybe it was the alcohol rushing to her head, but the way the words rolled off his tongue in such a passionate breath; calling her his mate, his queen, would have brought her to her knees if she were in fact, standing.

Vegeta looked down at her aroused gaze, her cheeks flushing prettily, and gently moved forward, carefully taking her cheek in his hand, and giving her a tentative kiss. Bulma practically melted into his lips, darting her tongue out to search for his in the silky heat of his kiss, struggling to move herself up higher in mid air, then found herself floating when his hands settled on her arms, his tail around her waist. Vegeta lifted her, then crushed her into his chest, he squeezed her tightly, raining kisses and nips down the pale curve of her neck.

"Vegeta," She said breathlessly, and gripped his back, moving to whisper in his ear.

"Let's go home," She said, nearly inaudibly, her anxiety butting in at just the wrong moment.

"We haven't had our date yet.." He began, and pulled back, feeling he'd moved too fast with her now, noticing her concerned gaze.

"We don't have to. We've already been kicked out of two places now, and the media will just follow us no matter where we go." She said shakily, and he nodded. The house was empty as well at this moment, yet even with the security of the bots, he still doubted it's effectiveness. He hesitated just a moment, then Bulma squeaked as the wind rushed past her, and the force of it pressed her closer to him once again, safe in his arms.

They floated down to Capsule Corp not long after, finding it undisturbed, Bulma typed in the key code quickly, then pulled him in. Vegeta let the little woman drag him indoors with all her might, and smirked, holding his ground firmly as she dug her heels into the rug, just as she had the day she demanded he been taken care for in the medical wing.

"What's the hurry, hmm?" He murmured, seeing her embarrassment light her cheeks up red.

"Nothing, just...Get. In!" She growled, and Vegeta snickered deviously.

"Say again? I didn't hear a 'please'."

"Argh! Please come in here!" She snapped, then realized her mistake as he raised his brows at her.

"Oh, not only do you want me to get in there, but to come in there as well?" He purred, and Bulma huffed at him.

"Not with that attitude!" She said haughtily as she whirled around and walked away, kicking her heels off, and tossing her purse on the chair by the entrance as she did.

Vegeta closed and locked the door behind him, following her example, and removing his sneakers.

"You have to forgive my sense of humor, I've been watching too much earth television. That Charlie Sheen, he must be an exceptional human man to have that many women in his bed." He said conversationally, and Bulma scowled at him.

"Eww, no wonder you sound like a pervert! Take off that shirt." She said with a wave of her hand as he set her shoes next to his neatly, his tail twitching with her unexpected comment. He thought Bulma would require more...warm up time, but he was fine with her taking this demanding attitude with him.

Vegeta grinned, standing to begin seductively unbuttoning his shirt as he advanced slowly towards her.

"If I knew you'd respond to me this way, I would have tried to talk dirty to you sooner, Bulma..." He chuckled, watching her inquisitively as she pulled the clip out of her hair, and ruffled it at her roots, shaking out the stressed strands that came down to just below her shoulders now, straight and free of chemical processing.

"Hm?" Bulma rose one brow at him, then her breath caught in her throat as he tossed his shirt to the floor, and came closer to her, wearing a white tank top that complimented his warm complexion.

"Respond what way? I just wanted you to take that ugly shirt off." She snipped, but the pinkness at the apples of her cheeks betrayed her. Vegeta disagreed, shaking his head, but decided that he could play this game as well.

"..Oh. Well, I suppose it's not too late for some training..." He said thoughtfully, tilting his head..

"Um, yes it is!" She retorted back, stepping up to him. "It's date night!" She reminded him, poking hard at his chest with one long, pink fingernail.

"Alright, I'm all yours. Now what will you do with me?" Vegeta intoned smoothly, trailing his fingertips down her back, and grazing them across her mating mark. She trembled from his touch, the little mark reactivating enthusiastically.

"I'll.. teach you a lesson." She whispered, then stroked her hand down his rippling chest, resting it on his abdomen, tracing distracting circles above his pelvis as the other hand came around, and grasped his tail lightly, just as his hand came reflexively around to anticipate her movement. He growled in the pit of his belly, the fur standing on end as she stroked the soft, bristly fur in one hand, and slipped her hand into his pants with the other, and grabbed him by the base of his hardened length.

"Bad man..." She giggled, loving the way his face flushed deeply at this; both sensitive appendages in her grasp.

"Not so tough now, baby. I'm going to make you remember just how strong a grip this little woman can have on a man's mind and body." She whispered huskily, forcing him back commandingly, until the back of his knees hit the long coffee table at the center of the parlor, weakening them to the point she was able to push him backwards, using her grip on him to steer his direction. Vegeta grunted as he laid back, looking down his nose at her in wait, reaching to unbuckle his pants for her easy access.

"Ah, ah. I said to take off the shirt, not the pants." She teased, easing her hand out of them to drag her hand over the top of his growing erection.

"My, my... Aren't you eager, Princey." Bulma soothed, and stroked him more tenderly, watching how his face grew slack, and his lips parted as he watched her take control over him. Bulma climbed up onto the table with him, her dress hiking up over her bottom as she crawled over his body on her hands and knees. She began by running her hands up his chest, feeling the heated skin beneath them prickle as her fingernails grazed his sensitive skin.

Her fingertips caressed gently around his pectorials, then down the center of his sternum, feeling the grooves of his abomen as her hands ran down his body teasingly, playing at the top of his pants, only for her to stroke up again. Vegeta growled softly in his chest at her, moving his hands up to grip her waist; the subtle movement his warning to her. Bulma disregarded his growls as threatening, finding them even more enticing as she felt the steady rumble resonating under her hands as she steadied herself atop him. Bulma settled down comfortably with his hardness straining beneath her, his girth so persistent against her it crushed her softness around it. She took a deep breath and had to steady herself on his chest, gazing down into his eyes and blinking; her own heartbeat quickening as she felt the fluttering of his pounding heart beneath her palms.

It felt as if she were straddling a motorcycle or a wild panther, all she knew was that there was a raging power within him that was dying to be released. Bulma leaned down and kissed him gently on his parted lips, starting up a gentle rocking motion with her abdomen, her hips rolling sensually to stroke the fabric between them teasingly, as she kissed, and loved upon her prince, reacquainted once again. Vegeta stroked lustful circles along the ruffled silk on her bottom and hips, gazing from her face, to her body with hungry eyes.

She wanted to tease him a bit, turn the tables once again and have him begging beneath her. Bulma held his face and kissed him, then pulled back and dragged her tongue along his neck. Tendons stood out with tension on his thickly muscled neck, Bulma savored his savory sweet flavor almost like rich salted caramel, with a musky undertone that was simply him, loaded with his heated pheromones. She indulged in the tiny shudders, and gasps for breath he made as she licked, and sucked around the sensitive mark, where once upon at time she'd bitten down to silence her primal screams as she climaxed with him still throbbing inside of her.

"Tease," He rasped, his hands on the back of her dress, pulling it up higher over her waist so that he could feel the soft skin of her bottom beneath his rough hands. Bulma smirked and helped him to remove the dress, finding the zipper that ran down the side, and pulling it down, slipping her arms out so that the undergarments he had chosen for her were revealed as the dress dropped to the floor. Vegeta smoothed his hands around her waist, stroking the soft curves of her hips and stomach appreciatively, then her breasts. Bulma blushed from her sudden exposure, looking away as he admired the fullness of her chest, billowing out of her cups with each of her impassioned breaths.

"My beautiful woman.." He purred softly, and kissed her chest, darting his tongue between her cleavage. Bulma took hold of his wrists and pushed him back into submission, which he did willingly, his hands folding behind his head. She took his relaxed posture and smile as his acceptance to her challenge, and continued her teasing dance. First, running her hands over her hips, stomach and breasts, playing at the little clips there as a hint. Next, Bulma rested her hands on his chest, and stroked them down his stomach, to his waist where the marbled muscles beneath his golden skin twitched as her fingertips stroked across his belt, before swiftly undoing it. She smoothed her hand over the length bulging beneath his pants, taking his belt off with one swift movement that made his back rise from the table with his surprised reaction.

"What are you doing, you little minx?" Vegeta intoned darkly, the rumble coming from his chest making her giggle mischievously as she stroked the leather through her hands, and snapped the belt against itself.

"Just playing around," She cooed, and trailed the cool metal buckle up the center of his abs, tickling the divots there, admiring his cute navel with a feather light touch, snickering as this caused his skin to twitch in reaction.

"Well, get on with it then, we've only got the house for a few hours before Trunks gets back, plus-" Vegeta was suddenly unable to speak as Bulma's breasts covered his face, looping the belt quickly under the table legs and restraining his arms behind his head with it.

"Bulma.." Vegeta rumbled, nuzzling his face between her powdery soft breasts.

"Call me Princess." She responded in a silky voice, tightening the buckle around his forearms with webbed veins bulging against his restraints.

"Princess... I suppose you'd better have your way with me, lest I break through these binds.." Vegeta smirked, his eyes alight; intrigued by her dominating position over him.

Bulma crushed her breasts around his face to muffle his mouth, smirking at the way he grunted, his hot breath on her as his entire face became enclosed in her billowing chest.

"Say please..." She whispered, feeling small trickles of her milk oozing out from the pressure, dampening the hot pink fabric until it was cherry red. She moaned then, feeling his hot tongue slick up her cleavage, before filling his mouth with delightful flesh, sucking on her bosom, raking his teeth across the lace, causing tiny ripples in it with each graze.

"Please," He purred through the fabric, unable to use his hands he used his kisses and nips to tease her, his hips arched off the table, cock wedged into the cozy nook of her backside.

"Hmm, since you asked nicely..." Bulma said, pulling back to allow him to take a breath, red faced and sweating.

"Do you want to use me as your plaything, woman? Is that your game?" He panted, licking his upper lip as he glared at her expectantly. Bulma made a husky laugh deep in her throat, cupping her breasts and kneading the bothersome flesh. Her breasts tingled and ached at the tips where the moisture had caused a wet heat, milk pooling in the base of her cups.

"Yes... For as long as necessary.." She responded back, scooting her butt back to tuck his hardened length between her luscious cheeks, unclipping one of her bra clips, exposing her nipple to him. She wet one finger and rubbed circles around it, stroking the enlarged little nubs there, moaning. Her hips began to gyrate against him as her finger stimulated her mammary glands, making a tiny bead of milk seep from the rosy tip.

Vegeta's eyes widened seeing this, his lust surged. His desire to taste her sweet milk became evident in the tightening of his balls and his cramped thighs.

"Fuck, how long does it take?" He growled, his arms tensing against the belt. He knew he could break it at any minute, but he was willing to wait and see if her relentless teasing was worth it.

"Fine, bad man. You asked for it." She said, and slid her body down his, allowing his unyielding girth to drag against the contours of her soft, sensitive lips just barely covered by a thin layer of blowzy colored lace.

Bulma pulled his pants open vigorously, the button flying off as she broke his zipper wide open with a devilish grin, yanking his pants down to allow his cock to flop out onto his abdomen, tangled in silky black boxers with bright red hearts all over them. Bulma gasped, her cheeks flushing rosy red.

"You wore them!" She gushed, yanking his pants off the rest of the way, shimmying out of her thong as he tensed his arms in the restraints, looking suddenly like a caged animal; you'd think he didn't want to be there if not for his obvious reaction to her.

"Vegeta, I got those as a gag gift for Valentine's day. I never thought you would actually wear them!" She said, tilting her head to try and see his reaction.

"...You presented them to me, so... I assumed that you liked this type of adornment." He bit out sufferingly, embarrassed by her reaction. Bulma was so distracted by her glee at him wearing the damn things, she forgot she had promised to attend to the straining erection jutting out from his hips. It was all dressed in flamboyant hearts, his angered face craning up to glare at her with cheeks just as red.

"Goddammit, Bulma! Don't leave me this way!" He growled, and began to stretch the belt to escape.

"No, no, don't move yet!" She cried out, and quickly came over to attend to him, palming him through the offensive garment. Vegeta's chest sunk as he let out a stifled breath, enjoying the silky texture against himself as she stroked her hand along his length.

"I guess I was wrong... You're a good man." She purred, and released him from the shorts, her parted lips flush and wet as she began to lick, and kiss the seeping fluids from his weeping glans, easing back his foreskin with a warm, gentle palm as she teased the grooves of him with her tongue. Vegeta groaned and let his neck grow slack, his head reclining back, yet his eyes still focused on her seductive teasings.

Bulma cleaned him, then let the mixture of saliva and pre-seminal fluids drip from her tongue as she opened her mouth to take him in. Vegeta hissed in air through his teeth, then let it out with husky groans as she began to work him with her lips and hands, taking him deep into her throat, then retreating and doing the same until he was bucking against her chin, veins standing out on his abdomen from his stimulation. Bulma didn't stop, angling her ass towards him to watch as she fondled herself in reaction to his impassioned grunts, enjoying the taste of him spiking at the back of her throat with each muffled gag.

She pushed her panties aside and felt around her slick clit with her fingertips, before dipping two of them into the heated interior of her dripping pussy. Bulma whined against him, spreading her legs over his heaving chest to plant herself on his face. Vegeta took her offering with ravished enthusiasm, smearing her fluids on his face as he thrust his tongue inside her, his nose grinding against her as his tongue swirled and found her sweet spot at the ribbed edge of her entrance.

Bulma held him at the back of her throat and sucked him, squeezing him from base to tip with her lips and stroking his shaft with her tongue until his grunts vibrated into her clit, while he took it between his lips and played with her pliant flesh until Bulma was rocking herself back on his face. Streams of her orgasm were running down his cheeks as she felt his girth become like marble in in her throat, streams of saline leaking with every thrust until he broke, flooding her mouth with his hot semen. Bulma choked it down, swallowing. Her body and his went limp for a moment as he relaxed in her throat.

She slowly released him from her mouth, her jaw welcoming the release as she wiped her face. Vegeta licked his lips, watching her cunt sopping before his face with hazy eyes, he felt a need so strong that he burst from the belt, snapping it into pieces as Bulma turned her head and gasped. Vegeta grabbed her by the hips and pulled himself out from beneath her easily, picking her up, and taking her to the couch. He kissed her swollen lips and stroked her exposed nipple through the breastfeeding bra, searching the other for the clip, he unlatched it, moving his face down to feast on her breasts. Bulma squirmed from the lapping feeling, then shivered from the pulling sensation as he took her into his mouth and drank of her, reaching around her back to free her chest from the lace prison.

Bulma clutched his head to pull him up for a kiss, their glossy eyes gazing lovingly into one another as he opened his lips to have a taste of her sweet tongue still tart with cranberry vodka sprites and wildberry, an overwhelming taste of his cum in her mouth, intermingled with her sweet, creamy milk on his breath as Vegeta released her from the bra, and stroked his hot hands around her aching breasts, soothing her aching glands.

He squeezed and played with them, nibbling on both rosy buds, making her squirm and squeal in place as thin white streams leaked down over his hands. He felt his groin growing tight with his pleased reaction to her cries to stop his assault on her weeping areolas. He knew she wanted him to keep going from their mental bond, where he sensed a cloudy fog of pleasure blindingly sweet, her chants for more resonating in his mind.

"No, no, no... Vegeta, stop.. Ohh.. " She whimpered, her brows twisted upwards as his nibbling brought sparks flying towards her swollen clit, his fingers dipping in to discover her moistened in reaction.

"You love this, woman. Stop denying it. Your milk tastes so good." He rumbled, licking a new bead of milk from her other nipple.

"No! You can't drink that, I'll...I..." She breathed, her chest heaving as he groped her breast near to bursting hard with one hand, the other occupied as his fingers snuck into her slippery entrances, two fingers plunging in her contracting vagina as the other two stretched her ass painfully sweet. Bulma felt her body heat up and began sweating from the intensity he was exerting onto her, her nipples now at a painful erection, her clit swelling and doing the same.

"I cant.. can't take it.. Vegeta, please..."

"Whose begging now, hmm? Don't like it when the tables are turned, now you're helpless..." He growled into her breast, his veined forearm flexing as he paused to stroke his erection with the other hand, removing his fingers from her throbbing entrances. Bulma ached everywhere, she felt worn out as if she couldn't go on and shook her head, resisting his feverish kisses, her body feeling like it was on fire.

"Too.. too much," She moaned into his lips, as he chucked, lowering himself back down to her. "You can never have too much, Bulma... Are you telling me, you don't want this?" He snarled, and thumped his meaty dome on her splayed lips, making her jump in place. "You've been resisting my advances for too long now, woman... What happened to the vulgar woman who would happily beg for me to fill her womb with my cum?" Vegeta purred, swirling his hot tip around her quivering flesh.

"Vegeta... I.. want you to... please fill me." She panted, watching as he teased her leaking entrance with his naked tip.

"Motherhood has made you even more vulgar, look at the mess you're making, Princess.." He whispered, then lowered down to sink inside of her, his abs flexing with the gentle, yet precise thrust. Bulma gasped and clutched at his back as she felt his hard cock intruding her softness, slipping back in where it was comfortable.

"Ahh... That's better.. this is where my cock is supposed to be cumming..." He said, licking his lips as he watched her squirm beneath him, turning her face away as he withdrew an inch, and back, covering himself in her wetness.

"Inside of my mate, Bulma.." He said, rocking back to stroke her with the ridge of his cock, popping in and out of her teasingly.

"Shh-shut the hell up and fuck me…" She groaned needily, rolling her head to gaze up at him, pushing her hips up to make him slide deeper.

"Foul-mouthed slut...that's how I like you." Vegeta purred, groping one breast as their hips bucked against each other, his thickness raking along the grooves of her as he moved one hand down to rub her labia with his thumb.

"You love to hear me growling in your ear as I'm buried to the hilt in you," He said ruggedly, his speech beginning to halt as his hips moved more desperately.

"Oh, f-fuck… yes!" Bulma cried, and wrapped her legs around him as he held her up at an angle, balancing herself on her elbows as he stood, his stocky stature the perfect match to meet his groin with hers. His tail slashed through the air with each snap of his hips, their shared pleasure growing more intense as the angle caused her walls to feel each thrust suctioning his cock back in her with each sordid slap of their groins, melded together with her oozing secretions.

"Vegeta! Oh, baby!" She moaned, watching how his groin driving into hers made the contours of her stomach bulge, his fingers sunk into her leg and slung it over his shoulder, taking her sideways as she screamed her ecstasy. Bulma was hanging onto the couch with her hands as her legs clung around him tightly, her pulsing sheath doing the same as the bulb of him teased at her softened cervix, kissing it with each dive back in.

"Bulma.. you feel.. amazing…" He groaned, then she slipped out of the position, him catching her quickly, clutching her by the bottom as he landed them up against the wall. Bulma hugged herself close to his chest, her body quivering as he slowed his attack on her throbbing canal, sliding out and back in gently as he kissed her lips, his tail wrapping around her waist.

"Take me to your bed." Bulma whispered, and Vegeta grinned; remembering how their first time had been when he tossed her on the bed, giving her his virginity. He carried her like a precious bride up the stairs, kissing her, unable to release her from his arms as their bodies calmed from their fervent love making. "I want to make love with you all night, Vegeta. I love you." She whispered as she clung around his neck and kissed his ear, licking at his mating mark.

"I've always been here for you. All you needed to do was come back to me.. I will always love you." He purred back, taking her over the threshold of the stairs, and back down the hallway towards his bedroom, where there was little but a bed and dresser, a full length mirror that they saw themselves in as they leaned against the door to kiss once again.

"I won't drift away again, baby.. You're my only mate. My man, forever." She whispered, kissing his neck.

"Cement that sentiment to me, then. Show me how much you love me with your body." Vegeta whispered, then carried her to the bed, sitting down against the wall, holding her on his lap.

Bulma nodded, understanding, and crawled around to face him, reaching over to feel his softened girth with one hand. He moaned, allowing her to play with him until he was hardened again as she sucked and kissed his mating mark, making rumbles rattle through his chest as night was now falling outside, the moonlight washing through the open curtains. Bulma quivered as she felt his tail thumping now on the bed with agitation, his onyx eyes warming sanguine as he gazed past her and towards the moon.

"Shh," She soothed, moving to block his view of the moonlight, massaging his girth with her plump nether lips as she stroked his chest, and watched as his eyes gradually became crimson. "Vegeta… what's going on?" She paused, touching his face, and seeing how his canines lengthened as he opened his mouth to speak.

"I don't know…It must be the moon.. I can't stop the change now." He said in a gravelly tone, his face snapping back to hers.

"Don't worry." He purred, kneading her bottom with his hands as his nails became black and grew to beveled tips.

"I can control the Saiyå-Zarou as long as I'm with you, Bulma.." He panted, bringing her down to keep grinding on him as she was. Bulma nodded, gazing into his red irises now with black rings around the edges of his eyes. Her breath hitched in her throat as a wave of warmth rushed out of him, and his body tensed, a coat of silky russet fur now covering parts of his body as the transformation was now completed.

Bulma slowed her hips as she felt a difference in the texture of his penis, as with the transformation it had grown reddened and slick, veins laced along his elongated girth, where at the base, a gland swelled into one knot. She gasped at the animalistic appendage, but couldn't help but feel her pussy clench in reaction. Vegeta chuckled at her surprise, and spread her cheeks with his hands, groping her ass harder, growing more aggressive as he bit and chewed at her nipples, hungering for her milk. Bulma gulped, and took hold of his saiyå-zarou mutated appendage, noticing how there was a smooth tip now with a soft flat to it, an opening at the center.

She directed it towards herself, and it slipped inside easily. For a moment she felt like it wasn't inside because it was so smooth, until she slid down the slick shaft and gasped at his increased girth and length. Bulma's chest rose and dropped rapidly, gaining leverage she gripped his enlarged shoulders, her hands buried in the fur there. She clenched her walls tight to keep him from slipping out as she began to bounce on his length with renewed enthusiasm, feeling a wave of ecstasy rush over her as they crushed lips together, and kissed hungrily. She, letting him direct her hips until the rosy, thick member was gyrating deep inside her, the flat tip of it slipping easily into her cervix, and out of it again as she landed on the knot.

Vegeta's really not human.. If we have sex like this, what will happen if he cums in me? She worried as she pulled back from his kiss, staring into his eyes.

You'll be connected to me until the bulk recedes, to ensure conception. We're going to be mated in the flesh, in more ways than one. He answered her mentally, stroking her bottom and caressing to soothe her as she sat, rocking on his knot.

"Ok. I'm ready." She whispered, kissing his temple.

Vegeta growled, seizing her by the hips. He began bucking rapidly, her breasts bouncing with each powerful strike of him, deep in her womb. Bulma cried out, spreading her legs and scooting her body closer to his abdomen as they joined, moving in tandem. The flexible tip of him travelled up her cervix and lodged itself in her womb by swelling at the end, allowing her to only slide up and down with him deep inside, the knot twitching as it wished to be inside of her so he could cement their mating.

Bulma felt her climax surge through her, and cried out as she came hard on him, making an animalistic grunt as she pushed and squirted her climax all over his fur, and hairless abs. Vegeta lifted her up by the hips and caught the stream in his mouth, drinking her cum and swirling his tongue inside her convulsing canal until she was sated.

"Oh, Vegeta… fuck me, you animal!" She cried as he bit down on her clit and made her scream, her body seizing until she was sure her gut was going to drop into her lap. He sensed that she had finished, and tossed her down onto the bed. Bulma laughed, lightheaded, tossing her head of damp azure tresses back. Her face flushed in bliss as she stroked her breasts, her legs wide open for him. Vegeta looked down at his long, curved erection and grinned, aiming the interesting tip at her clit. Bulma looked up suddenly as she grunted, and the tip suctioned her clit, making the blood rush back into it again.

She squealed, making him chuckle, and slide it down to her welcoming entrance he had already made a home in. He forced his slippery cock back in her, filling her to the brim until the knot was pushing at her entrance, her relaxed muscles after her climax almost letting it in. Vegeta bent her legs back until they were behind her head, folding her into the mating press position. Bulma gasped as he came close enough to lick a drop of sweat from her neck, nibbling at her mark as he began to pump his hips again, the position making her creamy fluids leak down his knot, and onto the bed as it began to thump against her folds. She held her ankles and watched as the entire member slid in and out of her, completely slick with her milky fluids. The position made her breasts crush up against his chest, the nubs of them electrified with each deep vertical thrust back down, until he hit the back of her and bottomed out, Bulma crying out as the knot slipped in, then popped out.

Tears leaked from the corners of her eyes as she felt the pain of being stretched by him so delightfully, her toes curling as he worked himself closer and closer to orgasm. Vegeta's loving eyes were now wild, and vivid crimson as he stared down at her face, her leaking breasts, and lapped the milk gathering at the divot in her collarbone, squatting to ensure his cock was bobbing against her walls in time with her throbbing walls around him, his tail twitching behind him as he mated his woman properly as a saiyan. He no longer spoke with articulated words, only grunts and hisses as the veins along his length squirmed and swelled from the friction, having to squeeze back in her clenched entrance as Bulma's body tensed, her orgasm coming.

"Vegeta!" She cried, pulling her legs further apart so that they were splayed so that his flesh slapped against her tender clit, bringing her closer to her apex as he stimulated her to the deepest pool within, just waiting to be plunged in. The knot bobbed and began to move up his shaft as his pants became hoarse growls, her fluids coating his stomach and fur covered thighs until they were dripping, pounding her into the sopping wet mattress. Vegeta growled, flexing his backside hard as he pushed his entire length inside, filling her to the base of his cock. The bulbous knot kept his member from slipping out as he was buried deep inside, pulsing his hips as Bulma's eyes rolled back into her head and she howled with her orgasm, hot milk pooling into her areolas and spraying out from multiple exits as she came once again, drenching him in her milk.

Vegeta revelled in the feeling of her squirting skene out all over him once again, the powerful odors filling his senses; making his cock seize up inside of her. Vegeta licked her milk off his lips and growled from deep in his chest as he cummed hard, painting her walls in milky semen, his knot firming to lock inside of her as he filled her womb to the brim with his saiyå-zarou seed. Bulma felt her walls flutter as the heat washed through her, grinding up against him as he bore down on her.

Vegeta collapsed atop her, panting, connected to her completely now. They kissed, and Bulma licked his fang teeth, giggling as he nipped at her lip playfully, rolling onto his side, still inside her. She embraced him and clamped her legs around him to ensure the mating was complete, kissing his neck, then biting down on his throat hard, just as he did on the other side of her neck. They moaned into their shared throats, the bite causing their connection to surge, the last of his cum traveling down the shaft and draining slowly into her as the knot kept them connected, Bulma enjoying the pleasant fullness.

The pulled back, panting, necks leaking blood, then collapsed, Vegeta wrapping his silky fur covered arm around her to keep her warm as they rested. Bulma felt warm, and cozy in his arms, more sated than she ever had been before. She nuzzled into his chest and the two lovers cuddled close in the after-bliss of their long awaited love-making.

Bulma grunted as she lifted up a massive cooking pot, and set it on the stove, full of hot water. She turned it on high heat, the burner clicking as the blue flames began to lick at the base of the pot. She wore a pink robe, her freshly washed hair still drying. Bulma opened up the cupboard to peruse its contents, then saw her items of interest, azure eyes lighting up as she snatched some crinkly little squares off the shelf.

"I'm no 5 star chef, but I know how to freeze dry, and follow directions!" She said, then hummed as she began gathering the colorful packets of Ramen noodles and dried veggies into her arms.

"I just hope this is up to my prince's standards, but oh well, he'll never know that I didn't make this from scratch." She said lowly, then heard a meow come from behind her, the little black cat circling around her legs.

"Dad left you home? That's surprising. I guess you have to eat too, huh?" Bulma smiled, and dipped a shriveled piece of pink meat into the hot water for a few seconds, then pulled up a jumbo shrimp. Scratch meowed enthusiastically and tried to reach for the shrimp, running over to his food dish eagerly as Bulma dropped it in.

"Capsule Corps technology, I made these for space! Good, huh, Scratchy?" She smiled, then began opening the packets and dropping them in, the water bubbling away.


A knock on the door late into the evening didn't disturb the sleeping Son family inside, as Vegeta grumbled softly to himself, jiggling the doorhandle to find it locked. He walked over to peer through the window, seeing something that surprised him in the reflection behind him.

"What are you doing here? It's late." A deep voice rumbled, and Vegeta turned about to face the Namekian, crossing his arms.

"I've come to retrieve my son as agreed." He responded with some annoyance, glancing away from Piccolo irritably; somewhat embarrassed that he'd been caught snooping around like a burglar.

"And at what time was this agreed upon?" The green man intoned seriously, Vegeta's brow twitching.

"I don't fuc-" He began to yell, but found his mouth quickly covered.

"Shh! You'll wake Trunks." Piccolo shushed, then let go of Vegeta's face to move his cape out of the way, revealing Trunks, whose blue eyes were taking in the alien with interest, before setting on his father. Trunks began to squirm and reach for Vegeta, as Piccolo held him gently, rocking him on one arm.

"What are you doing with my son? I entrusted his care to Kakarot's woman." Vegeta said sternly, and reached to recieve the baby.

"She entrusted him to me for safe keeping. She was exhausted and the moon was keeping Trunks awake. I have a feeling he's not the only one who feels his saiyan blood awaken by the moonlight." Piccolo hinted, and relinquished the child to his father, his furry little tail wagging.

Vegeta crimsoned, and clutched the boy to his chest, giving Piccolo a warning scowl.

"It's none of your business, Namek." He huffed; resolving that he'd have little clue on the matter anyway.

"I have plenty of experience with child rearing and woman pleasing." Piccolo grinned, Vegeta's stomach souring as he recalled how the namekian had indeed been involved in such things in the past.

"Enough of that, I don't want to have that... image... in my head ever again." He remarked with a shudder, then took off.

Piccolo smirked, then walked back down the hill to where a warm light was glowing, shadows moving inside of the yurt where he made his home.

"Who was that, Piccolo?" A feminine voice asked as he opened the curtain, then pulled it shut.

"No-one important. Lets rest now." He answered softly, and turned off the light.

The lid on the pot rattled as Bulma sat snoozing in a chair, waiting for Vegeta to return. Her face was propped up by one hand, a half empty cup of tea on the table she'd been drinking to try and stay awake long enough to see Trunks come back.

"Mmm, something actually smells... good." Vegeta purred as he came into the kitchen, lifting the lid of the pot to see it filled to the brim with delightful looking noodles. She'd made enough to feed all three of them, before dozing off. Vegeta turned down the heat and set Trunks on his shoulder as he began dishing himself out a bowl, the steam puffing up in clouds around him.

"Ooo... yummy." Trunks cooed, and Vegeta widened his eyes and gawked at him.

" 'Yummy'?! Where did you learn that from?"

"yum in tum." Trunks elaborated, rubbing his belly. Vegeta rose one brow at this, then went back to filling his bowl. Bulma heard the sound of their voices and woke up, looking relieved that the instant food had been tempting enough for Vegeta to eat.

He set his bowl down, and Trunks in his booster seat beside Bulma, kissing her on the temple.

"Was he a good boy?" She murmured, getting up to plant a kiss on both of them.

"He behaved, but the moon kept him awake." Vegeta responded, taking a seat as Bulma went to go fetch her own serving.

"Hmm, we should really keep him inside at night. I'll have to make sure his windows are blocked out tonight." She said thoughtfully, ladling her soup into a bowl.

Vegeta didn't respond, knowing her suggestion was probably wise as he slurped up the salty, and savory surprise. His eyes widened and he covered his mouth to muffle the moan that threatened to erupt from him. This was delicious. He never knew Bulma to cook much of anything, but now that she had, it was the best thing he had ever had.

"What is this?! This is the greatest food on the planet Earth!" He said with muffled amazement, forking another pile of noodles into his cheeks.

"Oh... this? Its my little secret, let's keep this between you and me. It's nothing fancy." Bulma said with a blush as she sat down, waving her hand dismissively.

"Try it out, Trunks!" Vegeta said with an almost creepy enthusiasm, setting a pile of noodles on the boys tray. The toddler's eyes widened, and he sniffed at the intriguing little snack, and licked his lips.

"I don't know if he should have that.." Bulma worried, hoping it wasn't too hot.

"Don't deprive the child, Bulma. He needs nourishment just like anyone else." Vegeta said, and she couldn't argue with him as Trunks grabbed the noodles and piled them in his mouth.

"Uh... I guess." She said uneasily, and stared down into her steaming bowl. Her guilty pleasure was now everyone else's, but she didn't have the heart yet to tell him it wasn't her actual cooking. It felt kinda nice to have dinner with just the three of them, as a family. If Vegeta responded this well to Ramen noodles, then maybe he wouldn't mind if she tried to make some other things not out of a package for their three day weekend.

"Well, I'm glad you like it." She said with a shrug, and began to eat her portion.

"Like it? I love it!" Vegeta said as he slurped up the last of his, then stood up immediately to fill his bowl again.

"Love is a pretty strong word for instant ramen... Its not as if I slaved over something you can cook in the microwave."

Bulma said with huff, it was more difficult to get him to say he loved her than this, now he was throwing it all over the place over 45 cent noodles.

Vegeta turned back around, and set his food back on the table, leaning over to eye her closely.

"I love it because... you shared something secret that you loved with me." He said with a shrug, and Bulma wrapped her arms around him suddenly, kissing his cheek and face as Trunks watched with a curious gaze.

"I love you! Vegeta, you are the perfect man- I mean, Saiyan!" She gushed, kissing him hard on the lips before releasing him, plopping back down in the seat, looking sheepish about her outburst.

"And I you, little Miss Microwave." He purred, and sat down to eat, as she waved her fork at him and mocked him; a comfortable peace settling over the empty home of which the kitchen was now filled with warmth and love. Swelling with familiar joy. Trunks reached his little hand out to his mother, and she obliged, taking a string of noodles and blowing on it to cool it off before giving it to fist into his mouth.

The moon shone down on the Brief's family home and soon after, the lights shut off from within, and all gathered together in bed to sleep. Trunks' bassinet was rocking slowly in the darkness as Vegeta and Bulma rested, with her nuzzled in his chest so that she could keep an eye on their little one. Vegeta opened one eye, and Trunks closed his in response; knowing it was time for bed, he drifted off to sleep, and would wake up to spend his young days with them once again.

Truth is ever to be found in simplicity, and not in the multiplicity and confusion of things." – Isaac Newton

This chapter is dedicated to BeckyLSly who shared some of these ideas with me! Huge thanks as well to MariIvyFenta for her editing assistance and suggestions!