It had been three days since Humphrey had brought Kate back from Idaho. Once he had learned that she had used him to get home only so she could get married hurt Humphrey deep. He had lost the light in his eyes that had always shined bright. His fur was a matted mess with patches of dirt littering his coat. His friends were worried about him, they had tried to cheer him up but nothing had worked. One day Kate tried to talk to him but it ended with him chasing her out of the den in a fit of rage. After two days of nothing working his friends decided to leave him alone. Hoping that he would come back from whatever was wrong.

Humphrey stared out of his den into the darkness of the night. He had nothing left to live for. His whole world was Kate. The fact that she had used him to come home in order to marry a complete stranger destroyed him. He couldn't take it anymore, he wanted the pain to end. He thought about how he should do it. As he was pondering how to end his suffering he remembered the time Winston and two of his alphas scared a hunter away. He remembered them taking the hunters weapon and burying it deep in the forest near his den. He knew that it would be a painless way to go so he started on his final walk through the woods that used to be so calming, but now ushered him towards eternal peace. After about fifteen minutes of walking he found the spot where they had buried the rifle. He dug, and dug until he finally found it. It took a couple of tries but he was finally able to get the weapon loose from the earth that it was once in. The gun was big, bigger than what he had normally seen hunters use. But it didn't matter to him. Either way it would stop his pain. He picked it up with his muzzle and slowly made his way back towards his den. When he got back he placed it down and began to examine it. After some careful inspections he somewhat figured out how it works. He pulled a lever back causing a large red shell to pop out. He examined the shell closely, finding that it was still intact. After a few tries he finally got the shell back into the rifle. Now all he had to do was pull the trigger. He carefully lined the barrel up with where his heart was. Slowly he maneuvered his hind paw so that his claw was resting on the trigger. With one final breath he exhaled and let a smile creep onto his face, he would finally be free of this pain.

Nearby Winston and his family along with many of Humphrey's friends were on their way to his den. They had all been worried about him, even Eve was concerned. As they were about 20 feet away from the entrance to his den they saw a flash come from his den before the all too familiar crack of a gunshot assaulted their ears. Instantly the group rushed towards his den, barreling through the entrance. But they weren't ready for what they saw. Laying on the ground in front of them was their omega leader. A pool of blood quickly forming under his body. Laying besides him was the rifle, its barrel still smoking from the lethal gift it had just delivered. As the group stood there in shock, Kate slowly moved forward. She noticed something on the ground besides his body. It was a note. As soon as she started reading it she began to cry. Winston and Eve came besides her and tried to comfort her. Winston looked over at Humphrey, his still form laying there with a smile on his face. "Why Humphrey?" was all winston could say. Kate simply pointed at the note that was scratched into the dirt. Winston soon began to read the note out loud. "If you're reading this then I finally found peace. I can't stand knowing that she is with someone else. I want this pain to end. I'm sorry if this hurts any of you, but i love her too much. I would have given anything to be with her. I will always love you kate. Im sorry."

The next day they held a burial for humphrey. Kate was never the same after Humphrey's suicide. After two weeks Kate was found in her den, her throat slit and her paw covered in blood. Besides her body was a note which read; "I can't live in a world without him. I loved him too but now he's gone. We'll soon be together Humphrey. I'll be with you soon."

After Kate's suicide Winston abolished the alpha and omega marriage. It had caused far too much damage to him personally. They laid Kate's body down beside Humphrey's.

When life no longer has meaning there is nothing holding us back from falling into the abyss of hopelessness and despair.